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How to Create Awesome PowerPoint Presentations With Cool PPT Designs for 2020

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Are you worried you'll lose the audience's attention in your next presentation? For an awesome presentation you need confidence. Great slide designs make a difference.

A key to an awesome PowerPoint presentation is to combine good content with great design. Pair those two, and you'll engage even the most restless audience!

Awesome PowerPoint SlideAwesome PowerPoint SlideAwesome PowerPoint Slide
Awesome PowerPoint slides can be simple yet engaging enough to captivate an audience.

In this article, you'll learn how to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation. You'll see the best awesome presentation templates from Envato Elements plus awesome presentation ideas from GraphicRiver.

How to Create Awesome PowerPoint Presentations

Sure, your presentation's content is king. But it's essential to put it in an awesome PowerPoint design so that your audience stays engaged.

Believe it or not, we've cracked the formula to create awesome PowerPoint presentations. Follow these four principles on your slide if you want to learn how to create an awesome PowerPoint:

  • Add plenty of images. Audiences in 2020 expect awesome presentations to be loaded with pictures and graphics. These slides are more eye-catching and exciting.
  • Use animations (when appropriate!). The best presentations include a bit of drama or suspense. One way to do that is to reveal critical points with animations.
  • Use modern design elements. Design trends are always changing. Make sure to use a design that's fitting for the occasion and in line with current design principles.
  • Fill it with great content. As mentioned above, you've got to create great designs. But awesome PowerPoint layouts are nothing without good content filling the blocks. 

Many presenters find that writing content is the hardest part of creating an awesome presentation. Use our ideas guide below to make it easier:

This tutorial has designs and principles that help you create awesome PowerPoint presentations. Also, check this article with the latest design trends:

 Read on to see the templates that you can use for awesome PowerPoint designs.

Create Awesome PowerPoint Presentations with Templates From Envato Elements

Here's what isn't awesome: using PowerPoint's built-in designs. Microsoft has a handful of included templates, but they aren't enough to set you apart from the crowd. They're overused and lack creativity.

Luckily, there are alternatives! It's okay to outsource awesome presentations. With the help of an awesome PowerPoint design from Envato Elements, you've got all the slide designs you could need.

PowerPoint templates make life easy. They've got professional design elements that make it look as if you hired a graphic designer. Plus, they're awesome because they give you ideas for what you should include.

Envato Elements Awesome PowerPoint DesignsEnvato Elements Awesome PowerPoint DesignsEnvato Elements Awesome PowerPoint Designs
Envato Elements has thousands of awesome PowerPoint designs included for a flat-rate.

Best of all, Envato Elements is a flat-rate subscription service. No matter how many awesome PowerPoint templates you use, you'll pay nothing extra. Plus, you can source other assets like stock photos and graphics. They add even more to your awesome PPT design.

Here are five of the most awesome PowerPoint designs—all included with your subscription to Envato Elements:

1. Yooga PowerPoint Template

Yooga Awesome Presentation templateYooga Awesome Presentation templateYooga Awesome Presentation template

Five color schemes and thirty designs in each color scheme give you plenty of options to create awesome PowerPoint presentations. The default imagery for Yooga includes stock photos of a high-class yoga studio, but it fits many purposes. Just add your images and information to this awesome PPT.

2. Fashioned Stylist PowerPoint

Fashioned Stylist PowerPoint templateFashioned Stylist PowerPoint templateFashioned Stylist PowerPoint template

High fashion designs demand only the most awesome PPT templates. If you're learning how to create an awesome PowerPoint in the fashion industry, skip the learning curve with this template. Use the 50 included PowerPoint slide designs for modern, awesome presentations.

3. Cleira PowerPoint Template

Cleira awesome PPT designCleira awesome PPT designCleira awesome PPT design

Cleira has slides that are perfect for business purposes. Use it to create awesome PowerPoint presentations that help you pitch an idea or show your best work. Use the charts and graphs to share data. It's those visuals that help you create awesome PowerPoint designs.

4. Bravo PowerPoint Template

Bravo PowerPiont templateBravo PowerPiont templateBravo PowerPiont template

"Bravo!" is not only what your audience will say when they see this awesome PPT template. It's also the name of this template that includes 45 slides on five color schemes. And it's ready to use for your next presentation. The templates are easily readable thanks to plenty of whitespace and eye-catching infographics.

5. Koba PowerPoint Presentation

Koba Awesome PPTKoba Awesome PPTKoba Awesome PPT

These templates are perfect for professional but modern presentations. There are over 100 slides to choose from as you create your awesome PowerPoint presentation. As mentioned in the principles above, the image-heavy slides and colorful designs are sure to garner attention.

These five templates scratch the surface of great PowerPoint templates. For even more awesome PowerPoint designs to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation, check out these articles:

Find More Awesome PowerPoint Designs on GraphicRiver

Envato Elements isn't the only source for awesome PowerPoint designs. If you know exactly what you want, then you can use GraphicRiver to buy a single template. The GraphicRiver library is full of awesome PowerPoint designs.

