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20 Best Fully-Customizable PowerPoint Templates (Make Custom Quick 2020)

You want your PowerPoint Presentation to stand out. You could create your own unique PowerPoint design, but that would take lots of time.

If you want to save time while making a great-looking presentation for your company, use custom PowerPoint templates. 

Over PowerPoint Template on Envato Elements
Over PowerPoint Template on Envato Elements

Using a fully-customizable PowerPoint template allows you to create a professional presentation that's on brand and uses your company’s fonts and colors. 

In this post, we’ll show you the best custom PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. You'll also learn how to create a custom PowerPoint template.

Find Great Custom PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

One of the best places to find awesome custom PowerPoint templates is Envato Elements. It's got thousands of beautifully designed PowerPoint presentations that are easy to customize. 

Customizable PowerPoint presentation designs on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Make custom PowerPoint themes with the hundreds of templates available on Envato Elements.

Besides PowerPoint templates, Elements also offers thousands of other design assets. You'll find stock photos, web templates, social media templates, and more. 

Customizable PowerPoint Templates on Elements
There are thousands of templates on Envato Elements that you can use to make custom PowerPoint templates.

The best part is you can download ALL these great design assets, including custom PowerPoint templates, when you subscribe to Envato Elements.

That’s right, Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace. It lets you to download unlimited PowerPoint and other templates for a single price. Use the assets in an unlimited number of projects. 

5 Top Custom PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements

Take a look at some of the best custom PowerPoint themes we've got available on Envato Elements. 

1. Visionable - Customizable PowerPoint Template

Visionable - Customizable PowerPoint Template

The Visionable is a fully customizable PowerPoint template. Use it for any type of presentation. It comes with more than 150 unique slides based on master slides and five premade color schemes to get you started. It also includes drag and drop image placeholders and resizable vector graphics.

2. Style - Multipurpose Custom PowerPoint Template

Style - Multipurpose Custom PowerPoint Template

Consider the Style PowerPoint template if you’re looking for a versatile template with an elegant design. This template has an impressive 4000 slides and 20 color schemes. Use it as a starting point and then customize the PowerPoint template to your liking. The template is based on master slides for easy editing.

3. Sprint - Bold PowerPoint Template With Custom Theme

Sprint - Bold PowerPoint Template With Custom Theme

The Sprint template is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a bright and bold PowerPoint template. You’ll get access to 20 master slides in standard resolution and matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other data visualization elements.

4. Masmax - Custom PowerPoint Template

Masmax - Custom PowerPoint Template

This template has 234 unique slides and thousands of editable vector shapes and icons. Present your data and ideas in an appealing way. This template is fully animated and easy to customize.

5. Sugara - Custom Travel PowerPoint Templates

Sugara - Custom Travel PowerPoint Templates

If you’re looking for a travel-themed PowerPoint presentation, look no further than Sugara. With a clean and minimal design, drag and drop image placeholders, and awesome icons. You'll create a gorgeous presentation about any travel destination in minutes.

Envato Elements Design Without Limits

Elements leader image
A single license unlocks all these assets at a flat rate, thanks to Envato Elements.

Envato Elements has a compelling offer. Download as many design assets (including custom PowerPoint Themes) and elements as you need. Then customize the PowerPoint templates to fit your needs and use them in unlimited projects. 

With Envato Elements, you get access to everything you need to build your brand and create a cohesive online presence for one low price. 

Elements included with subscription
Get unlimited downloads across every category on Envato Elements.

Sign up for Envato Elements today and take advantage of everything this marketplace has to offer.

Find More Great Custom Microsoft PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver

Another place where you can find professional and attractive PowerPoint templates is GraphicRiver. This marketplace makes it easy to buy templates individually. GraphicRiver is a perfect choice if you want to buy a single template and know exactly what you want.

Here are our best-selling custom PowerPoint templates available on GraphicRiver.

