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24 Premium Business Card Templates (In Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign Formats)


Are you rebranding or launching a new business? Is there a big conference or meetup fast approaching? Is your current business card format at the quality level you’d like? Use premium business card templates to save time and money.

Luxury Business Card Template on Envato Elements
Luxury Business Card Template on Envato Elements

Designing a professional business card is challenging. You've got a limited amount of space to work with. You could end up with a cluttered business card design instead of a well-designed one. That’s where premium business card templates come in!

Now’s a great time to update your business cards or create a new set. Hand a well-designed card to the people you connect with and leave the right impression. 

With professional business card templates such as those found at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, you get ready-made, high-quality business card designs that you can work with quickly, that have a professional design, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Premium business cards are a worthwhile investment.

For premium business cards, whether to hand out at conferences, or to your clients, we've got a great selection featured here. They come in Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS), or InDesign (INDD) formats.

Unlimited Business Card Templates on Envato Elements

On Envato Elements, you can find hundreds of eye-catching professional business card templates. You don't have to limit yourself to just one! Download as many as you want for a single monthly fee, which also includes thousands of icons, fonts, and other design assets. Choose your business card format, software, and more.

Business Card Templates on Envato Elements

These templates provide great designs that you can use just as they come, but they're also easy to change and customize. For example, this high-impact corporate business card design comes with fully layered Photoshop files that you can easily customize by changing the colors, choosing round or square corners, etc.

corporate business card design on Envato Elements
Corporate business card template on Envato Elements—this one's got an alternative business card format.

The subscription is great value for people who regularly need design templates, fonts, and other design assets. Download all the premium business card designs you need and pick up other design essentials too.

Business Card Templates in Photoshop Format (Envato Elements)

Here are a handful of our best business card templates, ready to customize and put to use, in Photoshop (PSD) format. Any one of these designs, could be just the right fit for your needs. If you need another business card format though, then jump down to our Illustrator or InDesign categories in the following sections: 

1. Minimalist Premium Business Card Template Vol. 09

Minimalist Premium Business Card Template Vol 09

This minimalist premium business card template features a simple and clean design that was designed in Photoshop format. Easily customize colors and fonts and the template includes a front and a back design. The files are fully layered and include bleed marks so your business card will be print-ready when you’re done customizing it. This Photoshop card template is a great choice.

2. Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card

Try this premium business card template if you’re a designer, artist, illustrator, photographer or any other creative professional. The Photoshop card template allows you to easily insert a photo background. It's the perfect opportunity to include a sample of your work. You'll also be able to easily customize the business card design thanks to layered files and smart objects.

3. Creative Business Card Template

Creative Business Card Template

This premium business card design in Photoshop format is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bold and impactful design. The template features solid-color design on both the front and back of the business card. Easily customize the colors to reflect your personality.

Business Card Templates in Illustrator Format (Envato Elements)

Here are a set of premium business card templates, ready to work with, in Illustrator (AI format). These designs are clean, professional, and if you like to work with vector formats, then one of these cards are a great choice to use for your business:

4. Watercolor Business Card Premium Design Template

Watercolor Business Card Template

If you’re looking for a softer illustrator business card template, then this watercolor premium business card design in Illustrator is the perfect choice. The template is easy to customize and comes with bleed marks and well-organized layers for easy editing. The template also includes a help file with links to free fonts that were used in the design.

5. Premium Business Card Template

Premium Business Card Template

This premium business card template features a clean and neatly organized design. It includes a full-colored front and a grid layout on the back, which makes it easy to separate your information and add some organization to it. The template includes fully layered files as well as bleed marks.

6. Colorful Business Card Template 

Colorful Business Card Template

If you're looking for a colorful design that’s bound to stand out, this premium colorful business card design is the perfect choice. The illustrator business card template allows you to list your website and social media profiles as well as a QR code that you can use to send people to a landing page or a special offer.

Business Card Templates in InDesign Format (Envato Elements)

Here are some InDesign (INDD) formatted business card templates. These premium business card designs offer clean, creative layouts, are set up to print professionally. Quickly edit them with your business details:

7. Dortoretto Business Card Template

Dortoretto Business Card Template

If you own a restaurant or a catering company, this business card template is a good choice. The template makes it easy to feature your signature dish on the front. Easily add your website and other contact details to the back. The template also includes well-organized layers for easy editing as well as bleed marks.

