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How to Quickly Make Social Media Marketing PowerPoint PPT Presentations With Templates

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Read Time: 11 min

Do you have a social media PowerPoint presentation coming up? Are you unsure how to customize a PowerPoint template? A social media PowerPoint template can help.

Social Media PlanSocial Media PlanSocial Media Plan
Social Media Plan is a premium social media PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Download a fully featured and professionally designed social media PowerPoint presentation template. Create a presentation that your audience will love. 

Creating social media PPT templates from scratch is an incredibly time consuming process. Having a template designed and ready for you to input information will help you deliver the best possible presentation. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a social media presentation with a premium template.

Best Social Media PPT Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Explore a massive library of social media PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. For one low monthly fee, download as many social media PPT PowerPoint templates as you want. You can also download all the other resources available on Envato Elements for your nonprofit such as:

  • web themes
  • photos
  • presentation templates
  • and more 

All Elements design templates come ready to use. They feature stylish designs and are fully customizable to help you make the best possible annual report for your nonprofit.

Envato Elements PowerPointEnvato Elements PowerPointEnvato Elements PowerPoint
Best-selling social media PPT PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

How to Quickly Make Social Media Marketing PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Social Media User PowerPoint TemplateSocial Media User PowerPoint TemplateSocial Media User PowerPoint Template
Download the Social Media User PowerPoint template to follow along. Or use your own favorite template.

In this tutorial, we'll customize a social media PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. It's one of just many included with your monthly subscription. 

Now let's get started customizing our social media PowerPoint presentation template:

1. Choose the Slides You Want to Use

The first step to editing your social media template is to choose the slides that you want to use. Upon looking at our template, not all the slides will be necessary for our presentation.

For each slide that you don't want to include in our presentation, right click and choose the Delete Slide option. 

Social Media User PowerPoint TemplateSocial Media User PowerPoint TemplateSocial Media User PowerPoint Template

When you're going through your templates slides have your presentation's content handy. That way you'll know what specific slides you want to use, and which ones don't fit with the particular content of your presentation. 

2. Choose Your Theme

Each template already comes with a theme. But the current theme doesn't quite match our company's brand identity. The colors on the slides aren't exactly on theme for our brand, so we'll change these.

To change the theme, click the Design tab on the top menu bar. You can select from all the various preset color themes that PowerPoint offers, but we've very specific colors that we want to add. You can create a custom theme that's got the exact colors that are used for our brand from the Design tab.

Navigate to the far right of the design section and click the drop down arrow. From the drop down menu, choose Colors > Customize Colors. This opens up a menu where you can choose the exact color for the various text, accents, and hyperlinks. 

Color ThemeColor ThemeColor Theme
Customize the theme to fit your brand and social media campaign PPT.

Input all your custom colors into the various fields and then click the Save button. This will save your current color theme as Custom 1. Now you're ready to add your content to the presentation. 

3. Add In Your Content

Adding your presentations content to your slides is incredibly easy. All you've got to do is double click the text placeholders and paste in your own text. Have all your presentation's content on a document so you can just copy and paste all the information on the slides. 

Text placeholdersText placeholdersText placeholders
Easily copy and paste in your presentation's content into the text placeholders.

4. Resize and Adjust Text Placeholders

The text placeholders may be the perfect size for the amount of text that's currently in them. But they might be too small or too big for the text that you want to add.

There's an easy fix. Just click and drag the corners of the text placeholders and resize them. Also, click and dragging the text boxes allows you to move them wherever you'd like on the slides. 

5. Change Fonts

Another way to customize your social media PowerPoint template is to change the fonts that were used. You can do this by clicking onto any text area, pressing the CTRL+A to select all the text. Then select a different font from the dropdown menu on the Home tab. 

Customize fonts in the Customize fonts in the Customize fonts in the
Customize fonts in the Social Media User PowerPoint Template 

You can also switch to the Design tab and click on the downward arrow under the Themes section. Then, hover over Fonts and choose a different font set.

6. Add Images

Images are a great way to add visual interest to your presentation. Often templates will come with image placeholders where you can just click on the image icon and add an image from your computer. Our template doesn't include image placeholders, but we can easily add images to any one of our slides. 

To do this, click on the Insert tab. Next click on Pictures > Picture from File... This opens up the files on your computer where you can select our specific image that you want on our slide. 

Add ImageAdd ImageAdd Image
Add as many images as you would like to your slides.

7. Customize Slide Backgrounds With Images

Besides adding photos to your slides, you can also set an image as a background. To do this click on the Design tab and select the Format Background option. This opens up a menu on the right hand of the social media PowerPoint.

Then select the Picture or texture fill circle and then select the Insert... button. From there select an image from our computer and it'll be inserted into the background of the slide you're on. 

Image backgroundImage backgroundImage background
You can also add images to be the background of your slides.

8. Edit the Infographics Data

Our template comes with a ton of great graphics that help us show our company's data. But the display of the infographics doesn't quite match the information that we want to provide for one of our slides. On our "Social Media Statistic by Gender" slide, we want to adjust the circle graphics to reflect our percentages for the certain age groups. 

To adjust the graphics on this page, click on the layer that you want to adjust. In this case it's the white outline on the circle graphic. Then drag the position to more accurately depict the percentage. 

resizing iconresizing iconresizing icon
Adjust the look of the various graphics to match our presentations needs.

9. Customize Icons

Next, we want to replace a graphic that's on one of our slides. We'll navigate to the "Why Use Google+" slide and look to the right hand table. The "50% Google+" section has an icon that we'd like to replace. To start, we'll delete the icon that's currently there.

To do this, highlight the icon and press the Backspace button. Next, we'll navigate to the top header and choose the Insert > Icons option. This brings up a right hand menu of icons to choose from. Select the human looking icon. Click the Insert button at the bottom right hand corner. 

