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25 Best Free MS Word Checklist Templates to Be More Productive in 2021


A Word document checklist can be a great way to organize, plan, and be more productive with your tasks. Why not try out a checklist template Word document? They're a fun and easy way to jump right in and push your productivity.

Insert Checklist Format MS Word Template
Make a checklist in Word, using a stylish premium Word document checklist planner template.

In this article, we'll take a look at some Word checklist format templates that you can download and use today. This includes a list of free editable blank checklist template Word documents. We'll also take a look at some inspiring, premium checklist template designs that push the possibilities further. 

Keep your productivity plans simple, or go further. The choice is yours. 

Best Premium Microsoft Word Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

Free is everyone's favorite price tag, but let's take a look at some premium options too. They're an awesome example of some of the possibilities, when it comes to task lists, check lists, and really pushing your organization further.

Check out this stylish design, below. You can organize your tasks in so many different ways. This template is editable in Microsoft Word. Print it or keep it digital. The choice is yours. What kind of design would best support and enhance your productivity?

editable blank checklist template word
Try a premium editable blank checklist template word document for your next to-do list

But why not stick to free downloads? Keep in mind that free doesn't necessarily mean completely free. Free downloads are rarely completely free of copyright or restrictions. They often lack options, support, and extras too. If you're looking for free downloads, prepare to set some time aside for customization and some extra research.

If you're looking for premium options, but you'd like to save money, check out Envato Elements. It's an amazing resource, packed with content, and you get unlimited downloads. One, low fee, and you get access to thousands of files. 

It's like having an entire library of professional content at your finger tips. This includes a large library of Microsoft Word templates, too.

Envato Elements
Download thousands of premium Microsoft Word templates on Envato Elements for one, low price.

This means that besides Microsoft Word templates, you also get unlimited font downloads, photographs, clip art, and more. You can even pick up a new template for your website, or stock video for your next vlog. It's all included.

But if unlimited downloads aren't what you're looking for, you can also check out GraphicRiver. It's another great source for high quality, professional content. Choose from beautiful designs, created by designers from around the world.

On GraphicRiver, you only pay for what you download, a la carte. It's a great option, if you'd prefer to keep things simple.

Find your next premium Microsoft Word template on GraphicRiver.

5 Best Premium Microsoft Word Checklist Templates

Before we dig into our list of free downloads, let's look at some of the beautifully designed, premium options over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Download these designs today, or enjoy the design inspiration:

1. Monthly Planner Checklist Template Word

MS Word Checklist Template

Check out this beautifully designed set of planner pages. You get plenty of checklist options, but you also get 20 other pages to organize and plan your tasks. Edit this one in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. 

2. Stylish Planner Word Document Checklist

Word document checklist

Isn't the color here energetic and fun? Here's another stylish template that comes with a whole host of pages to work with. This is just a sample of the included content. Dig right in and customize these pages today.

3. Trendy Aesthetic Checklist Template for Word

Word Checklist format

Goal planning and tasks are a huge part of completing a project, regardless of your focus. This checklist template has so many pages to work with, especially if you'd like to log and present your progress in a professional way.

4. Editable Blank Checklist Template for Word

MS Checklist Template

There's simple options for you to consider too. Isn't this template clean and professional? Print it out or keep it digital. Organize your tasks, tools, and notes.

5. Project Planner Format of Checklist in Word

checklist template word

Here's another stylish take on a more simple checklist template. Reuse a template, like this one, for many tasks, jobs, or projects. You can also customize templates, like this one, to further meet your needs. 

25 Top MS Word Checklist Templates to Download for 2020/2021

Before looking for a free editable blank checklist templates in Word on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Word checklist formats at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Now, let's check out some free MS Word document checklist templates that you can download right now. Give these free finds a try for your next checklist or to-do list:

1. Free Word Document Checklist for Household Chores

Word Checklist Template for Kids

Looking to organize things at home? Check out this checklist template. Remember, you can edit these templates too. Rework this one to fit your project.

