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20 Best Job Resume Templates With Simple Designs (2018)


When you see your dream job posted online, how can you quickly prepare your first job resume? You need to make a quick impression on a hiring manager, but you may not have the resume ready to go.

The answer is that you turn to job resume templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. When you don't have time to draw up a resume from scratch and spend hours changing alignment and options, these templates are the very best way to quickly apply for a job.

In this round-up, I'm going to share 20 of my favorite job resume templates. Each of these are ready to download, add your own details to, and send off to the hiring manager. Let's take a look!

Elements Resume templates
Here are just a few of Envato Elements' best job resume templates, all of which you can access with a subscription to Elements.

The 20 Best Job Resume Templates

Here are 20 of the best simple job resume templates that you can use to make a quick impression on your potential employer.

1. Simple Resume/CV Volume 2

Simple ResumeCv Volume 2

This pack is the perfect way to make an impression quickly on a hiring manager. It includes both

  • Includes a cover letter template and easy-to-use resume file for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • Ready for easy printing thanks to a CMYK setup
  • Uses free fonts that you can easily grab for the fastest-possible resume build

2. Simple Resume - Great First Job Resume Template

Simple Resume

One of my favorite things about this Simple Resume project is that it includes a build-your-own logo asset that you can use. Drop in your own name and branding and you can create a personalized logo easily.

This project is easily customizable in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Word, and even features simple charts to really showcase your skillset visually. This would also make a great first job resume template since it lists education near the top of the resume.

3. Simple Resume/CV Template

Simple ResumeCV Template

Even if your resume is simple, you can add a nice splash of color to really make it stand out. This job resume template for Adobe Photoshop is going to help you stand out from the crowd thanks to its simple yet bright design.

  • Includes six color themes for variety.
  • Customizable in Adobe Photoshop and includes well-organized layers and layer styles for ease-of-use.
  • Vector shapes help this resume scale up to any needed print size.

4. Simple Resume - Good Office Job Resume Template

Simple Resume

This simple two column approach should be easy for a hiring manager to review and find those key details that will help you land the job. Use the left side of this template for a personalized introduction to what you can bring to the table.

This simple job resume template has a nice combination of personalized details along with great visualizations of your skills. This layered PSD file is easy to customize!

5. Minimalist Resume 04

Minimalist Resume 04

A simple job resume really helps the reviewer focus on the content at hand. This Minimalist Resume is the perfect example of that, as the design simply gets out of the way of your accomplishments. The light and airy design will bring attention to your experience and skillset.

Here are some of my favorite features in this minimalist package:

  • Resume and cover letter assets included for a complete set of files you need to apply
  • Easy to use and customize in Adobe Photoshop thanks to the well-organized PSD files
  • Ready to send onto a professional print shop thanks to the CMYK color settings

6. Simple Resume - Includes Portfolio

Simple Resume

This Simple Resume pack is yet another great addition to this round-up thanks to its stark contrast and beautiful design.  

Another great feature for this project is the sheer number of document formats that it includes. Whether you're using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages, you can use this project!

7. Miguel Resume


The Miguel Resume is one of the most minimal selections in this round-up, and it's a great illustration of the "less is more" design principle. With simple black and white elements, there's no doubt that the reviewer's focus will be on the content at hand.

Here are some key features that make Miguel worth downloading and trying out:

  • Includes resume and cover letter templates
  • Easy-to-find free fonts add no additional cost to using this template
  • Works in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word

8. Simple Resume - Awesome Resume Template for Any Job

Simple Resume

One-page resumes are by far the most effective, as they strike the balance between "just enough detail" and not overly burdensome to review.

That's why this simple resume is one of my favorite picks in this round-up. Few designs make it so easy to see all of the key details in a single place. Try out this design in either Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word for a quick way to build a professional resume.

9. Resume - Template with Cover Letter


With clean lines and placeholders for all of the important details, this resume template is a great choice for your first application. I love that this first job resume template has the placeholders that you can replace with your own details

Don't miss out on the fact that this file also includes a cover letter template to add a more personalized message when you're applying.

  • A4 and letter sizes fit multiple types of paper for printing, along with readymade CMYK color settings
  • Versions for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Word make it compatible with a variety of applications

10. Simple Resume Vol.1

Simple Resume Vol 1

Another solid choice in this roundup is this template that's cross-compatible between Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. Again, the advantage here is that you gain a huge start versus a blank slate.

This pack features many of the crucial features that ensure perfect resumes every time, like CMYK color settings, multiple page sizes, and free fonts.

11. Resume 2 - Colorful Resume

Resume 2

I love the simple yet effective use of a color highlight in this resume template to really set off some contrast in your content. Work, education, and skill sections are pretty much everything you need to drop in your own details.

Key features in this pack include:

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Multiple color options for different resume styles
  • Social media icons make it easy to drop in your social links to share with your potential employer

12. Simple Resume - InDesign Template

Simple Resume inDesign Template

If you want to cut straight to the chase with your content, this resume is a great choice. A simple two column approach has all of the room you need to showcase your best career and development experiences.

