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25 Cool & Creative PowerPoint Templates (Free PPTs to Download 2020)


We've all sat through forgettable presentations. They may leave you counting down the minutes until they wrap up.

But some presentations strike us as unforgettable. Often, it's because of creative and cool PowerPoint templates. Bright colors, eye-catching imagery, and unique designs are the latest trends for the best presentations.

Creative PowerPoint Template Halogue

In this tutorial, you'll see cool and creative PowerPoints with free downloads. You'll also see premium cool PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, plus some of the most creative PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. No matter which you choose, use these templates to power a memorable presentation.

The Top Creative & Cool PowerPoint Templates for 2020

Creative PowerPoint templates with free download options are great, sure. But if you're willing to spend a bit more than free, you can access the very best templates designed by professionals.

The best source for premium creative and cool PowerPoint templates is Envato Elements. With a single, flat-rate monthly fee, you can download tens of thousands of cool presentation templates in the Elements library.

Envato Elements cool and creative presentation templates
Source the best creative and cool PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download subscription service.

Creative PPT templates with free downloads may sound good, but this "all-you-can-download model" has a lot more to offer. Choose from graphic design resources, stock photos, WordPress themes and more.

Know what you're looking for? Look to GraphicRiver for cool and creative PowerPoint presentation templates. They're a significant upgrade over cool PowerPoint templates that are free. You pay only for individual downloads.

GraphicRiver creative PowerPoint templates
Use GraphicRiver for pay-as-you-go cool and creative PowerPoint templates.

GraphicRiver's library is deep. It offers another way to source eye-catching presentation templates while keeping cost reasonable.

For even more template options, make sure to check out the two articles below:

Let's look at five of the best cool and creative PowerPoint templates in the Elements and GraphicRiver libraries:

1. Trendy - PowerPoint Template

Trendy cool and creative PowerPoint template

Although it's tempting to find awesome PowerPoint templates for free, they can't measure up to the incredible styling and feature sets found with premium options. The Trendy template from Elements was designed by professionals. It's got over 150+ custom slides to choose from. These are split into five unique color palettes, with 30 elegant layouts found in each.

2. Capsul - Creative PowerPoint Template 

Capsul cool creative PowerPoint template

Many premium templates feature advanced, detailed graphics throughout to help wow audiences. Others take a more minimalist approach. Capsul is an example of the latter design philosophy. It complements and styles all your content without overpowering it with color and animation.

3. Ocean Multipurpose PPT

Cool and creative PowerPoint template

The Ocean Multipurpose PPT template has a strong focus on the colors of the sea, lending your slide deck a warm and inviting appearance. But it also has a strong focus on detail, with a full series of text and photo layouts to meet any need. And don't forget that you're working with PowerPoint's full suite of editing tools. So, you can make your edits in seconds.

4. Cruise - Creative PowerPoint Template

Cool PowerPoint template

Cruise is a flexible custom PPT template, especially if you're building a data-driven presentation. Explore infographic styles, portfolio layouts, device mockups, and more. Even the best PowerPoint templates for free can't measure up to the standard of quality set by premium designs like this.

5. Halogue - Creative PowerPoint Presentation

Creative PowerPoint template

Creative PowerPoint templates free you from having to design beautiful slides from scratch. Halogue is a fine example of premium themes, with forty unique and versatile slides to choose from. It includes sleek layouts like device mockups and world maps, which are often not found in free templates from around the web.

25 Free Cool & Creative PowerPoint Templates for 2020

Creative PowerPoint templates with free downloads are "good enough" when you've got no budget to spare. Let's look at 18 of the best creative PPT templates with free downloads around the web that we've curated for you:

1. Abstract Squares - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Abstract Squares PowerPoint Templates

A creative PowerPoint template with free download packs like this is a basic starting point for your next project. It's easy to edit with PowerPoint's built-in tools. Add in your text and other content.

2. Pisanio - Creative PowerPoint Template Free Download

Hand-drawn artwork features in this creative PPT template with free download. A total of 25 slides are available for your customization. You also can change the background colors right inside of PowerPoint.

3. Woodville - Best PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2019/2020

With abstract graphics and over two dozen slide layouts, Woodville is a flexible free PPT template suitable for many uses. Use it for portfolios, business pitch decks, and more. Don't forget to adjust slide layouts to fit your content.

4. Abstract Background with Leaves - Free PPT Download

This free PowerPoint template for 2020 with clean and neutral design elements is a good starting point for your next presentation. This template comes with one cover slide and two internal background slides. 

5. Geometric - Creative PowerPoint Template Free Download

Geometric Presentation

Cool free PowerPoint templates for 2019/2010 like this can jumpstart the slide-building process. It's meant to work seamlessly with built-in editors and tools. You'll find helpful documentation included if you need extra guidance.

6. Creative Music Concept - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Awesome free PowerPoint templates for 2019/2020 typically don't specialize in particular themes. But this one's got a musical focus throughout. Customize it for other uses with a few edits. In total, there are 48 different slides to choose from.