2. Free Word Checklist Format Template

This clean, simple template is a perfect fit for some checklists, and it's free to download too.

3. Free Project Status MS Checklist Template Designs

Does your checklist need to include extra info? Keep tabs on the status of your projects with this project status checklist template. 

4. Free Cute 5 Day Checklist Template Word

Cute MS Word Checklist Planner

Looking for something colorful and fun? Then check out this free checklist template. It's got dates, times, tasks, and notes for you to use. 

5. Free "From the Desk of" Memo Word Document Checklist

You can also download free Microsoft Word backgrounds, like this one, and use them to make a checklist in Word of your own.

6. Flood Emergency Checklist Template Word

There are so many different uses for checklists, like this flood emergency preparation list. Having a checklist for emergency prep can be very handy.

7. Free Back to School Word Checklist Format

Back to School Microsoft Word Checklist Template

Back to school season can come with a lot of tasks, errands, and things to do. Organize with a free Microsoft Word checklist template. Or adapt this template for an entirely different purpose.

8. Colorful Free Checklist Template Microsoft Word

Love using color to organize your tasks? Check out this free download. It's colorful, free, and adaptable to some different projects. 

9. Free Clean To Do List Checklist Template for Word

Sometimes, less is more. If you're looking for a simple, clean template, give this free download a look. 

10. Free Simple Checklist Template Word Doc

Simple Checklist Template Word

This free checklist template is the perfect framework. Use it as is, if you'd like to print something simple, or adapt it into something more with graphics, colors, and font choices.

11. Free Microsoft Word Checklist With Tracker

If you're looking for a checklist with some extra bells and whistles, give this one a look. It's got a tracker so you can keep an eye on your progress.

12. Free New Hire Format of Checklist in Word

Here's another great example of ways that checklist templates can be useful. Use them in your business when hiring and interviewing new candidates.

13. Free Cooking Basics Checklist Template Word

Cooking Checklist for Microsoft Word

This is such a fun idea for a checklist! If you're learning a new skill, a checklist can be a great way to help stay organized. Download this free template today.

14. Free Holiday Background (Insert Checklist in Word)

Remember, you can also use free Microsoft Word backgrounds as the basis for your checklist. Make a checklist in Word using a background like this one as your starting point.

15. Free Restaurant Sanitation MS Checklist Template Doc

Here's a checklist for restaurants, but you can adapt this to suit many different purposes. Whether you're cleaning your shop, your garage, or your classroom, this could be handy.

16. Free Work From Home Word Checklist Format Doc

Free Work From Home Word Checklist Format Doc

This is another great example of how checklists can help with decision making and productivity. Give this free template a look today.

17. Free MS Word Template for New Parents

Organization and checklists can make home life much more productive and streamlined. This free template was designed with new parents in mind. 

18. Free Audition MS Checklist Template Word Doc

Auditions, hiring, and many more projects can also benefit from a checklist. Check this one out. Remember, these templates can also act as editable black checklist template Word docs. 

19. Free Editable Blank Checklist Template Word

Editable Blank Checklist Template Word

This download might look plain, but it's a handy file if you're looking for something super simple. It's also a great choice if you're looking to print and cut out some mini checklists, several per page.

20. Free Travel Checklist For Microsoft Word

Having a checklist when you're traveling can be a handy way to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. This template can be mixed and revised to suit any purpose you need.

21. Free Cartoon Background (Insert Checklist in Word)

You can also add some personality to your checklist with fun graphics, like this background. Insert the checklist in Word and create a friendly look and feel to accompany your errands.

22. Free Errands Word Checklist Format Doc

Errands To Do Checklist Microsoft Word

Imagery can be a great way to organize your tasks. In this free checklist template, icons are used to group different items on the list. 

