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2020 Business Card Design Guide to New Trends & Modern Styles


We're more than halfway through 2020, and what better time is there than the present to look at trending business cards this year? If you’re about to redesign your business card, don’t do a thing until you read this post and uncover the latest business card designs for 2020.

Letterpress Business Cards
Letterpress Business Cards from Behance.

Business Card Trends 2020

Now let's take a closer look at some business card styles that are trending in 2020.

1. Experimental Typography

The whole point of a business card is to make it easy to share your contact details with potential clients and contacts, and that means that text is central to your card. In the past business card text has been quite functional but today, typography has evolved to an art form and now takes centre stage on business cards. 

The first thing that’s clear about business card trends in 2020 is that designers are pushing the boundaries with typography to create cards that leave a lasting impression. A great example of this is the Fill in the Blank Card displayed on Behance, which cleverly uses blank squares to create a unique typography that mirrors the squares found in the film and that have been included around the top and bottom edges of the card. 

Fill in the Blank Card
Fill in the Blank Card

2. Big, Bold and Colourful Fonts

Not only have fonts gotten more experimental, they've also gotten bigger, bolder and sometimes more colourful, again all aimed at attracting the client's attention to the most important information on the card. Take a look at this business card design from the Behance gallery.

Business Card
Business Card

If you're interested in jumping onboard this new business card trend and creating your own attention holding cards, Envato has some fabulous business card design templates like the Echo Business Card Design, which is super easy to customise using Adobe Photoshop. 

Don't worry, you don't need in-depth knowledge of Photoshop for any of the Envato business card templates. You just need to know your way around the software so that you can swap out the placeholder images and text for your own. 

 Echo Business Card Design
Echo Business Card Design from Envato Elements.

3. Clever Logos and Symbols

We couldn't complete our list of business card trends for 2020 without a nod to the growing popularity of cleverly designed logos and symbols, which are nothing short of a celebration of design. 

Of course, symbols and logos have always played a critical role in branding as they're yet another way for a business to create brand recognition and communicate brand values. 2020 business card trends, however, have seen an increase in these eye-catching logos and symbols like the one on the Félix Associés Business Card shown on Behance and featured here.

Flix Associs Business Card
Félix Associés Business Card

4. Minimalism's Reign Continues

Minimalism as a design trend shows no signs of waning in modern style business cards. Inspired by the 'less is more' philosophy which has so much relevance in today's eco-conscious world, minimalism emphasises clean lines and the rejection of superficial adornments.

In business card design, it brings a touch of sophistication and timelessness to your cards and though that won't work for all brands, for those that it's consistent with, it can be very effective. The Drawing Room, featured on Behance, is a fine example of the understated elegance of minimalism in business card design.

 The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room 

If you want to create your own delightfully minimalist modern style business cards, check out this Minimalist Business Card template from Envato Elements.

Minimalist Business Card template
Minimalist Business Card template is just one of many business card trends you'll see on Envato Elements.

5. Maximalist Business Cards Make Their Mark

As great as minimalist business card styles are, they now have to share the spotlight with a new business card trend, maximalist business cards. If you've never heard of maximalism, it's essentially a style that was born as a reaction to the dominant minimalist trend and in many ways is the polar opposite stylistically to minimalism. Think mixed patterns, rich bold colours, layering, mixing and matching of textures and colours.  

With 2020 business card trends that embrace maximalism, "more is more," and if your goal is to help someone remember you, a maximalist business card like The Bourbon (as shown on Behance) will certainly do the trick.

The Bourbon
The Bourbon

You can create your own maximalist business card styles with this Luxury Business Card Design template from Envato Elements. 

Luxury Business Card Design
Luxury Business Card Design, one of the many different styles of business cards you'll find on Envato Elements.

6. Colourful Gradients

Another one of the current trends in business cards for 2020 is colourful gradients. Whether it's because of the sense of optimism they impart or whether they're just great fun, colourful gradients like this example, Hey Business Card from the Behance gallery, have proven to have staying power as modern style business cards.