Single Awesome PPT DesignsSingle Awesome PPT DesignsSingle Awesome PPT Designs
GraphicRiver has plenty of awesome PowerPoint designs and lets you buy single designs.

The best place for single purchase, awesome PowerPoint designs, is GraphicRiver. Keep costs low by only paying for what you download. 

An Elements subscription unlocks everything. But it's sometimes more than you need for a quick presentation. In those cases, consider jumping over to GraphicRiver to buy a single awesome PowerPoint design.

How to Create Three Awesome PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Templates are the best starting point to create awesome PowerPoint designs. But you might be wondering: how can I use an awesome PowerPoint template for my presentations? 

Maybe you're accustomed to stringent PowerPoint templates that don't let you add your content. Many templates are hard to adjust or make it difficult to add content.

The awesome PPT templates on Envato Elements are highly customizable. They're just a starting point, not a finished product. 

Cleira awesome PPT templateCleira awesome PPT templateCleira awesome PPT template
Use Cleira, a highly customizable template, to create your presentation in less time than ever.

In this section, we're going to use one of the templates we featured earlier in this article to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation. It's called Cleira, and it includes over 30 slides. It's part of Envato Elements, so you can try it out with no extra cost.

Now let's look at the slides we're going to create:

1. Your Portfolio

Portfolio in CleiraPortfolio in CleiraPortfolio in Cleira
A portfolio slide like this one is image-centric, right in line with our recommended awesome PowerPoint principles.

For our first awesome slide, let's work with slide 14 from Cleira. It's a portfolio slide with three large image placeholders. Use it to show off the top projects in your portfolio. But it's flexible enough for any slide where images take the lead.

Here are three tweaks I'll make to complete this slide:

  1. Fill in the image placeholders. Click the image icons, then browse to images saved to your computer. The images will automatically take the placeholder shape.
  2. Adjust the text. Type over the text placeholders to add project names and a slide title.
  3. Add animations. Read on to see how to introduce these portfolio items one-by-one.

As our last tweak, let's animate each portfolio piece on the slide. Imagine presenting this slide to potential clients to show your best work while you're trying to win their job.

In PowerPoint, switch to the Animations tab. Then, hold Control on your keyboard and click on the portfolio item and the text caption. After that, click on an animation effect like Appear, as you see in the screenshot below. This will animate these two items onto the slide simultaneously.

Now, repeat the process with each of the portfolio items. This creates an item-by-item staged reveal for the four portfolio items.

Animations added to slideAnimations added to slideAnimations added to slide
Hold Control and click on the item plus text. Then choose an animation to bring the object onto the slide.

With these animations added, our slide is complete! Each of these portfolio items will animate onto the slide, one-by-one.

To learn more about working with images in PowerPoint, make sure to check out our guide below:

2. The Device Mockup

Device mockup awesome slideDevice mockup awesome slideDevice mockup awesome slide
Device mockup slides are perfect for awesome PowerPoint designs that bring the digital world to life.

A device mockup brings the digital world to real life. All you need is a screenshot of your app in action. It's easy to drop into your slide design in an awesome PPT. Let's use slide 27.

Let's customize this slide in three steps as well:

  1. Device image placeholder. Click on the icon on the mobile device, then browse to a screenshot that you captured on your mobile device.
  2. Update the title. A catchy headline helps grab attention.
  3. Streamline the text.  The default slide has too much text. Slim those down with shorter text descriptions in each placeholder by typing in the boxes.
Analytics in awesome PowerPoint slideAnalytics in awesome PowerPoint slideAnalytics in awesome PowerPoint slide
By removing the tedious text boxes, your audience can more easily focus on your key elements.

3. The General Purpose, Image-Focused Slide

Awesome slide designAwesome slide designAwesome slide design
Slide 13 is my favorite type because it's flexible enough to use for practically any purpose.

Slide 13 is labeled with "Our Portfolio." But it's stylish enough to work for practically any purpose. Slides like this are flexible. That makes them an awesome choice for any presentation.

As you've seen with the other slides we customized, it only takes a few tweaks to transform this slide into one that your audience will love:

  1. Image placeholder. The large box means that this slide design is perfect for an awesome image in your PowerPoint. Click in it and browse to an image of your choice.
  2. Update the title. Style over the title and set the size to match the purpose of your awesome PPT.
  3. Fill in the text boxes. As always, less text means more impact. Fill in the text box. Consider increasing the font size to find the balance between content and ease-of-reading.
Anywork finalAnywork finalAnywork final
This slide is easy to customize with one image addition and simple text updates.

For even more design tips, make sure that you check out our guide to making slides more appealing. It's a simple set of tips you can use to make any presentation more awesome:

Build an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation Today

As you saw in this article, building awesome presentations is easier when you use a template. Don't take all the work on yourself! Use unlimited awesome PPT designs on Envato Elements. Or, try awesome PowerPoint designs on GraphicRiver.

Either way, awesome PowerPoint presentations are in reach for everyone reading this article. Use the techniques and templates to present confidently. Why not download a template now and get started on your next awesome PPT?

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