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How to Pick the Best Education Template for Your Presentation in 2021/2022

Read Time: 11 mins

Need to create a PowerPoint for teachers? Or maybe you need a college PowerPoint design to reach a graduate audience? The best way to do that is with education templates for PowerPoint.

Acadera smart university campus PPTAcadera smart university campus PPTAcadera smart university campus PPT
Acadera is one of the best academic presentation designs, found on Envato Elements.

The academic world is as important as ever as the cornerstone of higher thinking. You can take a ready-to-use education template and fill it in with your details. This makes it easy to create rapid, impressive design fit for an educational audience. Use a college PowerPoint as the fastest way to develop an education-focused presentation.

This tutorial shows you the key factors to consider when you choose back to school PPT designs. You'll see a detailed review of the top templates on Elements that match those criteria, and help you choose the perfect one for you.

Where to Find the Top Academic Presentation Templates

Envato Elements is the top choice to download PowerPoint for teachers templates in 2022. It has all the best assets, including cool school backgrounds. Elements is a subscription that gives you access to countless design assets for a single monthly fee.

Elements back to school PPTElements back to school PPTElements back to school PPT
Looking for the best back to school PPT options? Envato Elements has the best selection.

With a flat-rate monthly fee, you'll unlock unlimited downloads of:

Need only a single smart university campus PPT or other college PowerPoint? Check out GraphicRiver. You can buy a single PowerPoint template without committing to a subscription. A simple primary alert—check it out!

With a huge library of templates on both marketplaces, it helps to have a guide to know what to look for. There are specifics about academic presentations that make some templates preferable. Keep reading for more tips on how to choose the right template for you.

Top 5 Decision Factors for a Winning PPT Education Template

Cool school backgrounds for PowerPoint share several key attributes. These relate to the design, which controls the look and feel of your slide decks. This in turn helps you make a great impression every single time.

In fact, there are five key things that I look for when I'm choosing an academic presentation template. These five factors help ensure that I always choose the right education template. Any back to school PPT should include these, so keep an eye out for them when you're making your own choices.

1. Simple Layouts

A smart university campus PPT must be clear and easy to read. Think about the purpose of a PowerPoint for teachers. The slides are a teaching tool. They're used to explain new concepts and ideas to students who likely haven't heard them in the past.

Education PowerPoint for teachersEducation PowerPoint for teachersEducation PowerPoint for teachers
The Education PowerPoint Template uses neat, uncluttered slide layouts.

With that in mind, the last thing you want is to have a cluttered, messy slide layout. The focus needs to be on the ideas on the slide, not on the layout itself.

An education template should always have clean slide designs. They should never be overloaded with content, whether it's in the form of visuals or written words. Having a distracting layout removes the focus from your teaching.

2. Bright Colors

Bright colors catch the eye. This is especially true for younger students, but it applies to everyone. When I choose an academic presentation template, I look for one with bright colors in use. In an instant, this makes slides more attractive.

By drawing that visual attention, it boosts engagement with your audience. And of course, engaged learners are the best learners. This shows a clear path between bright colors and brighter learning outcomes.

Learn more about presentation-ready color schemes below:

3. Plenty of Photo Placeholders

Let's face it: everyone likes pictures. Using images in your PowerPoint assignments for college or K-12 is a must. Plod through slide after slide packed with words and you'll lose an audience of any age.

That's why I always look for plenty of photo placeholders in a PowerPoint for teachers. Photo placeholders are a hallmark of premium Envato Elements templates. In essence, they allow you to drag and drop photos right onto your slides.

Ceremony cool school backgroundsCeremony cool school backgroundsCeremony cool school backgrounds
Try a premium template like Ceremony if you need plenty of room for images.

You don't have to waste time using import settings. Plus, they often shape and style my photos in new and creative ways. They're the best way to bring visual interest to your back to school PPT.

4. Illustrations for Data

I often use education template designs to explain tough concepts. These may include ideas with a lot of data behind them. Once again, you don't want to get too wordy when you try to explain ideas. Remember, what you're presenting on is new information for your audience. The simpler your delivery, the more likely your teaching is to succeed.

That's why a smart university campus PPT needs infographics and data visuals. These visuals may be in the form of charts, graphs, and more. Infographics are illustrations that merge information and graphics to explain ideas.

When done right, data illustrations save you time and help you succeed in teaching even the toughest concepts. The key is visual interest and clarity.