Hey Business Card
Hey Business Card

7. Business Cards With Photos

Few media tell a story as succinctly and effectively as a well-executed photo, and that probably explains why one of the top business card designs for 2020 involves designing cards around a photo. The fact is that a relevant photo business card like the Beauty Business Card (shown on Behance and below) can make a business card both more engaging and memorable. If you use a photo of yourself, your cards offer the added advantage of helping people connect your face with your business long after they've met you. 

Beauty Business Card
Beauty Business Card

Minimalist Business Card design templates from Envato Elements allow you to create your own special photo-inspired trendy business cards quickly and easily. 

Minimalist Business Card
Minimalist Business Card from Envato Elements

8. Vintage-Inspired Illustration

Vintage design has been influencing business cards modern style for a while now, and it's fascinating to see that 2020 business card trends haven't left this particular inspiration behind. In fact if anything, new business card design for 2020 have been expanding the vintage reference to include trends from a wider range of 20th century styles. So that whether you're a lover of 1950s inspired trends like this Lindsey Business Card (Behance).

Lindsey Business Card
Lindsey Business Card

... or you're looking for a 1980s inspired design like this Sweets Bakery Business Card design template from Envato Elements, you're very likely to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Sweets Bakery Business Card
Sweets Bakery Business Card, a 1980s vintage inspired design.

9. Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing—the oldest form of printing—has seen a resurgence in 2020. Letterpress is a specific style of printing that's achieved when a surface with raised letter—typically metal type—is inked and pressed to the surface of card stock to reproduce an image in reverse. 

Though it tends to be a pricier form of printing than contemporary methods, it also creates business cards of an amazingly high quality which communicate style and great taste. When combined with great design, letterpress cards like Letterpress & Holographic hot- Business Card from the Behance gallery and featured here, are hard to beat. 

Letterpress  Holographic hot- Business Card
Letterpress & Holographic hot- Business Card 

10. Die Cutting

Die cutting is a broad term, referring to a process in which a machine is used to mass-produce cut-out shapes in business cards. The sky's the limit with die cut business cards, which are definitely one of the leading business card trends for 2020. You can create unusual shapes and effects as seen in our example Personal Business Card (from Behance) below.

Personal Business Card
Personal Business Card 

If you want to experiment with die cut templates, Restaurant Business Card Template below from GraphicRiver is another great place to start.

Restaurant Business Card Template
Restaurant Business Card Template found on GraphicRiver

3 Great Resources for Awesome Business Card Design Templates

If you're new to design or a small business owner looking to create your very own card using one of the different styles of business cards trending in 2020, there are a number of terrific resources that'll provide you with a wide range of templates to meet just about every style preference you have. 

If you're proficient in Photoshop or Illustrator, try one of the amazing business card design templates at Envato Elements or Envato Market, both of which have a huge library of trending business card templates to choose from.  

Envato Elements
Envato Elements 

If you don't know your way around Photoshop or Illustrator, not to worry, we've got the perfect solution for you: the Placeit Business Card Maker, a simple and hassle-free tool that'll help you design different styles of business cards for networking quickly and easily.

Placeit Business Card Maker
Placeit Business Card Maker

Top 10 (On-Tend) Business Card Templates From Envato Elements (Video)

Looking for inspiring business cards with on-trend designs, which you can use to make your next design with? Discover the best creative business cards from Envato Elements in this quick video: 

Learn More About Business Cards

If you're interested in learning more about creating your own business cards, check out this selection of other great articles on the subject. 

Create Your New Business Card Today  

As you can see, there are loads of amazing business card design trends in 2019. There are also loads of great templates available to help you make your own trendy business cards. If you're proficient in Photoshop or Illustrator, create business cards using one of the amazing business card design templates at Envato Elements or Envato Market. And if you're looking for a simpler and more intuitive business card design ideas, why not try the Placeit Business Card Maker? 

I hope these business card design ideas have made you excited about all the possible ways you can make your own business cards. Why not select your favourite template and create your new business cards today? We’d love to see which one you choose.

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