23. Free Flower Themed To Do Checklist Template

How about a fun, flowery themed checklist template? Download this free Microsoft Word template today. Use it as is, or customize it to make it your own.

24. Free Bug Out Bag Checklist Template Word

Here's another list example for emergency and survival situations. A checklist can be a great way to make sure you're prepared.

25. Free Movie Checklist Template Word Doc

Checklist template for Microsoft Word

Checklists can also be used for fun things, of course. What movies are on your to-watch list? Keep track with this free Microsoft Word checklist template.

5 Quick Microsoft Word Checklist Tips for 2021

When you're considering how to create a checklist in Word, there's plenty more to think about than just text. Will you reuse this checklist more than once? What's the most convenient format for you? Here are five quick tips to consider:

1. Bring Some Fun to Your Tasks!

Checklists and to-do lists don't have to be boring. Consider starting with a checklist template, as you make a checklist in Word. It can be a fun way to establish an aesthetic for your work. 

Templates are editable too, so you're not stuck with the default appearance. Try adding your own images, changing colors, and more.

Colorful Checklist Template Word Doc
Your checklist doesn't have to be boring! Use color and graphics to bring some interest to your tasks, like in this premium checklist template Word doc.

2. How Will You Use Your Checklist?

If you think about how you plan to use your checklist, you can create checklist Microsoft Word templates perfect for your needs. Here's some options you may want to keep in mind:

  • Will you use a printed checklist? 
  • Will you print it at home?
  • Do you prefer a digital checklist?
  • Will you use your checklist on your computer? Your mobile device?
  • Do you plan to share your checklist with someone else?

3. Digital or Print, Try Stickers

Stickers can prove to be such a fun addition to your checklist. Use them to mark when you've finished a task. Or, use them to motivate or inspire you as you push towards completing your list.

Apply stickers to your checklist digitally, within Microsoft Word or other compatible software. Or print stickers out at home on sticker paper. Cut them out and use them to give your checklist some extra personality.

Checklist Planner Stickers
Add some fun when you make a checklist in Word. Try additions like these premium sticker designs.

4. Reuse and Export Your Checklist

Your Microsoft Word checklist can be used and reused more than once. That's one of the best parts of working with a Word document checklist template. Not only can you use it more than once, you can also remix it and revise it as you see fit. 

Keep in mind that you can also export your checklist in many ways. For example, try printing your checklist template as a PDF file. You can open a PDF file in some other software, like Goodnotes, Photoshop, and more. 

5. Add More Than Text to Your Checklist

Text is often included in most checklists. But color, imagery, and shapes can be a wonderful addition. Not only do they look nice, they can help push your organization further. This is especially helpful when you've got a lot of tasks or items to organize. 

For example, you could sort certain tasks by color or use a specific shape to show things like priority or dates.

Colorful Checklist Template for Word
Use color and shape to help further organize your checklist, like in this premium checklist for Word.

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

Looking for even more designs to check out today? Check out these collections of even more Microsoft Word template designs. There are inspiring designs, notable freebies, and other great finds to download today:

Learn More About Using Microsoft Word in 2020

New to Microsoft Word and you're not sure where to start? We've got an awesome, free Microsoft Word Learning Guide just for beginners. Check it out today!

Want to learn more about how to create a checklist in Word? Check out these free tutorials to help create checklist Microsoft Word templates of your own:

Why Not Make a Checklist in Word Today?

Microsoft Word can be a fun and user friendly way to create a checklist for many projects. Checklists can be a great help in your professional life. But a checklist can also help you organize your personal life, travels, home life, education, and more.

Looking for some fun and creative checklist templates? Remember to check out Envato Elements. One, low price gets you unlimited download from a large library of checklist template Word documents. Download as many as you'd like!

Or, check out GraphicRiver, if you prefer singular downloads. There's many professional Word document checklist designs over there to check out too.

Good luck with your next checklist design. Here's to getting tasks completed!

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