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How to Get a Job With AI in 2023: Best AI Job Search Tools

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Are you searching for a job? You’ve come to the right place at the right time! It's no secret that finding a job is a challenging task. But the recent rise of mighty Artificial Intelligence tools can smooth out a few of the job-searching challenges we face.

How to Get a Job With AI in 2023: Best AI Job Search ToolsHow to Get a Job With AI in 2023: Best AI Job Search ToolsHow to Get a Job With AI in 2023: Best AI Job Search Tools
Woman searching for a job online (Image source: Envato Elements).

That’s right! AI job search tools are available now! There are AI resume writers, job application AIs, and even AI that applies to jobs for you.

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So, What Are AI Job Search Tools?

By now, you’re probably familiar with artificial intelligence tools. They’re software applications that, through machine learning and algorithms, produce solutions to specific tasks. 

In the case of AI job search tools, these platforms use technology to assist you in your quest to find a job. They allow you to:

  • Get recommendations based on your skills and experience.
  • Stay on top of job opportunities.
  • Track your applications.
  • Improve your resume to increase your appeal!

The Benefits of Using AI Job Search Tools

If you’ve applied (or have thought about applying) for a job recently, these AI-powered platforms are for you. They can become an invaluable ally in the job search process thanks to the benefits they offer:

  • Saving time. An AI that applies to jobs for you can automate certain tasks and avoid spending hours on the hunt for good job opportunities.
  • Reduced stress. Eliminate the daunting and anxiety-inducing task of scouring the web with a job application AI.
  • Personalized recommendations. Get job opportunities catered to your wants, needs, and skills.
  • Resume improvement. Use an AI resume writer to learn insights and get suggestions to create a shiny resume that’s more appealing to recruiters.
  • Networking. Find and meet other professionals and start building relationships with them.
  • Efficiency. Skip a few steps, press a couple of buttons, and streamline your job search process. 
  • Convenience. Let the machine work so you can focus on other areas of the job search process. You can take advantage of the convenience of using AI to apply for jobs.

Top 7 AI Job Search Tools on the Web (2023)

Now, let's get into the meaty section of this post. There are several AI job search tools available to you on the web. Here, we'll go over some of the most popular AI job search tools that you can find online. We'll also discuss their key features, so you know what to expect.

Be aware that each AI job search tool has a different take, so they may vary. Research each option thoroughly and think about what you want to accomplish with it. This way, you'll choose the best one for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

1. Jobscan


Let's start the list with the ultimate AI tool for a job search. Jobscan defines itself as an ATS resume checker and job search tool. This means it'll help you build a resume and cover letter that's optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Pretty cool, huh?

But how does Jobscan use AI?

  • Jobscan uses AI to analyze resumes or LinkedIn profiles and compare them to job descriptions. It'll identify the key skills and experience recruiters want and need and find fitting job opportunities.
  • As stated above, it also has an ATS Resume Checker that helps you optimize your resume for specific job listings. The AI will scan and grade your resume. You can use its feedback to make your resume more appealing to the ATS.
  • It also has interactive job search tools that will allow you to get more pertinent job suggestions. The advanced search options use AI to relay only the best openings for you.
  • You can also use Jobscan's AI to produce and optimize a cover letter, and to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Source: LinkedIn article

Basically, you can use Jobscan as an AI resume writer that will tailor yours to meet ATS requirements. While there's a free version, if you want help from this best AI resume builder to beat the bots, you will need to pay a price.

2. LinkedIn


This is the popular kid at the playground. LinkedIn is a well-known networking tool that allows you to connect with other professionals. But it's much more than that. LinkedIn has been increasing their offer throughout the years. And now, they've even incorporated AI features to improve your job search process.

But how does LinkedIn use AI?

