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How to Quickly Add New Fonts to Google Slides

Read Time: 10 mins

Google Slides templates comes with preselected fonts. But what if those fonts don't work for you? Wonder how to use different fonts on Google Slides? We'll show you what to do.

Layout Google Slides presentation is a premium template from Envato Elements.Layout Google Slides presentation is a premium template from Envato Elements.Layout Google Slides presentation is a premium template from Envato Elements.
Layout Google Slides presentation is a premium template from Envato Elements.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change the fonts used in Google Slides. Plus, I’ll discuss the importance of fonts and some helpful font tips. So, keep reading for useful information.

We also have a complete series of Google Slides tutorials if you'd like to learn more.

Why Are Fonts Important?

Fonts are important because they affect how people read the text that you’ve written. Text is how you communicate with your audience.

If a font can’t be read, you won’t communicate with your audience effectively. But the right font will capture your audience’s attention.

You can also use a font to show the audience a certain mood or feeling. And a font can make your presentation look more professional.

If you've got a brand and use the same font for all your marketing materials, using that font in your presentation will remind readers of your brand.

How to Change Fonts in Google Slides

Fonts can set the mood of your text. They can also draw the audience’s attention to specific text. Fonts are important. So, if you want to add more fonts to Google Slides, follow these steps.

In this tutorial, we'll look at three ways of changing fonts:

  1. change the font type
  2. add more fonts
  3. change font size and color
Google Slides is a web application, so it's available online in all the major operating systems. 

Iin this tutorial, I’m using the Layout Google Slides template from Envato Elements.

Layout Google Slides TemplateLayout Google Slides TemplateLayout Google Slides Template
We'll be using the premium Layout - Google Slides template in this tutorial.

This is a multi-purpose template that comes with 40 unique custom slides. I'll be editing slide 2. Here's what slide 2 looks like before changes:

Slide 2 of the premium template Layout Google Slides.Slide 2 of the premium template Layout Google Slides.Slide 2 of the premium template Layout Google Slides.
Slide 2 of the premium template Layout Google Slides.

Let's get started:

Change the Font Type

You can easily change the fonts used in Google Slides from the menus. Follow these steps:

1. Highlight the Text

Highlight the text.Highlight the text.Highlight the text.
Highlight the text.

If you don’t like the current font on your Googles Slides, you can easily change it. Start by highlighting the text you want to change.

Next, click on the Font box in the toolbar (it's to the right of the border icon). When you click on this box, a menu drops down.

2. Select the Font

Select the font.Select the font.Select the font.
Select the font.

From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the font you want.

Some fonts also have a submenu that let you choose the font's weight. Depending on the font you chose, this means that you can select versions of your font such as thin, light, normal, bold, and more.

Add More Fonts to Google Slides

Some fonts come with Google Slides, but you can install more fonts from Google. Here’s how to install fonts to Google Slides:

1. Click on More Fonts

Click on More FontsClick on More FontsClick on More Fonts
Click on More Fonts

Start by highlighting the text that you want to change. Next, click on the Font box that the current font is in. This box is in the toolbar to the right of the border icon.

When you click on the arrow in the Font box, a drop-down menu appears. There's a More Fonts option at the top of the drop-down menu. This is how you can add fonts to Google Slides.

Click on the More Fonts option. The Font Explorer window appears with more Google fonts. Choose the fonts you want to upload to Google Slides. 

2. Search for Fonts

Search for Fonts.Search for Fonts.Search for Fonts.
Search for Fonts in the Font Explorer window.

You can also search for fonts in the Font Explorer window you opened in step 1 of this section. The search bar is at the top of the window.

 To search for a specific font, type the name in the search bar. Next to the search bar, there are three fields that'll filter the fonts when you search:

  1. Scripts. This field is where you can select what language you want the font to be.
  2. Show. Lists the different types of fonts.
  3. Sort. Shows the order the fonts will appear.

Once you've set up your filter's you'll see a list of fonts that meet the criteria.

3. Choose Your Font

Select your font.Select your font.Select your font.
Select your font.

Once you select the font that you want, it'll be added to the My Fonts section of the window. After you click OK, the tool will upload the font to Google Slides.

Ensure that you uploaded the font.Ensure that you uploaded the font.Ensure that you uploaded the font.
Ensure that you uploaded the font.

Next, you want to ensure that you uploaded the font to Google Slides. So, click on the arrow in the Font box in the toolbar. A menu drops down. You should see the font you uploaded in the drop-down menu.

Change the Font Size and Color

After you’ve chosen a font that you want to use or have added the font to Google Slides, you'll want to change the size and color. Here’s how:

1. Change Your Font Size

Change your font size.Change your font size.Change your font size.
Change your font size.

