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15+ Best Free Photoshop PSD Business Card Templates (Download Now!)


You never know when you'll meet a potential client, and freelancers need every opportunity to connect and find new work. So, when you meet a new customer or collaborator, how can you continue the conversation? 

A business card is still the most efficient way to connect. Use business card templates for Photoshop to design yours rapidly.

Business card templates for Photoshop
Use business card templates for Adobe Photoshop to rapidly design a printed set of contact details.

In this round-up, you'll see the best free Photoshop business card templates to download. You'll also see cost-effective options for business card template PSDs from Envato Elements, and impressive business card templates for Photoshop from GraphicRiver.

Also, you'll see that you can bypass Photoshop altogether by using a browser-based tool, Placeit, to build business cards with no apps needed.

Download the Best Business Card Templates for Photoshop

While free Photoshop business card templates to download are available, they often can’t measure up to the quality and flexibility offered by professional premium PSD business card templates.

Professional business card templates are built by professionals and feature incredible visuals that look amazing. Before looking at free options, let’s check out today’s best premium business card templates for Photoshop. 

The first source for these business card template PSDs is Envato Elements. Elements is an all-you-can-download subscription service, featuring millions of digital assets available for a flat monthly fee. Try out as many as you want and find a design that works best for you. 

Business Card Templates Photoshop
Source unlimited business card template PSD files from Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download source for templates.

One of the benefits of Envato Elements is all of the extras you unlock as part of your subscription. You can use stock imagery, graphics, and icons to brand your card just the way you want.

Another option is GraphicRiver, also from Envato. Instead of a subscription, you purchase templates individually. This is perfect if you want premium quality, without paying a subscription fee. The templates are just as impressive, but you'll pay only for individual downloads.

Let’s explore some of the best premium business card templates for PSD from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver below:

1. Creative Business Card

Business Card Template PSD

Beautiful abstract graphics accent the bold text placeholders on the front of this PSD business card design. Plus, space is reserved on the back of the card for even more content. Every design element is fully customizable, letting you style this theme to meet your needs perfectly.

2. Business Cards

Business Card Template PSD

Choose from ten different color themes to match these beautiful custom PSD business cards to your branding. They even offer the ability to make rounded corners, a surefire way to make your cards stand out from the crowd. A handy help file is included to help you get started.

3. Professional Business Card

Business Card Template PSD

Beautiful nautical colors give this business card template a sleek, polished feel. Free, classy fonts are used to illuminate all of your text. The template is fully print-ready, so all you've got to do is drop in your own words, then print!

4. Business Card

Business Card Photoshop

The degree of design quality found here far exceeds what's possible in free Photoshop business card templates. With a look straight out of a creative studio, these cards will put your best foot forward and inspire others to contact you. Don’t forget to add a QR code to link clients with your online portfolio.

5. Modern Business Card

Business Card Photoshop

This modern business card template for Photoshop is driven by visuals. If you’re a creative, it can be key to show off your work, even on something as small as a business card. This flexible and robust template helps you do just that!

16 Free PSD Business Card Templates From Around the Web

No budget? No problem. The free Photoshop business card templates that you see in the section below are solid options. When you need to build a printed identity with no cost, hit these business card templates to download a free PSD.

1. GFX-Design Business Card Template

Free Photoshop Business Card Templates Download

With blue graphics and free fonts, you can use this business card template PSD to build your next card. Each element can be edited inside of Photoshop. That means it takes just a few clicks to add your content to the card.

2. Free Tech Business Card Templates

A tech card like this one is built for individuals and organizations alike. Included are layouts in both the horizontal and vertical orientations. Simple placeholders enable the rapid addition of your own content details.

3. Black Business Card

A dark background is used in this free Photoshop business card template to help contrast keywords. Space is reserved on the reverse side of the card for custom images. This maximizes usable space on a pocket-sized card. 

4. Elegance Business Card PSD

Free Business card templates Photoshop PSD

This free business card template Photoshop design provides a simple layout for businesses and individuals. Opposing corners include simple artwork, while contact information is shown off front and center. Additional space is available for a logo or image.