7. Juliet - Best PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2019/2020

The colorful layouts in the Juliet Presentation Template are inspired by paint brushstrokes. This lends a creative look to the free PowerPoint templates for 2019/2020. There are over twenty slide designs included, to display text, photos, charts, and more.

8. Big Data Visualization - Free PowerPoint Template

This modern template is fully and easily editable. Change shapes, colors, size and text quick and easy. It comes with a color theme and will automatically apply the color.  

9. Creative Red - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Creative Red Presentation

As the name suggests, these free creative PowerPoint templates share a unifying design element: the color red. Beyond that, they're left up to the editor to arrange and style for a given purpose. This flexibility makes the template a versatile choice you can use again and again.

10. Red White - Best PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2019/2020

With 30 slides, this template includes a layout for most common purposes. Along with PowerPoint's easy content options, you can make it suit virtually any project or theme. You'll see large image placeholders, which are useful if you've got many photos to share.

11. Creative Idea - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Businesses can benefit from creative PPT templates with free download options like this one. With a variety of corporate slide designs, use this pack for an intro, a pitch deck, or a new product rollout. Mix and match included layouts with styles of your own as you work.

12. Duotone - Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download

Duotone is handy when you want to create a presentation with bold colors. It's in dual tones only. Here's a unique creative PowerPoint presentation template that's free to download. 

13. Staywild - Best PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2019/2020

Earth tones and soft colors give the Staywild PowerPoint free template a distinctive tone. It's equally adaptable to personal, and business uses.

14. Christmas - Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download

Enjoy this free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme for your Christmas presentations. The background photo of Christmas ornaments and color scheme of red and white gives that Christmas mood to your presentation. 

15. Dion - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2019/2020

Dion Presentation Template

Whether you're building a corporate slide deck or an account of personal travels, Dion has a map theme to go along with it. Each slide features a world map. Maps are presented in sepia tones, lending a vintage look and feel to every slide.

16. Snug - Free Creative PowerPoint Templates

Snug has a modern design emphasizing bright colors and bold, block text. Like most new PowerPoint templates for free, it includes only a handful of slide layouts. But those are customizable if you make use of PowerPoint's layout selections.

17. AIR - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2019/2020

This minimalist template layout for PPT features:

18. Organic - Free PPT Download

Use these organic shapes and modern designs to create your next presentation. Easily make it your own by changing fonts, colors, and backgrounds. It comes with a clear step by step instruction guide to help you along the way.  

19. X - Minimal & Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download

X Minimal Creative PowerPoint Presentation

X is a free minimal PowerPoint and Keynote template. It comes with over 18 slides, drag and drop object placeholders. It also uses free fonts. 

20. Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates For 2020

A multipurpose, clean, modern and unique free PPT download. Easy to use and suits any industry.  

21. Maeja - Free Creative PowerPoint Templates

Meaja - Free Creative PowerPoint Templates include a wide array of charts and infographic layouts. It's helpful if you need to simplify data into an easy-to-read format. Choose from a SWOT analysis, charts, tables, and more.

22. Water Colored Splashes - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2019/2020

Water Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template

Watercolor elements make this creative PowerPoint template with free download style a practical option for most slide decks. Beyond basic placeholders, you can drop in your content, like charts, videos, sounds, and more.

23. Universal - Free PowerPoint Templates For 2019/2020

Free templates aren't as robust and powerful as their professionally designed, premium counterparts. What they typically offer is a basic framework, around which you can design your slides. Such is the case here, with a template you can easily edit to include custom colors, themes, images, and more.

24. BRONX - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2019/2020

Another clean, free slide layout design can be found here, with the BRONX Presentation. The free PPT download features creative arrangements of content on slides to maximize the available space.

25. Gear Icon Graphic - Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download

Gear Icon Graphic PowerPoint Templates

Gear graphics are helpful for project presentations, progress reports, and more. They symbolize growth and interconnected ideas. This template includes a cover slide and two basic layouts. Change them to suit your project goals.

How to Customize Creative PPT Slide Templates Quickly

You've already seen some of the most creative and cool PowerPoint templates. But you may still be wondering how you can use them for your presentation. In this section, you'll see that in fact, it's easy to customize templates with your details. 

For each of these examples, I'll transform them in three easy steps! Let's look at three examples from Envato Elements:

1. An Image Intro

Envato Elements Creative Presentation

Cool and creative PowerPoint templates use bright colors and image-friendly layouts. This slide from the premium Trendy template is a breeze to update and create a cool slide. 

Customize it in three quick steps:

  1. Image. Click on the image placeholder and browse to an image to add it to the slide.
  2. Headline. With a starting point of "Trendy," it's easy to type over the box and add your customizations. Click and drag to reposition it.
  3. Sub-headline. Type over the placeholder text with an explanation that starts your slide with insightful information.

Presto! You've created a cool presentation slide.