8. Business Card

Business Card

Try this premium business card template if you love simple designs. The template is perfect for any small business owner or freelancer and includes a front and a back design. The template comes with fully layered PSD files, bleed marks. Easily customize fonts and colors that were used in the template.

9. Clean Business Card

Clean Business Card

The last item on the list is this clean and professional business card template. Thanks to its minimal and simple design, it’s a perfect choice for any type of business. Easily add a splash of color by adding your logo.

Business Card Design Features and Formats (GraphicRiver)

We also have a ton of awesome business card templates on GraphicRiver. Pick the one you want, pay a one-time fee to download it, and you're ready to go!

But with a truckload of options, it’s hard to settle on the best card for your organization. There are a lot of design features to consider. You want a layout that’s just right for your company—one that your logo will look perfect on. You need color options that fit your brand and a style that’s unique and professional. Here we showcase some business card designs, so you can make a great choice for your business.

Premium Business Card Templates
Best Business Card Templates, available for sale on GraphicRiver. 

Each card template come in the most popular print-ready formats. Choose Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS), or InDesign (INDD) formats to work with.

All these premium business cards are creatively designed with a minimalist corporate-oriented style. These template files have a unique set of easy to work with pro features, which are:

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign formats
  • CMYK color mode with 300 DPI resolution
  • fully editable and well organized
  • double-sided and print ready
  • set with high-quality free fonts
  • creative, quality design layouts

Grab a stand-out card design, add your custom info, insert your brand assets, and you’re ready to print. Then hand them out and start making meaningful connections!

Business Card Templates - Photoshop Format (GraphicRiver)

If a subscription's not for you, read on for a selection of individual professional business card templates to download from Envato Market. Here are some great business card template styles for Photoshop to choose from on GraphicRiver: 

10. Simple Professional Premium Business Card Template

Simple Professional Premium Business Card Templates

With a minimal, modern style, this professional Photoshop business card template features three premade color schemes that you can use as a starting point for your design. It’s set up to quickly add your custom information, such as your logo, title, social media, and contact details. It includes fully layered PSD files for easy editing. Make a professional impression with this business card.

11. Blackish Business Card Template - Photoshop Ready

Blackish Business Card Template - Photoshop Ready

This is a clean and striking premium business card template available in Photoshop format. It comes with properly layered PSD files that are ready to print professionally. The design was made for a two-sided business card, so you've got plenty of space to include all the important information. All elements can be readily changed in Photoshop. Bleed marks are included as well.

12. Simple, Photoshop Corporate Business Card

Simple Photoshop Corporate Business Card

This premium business card template, in Photoshop format, has a minimal design with soft features, such as rounded rectangles and a stand out circle that you can add your brand mark to. Your custom details, such as your contact info, social media accounts, and name are easy to read as white against a dark background. The files are fully layered in PSD, print ready, and set up to be customizable and easy to edit in Photoshop.

13. Flat Business Card - Photoshop (PSD) Format

Flat Business Card - Photoshop PSD Format

This flat, modern business card template is print ready at 300DPI and CMYK color options. It’s set in landscape design at 3.5 x 2-inch dimension with a 0.25 Bleed. If you want your business card to come across professionally with a simple, elegant feel, then this is a great choice. It comes with all the PSD files group, layered, and ready to work with.

14. Minimal Business Card, Photoshop Template Design

Minimal Business Card Photoshop Template Design

If you need a simple Photoshop business card template design with boxed areas of eye-catching colors, then this is a great choice. It’s made to use for any creative business professional, whether you work as a graphic designer, developer, marketer, or run your own small company.

This PSD template is designed to be easy to customize. It's got professional printer bleeds setup and CMYK settings ready to print. Just add your branding, include your information, and you’re all set to go!

Business Card Templates - Illustrator Format (GraphicRiver)

These premium Illustrator business card templates from GraphicRiver are ready to work with in Illustrator (AI format):

15. Abstract Corporate Business Cards - Illustrator Ready

Abstract Corporate Business Cards - Illustrator Ready

With layered EPS, Illustrator, and full vector file setup, this business card template is ready to put to professional use. It's got a simple style with well-organized layout and shapes. Add your logo and company info easily. The text is edible and so are the vector elements. There are four color options that can be used to fit your brand. Or readily add your own custom color scheme.