5. Creative Business Card Template PSD

This Adobe Photoshop business card template free download includes all you’ll need to share relevant details and contacts. It includes four different color schemes to allow for basic customization. Design features are layered in Photoshop to expedite edits. 

6. Food Restaurant Business Card PSD Template

Foodservice and the restaurant industry are specialized fields. With that in mind, custom business card templates are available to help these businesses introduce themselves to potential clients. This free business card template PSD is one of them, with a design inspired by the culinary industry. 

7. Vertical Business Card

Free Photoshop Business Card Template

Vertical layouts flip the script on standard business card designs. They present your name, number, and contact information sideways relative to the norm. It’s a quick way to help your card stand out in a stack of others.

8. Free Watercolor Business Card Design

Watercolor graphics lend this PSD card template an abstract appearance. Whether you’re a freelancer or a corporate executive, Photoshop allows for simple customization to make this card your own. 

9. Free Business Card Template

Free Business Card Templates Photoshop PSD

Colored bars border your portfolio on this minimalistic free business card template in PSD format. Basic iconography helps offset phone numbers, emails, addresses, and more. These can be adjusted and styled right inside of Photoshop with just a few clicks.

10. Hipster Business Card PSD Template

A creative free Photoshop business card template like this can be used to market yourself - or your startup.  These files are fully layered, which helps streamline edits and allows for adding new details. A full-color palette is included to style the finished printed design.

11. Creative Business Card PSD Template

This vintage, retro template is different from the normal white-background, dark-text design commonly seen on business cards. Instead, it features a tan backdrop with white and brown accents throughout. 

12. Creative Modern Business Card

Demo a modern business card free template for PSD to show off your personal brand to the world. This example utilizes free fonts and layering that are quickly adaptable to your project, thanks to Photoshop’s robust editing tools. Included are three distinct color options.

13. PSD Fast Food Restaurant Business Card Design

Free Photoshop Business Card Templates download

Advertising a fast food establishment isn’t easy, and you’ll need a business card to do it. This restaurant business card Photoshop template is designed for this purpose. Primarily this is done through the heavy use of bright colors and imagery, making it a pocket-sized food promo.

14. Clean Business Card PSD Templates

This clean, minimalist free PSD business card template makes use of colors and contrast to separate content blocks. Four options are built-in, which you can then adjust in more detail inside Photoshop. 

15. PSD Clean Business Card Design Templates

Using a business card template Photoshop pack like this is a two-step process: choosing the template and then creating something new with Photoshop itself. This basic collection is a launching pad you can use to build your next card. Graphics are 300 dpi, meaning they’re ready to print right out of the gate,

16. Clean Floral Business Card

Free Business Card Templates for Photoshop PSD

The floral graphics on this free PSD business card template make it a workable option for florists, photographers, and artists. They've got a hand-painted style and sit behind the customary center text placeholder. 

Build a Business Card In Your Browser on Placeit

So far, we've featured the best business templates in PSD format. For Photoshop users, this approach is the best way to work effectively in the classic graphic design app.

While business card template PSD's make it much easier to design a personal branding card in Photoshop, there are other options if you'd rather skip Photoshop altogether. With Placeita browser-based tool, you can design a great business card inside of your web browser.

Business Card Templates on Placeit
Use a browser-based tool like Placeit to skip using business card template PSD's altogether.

Even though Placeit is a browser-based tool, you can still totally customize your business card design. Start with a template, add your details, and download a finished card that's ready for printing!

Use Business Card Template PSDs Today

This round-up shows that there are fantastic business card templates available at no cost or low cost. Above all, make sure that you don't start designing your next business card on a blank canvas. Use a business card template for Photoshop as the starting point to save hours of work.

Don't forget: premium options are usually worth the cost. Business card templates for Photoshop from Envato Elements are an impressive all-you-can-download value, and business cards for Photoshop from GraphicRiver are cost-effective too. Use either library today to launch your design!

If you prefer to start from scratch, try our free course on how to design a business card. You'll learn to build three business card designs from start to finish!

Finally, Placeit is an outstanding browser-based tool for business card templates. Skip the work of learning Photoshop and use a tool like Placeit to design a business card with no other apps needed.

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