Envato Elements Creative Presentation

2. Company Culture

Halogue Cool Template

Most slides are flexible enough to be used for a variety of purpose. On slide 5 in Halogue, you can add an image and a simple headline to create an eye-catching slide.

In three steps, I radically transformed this slide:

  1. Replace the image. Click on the image placeholder and browse to your favorite photo to add it to the slide.
  2. Re-color shapes. In the corners, click on the shapes and choose a new color on the Drawing Tools > Format > Shape Fill drop-down.
  3. Type over the text placeholders. Finally, customize the slide with your presentation's specifics. Type over the text placeholders.
Halogue Cool Presentation template

3. The Personal Profile Slide

Cool Presentation Template

If you're introducing a team member or founder in your presentation, I'm sure they'll want to look cool! Let's use slide 24 from Ocean to introduce a member.

  1. Replace the image. Use a great image in the placeholder with your key member's coolest photo.
  2. Update text. Keep the slide short and sweet and add only a few key details to the person's bio.
  3. Re-color key elements. I changed the background color for this slide with the Drawing Tools > Format > Shape Fill drop-down.
Cool PowerPoint template

With a few clicks, each of these slides is customized. The advantage of starting with a template is that you save time. Use that time preparing to speak.

For more tips to customize cool and creative PowerPoint templates, check out the guide below:

5 Creative Presentation Design Tips to Make Cool PPTs in 2020

Take your next presentation to a whole new level. Create an impact with these few quick tips. In this section, I share five tips that'll help you make cool PPTs in no time:

1. Start With a Premium PPT Template 

Colorfull - PowerPoint Template professionally designed modern presentation
Colorfull - PowerPoint Template, professionally designed modern presentation 

Browse through our selection of cool premium PPT templates on Envato Elements or creative premium PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. Pick one that works best for you. A premium pre-built PPT template gives you a head start and allows you to save you a lot of design time. These professionally built slides are a great starting point and also help spark inspiration. 

If you haven't any budget to spare and don't have a choice, then a free to download PPT template could help. It's better than nothing. Do keep in mind there are some drawbacks when using a free to download PPT template. Most don't come with support, the quality could be questionable, and often you'll still end up spending a lot of time on design. 

2. Use Infographics & Animation Effects

Precon - Tech Business PowerPoint Template loaded with useful infographics
Precon - Tech Business PowerPoint Template, premium template loaded with useful infographics

Is your presentation full of data, facts, and figures? Keeping the audience's attention is key to a cool and successful presentation. The best way to do that is to keep your slides more graphic rather than wordy. 

Turn a long and dull presentation to a cool and interesting one. Bring your data to life with infographics and basic animation effects. 

Find out more about infographics and animated PowerPoint presentations in these tutorials below: 

3. Use a Video 

Bring some variety to your presentation by adding a video or two. Do you have a related video that can help you explain something to your audience? A video that gives an example of something or even an intro video that would help break the ice. 

Use video in your presentation to impress your audience. Keep in mind that the video you select needs to be relevant, short, and engaging. 

Learn how you can insert a YouTube video to your presentation in the tutorial below: 

4. Keep Your Brand in Mind 

New Style PowerPoint Template helps you use your brand colors boldly
New Style PowerPoint Template (from Envato Elements), helps you use your brand colors boldly 

When working on your business presentation or even a personal brand presentation, make sure your visual branding is well represented. In other words, your presentation should look like it belongs to you or your business. Pay attention to these following elements and ensure they're in line with your brand: 

  • logo
  • colors
  • fonts
  • theme
  • graphics

Easily customize any premium cool presentation template to the look and feel you desire. 

5. Keep It Short, Simple & Focused

Clean - Cool Minimalistic PowerPoint Template that helps you keep it short simple and focused
Clean - Cool Minimalistic PowerPoint Template helps you keep it short, simple and focused (premium template).

We now live in a world that's got a very short attention span. Remember that while you're creating your presentation. 

Keep text short and content focused. Use visually pleasing graphics. A long presentation that strays from the point will lose the audience's attention or even create a bad impression. 

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

No matter what template you choose, PowerPoint provides an easy way to customize a presentation. And you might be surprised by how many features it includes inside of one convenient package.

When you learn more about PowerPoint, you can work more effectively. Use our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to kick off your learning. The outcome means working rapidly in the app.

Here are three of the best PowerPoint tutorials in our library that you can use to become a master of the presentation app:

Design a Cool and Creative PowerPoint Presentation Today

In this article, you saw the best creative PowerPoint templates with free downloads. You also saw cool PowerPoint templates (for free) that you can customize easily with your content.

Don't forget. Premium templates have a marginal cost, but a significant design edge over even the best PowerPoint templates that you download for free. Envato Elements gives you creative PowerPoint templates as part of a low-cost subscription. GraphicRiver gives you pay-as-you-go cool PowerPoint template options.

No matter which marketplace you choose, using an eye-catching presentation is a significant upgrade over the built-in PowerPoint templates. Download one today and build your presentation rapidly!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new PowerPoint templates with cool and creative business designs.

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