16. Sleek Modern Business Card Template - Illustrator + Photoshop

Sleek Modern Business Card Template for Illustrator and Photoshop

This premium Illustrator business card template features an attractive dark colored background on the back and white on the front. It’s great for a creative team, web marketing company, or any type of innovative business. These cards are print ready, set up to easily customize in either Illustrator or Photoshop.

It features professional files that have Spot UV already separated on both sides of the card. This is a great way to stand out with a simple, elegant feature. You can make a spot area of your business card (such as your company name) shine.

17. 2 in 1 Professional Business Cards (AI + PSD Formats)

2 in 1 Professional Business Cards

This business card bundle set comes with both Photoshop and Illustrator files. So, you can work in pixel or vector and the software you feel most comfortable using. There are many color options in the downloadable files. Add your custom info, print, and get them into the hands of your customers.

They feature an understated world map background and minimal design aesthetic. Whether for small organization use, agencies, or any creative tech business, these corporate-style cards make a professional, elegant impression.

18. Simple Illustrator Format Business Card Template

Simple Illustrator Format Business Card Template

A simple professional template, available in PSD and AI business card formats, this is a popular set that's been used by over 1,250 customers. It’s well rated and professionally set up. The Photoshop and Illustrator files come with all layers ready to be customized and correctly organized for printing. If you’re looking for simplicity, with an attractive design, then these premium business cards are a great option to use for your company.

19. Creative Corporate Business Cards (3 in 1 Illustrator Bundle)

Creative Corporate Business Card Bundle

Minimal and simple, with modern fonts and organized design, these premium business card template illustrator files come with a set of three options. This bundle gives you a few great choices at a good price point.

Add your info to more than one card and test out which one your logo and branding looks best on. It’s print-ready, set up with all the text fields easy to edit, multiple professional options. Quickly customize it to your unique business!

Business Card Design - INDD Template Formats (GraphicRiver)

Finally, here are some of our best business card templates for INDD on GraphicRiver. This is just a sample of the awesome selection of premium business card designs you can download today:

20. Personal InDesign Format Business Card Template

Personal InDesign Format Business Card Template

With a classic design and clean presentation, this InDesign business card template is great for personal or company use. Add your name, or brand, and customize this card to your needs. There are yellow and blue versions against either black or white backgrounds. It's got a simple, modern design and comes in InDesign (INDD), Photoshop (PSD), and Illustrator (PDF) formats.

21. Business Card Bundle - InDesign Ready

Business Card Bundle - InDesign Ready

This creative business card InDesign template bundle comes with three distinct designs. They're made for designers, photographers, or other creative services. If you work as a freelance creative, then this is a set to grab. It makes such fun, creative use of the business card format too.

Customize all the graphics and icons directly from within InDesign. The artwork is placed on layers, the text and colors are editable as paragraph styles, and the files are well organized for easy editing. Add your info and get your cards printed today!

22. Business Card Design - INDD + PSD Template Formats

Business Card Design

This modern, premium InDesign business card template is set with simple, elegant light-colored elements against a dark background that makes the graphics pop. If you want a simple, effective design, this a great card to work with. It’s set up with easy to edit logo and text fields, is fully layered in INDD, and set up for professional printing. Use it to market yourself or your business.

23. Acacia Business Card (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator)

Acacia Business Card InDesign Photoshop and Illustrator

This double-sided business card template comes with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator files. It's got a minimal black and white design, in which your logo and text-based information will stand out on.

It’s print-ready with proper bleeds, the correct 3.5×2-inch dimensions, CMYK settings, and 300 DPI resolution. The files are fully editable, no matter which software package you prefer to work in. Readily add your company info, insert your brand assets, and send it off to get printed!

24. InDesign Corporate Business Card Template

InDesign Corporate Business Card Template

Make a great first impression with a set of professional business cards. This premium business card template features an attractive design that makes great use of both sides of the card. Add your brand details, your company contact info, and insert an engaging business photo as well.

There are three color schemes included. Easily edit colors to your needs. Both Photoshop PSD and InDesign INDD files are included. It’s fully layered and print ready, so you can get them ready for use quickly!

How to Customize Premium Business Card Templates in Photoshop

So, you've browsed premium business card designs, and you've found the perfect photoshop card template. What's next? Check out these five quick tips to help you customize your premium business cards in Adobe Photoshop.

