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10+ Top Sites for Free PowerPoint Background Template Downloads

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Are you worried that your presentation might look boring? Consider using one of the many backgrounds for PowerPoint to liven things up and make your slideshow more interesting. Many PowerPoint presentations are mostly text on a solid white, black, or colored background. 

It doesn't have to be that way. There are many professional PowerPoint backgrounds, such as those available through Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, that you can use to add interest to any slideshow if you know where to look for them.

In this article, you'll learn the characteristics of good PowerPoint backgrounds. We'll also discuss the benefits of using premium PowerPoint backgrounds. Finally, I'll share a curated list of some of the best premium PowerPoint background templates and I'll provide you with a list of sites where you can download PowerPoint backgrounds free of charge.

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 Why Your PowerPoint Background Is Important

Your PowerPoint background is important because your presentation is important. Using an interesting background on your slides can help take your slideshow from being "ho hum" to being sophisticated, engaging, or otherwise captivating to your audience. Here are just a few advantages of using a PowerPoint background.

1. Adds Texture to Your Slides

The vast majority of PowerPoint slideshow slides are set against a stark white background. So, adding a textured background can help give your presentation an edge.

2. Contributes to Your Message

Using the right PowerPoint background for your presentation can strengthen your message. Imagine using a cool PowerPoint background with geometric shapes for a creative presentation, for example.

3. Catches the Audience's Eyes

When your audience sees that you've used a Microsoft PowerPoint background, they notice. They instantly perceive that there's something different about your presentation.

Of course, as important as using good background pictures for PowerPoint is, it's also important to use the right PowerPoint background templates. Next, we'll take a look at what to look for in good PowerPoint background templates.

What Makes a Great PowerPoint Background Template?

Here's some characteristics of a good PowerPoint background template:

1. Fits With Your Message

A good PowerPoint background template should fit well with your message. If your presentation is about technology you wouldn't necessarily want to use PPT background images of wooden boards.

2. Not Too Cluttered

The right PowerPoint backgrounds leave plenty of room for you to add your information and images. Generally, simpler is better when it comes to PPT background images.

3. Is Subtle

A good PPT image won't distract from your slideshow's text and images. Look for templates with backgrounds that are blurred or faded so that they don't overpower your message.

Why Choose a Premium PowerPoint Background Template?

You may think downloading one of the many free PowerPoint backgrounds is the best bargain for your needs. But keep in mind that when you get PowerPoint backgrounds free you often get what you paid for. Depending on where you get your free PPT background templates that can mean no support, nothing but a minimal PPT background image, or no additional pre-build slide designs or options. If your presentation is important, it's worth it to consider using good premium PowerPoint backgrounds from a reputable site such as Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

envato elements templatesenvato elements templatesenvato elements templates
You can find templates with good background pictures for PowerPoint on Envato Elements.

Many Envato Elements PowerPoint templates include interesting backgrounds as well as professionally-designed slide templates. They're easy to use and include lots of extras to help you create the perfect presentation.

Plus, Envato Elements is a great bargain! For a single monthly fee you can download as many PowerPoint templates as you want. And you get unlimited access to other creative elements as well!

Best Premium PowerPoint Background Templates (Envato Elements)

Here are some examples of templates with cool PowerPoint backgrounds that you can find on Envato Elements:

1. Winter - Watercolour PowerPoint Template

Winter PowerPoint TemplateWinter PowerPoint TemplateWinter PowerPoint Template

This creative PowerPoint template features slides with the background of wintry sky. You can also choose between full animation or no animation. This PowerPoint template could be perfect for a seasonal presentation, a creative presentation, or a personal presentation.

2. Woody - Wooden PowerPoint Template

Wooden PowerPoint TemplateWooden PowerPoint TemplateWooden PowerPoint Template

Here's a great PowerPoint theme that features a white wooden background. The pattern is perfect if you're looking to add a bit of subtle texture your slideshow. It comes with six pre-made color themes and other extras so you can easily change the look of your presentation.

3. Kingwood PowerPoint Template

Kingwood PowerPoint TemplateKingwood PowerPoint TemplateKingwood PowerPoint Template

This cool PPT template comes with a wood pattern background. You can also choose between dark and light backgrounds. And it's animated. Use the included documentation to get started on your presentation quickly.

4. Diagonal Lines PowerPoint Template

Diagonal Lines PowerPoint TemplateDiagonal Lines PowerPoint TemplateDiagonal Lines PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for a PowerPoint template that's a little bit bolder? The Diagonal Lines PowerPoint template features sharp diagonal lines that frame your presentation message. This PowerPoint template includes many different data visualization elements.

More Premium Infographic Templates to Download from GraphicRiver

If you only need a PowerPoint template for a one-time use, there's still a way to download premium professionally-designed templates with GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver PowerPoint background templatesGraphicRiver PowerPoint background templatesGraphicRiver PowerPoint background templates
GraphicRiver has hundreds of PowerPoint templates available, many with interesting backgrounds.

With GraphicRiver, you'll still get top-notch, eye-catching slide templates without any type of long-term commitment. If you only give presentations occasionally or if your budget is tight, this can be a great way to find quality PowerPoint background templates.

Here's a curated list of some templates with good backgrounds for PowerPoint:

1. Vantage Collection PowerPoint Template Bundle

Vantage CollectionVantage CollectionVantage Collection

This great bundle features not one, but several great hand-made background textures to choose from. It also includes:

  • placeholders for images
  • 11 themes
  • many different infographics and charts
  • one-of-a-kind infographics
  • and more!

