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20 Best Business SMS Text Messaging Software & Apps for 2020

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This post is part of a series called Easy Business Messaging With Podium (Quick Start Guide).
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Your customers want to hear from you. Whether you remind them of an appointment, send promotions, or ask for review, business texting is a powerful marketing tool.

Business Texting With PodiumBusiness Texting With PodiumBusiness Texting With Podium
Podium offers a business texting app to help you reach more customers.

It helps to have powerful tools to start your business text messaging efforts. In this article, we'll look at 20 of the best business texting apps and help you choose one that's right for you.

What to Look for in Business SMS Text Messaging Software

There are many choices for business texting services. What features should you look for when you're choosing a business texting app?

Here are four crucial pillars to consider while choosing your texting software for business:

  • Be cost-conscious. It helps to choose a platform with a free trial that includes the "freedom to experiment." You need time to try out your approach and not break the bank, so choose an app with a free trial.
  • Analytics and data. If you don't measure your results, how do you improve your efforts? Tracking engagement helps you continually improve your text messaging.
  • Centralize your messaging. Messaging includes many platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. It helps to use a single tool for all of them.
  • Automation. Set up messaging to fire off reminders and marketing messages to your audience automatically.
centralize sms business applicationscentralize sms business applicationscentralize sms business applications
The best business texting apps like Podium centralize messaging across many platforms like SMS, Facebook, and more.

20 Best Business SMS Text Messaging Software & Apps

Now that you know what to consider as you choose a business text messaging platform let's look at 20 of the top solutions that marketers love: 

1. Podium

Podium business text messagingPodium business text messagingPodium business text messaging

Leading the pack is Podium, a top choice for a business text messaging app. 

Remember our list of features to look for in a business texting app? Well, Podium is one of the few tools that includes all those features. The free trial is one of the best ways to start using this messaging platform at no cost. Plus, the analytics will help you continually improve your approach for the best business texting results.

Podium business reviewsPodium business reviewsPodium business reviews

Podium includes many powerful extras, too. It's easy for customers to rate and review your business. Plus, automation helps you keep your marketing efforts moving even when you're away from your desk.

2. Skipio

Skipio business textingSkipio business textingSkipio business texting

Skipio is a business texting provider that helps you connect with your clients. It features the ability to engage people and customize the content you send them. Smart contact capture forms help you make great first impressions. 

Customize keywords and track clicks on links. An analytics dashboard helps you track all your text marketing campaigns. Need audio? There’s a ringless voicemail option too.

3. Heymarket

Heymarket business text messagingHeymarket business text messagingHeymarket business text messaging

A business text messaging platform needs to be fast and flexible. That means it should deliver a set of tools that performs well for your business. Heymarket offers a full suite of business texting services. 

It works both inside and outside of your business. You can directly engage with your customers and share content tailored just for them. You’re also able to build custom inboxes to connect your global team.

4. SendHub 

Sendhub business texting servicesSendhub business texting servicesSendhub business texting services

When you choose a text messaging service for business, think of your mission. If your goal is to connect with customers quickly, SendHub is an option to consider. It includes a free trial and can scale up to match your client base. 

Need more than words? File attachments are supported in this business texting app. It also allows for two-way conversations to maximize engagement.

5. SimpleTexting

Simpletexting text messaging service for businessSimpletexting text messaging service for businessSimpletexting text messaging service for business

Choosing texting software for business may seem a bit tough. A business texting app like SimpleTexting has a feature set that works for many. You can text individuals one-on-one or send out group messages to a bigger crowd. 

The best business texting campaigns target prime times. SimpleTexting helps you by offering the ability to schedule messages in advance. 

6. EZ Texting 

Eztexting business texting appEztexting business texting appEztexting business texting app

No business text messaging app is complete until it gives you the ability to reach any group. EZ Texting has a simple dashboard that allows you to write and send messages in just a few simple steps. 

Once complete, an analytics page helps to ensure your content is well-received. It's easy to coordinate, and you can add content like photos and phone numbers. 

7. Zipwhip

Zipwhip business messaging appZipwhip business messaging appZipwhip business messaging app

Zipwhip has a variety of features that save time and generate more responses. You can build auto-replies, so customers feel sure their messages are noticed. Plus, you can personalize one-on-one messages in seconds. 

There's also a subscriber dashboard that ensures you'll never send unwanted messages. Pricing is tiered, so it's easy to scale to your needs.

8. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue texting software for businessSendinblue texting software for businessSendinblue texting software for business

Let's face it: everyone seems to walk around with their phones in their hands. This makes mobile a key way to talk (and interact) with your customer base. Sendinblue is a robust suite of corporate texting services, encompassing SMS, and email. 

With the tools included, you can target specific segments or groups. It's meant to drive conversions, with a strong focus on meaningful data.

9. TextBlast Bulk SMS 

Textblast business messaging appTextblast business messaging appTextblast business messaging app

SMS business applications give you a voice to your customers. They do it in two ways: mass communication and personalization. TextBlast Bulk SMS does both. 

You can message countless followers and personalize to feature their name and other details. This is useful if your business texting is meant to engage and drive action. Build contact groups right inside your distribution list.

10. BirdEye 

Birdeye text system for businessBirdeye text system for businessBirdeye text system for business

Corporate texting services work best when they match your specific firm. BirdEye is an example, with scalable tiers for businesses of all sizes. 

The key feature of this business texting app is the ability to mass-message contacts in one click. It works to gather survey data, schedule appointments, and more.

11. Omnisend 

Omnisend corporate texting servicesOmnisend corporate texting servicesOmnisend corporate texting services

You may want a business texting app for one-off messages. Or perhaps you want regularly-scheduled outreach. Either way, Omnisend has tools for it. In a few clicks, you can schedule messages that personalize to their recipients. 