We'll use this Photoshop business card template in this example. Download it and work along with the demonstration or use a Photoshop card template of your own.

business card premium design
Download this business card premium design for Adobe Photoshop today, on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Use Your Photoshop Layers Panel

Layers are an essential part of working in Adobe Photoshop. You'll almost certainly need them to customize your premium business card designs.

To open up your Layers panel, go to Window > Layers, as shown below.

Notice how the content has been organized into layers. This makes it much easier to edit than a solid, flat image. We can select a specific layer—where content has been independently isolated—to make changes to it.

Photoshop layers

2. How to Move and Rearrange Parts of Your Design

Let's experiment with this premise. In the example, below, the layer Shape 2 has been selected. Then, we can use the Move tool, in our Tools panel (as highlighted below), to move this shape anywhere we'd like in the composition.

Shape 2 is the multiple arches in this business card design. Here, we've moved it down in the composition. Here's a tip: hold down the Shift key while you move an object if you'd like to move it in a perfectly straight line. Without Shift you can move the object freely.

Want to resize it? Go to Edit > Free Transform. Then, click and drag on the resize handles to resize this shape. 

Photoshop Move Tool

3. How to Change Shape Colors in Adobe Photoshop

We can easily change the color of a Shape layer by double clicking on the layer thumbnail, in our Layers panel. This part of the layer has been highlighted, in the preview below. 

This opens up our Color Picker. Use the slider to select a new color. Photoshop allows us to preview our color selection before we commit to it. Once you're happy with your color choice, click OK

Note that this process is specific to Shapes.

Photoshop Shape Colors

4. How to Edit the Text in Adobe Photoshop

Editing text is another essential when it comes to customizing your photoshop card template. Thankfully, this is easy to do.

Go to your Type tool in your Tools panel. It's highlighted, below.

Then, simply click on the text in your composition to begin editing. Type as you would in most word processing software.

You'll notice that the corresponding Text layer becomes active in your Layers panel, too. This is good to note. You can also isolate, select, and edit text by referencing and selecting from your Layers panel.

Photoshop Edit Text

5. Work With More Than One Photoshop Document

Many premium business card templates are double sided. But this means your design will likely be split into two separate documents: one for the front, and one for the back.

You've got flexibility when you've got many documents open in Photoshop. Click on the file name and drag to undock the document. Then,  position your documents in a way that works best for you. Sometimes, it can be helpful to have both documents visible at the same time, especially with a double sided business card.

Photoshop multiple documents

How to Customize Premium Business Card Templates in InDesign

Adobe InDesign is also a solid choice for your premium business cards. Here are a collection of tips to help you jump into Adobe InDesign and get your business card customized and completed.

In this demonstration, we'll use this InDesign business card template below. Feel free to download it and work along with the walkthrough. Otherwise, you're welcome to use an InDesign template of your own. 

business card premium design
This business card premium design for Adobe InDesign is available for download on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Use Your InDesign Pages Panel

Unlike Photoshop, it's likely your double sided business card template might be in one document, when working in InDesign. Take a look at your Pages panel.

Open the Pages panel by going to Window > Pages

This document has two pages: one for the front of the business card, and one for the back of the business card. We can toggle between the two designs by clicking on the different pages. 

InDesign Pages Panel

2. How to Edit Text in Adobe InDesign

Next, let's take a look at editing text in InDesign. To start, select the Type tool. It's located in the Tools panel, as highlighted on the left. 

Click on any text, and you'll notice that the applicable Text Box becomes active. In InDesign, content is held within rectangular frames. Edit the text as you would in standard word processing software. But notice that the text is confined to this space. 

If you want the text to take up more space, resize the Text Box with the Selection tool.

Edit Text in InDesign Type Tool

3. How to Change the Font and Font Size

Want to change the font or the size of the font in your business card design? Head over to the Character panel. To open this panel, go to Window > Type & Tables > Character

The Character panel is visible in the example below, on the right. Here, we can change things like the font, the font size, and other attributes that apply to our type. 

Make sure to select your text first, with the Selection tool. If the text isn't selected and active, then the changes you make here won't apply.

Font Size InDesign

4. How to Change Font Color in InDesign

Now, let's change the font color in InDesign. Start by selecting your text again with the Selection tool.

Then, we need to look towards the bottom of our Tools panel. Under the Stroke and Fill Color, click the small "T" icon—it reads "Formatting Effects Text". The one beside it's "Formatting Effects Container". Toggle between them to decide if our color change changes the text color or the color of the container.