2. Cabin Home PowerPoint Template

Cabin Home PowerPoint TemplateCabin Home PowerPoint TemplateCabin Home PowerPoint Template

This gorgeous PowerPoint template features a cool wood grain PPT background image. This would look great as part of a builder's presentation or any presentation that needs a bit of western flair.  You'll love the variety of slide designs in this easy-to-customize template.

3. Timber PowerPoint Presentation Template

Timber PowerPoint BackgroundsTimber PowerPoint BackgroundsTimber PowerPoint Backgrounds

The rugged wood and weathered paper textures that come as PowerPoint background images in this template are sure to set your presentation apart. On top of that, you'll get tons of options—like 46 unique screen designs, six pre-styled automatic data charts, and over 110 custom icons.

4. The Wall PowerPoint Template

The Wall TemplateThe Wall TemplateThe Wall Template

Are you looking for a brick PowerPoint background template? With the wall you get four background images, including dark and light brick wall textures. Our customers love this one and you will too. Here's some of their comments:

"Awesome graphics, mate!"
"Very nice template!"
"Great work!"

5. Business PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Business PowerPointBusiness PowerPointBusiness PowerPoint

The Business PowerPoint presentation template includes multiple blur backgrounds so that you can find the perfect PPT background for your needs.  This template is easy to edit. It includes over 100 icons and a help file.

6. Fast Food PowerPoint Presentation Template

Fast Food PowerPoint Presentation TemplateFast Food PowerPoint Presentation TemplateFast Food PowerPoint Presentation Template

This PPT template may be called Fast Food PowerPoint Presentation Template, but you'll find it's suitable for a wide variety of presentation types. Choose from between three different PPT backgrounds: cream, white, and black.

7. Clouds PowerPoint Template

Clouds PowerPoint TemplateClouds PowerPoint TemplateClouds PowerPoint Template

Use the PPT background images in this attractive template to add interest to your slideshow. This PowerPoint template also includes some animation. This good-looking template would be great for a presentation on corporate vision, creativity, or future plans. 

8. Bubbles PowerPoint Template

Bubbles PowerPoint TemplateBubbles PowerPoint TemplateBubbles PowerPoint Template

Last, but not least, don't overlook the Bubbles PowerPoint template. This attractive template includes an attractive abstract PPT background image. Plus, it's animated! And there's a help file included with the download to help you get started quickly.

Sites With Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

A premium, professionally-designed PowerPoint template is almost always your best choice. But if your budget is really limited and you can't afford even a one-time purchase of a premium PowerPoint template, don't despair. There are some fairly good free PowerPoint backgrounds available. I've put together a list (below) of over ten sites where you can download free PPT background templates.

Note: Keep in mind that some free templates require that you provide attribution for your presentation or their use may be restricted to non-commercial use only. There may be other requirements as well. Read the terms of use carefully before downloading any template.

1. Microsoft Office. A good place to find free PowerPoint backgrounds to download is Microsoft's templates site. You'll find a lot of templates that include PowerPoint backgrounds here. One example is the Chalkboard Education Presentation template (pictured below):

free PowerPoint background templatefree PowerPoint background templatefree PowerPoint background template

2. Presentation Magazine. Each of these free PPT background templates includes a matching color theme and slide layouts for a title page and an inside page.  

3. Free PPT Backgrounds. At this website you'll find a wide variety of categorized free PowerPoint  background templates available for download.

4. ALLPPT.com. This is another site that allows you to download PowerPoint templates for free, including PowerPoint background images.

5. PowerPoint Styles. The free templates and backgrounds on this site will work with PowerPoint, Open Office, or Google Slides. This site includes many abstract PPT background templates, including the example below:

background PPTbackground PPTbackground PPT

6. SlideHunter. Find free PowerPoint presentation slides for a variety of uses that you can download from the SlideHunter site. 

7. Educational Technology Clearing House. This website was created by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology for the integration of technology into Kindergarten through 12th grade.

8. PPTBackgroundTemplates. Scroll through these free background templates to find one that meets your needs.

9. Free PPT Backgrounds. You'll find a selection of PPT backgrounds here including abstract backgrounds, textures, and more.

10. INDEZINE. This site has a good selection of abstract and themed background patterns. I also noticed some metallic PowerPoint backgrounds here.

11. PPT Backgrounds. You can find many different types of free PowerPoint backgrounds at this site. The PPT background illustrated below shows stars on a blue background:

microsoft powerpoint backgroundsmicrosoft powerpoint backgroundsmicrosoft powerpoint backgrounds

Learn More About Using PowerPoint Background Templates

We've got lots of resources to help you learn more about PowerPoint and also about how to create a top-notch presentations. These tutorials are a great place to begin:

If you're looking for more attractive PowerPoint template designs, check out these round up articles that feature some of our best PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

We've got the perfect complement to a professional presentation template that'll help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Create a powerful presentation that'll inspire and move your audience. 

complete guide to making presentationscomplete guide to making presentationscomplete guide to making presentations

Try Using PowerPoint Backgrounds for Your Next Presentation

You've just discovered how good background pictures for PowerPoint can make a real difference in how your audience perceives your presentation. I've also listed what to look for in good PowerPoint backgrounds. We've explored both free PowerPoint backgrounds as well as premium PowerPoint backgrounds from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Why not make use of PowerPoint backgrounds when you create your next slideshow and discover the difference they can make for yourself?

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