The credits-based subscription model allows you to price according to your own specific needs.

12. SlickText 

Slicktext best business textingSlicktext best business textingSlicktext best business texting

Imagine that you run a restaurant and want to bring in customers on a slow night. Or maybe your boutique is running a big sale. Either way, this message application software lets you get the word out. 

Quickly set up message marketing campaigns and issue them immediately. SlickText also lets you use popular (and easily remembered) SMS shortcodes.

13. DialMyCalls 

Dialmycalls SMS business applicationsDialmycalls SMS business applicationsDialmycalls SMS business applications

DialMyCalls does more than calls. They also offer a fully-featured text messaging service for business. It makes it a simple process to reach out to current and future customers and clients. 

You can use SMS shortcodes or even activate your current business phone number to send from. That's helpful if you have a memorable number that customers recognize. This boosts clicks and follow-ups. 

14. Avochato 

Avochato message application softwareAvochato message application softwareAvochato message application software

It's easy to feel like your business text messaging is unread and forgotten. Apps like Avocado help you change that. More than a messaging tool, it's a conversation-starting business text message app. 

Avochato allows for SMS conversations with the options for live chat, too. Have Salesforce? Integration features are available. Plus, there are custom dashboards for groups like support teams. It’s a top text system for business.

15. ManyChat 

Manychat business textingManychat business textingManychat business texting

ManyChat, like the name suggests, is a business messaging app that covers many platforms. These include SMS and Facebook Messenger. Between them, your reach can be almost limitless. 

You can create bots that lead readers through custom content blocks. Plus, build messages for specific scenarios. Imagine sending a note to a potential customer who hasn't yet paid for an order, for example.

16. TextUs 

Textus business text messagingTextus business text messagingTextus business text messaging

Customers: they want to hear from you. TextUs is a package of corporate text services that let you do exactly that. With precision tools, you can target messages for specific groups with organization mapping. 

After you press send, you can track clicks on links and help ensure no message is wasted. The business messaging app is built with privacy in mind. Global opt-outs are included, making unsubscribing a breeze.

17. WebEngage 

WebEngage business texting servicesWebEngage business texting servicesWebEngage business texting services

WebEngage is a tool to communicate with customers and build their trust. That's the key goal of any texting software for business. You can build messages targeted for specific actions. 

Responses, sales, reservations, and much more: you name it, WebEngage lets you send it. It's easy to tie messaging to specific transactions, like subscriptions. Plus, you can test out a few versions to make sure you always choose the best.

18. Sonar 

Sonar text messaging service for businessSonar text messaging service for businessSonar text messaging service for business

Sonar serves up a suite of business texting services in a simple dashboard. It offers power over the speed of your marketing campaigns. Sometimes, you may want to send simple transactional messages. 

In other cases, a drip campaign addresses customers over a longer period of time. No matter what, the goal is sustainability. With powerful AI tools, this business texting app is highly automated to save you time.

19. Mobiniti 

Mobiniti business texting appMobiniti business texting appMobiniti business texting app

The message application software Mobiniti is optimized for your budget. Choose from an array of pricing plans, selecting the capacity and features you need. 

It's easy to choose your send-from number, using short or long formats. This one focuses on building your contact list, with the ability to create QR codes and more.

20. Textedly 

Textedly business messaging appTextedly business messaging appTextedly business messaging app

Textedly is another option for business texting services. It has features like bulk messaging, scheduling, auto-replies, and more. Each one is designed to adapt to your marketing campaigns. 

It's even possible to have two-way conversations with customers. These incoming texts are always free. Plus, your subscriber list isn't capped, so you can add as many contacts as possible.

Tips To Make Your Business Text Messaging Successful

Business texting has more promise than ever before. That means you should get started using it now! Follow these three simple tips to build a winning business text messaging strategy:

1. Focus on the Human Element

It's easy to treat a business messaging app like a giant megaphone. But the true power of business texting lies in interactivity. Texting is one of the most popular communication methods today, and it's easy to see why. 

People love their phones, and they love to communicate with them. This fundamental truth helps your business text messaging succeed. Don't talk to your customers. Talk with them. 

Human messaging marketingHuman messaging marketingHuman messaging marketing
Remember that humans are on the other side of your business texting app and tailor your communication accordingly. 

Ask for responses and feedback. It builds brand loyalty and helps encourage subscriber growth.

2. Leverage Your Customer Base

Business texting services build engagement. But to get started, you'll need a list of contacts. Where better to begin than with your existing customers? This really comes down to promoting your business texting through your other channels. 

You could use social media, your website, or even print media. Build buzz about your texts to encourage signups. That, in turn, builds a robust contact list for you to leverage moving forward. 

One of the best business texting ideas is to offer a promotion, like a discount or free gift, to encourage people to join.

3. Deliver Meaningful Content

Your corporate texting services must deliver value. Remember, your goal is to build goodwill. By spamming your customers, you damage your brand image. 

The key is to always deliver value. Once you do, existing subscribers will encourage their friends and contacts to join. Be selective in both the volume and content of your messages. Best business texting practices call for respect of time, space, and privacy rights.

Text system for business illustrationText system for business illustrationText system for business illustration
Each message should have a specific purpose and create value for the recipient. 

You want recipients to find value in the messages you send. When they do, they'll stay involved while helping you expand your list.

Start Using Texting Software for Your Business Today

You've seen great tools to kick off your business text messaging efforts. With the help of our tips and the top SMS business applications, you're sure to connect with your customers more than ever.

Time to start your business texting today! Use one of the business messaging apps we highlighted to stay in touch and drive repeat business.

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