1. Multipurpose Infographics - Custom PowerPoint Template

Multipurpose Infographics - Custom PowerPoint Template

Try the Multipurpose Infographics template for a presentation highly focused on data. This template has thousands of icons, charts, graphs, maps, and other infographic elements to help your data come to life.

2. Imperial - Customizable PowerPoint Design Template

Imperial - Customizable PowerPoint Design Template

The Imperial template has an elegant design. It's also got more than 500 unique slides and 100 color themes. The template also includes custom icons and image placeholders for easy customization.

3. Wow Slides - Customizable PowerPoint Slide Design Template

Wow Slides - Customizable PowerPoint Slide Design Template

The Wow Slides are a great choice for any type of presentation. They feature a clean and minimal design with unlimited color combinations and over 500 unique slides. The template is also easy to customize and fully animated. If you know how to customize a PowerPoint slide design, you'll love this template.

4. Startup - Custom PowerPoint Template

Startup - Custom PowerPoint Template

The Startup template is a great choice if you want to make a pitch deck for your startup company. The deck has all the slides you need to share information about your mission, key stakeholders, and plans for the future. It can help you secure necessary funding.

5. Warna - Versatile Customizable PowerPoint Template Design

Warna - Versatile Customizable PowerPoint Template Design

Try the Warna template if you want a versatile design that can be used for any type of presentation. This template includes 110 premade color themes, master slides, image placeholders, custom icons, and more. 

6. Creative 3 in 1 Bundle - Custom PowerPoint Template

Creative 3 in 1 Bundle - Custom PowerPoint Template

This awesome PowerPoint bundle includes three complete PowerPoint presentations, each in a different style. You’ll find plenty of slides to:

  • present information about your company
  • introduce your team
  • share all the important numbers and statistics about your revenue and growth

7. Minimal - Custom PowerPoint Design

Minimal - Custom PowerPoint Design

The Minimal template features a clean and simple design. Use it for any business presentation or portfolio presentation. The template has over 500 unique slides, image placeholders, and plenty of infographic elements. If you know how to customize PowerPoint slides, this template gives you plenty of options.

8. Getren - Customizable PowerPoint Design Template

Getren - Customizable PowerPoint Design Template

The Getren template is another simple and clean PowerPoint theme with a customizable design. Change the colors to match your own, add your own fonts, and place your images on the appropriate slides. 

9. Athena - Creative PowerPoint Template

Athena - Creative PowerPoint Template

The Athena template has a modern and simple design with plenty of white space for your content to shine. This template includes more than 500 slides, eight color themes, and drag and drop image placeholders. 

10. Modern - Custom Business PowerPoint Template

Modern - Custom Business PowerPoint Template

Consider the Modern PowerPoint template if you want a trendy template designed with custom PowerPoint business presentations in mind. You can easily customize colors and fonts and add your own images. The template was designed in full HD resolution.

11. Simple and Modern Business PowerPoint - Custom PowerPoint Slides

Simple and Modern Business PowerPoint - Custom PowerPoint Slides

As the name suggests, the Simple and Modern Business PowerPoint has a clean and trendy design. Use it for custom PowerPoint business presentations as well as pitch decks and webinar slides. It comes with 290+ slides and seven premade color schemes.

12. Gradual - Trendy Custom PowerPoint Template

Gradual - Trendy Custom PowerPoint Template

The Gradual template is a great choice if you want a template with a vibrant design. This template was designed in widescreen resolution. It comes with world maps, custom icons, and fully animated slides.

13. Liquid - Clean Custom PowerPoint Slide Design

Liquid - Clean Custom PowerPoint Slide Design

The Liquid template has a clean and creative design. It’s perfect for any type of portfolio or business presentation. The template comes with 250+ unique slides and nine premade color schemes. There are also over 400 custom icons and infographic elements to spice up your presentation. 

14. Consulting - Custom PowerPoint Template

Consulting - Custom PowerPoint Template

The Consulting PowerPoint template has a modern design. It's perfect for custom PowerPoint pitch deck presentations. The template comes with 200+ slides, drag-and-drop image placeholders, and matching charts, graphs, maps, and more. 