Start by highlighting the text. Next, in the toolbar next to the Font box, you’ll see the Font Size box. This box has the current font size with a minus on one side and a plus on the other.

The minus button decreases the font size, and the plus button increases the font size. Click on the plus or minus button to change your font size.

2. Change Your Font Color

Change your font color.Change your font color.Change your font color.
Change your font color.

You’ll need to highlight the text you want to change for this step again. Then, click on the Format tab above the toolbar. A menu drops down.

From the drop-down menu, click on the Text option. When you click on the Text option, a submenu appears to the side. Click on the Color option.

Another menu appears to the side. This is the Color menu. Choose the color you want your font to be.

10 Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts

Since fonts are important, you want to add fonts to Google Slides that'll benefit your presentation. Let's look at some good examples of fonts to consider on slide four of the Layout Google Slides template.

1. Break Up Your Text

Break up your textBreak up your textBreak up your text
Break up your text.

Many people put all of their text on a slide in a single text box . That means that all the text has the same spacing and font. But font and spacing that's the same throughout the slid doesn’t capture the reader's attention.

So instead, try breaking up your text into separate boxes. When you separate your text into separate boxes, you can also change certain fonts, sizes, and colors for some text without changing it for all the text. This means you can you color, spacing, and even size to emphasize points.

2. Match Your Brand

Consider your brand's font when choosing the font you want to add to Google Slides. Most brands have brand fonts, colors, etc. If you create an advertisement or want your presentation to match your company brand, consider your company brand font. 

If you follow the brand font and colors, people will recognize your PowerPoint as coming from your company.

3. Make Sure Your Text Is Readable

Make sure your text is readable.Make sure your text is readable.Make sure your text is readable.
Make sure your text is readable.

When choosing what font you'll use, your font must be read easily by the audience. If you're creating a presentation, choose a font that can be seen by people sitting in the back of the room.

Elaborate fonts in large blocks of text can cause the reader to strain and are harder to read. So, if you must use an elaborate text in your presentation, use it in small quantities.

4. Use Different Font Pairs

Using a bigger font for important text will draw your audience’s attention to that text. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to bigger text.

But you shouldn’t make all of your text large because then the important text won't stand out. So only use large font for the text that you want to stand out.

5. Create Contrast

Create contrast.Create contrast.Create contrast.
Create contrast.

When deciding on what color scheme you want for your slide, keep your font and slide background color in mind. You want your text to stand out.

For example, if you've got a black background and navy text your navy text won’t stand out against the black background. A better contrast would be white text on a black background.

6. Use Different Fonts

There are some fonts that complement each other.

For example, you can make the slide's title a script font and the body text a geometric font. This will create a nice balance that's pleasing to the audience.

It’s good to keep in mind that your fonts should complement each other and add interest. Also try a tall font paired with a short font.

7. Look at the Alignment

Look at the alignment.Look at the alignment.Look at the alignment.
Look at the alignment.

When you’re creating your presentation slide, consider the alignment of your text. Most designers use center-aligned text because it looks balanced and professional.

But if your text is aligned a different way, it could make your text to look sloppy. For example, if you align your text to the right, it looks like there isn't a starting or stopping point and looks confusing.

This subtle difference can make a big difference in how your presentation looks.

7. Reduce

A good presentation rule is don't use large blocks of text on your slide. It overwhelms the reader.

Instead, use more images and visual elements to portray what you’re trying to say. Designing your presentation isn’t just about how the slide looks, but about how effectively you communicate your message.

8. Remember Your Message

Remember your message.Remember your message.Remember your message.
Remember your message.

Some fonts give a fun and whimsical impression, while others don’t. So, when choosing a font keep your presentation topic in mind.

If you’re discussing a serious subject, then you don’t want to use a fun and whimsical font for your presentation. If your font doesn’t match your message, it can look unprofessional and confuse the audience.

10. Limit Your Fonts

It can be fun to experiment with different types of fonts. But don’t use too many fonts in your presentation. In your presentation, it’s best to limit your fonts to two to three fonts. Using too many fonts can make your presentation look sloppy and unprofessional.

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Learn More About Fonts

Want to know more about fonts? Here are some helpful articles:

Download More Fonts for Google Slides Today!

Fonts play an essential part in your presentation design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fonts.

Try out different fonts and spacing on your slide until you find a design that you'll be satisfied with it. Even if you aren’t an expert in Google Slides or design, you can still use fonts to impress by following the tutorial in this article.

Sign up for Envato elements today to save time and find a professional-looking Google Slides template. Then, try downloading more fonts to use on your next Google Slides presentation.

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published by Andrew Childress in October 2018. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up-to-date by our staff—with special assistance from Sarah Joy

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