If we're changing the text color, notice how the Fill Color looks like a letter "T". All we've got to do is click on the Text Fill Color (this colored "T" icon) and choose a color.

Font Color InDesign

5. How to Change Frame Colors in InDesign

But how about changing the color of shapes and other design elements? We can use the same technique. This time, we want Formatting Effects Contents.

Let's go back to the front of our business card design. By default, the color applied here was black. All we need to do is:

  • Select the background shape with the Selection tool.
  • Click on the Fill Color.
  • Choose a New Color.
  • Click OK once you've selected the color you want.

Now, our black business card is a light blue color. Test out lots of different color schemes.

Frame Colors InDesign

3 Quick-Fire, Business Card Design Tips

Here are three quick tips to choose the best business card template for your needs, make an impact with the right approach to design, and customize the tiny canvas to your unique company details:

1. Start With a High-Quality Template Design

There are a lot of high-quality professional business card templates, which makes it hard to decide on the right one to use. There are a few key considerations to keep in mind: 

Think about how the design of each card. How well does it coordinate with your logo and branding? Does the layout and overall style fit your needs? Are you more interest in a minimal, professional card with bold use of color, like the Flat Business Card Template? Or do you want a business card with a photo option, as with the InDesign Corporate Business Card Template? In either case, you want a business card design that's well-organized, reads clearly and will make the right impression when you hand it to an important contact.

Gym Fitness and Health Business Card
Gym Fitness and Health Business Card

Beside style, you also want to look at graphics software. There are card features here that can be customized and edited in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Do you have any of those programs and feel comfortable working in one of them? If not, you can also hire a professional graphic designer. They can work with your template, add your custom branding and company info to it for you, and help you get it printed correctly.

Learn how to customize a business card template design in this tutorial:

2. Keep it Simple (With a Dash of Creativity)

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. A minimal business card reads with clarity instantaneously. It’s clear, easy to read, and makes an immediate impression. You can represent your company with restrained elegance, without overdoing it.

But minimal business card template designs need not be dull. A well-placed image, a bright logo contrasted against a dark background, colorful content boxes, or interesting layouts—are elements that add a needed touch of creativity to a well-organized design.

Start with a simple template, then take care not to clutter the design with too many components as you customize. But be sure to add a dash of your creative brand and personality. Get more top tips for designing your premium business cards in this article:

3. Place Your Custom Info on Your Card

Keep in mind, you don’t want to add so much to your business card that it becomes confusing. The purpose of premium business cards isn't to overwhelm the people you hand them to, but to invite them to reach out. Clutter doesn't draw people in.

So, add only the important details. Don’t place all your social media accounts on your card, but just the ones you’re most active on, pay attention to, and will actively engage with prospects on.

Don’t add extra emails, or over the top design elements, and leave plenty of breathing room on your card. Here are a few details to add to your business card:

  • Add your logo and company tagline.
  • Insert your name and professional title.
  • Include your full contact information.
  • Add your website or landing page.
  • Place links to your social media profiles.
  • Position any custom design assets, like photos or icons.
  • Customize the colors and design.
Colorful Corporate Photoshop Card
Colorful Corporate Business Card

Add only your important contact information, direct people to reach out to you through your top channels and consider crafting a landing page that promotes your business to welcome them warmly. Adding a landing page URL to your business card takes a bit more time than just dropping in your home page but will yield better results.  

Discover more details, with creative tips, on what information to put on the front and back of your business cards:

Check Out Even More Premium Templates

Looking for more design inspiration? Want to add even more premium business card designs to your collection? Check out these articles of some of the best business card designs you can download today:

Grab Your Premium Business Card Templates!

Business cards are essential for any company, whether you’re a freelancer, work at a big marketing agency, or another type of organization. Premium business cards are a great way to establish a connection with new contacts and showcase your brand when distributed.

All the premium business card templates in this article are set up professionally. Use them to represent your business. Just add your company’s details, custom colors, and brand elements, and quickly customize these print-ready designs. Hand them out to every connection you make and start putting them to best use!

We've got many premium print templates on GraphicRiver as well. Professional stationery templates or brochure designs complement new business cards. It’s a good idea to plan your print design material as a cohesive well-branded set.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularlyadding new, appealing professional premium business card templates.

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