15. Business Data 3 in 1 - Custom PowerPoint Template

Business Data 3 in 1 - Custom PowerPoint Template

The Business Data 3-in-1 is another PowerPoint bundle consisting of three presentations in one. It's got a modern design. You'll get plenty of slides to share your idea, business vision, statistics, and more. 

5 Quick Tips for Making Great PowerPoint Designs

Now that you’ve seen various PowerPoint templates, we've got available, it’s time for some tips that'll help you make a great PowerPoint design. 

1. Presentation Cover Matters

It’s easy to get excited about your presentation and spend most of your time polishing up the main contents. But, don’t forget to spend time on your cover slide and making sure it’s just as beautiful. 

Your cover slide is the first thing your audience will see until the presentation starts. So, make sure it piques their curiosity and gives them a taste of your brand. 


2. Choose Images That Are On Brand

Images are a great way to enhance your presentation. But you've got to choose images that are on brand and that match your presentation topic. Otherwise, you run the risk of confusing your audience.

3. Use Color Carefully

Avoid using color as the background for the entire slide. If you’re not careful, too much color will distract your audience. It might even make your presentation hard to read. 

Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan 

4. Experiment With Layouts

The beauty of custom PowerPoint templates is that they've got a variety of slide layouts to choose from. Spice up your presentation by using different layouts for different purposes. 

5. Stick to One Idea Per Slide

Our last tip is to stick to one idea per slide. This will help you keep your audience engaged instead of overwhelming them with too much information at once.


How to Customize a PowerPoint Slides Template Quickly

You've downloaded the perfect PowerPoint template on your computer. You’re ready to customize it to match your brand. Let’s go through the steps and learn how to customize a PowerPoint template quickly. 

Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template
For this mini-tutorial, I'll use the Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements.

1. Choose Your Slides

When you first open your PowerPoint template, go to the View tab and select Slide Sorter. You'll be able to see all the different slides within your presentation. Now, right-click on any slides you don’t want to use and delete them from your presentation. 

When you’re done, select the Outline view to show only one slide at a time.

2. Add Your Content

Now that you've got all the slides that you want to use, it’s time to add your content. Switch back to the Home tab. Click on the slide and the text you want to edit. Then, highlight all of the dummy content by holding down CTRL+A, deleting the dummy text, and entering your own content like I've done on Slide #2. 

Adding content to a slide
Adding content to a slide

3. Change Fonts

Changing fonts
Changing fonts

You can easily change the fonts. Start by selecting the text with CTRL+A. Then choose a different font from the drop-down menu. Repeat this process for all the slides in your presentation.

For example, I’ve opted for a different font on Slide #4. 

4. Add Your Photos

Add Your Photos

To add your own photos, all you've got to do is double-click a picture placeholder. Then navigate to wherever your photos are stored on your computer. Click on the desired photo to add it to your presentation like I’ve done on Slide #5.

5. Customize Colors

Customizing colors
Customizing colors

The last step is to customize the colors of your PowerPoint presentation. The easiest way to do this is to go to View tab and select Slide Master. Then, click on Theme Colors > Customize Colors

You can then change all the colors that are used in the presentation. Click the Save button when you’re done and then click Close Master Slide

You can learn more about how to create a custom PowerPoint template in this post:

Design a Beautiful Presentation With Custom PowerPoint Template

Designing a beautiful PowerPoint presentation is easy when you start with a custom PowerPoint template. A template will save you time and money while still allowing you to have a fully branded presentation that makes it easy to share your message. 

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template or two that you can easily customize and have ready whenever you need them, head over to Envato Elements. Pick any of the thousands of custom PowerPoint templates we've got available. 

Or, if you need a custom presentation template quickly, stop by GraphicRiver. Browse through our PowerPoint templates to find the one that fits the topic of your presentation perfectly.

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