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How to Quickly Print Multiple Google Slides on One Page in 60 Seconds

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Printing slides can be a very useful way to share your presentation with an audience. Giving out a physical paper copy for viewers to follow along, or review later, can be a great way to make sure your message sticks. However, if you’re sharing with a large audience, printing can get wasteful and expensive. That’s why it helps to print multiple slides on a single sheet of paper. Google Slides makes this easy! Let’s learn how.

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Note: In this tutorial we use the professionally-designed  Marco Google Slides templateYou can find more great Google Slides templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page in Google Slides

NoteWatch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Find the Print Settings

When you’re ready to print, the first step is to find the print settings. Come up to the File tab on the Google Slides menu, and then click on Print Settings and Preview option down at the bottom:

Find the print settingsFind the print settingsFind the print settings
Go to the File > Print Settings and Preview to set your options.

2. Choose the Number of Slides to Print

On the menu that pops up, you’ll be given a ton of options to customize your printouts. For our purpose, click in the upper left corner on the button that reads 1 slide without notes. This is the default print setting in Google Slides:

Choose number of slides to printChoose number of slides to printChoose number of slides to print
Change the 1 slide without notes dropdown to add more slides to your printout.

Keep in mind that printing too many slides on a single sheet of paper can become too hard to read—especially if you've got a lot of small print on your slides. Four slides is a good number, because it cuts out paper waste while remaining very readable. Let’s go ahead and select 4 slides per page. Google Slides will show you a preview to make sure everything looks great:

Change to 4 slides per pageChange to 4 slides per pageChange to 4 slides per page
After you change the setting, you'll see four Google Slides on a single simulated print page.

3. Print Your Slides

If you’re happy with your new layout, go ahead and click Print in the upper right corner (or press Control + P on Windows, or Command + P on Mac), and follow the commands in the Print window. Remember, you can also change whether you’re printing in portrait or landscape orientation, which will change the size of the slides on the page. Landscape is typically better when printing four slides, as they’ll be wider and taller:

Click printClick printClick print
Click Print to send your slides off to the printer or to export a PDF.

Finishing Up

In today’s environment, it literally pays to save paper. When preparing quick Google Slides handouts for your audience, there’s often no need to print each slide on its own page. Instead, try to print multiple slides on a single page. You’ll save money on ink and paper….and a tree somewhere, too! 

Learn More about Google Slides

You've just learned how to print multiple slides on one page in Google Slides, but there's so much more you could learn. We've got a great selection of Google Slides tutorials on Envato Tuts+. Study one, or all, to improve your skills. Here are some helpful tutorials to study:

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