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20 Best Free Safari & Jungle Google Slides Themes to Download for 2023

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Having a hard time finding a safari-themed Google Slides template? Not sure where to find these templates for an affordable price?

Animal Safari Google Slides Presentation TemplateAnimal Safari Google Slides Presentation TemplateAnimal Safari Google Slides Presentation Template
Animal Safari Google Slides Presentation Template is one of the many high quality templates available on Envato Elements.

Showcase your safari and jungle presentation with a premium Google Slides template. The safari-themed Google Slides templates will help you quickly create a professional-looking presentation that your audience will love. 

Safari and jungle-themed presentations require a well-thought-out design to showcase images of animals. Each jungle Google Slides theme features a professional design that lets your images shine. While free safari-themed Google slides templates might be appealing, premium offerings can save both time and money, in the long run.

Check out all the top-selling Jungle Google Slides templates available on Envato Elements. Pick a template up today and get started on your next presentation!

Best Safari & Jungle Google Slides Themes on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Explore all the best safari-themed Google Slides templates on Envato Elements.  For one low monthly fee, download as many safari and jungle-themed report templates as you want. You can also download all the other resources available on Envato Elements for your next project such as:

  • web themes
  • photos
  • presentation templates
  • and more 

All Elements design templates available come ready to use. They feature stylish designs and are fully customizable to help you make the best possible safari slides.

Explore Jungle Theme Templates

envato jungleenvato jungleenvato jungle
Envato Elements has plenty of safari and jungle themed Google Slides templates for download.

Let's now have a look at the top safari and jungle google slides themes available on Envato Elements. 

Top 5 Safari & Jungle Google Slides Themes on Envato Elements (For 2022)

Premium safari-themed Google Slides templates offer the most features and the most value. Here are five top jungle Google slides themes from Envato Elements:

1. Rhino


This rhino-themed template is very creative. It features a layered design with silhouettes of a rhino. Included are icons, a timeline slide, and plenty of space for your animal images. The default green theme is sure to make an impact.

Here are the main features of this safari-themed Google Slides template:

  • 30 unique slides
  • 3 color schemes
  • wide & standard sizes
  • documentation included

2. Beasties


This is one complete safari-themed Google Slide template. It comes with a ton of unique slides featuring pie charts, maps, and testimonial slides. The design of the slides helps give you that exotic feel. 

Here's what you can expect from beasties:

  • 30 unique slides
  • 3 premade colors
  • dark and light backgrounds
  • animations included

3. Animal Safari Google Slides Presentation Template


Your presentation images take center stage in this premium safari Google Slides template. This will work well as an animal guideline and manual book. The clean and simple design will help you clearly deliver your main ideas. 

Here's what you can expect from this template:

  • 30 unique slides
  • free fonts used
  • 1920x1080 full HD format
  • animations & transitions included

4. Ghanas


This template works well for all types of nature presentations. The sleek modern design gives your presentation a professional look. The layout of the slides lets you add a lot of information onto each slide without it being overcrowded. 

Here's what you can expect from this template:

  • 12 PPTX files
  • 3 premade colors
  • dark & light backgrounds
  • widescreen & standard sizes

5. Creature


Whether you're creating a safari, jungle, zoo, animal conservation, or travel presentation, this presentation is worth checking out. Included are great-looking infographics that'll complement your images. If you need an all-purpose animal-based template, this one is a must-have. 

This safari-themed template features:

  • 30 unique slides
  • 5 different color themes
  • editable charts
  • creative infographics

On a tight budget? Don't miss out on the best free safari and jungle Google Slides themes below.

20+ Best Free Safari & Jungle Google Slides Themes  to Download (2023)

Premium Google Slides templates might be out of the question if you're on a tight budget. But you can still download high-quality safari-themed Google Slides templates for free.

Here's the deal. Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

Envato Free FilesEnvato Free FilesEnvato Free Files
Download the free files available on Envato Elements.

Didn't find what you're looking for above? Here are some more free safari themes that'll work for Google Slides: 

1. Strength 

This safari-themed Google Slides template has a lion as the background. The file size is 359kb.


2. Red Deer

This jungle Google Slides theme is designed with a red deer theme in harmony with the forest. Included are sixty two slides.

3. Frogtastic

This is a frog-themed Google Slides template. If you need a more playful template, this will work well. 

4. Farm Animals

This jungle Google slides theme features a cartoon background with farm animals and a barn. Included are ten different slides. 

farm animalsfarm animalsfarm animals

5. Modern Colorful

This safari theme Google Slides template for free contains twenty-five different slides. There are graphs, charts, and tables in the template. 