Again, a template like this highlights the ease of use of a resume template. Just type over the placeholders in the screenshot above and you can rapidly create a new resume.

13. Minimalist Resume 05

Minimalist Resume 05

Here's another light and minimalist job resume template choice that's sure to have the hiring manager focused on the details of your background. I like the simple two column approach and was impressed with how quickly this one can be updated.

Key features include:

  • Resume and cover letter templates for a complete pack of what you need to apply
  • Print ready at 300 DPI and CMYK color scheme
  • Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word job resume template designs

14. Simple Resume Vol.2

Simple Resume Vol 2

Here's a close relative to an earlier selection in this round-up, and it features many of the same great features. 

One of my favorite things about this simple job resume template is the circle visualizations that you can use to represent your skill levels. Remember to tailor this resume for the job at hand with the relevant skills

15. Terri Resume

Terri Resume

Terri is a monochromatic resume that's sure to rise to the top of the stack thanks to its clean lines. Whether you're using Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop, you can easily customize Terri.

I think a resume like this is really a perfect choice for applying to a more creative role, as it features the strong design contrast that would appeal to other designers and creatives.

16. Simple Resume. A4 and US Letter

Simple Resume A4 and US Letter

Here's a great change of pace in this round-up, featuring a timeline approach to showcasing your past experience. You can use each of these milestones to build a case for why you're the right candidate for the job.

This visual approach may really resonate with the application reviewer. This job resume template is perfect for customizing in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. 

17. CV Resume Portfolio - Simple Job Resume Template

CV Resume Portfolio

With new age Swiss design, this pack is one of the most unique in this round-up. This is another choice that might be perfect for more creative lines of work, as it's truly a "portfolio" approach to presenting your work.

Here's how this project works:

  • A complete nine page has placeholders for visuals for your best work and favorite projects
  • Compatible with Adobe InDesign
  • Print-ready at 300DPI, CMYK, and correctly-configured margins

18. Clean & Simple Resume

Clean Simple Resume

Here's a more colorful choice that you can use to showcase your work history and experience. Best of all, there are several different color schemes that you can choose from based on your preference or specific job.

  • Layered PSD, compatible with Adobe Photoshop
  • CMYK print-ready colors
  • Free Bebas Neue font used for key design elements

19. Simple Resume/CV Volume 7

Simple ResumeCv Volume 7

This resume selection is going to put your photo front and center. I like this approach for putting a name with a face for the hiring manager.

Also, past job experience is well-represented with icon placeholders for each of your prior employers. Just add in your details and skills to show why your past history has brought you to the current role!

20. Simple Resume/CV Volume 4

Simple Resume CV Volume 4

Rounding out this selection is another monochromatic choice that you can use in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. The simple columnar approach creates easy visual rhythm that allows a reviewer to easily scan the finished resume.

I like that this selection is a combination of personalized details and more technical skill sections. Just drop in those details and customize them to the job at hand to make a strong impression.

Three Essential Tips for Your Job Search

Time and time again, I remind potential applicants that there will be more resumes received than open positions at a job. You've got to find a way to stand out from that crowd so that you stand a chance of being the company's choice for the open role.

Here are three crucial tips that may help you break through and find that next job, thanks in part to a well-crafted resume.

1. Use One Resume Per Job Application

One major mistake that applicants make is reusing the same resume for each and every job. 

Each role that you apply for is going to be slightly different, so why not acknowledge that by customizing the resume that you turn in for each job? 

When you customize your resume template for each job, you've got the chance to include the keywords and background experience that shows that you're the right candidate for the specific job.

Check out Cha Mendoza's piece on improving your resume by cutting weak phrases in the tutorial below:

2. Use a Second Set of Eyes

The single biggest mistake you can make while applying for a job is letting a key typo slip through to the hiring manager. Having been involved with hiring decisions, a typo sticks out like a sore thumb when reviewing candidates.

I really like to print a copy and sit down with a pen and mark up anything that might need revision. There's something about seeing your resume somewhere other than on-screen to really catch those mistakes.

For bonus points, consider asking a friend you trust to read the resume. A second set of eyes is really going to help those mistakes, grammatical errors, or awkward phrasings stand out.

Check out this great guide below to learn more about grammar mistakes that you should check for:

3. Keep Printed Copies at the Ready

If you go on interviews, job fairs, or even meet potential hirers in your everyday life, you'll want to keep several printed copies of your resume ready to give an interested hirer at a moment's notice.

Even if you're at work, consider keeping a few printed copies in the glovebox of your car. Being able to take advantage of an opportunity when you meet the right person is critical! You never know when that resume will land on the right person's desk and lead you to your next job.

It's never a bad idea to keep a few printed resumes nearby. I landed my first job by being in the right place at the right time and having a resume to give them.

Using Simple Professional Resume Templates

The simplicity of these resumes helps ensure that the reviewer will focus on the details that you want to show them. Use one of the templates I've shared above to make a strong impression and land that job!

Find more resume templates with the all-you-can-download Envato Elements selection, or hand choose a specific resume template from GraphicRiver!

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