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How to Use Excel - Quick Video Tutorials (in 60 Seconds)

If you want to capture your data, work with it efficiently, and present it well, then it's time to learn how to use Excel better. These 60 second, quick-fire Excel video tutorials will teach you a variety of powerful Excel tools and workflows. 

Keep in mind, every tool you become familiar with using brings you that much closer to making robust, easy-to-use spreadsheets efficiently.

Learn How to Use Microsoft Excel Quickly (With These Video Tutorials)

In this multipart video tutorial series, learn how to accomplish more in Excel—from working with core Excel tools like setting up Cells and writing Formulas, to advanced features like Pivot Tables—that will have you making powerful spreadsheets fast.

Quickly teaching a tool in just 60 seconds is challenging, but that's exactly what we offer here in this series. Each video gives you an introduction to the topic and details on how to put this knowledge into action in your next Excel spreadsheet project. 

It's time to take better control of your data. Grab a coffee and see how many of these you can watch during your break!

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