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How to Insert, Delete & Hide New Sheets in Excel in 60 Seconds

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Read Time: 2 min
This post is part of a series called How to Use Excel - Quick Video Tutorials (in 60 Seconds).
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Working is Microsoft Excel often means managing multiple spreadsheets in your workbook. You can add more sheets as a way to keep data separated and cleanly presented. In this tutorial, we'll also look at how to hide and delete Excel sheets as needed.

How to Insert, Delete, & Hide Excel Sheets Quickly

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow these quick steps that compliment this video:

1. How to Insert New Sheets in Excel

The first thing that I want to show you is how to insert a new sheet in Excel. The easiest way to add a sheet is to simply click on this plus button here and you'll see that a new tab is added.

Add a sheet in ExcelAdd a sheet in ExcelAdd a sheet in Excel
Adding a new sheet in Excel is fast.

2. How to Delete Sheets in Excel

I can click on the tabs to switch between them and I can also double-click on a tab to rename it as you're seeing me do here. If I had a sheet that I wanted to remove altogether, I could just right click on it and choose delete. Excel asked me to confirm the deletion and I'll go ahead with that.

How to Delete Sheets in ExcelHow to Delete Sheets in ExcelHow to Delete Sheets in Excel
You can delete sheets in excel quickly.

3. How to Hide Sheets in Excel

The last thing that I want to show you is how to hide a sheet. Let's say that I send out a report every month to someone with all of my data and calculations on the back page. I want the viewer to focus on the first tab instead, so I'll hide all others. 

To do that all I need to do is right click and choose Hide. To unhide a sheet simply right click and choose Unhide and select the sheet and press OK.

Hiding sheets in ExcelHiding sheets in ExcelHiding sheets in Excel
Hiding and unhiding sheets in Excel is easy.

Finishing Up!

Working efficiently in Microsoft Excel often requires you to manage multiple spreadsheets in your workbook. It's helpful to know how to quickly add sheets, remove them, and hide sheets as needed. 

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