  • One of the newest ways in which LinkedIn uses AI is to optimize your profile. It allows you to find and use the best keywords, so your LinkedIn profile stands out among the rest.
  • The AI will summarize your resume to include only the most compelling information in your LinkedIn profile and create an engaging headline.
  • LinkedIn also offers personalized writing suggestions. This AI tool helps you word your skills and experience correctly. If you're stuck figuring out how to convey your message, LinkedIn can be an assistant AI resume writer.
  • The platform provides advanced search options, so you receive more accurate results in your job hunt. Feed it the right information, and it will do the seeking for you.
  • Notifications and alerts are also AI-powered services that LinkedIn offers. 
  • You can also take advantage of its job search AI support or AI-generated feedback for job seekers.

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You'll get a few of LinkedIn's simple features for free. But if you truly want to enjoy LinkedIn's full capabilities, you'll need to pay a fee. If you use them wisely, it can be one of the best AI resume builders online.

3. ZipRecruiter


If you're a job seeker, ZipRecruiter can give you an edge. According to their website, their main goal is to connect people to their next great opportunity. However, they also boast about their AI technology, and how it can help job search experience.

But how does ZipRecruiter use AI?

  • It's an AI matching tool. And its most valuable player is “Phil." Phill is a handy AI helper that empowers job seekers in their quest.
  • Phill scours job boards, finds opportunities, and invites users to apply. You can adapt your search so that Phil serves you with only the best-suited listings for you.
  • Phil also learns from your activity. If you decide to reject a job suggestion, it will know what to offer in the future.
  • You can also use ZipRecruiter as an AI that applies to jobs for you. After you’ve filed your resume, you can apply for an opening with one click.
  • Once a recruiter has seen your application, a notification AI will inform you of your progress in the recruitment process.

Source: Forbes article

ZipRecruiter has different plans so that you only pay for the features you want and need.

4. Indeed


One of the best things about this next AI job search tool is that it's got a global presence. No matter where you are, you can probably jump into Indeed and find job listings in your city. So much so, that according to their website, they're the world's #1 job site.

But how does Indeed use AI?

  • Indeed uses an AI that focuses on natural language processing (NLP), which analyzes job descriptions and resumes. This makes it easier to match positions and candidates.
  • Its AI also offers personalized results, which are sent to the user through email or appear as they surf the website.
  • Likewise, Indeed makes use of AI to weed out fraudulent job applications or openings.
  • Another powerful capability is its resume builder. It will provide data and tips so you can produce a top-quality resume that recruiters will want to click on. As such, Indeed can be the best AI resume builder for you.
  • Indeed is looking into using NLP AI for sentiment analysis in the future. This way, you'll understand how employees feel about their jobs and the companies they work for.

Sources: Forbes article, VentureBeat article, Indeed page

Once you take a look at its premium features, you can start to understand why it's one of the leading job search platforms in the business. You can try Indeed for free or pay to have full access to its impressive capabilities.

5. CareerBuilder


Another AI job search tool we'll go over in this post is CareerBuilder. As the name states, it's all about getting your foot in the door and jumpstarting your career. It's an online portal that collects a lot of data, analyzes it, and shares its findings so you can make a better decision about your career.

But how does CareerBuilder use AI?

  • AI matching. AI collects data, scans text, compares it against other information in their database. Then, it makes accurate matches between job opening and job seeker.
  • Resume-building. In a few clicks, you can produce and save a compelling resume thanks to AI technology.
  • Automatic job application AI. After setting up this option to focus on the areas and companies you're after, CareerBuilder will automatically apply to jobs in your name. With it, you can experience the benefits of using AI to apply for jobs.
  • Augmented reality job-searching. Through a virtual experience, you can find job openings in spaces near you (like the mall).
  • Localized search. You can practically pinpoint the place where you want to work.
  • Notification alerts: seekers will be automatically notified when a recruiter has seen their resume, or when a new job opens up.
  • Upskilling and career-building. AI scans and shares higher-earning job opportunities near you. However, those opportunities require you to learn an easy skill. This is how AI can encourage you to continue training.

Sources: 2019 Press Release, 2018 Press Release.

While CareerBuilder's free features may be very useful, you'll have to pay to unlock its full potential.