6. Free Attitude PowerPoint Template

This features a green grid in the background. The template is a multipurpose template that's 352KB in size. 

7. Bravestone

This jungle Google Slides theme features leaves, a swamp, monkeys, hippos, and snakes. The template works for Google Slides and PowerPoint. 


8. International Peace Day

This template features a drag and drop image placeholders, fully editable vector graphics, and 135 different icons. While this may not be a safari-specific template, it can still work well for safari and jungle presentations. 

9. Flamingo

As the name suggests, this template has a flamingo image on the background. Included are four different types of slides. 

10. Transparent Skeletal Leaves 

This Google Slides template has a design with skeletal leaves on a green natural background. It's free-form and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Skeletal LeavesSkeletal LeavesSkeletal Leaves

11. Cattle

This template safari theme Google slides template has an image of cattle in the background. Four different slides are included. 

12. Silhouette Brown Bear

This safari-themed Google Slides template has a composite of brown bear and forest. The template is fully editable. 

13. Animal Science

The file size of this template is 544 KB and comes with four slides. The slides have a standard 16:9 ratio. 

animal scienceanimal scienceanimal science

14. Monochromatic

The design has an image of a zebra's face close up. This template includes one cover slide and two internal backgrounds.

15. Animal Equine

Four basic slides are included with this safari-themed Google Slides template. There's an image of a horse on the slides. 

16. Ripples Green

The design of this jungle Google Slides theme features a green wave ripple. This is a multipurpose template that can be customized to your needs. 

ripple greenripple greenripple green

17. Andean Animal

The file size is 1 MB for this free jungle Google Slides template. The template is fully customizable. 

18. Pixels Green

This is a simple multipurpose template with a gradient green pixeled background. Included are two different slides.

19. Animal History

The slides in these free safari slides included a drawing of a rhino. The file size is 350 KB. 

Animal HistoryAnimal HistoryAnimal History

20. Green Eco Nature Wave

This presentation has a green abstract background. Included are three master slides.

21. Animal Skin

This theme has a sepia-colored animal skin background. The file size is 212 KB.

Next, let's cover tips that'll help you create better Google Slides presentations. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Safari & Jungle Google Slides Presentations in 2023

Here are five quick tips that can help you take your safari & jungle presentations to the next level: 

1. Use High-Quality Images

Images are everything in presentations, especially in a safari and jungle presentation. Make sure to use only the highest-quality images in your presentation. Failing to do so will make your presentation look unprofessional. 

The premium template, Toucan, uses high quality images for a professional look.

2. Limit the Number of Slides

It's common to get carried away with adding too many slides to your presentation. Include the fewest possible slides in your presentation to make it compact.

Looking for even more safari slide designs that weren't covered in this article? In the next section, we'll go over even more best-selling template designs that can help you create stunning-looking jungle presentations. 

3. Leave Space

Having space in your design makes your slides easier to understand. Be sure to include blank space between the elements on your slides. 

FOREST is a premium template that leaves lots of space on its slides for a modern look.

4. Use Animations Sparingly

Animations are a great way to add more interest to your presentations. But adding too many animations will make the presentation look unprofessional. Only add animations where you want to highlight a specific point.

5. Stay Green

A green color scheme is ideal for this type of presentation. Try using different shades of green in your presentation for a more eye-catching design. 

the forestthe forestthe forest
The Forest is a premium template that's got a great looking green color scheme.

Now let's go over even more Google Slides themes.

Discover More Top Google Slides Theme Designs

The templates mentioned in this article are some of the best available. But these safari Google Slides templates may not work for your presentation. You can check out even more best-selling Google Slides templates below:

Do you need more than a professionally designed template to create a great presentation? Check out the next section for even more Google Slides resources.

Learn More About Making Great Google Slides Presentations in 2023

Looking to make your presentations even better? Check out the resources below on how you can create better Google Slides presentations. 

Get Your Safari Theme Google Slides Today!

Check out our best professional safari and jungle Google Slides themes and download them now. These templates are fully customizable and will help you deliver a stunning presentation. Everything from the fonts, colors, and images can be customized. This helps you create a dynamic safari & jungle-themed presentation.

Head on over to Envato Elements to find these jungle Google Slides templates and more. There's sure to be a safari and jungle-themed Google Slides template for you to turn into a complete presentation. So, download your template today. 

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