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How to Mirror an Image in Google Docs

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To mirror an image in Google Docs, you've got to flip an image. You'll make the flipped image look like a mirrored image. Mirroring an image can add more visual interest to a specific image.

Oriental Garden ImageOriental Garden ImageOriental Garden Image
We'll use this spring garden image to create a mirror effect in Google Docs. (Image source: Envato Elements)

In this article, you’ll learn how to mirror a spring garden image. You’ll also learn how to mirror text. We’ll also cover some Google Docs FAQs.

How to Mirror an Image in Google Docs

Before you learn how to flip an image in Google Docs, you should download a premium template. Then, if you see a premium Word template that you like, you can still use it. Here’s a tutorial on how to convert a Microsoft Word template to Google Docs.

Now let’s learn how to mirror an image in Google Docs:

1. Download a Premium Template

Download a Premium template from Envato Elements.Download a Premium template from Envato Elements.Download a Premium template from Envato Elements.
Download a Premium template from Envato Elements.

The first step in how to mirror an image on Google Docs is to download a premium template. Later you’ll learn how to download an image of a spring garden.

The premium template that will be used in this tutorial is the Company Profile Microsoft Word Template in Google Docs. This template comes with 16 pages to which you can add your information. Plus, it comes with picture placeholders making it easy to add your own image.

2. Open Your Premium Template

Open your premium template.Open your premium template.Open your premium template.
Open your premium template.

After you’ve chosen a premium template, you need to open it in Google Docs. Next, you need to choose an image you want to use before learning how to flip an image. The image that we'll use in this tutorial is the oriental garden image from Envato Elements.

Next, find the page that you want to add an image to. Let’s add an image to page five.

3. Insert Image

Insert imageInsert imageInsert image
Insert image.

You need to insert your image before you flip the image. To insert your image, click Insert in the menu above the ribbon. From the menu that drops down, choose the image option. We’ll insert a spring garden image.

Next, choose the right option depending on your image file’s location. Click on your image's file, and it appears on your template. (You may need to adjust your image.)

4. Copy Image

Copy image.Copy image.Copy image.
Copy image. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

To create a mirrored image, you must have two identical images. So, copy your oriental garden image and paste it.

First, right-click on your image and click Copy. Then right-click somewhere else on the page and click Paste.

5. Flip Image

Flip imageFlip imageFlip image
Flip image. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

Next, to flip an image, click on the image you want to flip. Then click Format. From the menu, click Image. Next, click Image Options. This opens a side panel.

Copy imageCopy imageCopy image
Flip image. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

 Next, in the side panel click Size & Rotation. Then select Rotate and type in 180. This will rotate your spring garden image 180 degrees. 

6. Opacity

Opacity. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

Keep the Image Options side panel open to make your oriental garden look like it is a mirror image.

First, click on the copy of your image. Next, click on the Adjustments section. This section is where you can make your image look faded to give it a mirrored effect. To make your image look faded, slide the Opacity bar to the left. I moved it to 48%.

For different mirroring effects, you can experiment with the Rotation and Opacity to get different results. You may also wish to adjust the size of your copy.

How to Mirror Text in Google Doc

You can also mirror text in Google Docs. However, this effect should only be used sparingly. If you mirror all the text in a paragraph can be overwhelming and distracting for the reader. Here’s how to mirror text:

1. Create a Text Box

Create a textbox.Create a textbox.Create a textbox.
Create a textbox.

To insert a text box, click on Insert in the menu. Next, click on Drawing from the menu that drops down. A drawing window appears.

Now, click the Textbox button in the menu bar in the drawing box (It looks like a box with the letter T in it.) Your cursor will turn into a drawing tool. Use the tool to draw a textbox.

2. Type Your Text

Type your text.Type your text.Type your text.
Type your text.

Click inside the textbox. You should see a blinking cursor. When you see a blinking cursor, you can type your text.

3. Duplicate your Text

Duplicate text.Duplicate text.Duplicate text.
Duplicate text.

You need to duplicate your text so that you can mirror your text. First, make sure that your text is selected in the Drawing tool.

To duplicate your text, click on the Actions button in the menu. From the menu that drops down, choose the Duplicate option.

4. Flip the Text

Flip the textFlip the textFlip the text
Flip the text.

Select the duplicate version of your text in the Drawing tool. Next, click on Actions in the menu bar.

Next, click on the Rotate option from the drop-down menu. When you click on Rotate, a menu will appear. Choose the Rotate Clockwise 90 degrees button. Repeat until your text is upside down. It should look like this:

Flip the textFlip the textFlip the text
Flip the text

5. Align Your Text

Align Your textAlign Your textAlign Your text
Align your text.

The text is on the wrong side of the textbox. Let’s change that.

Click on your duplicated text until you see a blue box with handles around the text. Click on the More button in the menu bar. Next, click on the Align button in the menu bar that appears. Then click on the Right align button. It should look like this:

Align your text.Align your text.Align your text.
Align your text.

6. Save

Save your work.Save your work.Save your work.
Save your work.

To save your mirrored text, click on the blue Save and Close button in the top right of the Drawing window. Here’s how it'll look:

Mirrored text.Mirrored text.Mirrored text.
Mirrored text.

You may also wish to change the font text color to make the mirrored text look more like a reflection.

Google Doc FAQ

After working with Google Docs, you may have some questions. Here are some common Google Doc questions and answers:

1. Is Designing a Flowchart Easy in Google Docs?

It is easy to create a flowchart in Google Docs. To create a flowchart, you use the drawing tool in mirroring text. For a tutorial on how to design a flowchart in Microsoft Word, read this article:

2. Which Is Better, Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

If you’re wondering which program is better, it depends on what you're using it for and what you like. Both programs are similar in the way that they work. For a comparison of Microsoft Word and Google Docs, read this in-depth article:

3. Is It Possible to Use Google Docs Offline?

If you’re using a Chrome browser, then you can use Google Docs whenever you want, including offline. When using Google Docs offline, it can be hard to sync your documents. However, there are workarounds that you can use to make them sync. Here’s an article explaining those workarounds and how to use Google Docs offline:

4. How Can I see the Word Count on Google Docs?

In the menu bar, click on Tools. Next, click on Word Count. A window appears with all the word count details. A keyboard shortcut for checking the word count is Command +Shift + C.

5. Can I Make a Folder in Google Docs?

You can make a folder; the first step is to sign into your Google Account. Next, go to Google Drive. Next, click on the blue New button. Next, click on Folder from the menu that appears. In the window that pops up, type your folder name in the field and click the Create button.

The Top Source for Premium Templates (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is the best source for premium templates. It’s a subscription service where you pay a low monthly to become a subscriber. Once you become a subscriber, you gain unlimited access to digital assets. These digital assets include Microsoft Word templates, fonts, graphics, images, and more.

Find MS Word Templates

Microsoft Word DocumentsMicrosoft Word DocumentsMicrosoft Word Documents
Microsoft Word templates can easily be converted to Google Docs.

Professionals make every template look stylish. You start with a good base using a premium Microsoft Word template. This means that all you've got to do is add your text and images. If you want to make customizations, you still can. A good template is easily customizable.

Download a Premium Template Today!

Now that you know how to mirror an image in Google Docs, try this new skill in your next project. Also, save time by using a premium template. Take advantage of a great deal and sign up for Envato Elements today!

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