6. Sonara


Sonara is an awesome AI job search tool. Its benefits are that it will save you time and stress, since you won't have to waste your resources trying to find the right job opportunity for you. As such, you can use those resources to focus on other parts of the job search process (e.g., networking or preparing for interviews).

But how does Sonara use AI?

  • First, Sonara is an AI matching tool. After you've signed up, filled out a form, and uploaded your resume, the AI will start working. It'll comprehend what you want and what you have to offer. Then, it'll pair you with your dream job.
  • Sonara also comes with a job application AI. It'll get your resume out there. This will help you start moving in the industry for jobs you really want. With it, you'll understand the ease of using AI to apply for jobs.

Source: Sonara FAQ

While Sonara can be an incredibly useful AI that applies to jobs for you, keep in mind that it's still in its Beta phase. You may need to keep an eye on it to ensure it's working in your favor. You should also be aware that Sonara does charge a fee to use its AI tools.

7. Autojob


Finally, if you're looking for a platform that can do it all, check this one out. Autojob is an AI job search tool and/or a job application AI. This all-in-1 platform is all about automation (as the name states). They emphasize the importance of adding purpose to your job-seeking efforts (instead of applying to jobs randomly).

But how does Autojob use AI?

  • An AI that applies to jobs for you. You define your parameters and let the AI do its thing. It will send out your resume to jobs that fit those parameters.
  • One-click job application. If you don't feel fully comfortable using AI to apply for jobs automatically, you still have this option. With it, you get a chance to review the opportunity before hitting "Send."
  • AI matching. Autojob uses the power of AI to run through digital text and put your resume against the job offers online. Depending on your preferences, skills, and experience, you'll be presented with the precise openings for you.
  • Advanced search options. No longer will you have to spend hours clicking "Next" on job boards. With Autojob, you can use their advanced search options to zero in on opportunities you'll want to seize.
  • AI resume feedback. Autojob provides statistics and hard data that can help you figure out how you can make the most out of your resume.

Source: Autojob

This is a comprehensive AI tool that can help you as you're searching for your perfect fit. It has a free version, and a couple of other plans so you can pick and choose which tools you need.

Envato Elements: Unleash the Power of Unlimited Premium Digital Assets

If you're looking for a job, Envato Elements can assist you in creating an awesome portfolio and putting your creative endeavors in action.

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service. It provides users with thousands of premium digital assets for a low monthly fee. 

That’s right! With your subscription, you gain access to high-quality PowerPoint templates, stock video, logo templates, mockups, fonts, and plenty of other items that can elevate your creative projects.

You can even find professionally designed resume templates! They're sure to increase your appeal and chances of getting a callback.

Subscribe to Envato Elements!

Premium resume templates from Envato Elements.Premium resume templates from Envato Elements.Premium resume templates from Envato Elements.
Premium resume templates from Envato Elements.

With Envato Elements, you can expect the best of the best in terms of resume templates. No matter which premium resume template you choose, you will get key advantages that will boost your job search process, such as:

  • easily customizable elements so that you can express your creativity and show recruiters what you're about.
  • a premium design that'll give you the confidence you need to start the job hunt.
  • a unique composition that'll make recruiters take you seriously and pay attention to your application.
  • time-saving features that may yield better and faster results than writing an efficient AI prompt.

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Can AI Job Search Tools Help You Land a Job?

In the job search process, every little bit of help is welcomed. In that sense, Artificial Intelligence is a great addition to your arsenal. As mentioned above, you may be using AI to apply for jobs, as an AI resume writer, or as an AI job search tool.

Not to mention, AI tools have come to disrupt the scene. Why not take advantage of them as they become more and more commonplace? They may even give you a leg up in the process!

Just be mindful that you should keep your expectations in check. While AI can help you get through your job-hunting quest more easily, this is still developing technology. You will need to work on the process yourself! 

And don't forget to download a premium resume template to increases your chances of landing your dream job!

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