Adding IconsAdding IconsAdding Icons
Replace icons that are on the template slides easily.

Next, we need to change the color of the icon to match our theme.

Change the color by right clicking the icon and choosing the format graphic option. A right hand menu appears again. Click the fill drop down menu. Then click on the Paint Can icon and choose the color white. Our icon is now in the color of our color scheme. Finally, adjust the size of the icon by clicking and dragging to our desired size.

10. Customize the Map

Lastly, you can customize the map to better reflect the data in your presentation. Simply right-click on the country or continent you want to colorize and then select Format Shape. Click on Fill > Solid Fill and select your desired color from the drop-down menu. 

You can customize a map in the Social Media User PowerPoint Template on Envato ElementsYou can customize a map in the Social Media User PowerPoint Template on Envato ElementsYou can customize a map in the Social Media User PowerPoint Template on Envato Elements
You can customize a map in the Social Media User PowerPoint Template on Envato Elements

So, with a few customizations to a professional template, you can create a unique presentation. 

Looking for even more Social Media PowerPoint templates? In the next section, we'll look at even more PowerPoint templates that you can download. 

Even More Premium Social Media PowerPoint Templates

Still haven't found the right Social Media PowerPoint template for your upcoming presentation? Here are even more articles that you can check out that have even more best-selling social media PowerPoint templates:

Let's now have a look at some of the top trending social media PPT templates available on Envato Elements.

5 Social Media PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver (For 2021/2022)

Searching for the right social media PPT template can be difficult. To help you with your search we've gathered the top five social media marketing PPT that you can buy today:

1. Social Media Infographic

Social Media InfographicSocial Media InfographicSocial Media Infographic

This premium social media PPT template is full of eye-catching infographics. Whatever type of social media marketing presentation PPT you're creating, this template will help you deliver a modern presentation. All the slides feature a white background to help the infographics shine. 

Here are a few notable features for this social media PPT:

  • 21 various social media infographics
  • PPTX & PPT files
  • editable and easy to use

2. Social Media Trends

Social Media TrendsSocial Media TrendsSocial Media Trends

Download this social media marketing PPT if you want to make a statement. Infographics, charts, and stylish slide designs are all part of this template. What separates this template apart are the various map infographics. They allow you to clearly show social media data country by country. 

  • 100 unique slides 
  • light and dark color scheme
  • fully editable objects (font, icons, data driven, etc.)
  • drag & drop to change images

3. Social Media Infographic PowerPoint Template

Social Media Infographic Powerpoint TemplateSocial Media Infographic Powerpoint TemplateSocial Media Infographic Powerpoint Template

Deliver your next presentation in style with this fully featured Social Media PPT template. Social Media marketing presentations focus on delivering appealing slides that grab your audience's attention. The unique layouts, and colorful graphics give you the tools necessary to give a stunning presentation. 

Here's what you can expect in this template:

  • 19 multipurpose slides
  • XML files
  • unlimited color options 
  • widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio

4. Active Social Media Creative PowerPoint Template

Active Social Media Creative Powerpoint TemplateActive Social Media Creative Powerpoint TemplateActive Social Media Creative Powerpoint Template

This stunning looking social media PowerPoint template has 3D graphics. With well-structured slides, appealing fonts, and fully editable visual elements your search for the perfect template is over. This template even features data visualization like charts, diagrams, and infographics. 

Here are the main features:

  • 90+ unique slides
  • unlimited color options
  • animated slides
  • use 3D icons illustration
  • light & dark background options

5. Social Media PowerPoint

Social Media PowerPointSocial Media PowerPointSocial Media PowerPoint

Looking to promote your social media company to your potential clients? This social media PowerPoint template is complete with many unique slides that are fully editable. Just input your presentations information and you'll have a professional presentation ready. 

Here are a few notable features for this social media PPT template:

  • 10+unique slides
  • resolution 16:9 
  • support fast and free
  • 100% vector

Using Microsoft PowerPoint for a Social Media Presentation

PowerPoint is full of features that can help you deliver a unique social media marketing presentation. 

Here are some of the features that makes this software such a powerful presentation tool for a social media presentation:

  • Fully customizable. Every template that you use in PowerPoint is fully customizable. You can change everything from the fonts to the background color. If you can see it, you can customize it to fit your presentation needs.
  • Media Support. You'll likely need to include different media in your social media PPT. Whether you need to include audio, images, or video, you can add all these into your presentation. This allows you to make your presentation as interactive as you would like.
  • File Flexibility. Microsoft PowerPoint files can be used opened in all types of other presentation software such as Google Slides. So, anyone who wants to access your social media PPT file can even if they don't own PowerPoint. This is especially helpful if you're sharing your presentation online.

Learn More About Making Social Media PPT Templates

PowerPoint is an incredibly diverse piece of software. The tips mentioned in this article are sure to get you up and running with your next presentation. If you'd like to explore even more ways to customize your presentations, check out the article, PowerPoint tutorial guide, as well as the other resources below:

Get Your Social Media PPT Today!

Using a professionally designed social media PowerPoint template is the most effective way to create a presentation if you aren't a graphic designer. Premium templates look professional right from the start. As shown in this tutorial, they're incredibly easy to customize. 

Whether you need multiple social media marketing PPT templates or you only need one, Envato has you covered. By paying a low monthly subscription, you get access to a full library of PowerPoint templates as well as thousands of other creative assets. 

If you only need to buy one social media PPT template, then GraphicRiver has plenty of high quality designs for you to choose from. 

Get started on you next social media PPT today by downloading a premium template!

Editorial Note: This tutorial has been updated with help from Brenda Barron

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