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How to Use AutoSum in Excel in 60 Seconds

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This post is part of a series called How to Use Excel - Quick Video Tutorials (in 60 Seconds).
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AutoSum is a one-click tool in Excel to run functions on a list of data. I'm working in Excel here and I have a list of data that I want to add up. Let's look at how to do that.

How to Quickly Work With AutoSum in Excel

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow these quick steps that compliment this video:

1. Simple Use of AutoSum In Excel

Instead of typing the sum functions and selecting the data, I'll simply click on AutoSum and you can see that Excel does the sum for me.

Autosum In ExcelAutosum In ExcelAutosum In Excel
How to use AutoSum In Excel.

2. Apply AutoSum in Excel on a Horizontal List

You can also use the AutoSum on a horizontal list of data. Here I have got a list of data from left to right. And I'll press AutoSum to sum those values up. 

Use autosum in Excel on a horiztonal listUse autosum in Excel on a horiztonal listUse autosum in Excel on a horiztonal list
AutoSum in Excel applied to a horizontal list.

3. Keyboard Shortcut for Autosum in Excel

I also love the keyboard shortcut for using AutoSum. To use that I'll just press Alt + = to automatically insert an AutoSum.

Autosum in Excel ShortcutAutosum in Excel ShortcutAutosum in Excel Shortcut
How to use the AutoSum in Excel shortcut.

4. Using Autosum in Excel for Quick Math Functions

Although this feature is called AutoSum, you can actually use it for other quick math functions. If I click the drop down arrow, you can see that I can write a quick function for averaging, counting the number of data points, or finding the maximum or minimum value in a set. I'll click on Average, and you can see that AutoSum inserts that quickly.

Autosum in Excel math functionsAutosum in Excel math functionsAutosum in Excel math functions
AutoSum in Excel math functions.

Finishing Up!

AutoSum is one of those time saving shortcuts for Excel that you'll rapidly find yourself using. 

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