5. Slides With Design Inspiration

The best teaching is inspirational. The more inspirational the message, the longer it's retained. But none of us always have the time to create our own inspired ideas from scratch. Plus, why reinvent the wheel if you can lean on the expert design work of others?

Edumode education templateEdumode education templateEdumode education template
Edumode serves up design inspiration, all thanks to the creative layouts inside.

That's why my last key trait for an education template is inspiring slide designs. These let you fill in the blanks with the concepts that you're teaching. But they deliver pre-built ideas that help you share content in new and creative ways. This is a must to ensure success with your academic presentation.

How 3 Top Education Templates Compare (Benefits and Drawbacks)

We've explored the top five criteria I use to choose a PowerPoint for teachers. These aspects are those that should always be present in an education template. Let's explore three top designs from Envato Elements.

We'll see how each of these measures up against the five criteria above. This is a great way to find a back to school PPT deck that ensures your success:

1. Edu - Academic PowerPoint Template

Edu back to school PPTEdu back to school PPTEdu back to school PPT
Edu - Academic PowerPoint Template

Edu is a PowerPoint for teachers pack with a dozen PPT designs. You’ll find layouts in both standard and widescreen formats. This one is a versatile option, thanks to the array of slide layouts and placeholders.

2. Academic - University School PowerPoint

Academic presentationAcademic presentationAcademic presentation
Academic - University School PowerPoint

Academic is a second choice for a college PowerPoint. Its design is more subtle, making it a good option for PowerPoint assignments for college. Each slide is carefully designed to be clear and readable. In total, there are over 240 slides.

3. Educally - Education Course PowerPoint Template

Educally College PowerPointEducally College PowerPointEducally College PowerPoint
Educally - Education Course PowerPoint Template

Last but not least comes Educally, another stylish set of cool school backgrounds. Educally has three dozen slide designs that you can customize. The focus on each slide is on a single idea or concept. This design makes it an option for learners of all ages.

Three Education PPT Templates: Side-By-Side Comparison

Let's look at how these three templates measure up to our criteria for cool school backgrounds:

Neat, uncluttered layouts. Edu includes an array of clean, modern slide layouts. You will find a few with extra content, but you can easily remove unwanted elements by deleting them.

Neat, uncluttered layouts. With a refined, modern appearance, these slides won’t distract your audience.

Neat, uncluttered layouts. With focused slide designs, Educally avoids becoming messy or cluttered.

Bright colors. Multiple themes are included with their own bright color palettes.

Bright colors. The template has several bright color themes built-in.

Bright colors. This template makes the most of colorful designs to add extra style. 

Plenty of photo placeholders. This template is packed with image placeholders throughout.

Plenty of photo placeholders. These feature on many of the slides, making this an easy college PowerPoint to illustrate.

Plenty of photo placeholders. There are only a few photo placeholders included in this template.

Illustrations for data. You’ll find infographics at the end of the date. These can be customized to fit your topic.

Illustrations for data. This template pack has only a limited selection of infographics and other visuals.tart Typing...

Illustrations for data. You’ll find a variety of infographics and data visuals inside the pack.

Slides with design inspiration. With pre-built content layouts, you won’t have to spend time designing slides from scratch.

Slides with design inspiration. The default layouts help inspire you to present your data in the best way possible.

Slides with design inspiration. Many of the layouts have a creative focus that can help your design process.

Explore Slide Designs for Your Next Academic Presentation

We've explored how the three templates above fit with the five key criteria for success. Let's look at completed slides from all three to show how they fit well with our desired features.

Topic and Theme Slides

You can adapt templates like Edu to build roadmaps for learning. Here are two examples.

1. Module Introduction Slide

Edu smart University campus PPTEdu smart University campus PPTEdu smart University campus PPT
Module intro slide example (Photo source: Envato Elements [1], [2], [3])

Here, we customized a slide from Edu to introduce a learning module. As you can see, it features several parts of the solar system. It’s a great way to bring new ideas up for discussion.

2. Illustrated Designs for Global Learning

Edu PowerPoint assignments for collegeEdu PowerPoint assignments for collegeEdu PowerPoint assignments for college
Global learning slide example with a chart and map.

This slide from Edu shows the power of illustration to explain ideas. It features a custom chart and a map. All we did was customize the data in the chart and add our own map labels.

Modern College PowerPoint and Academic Presentation Designs

Academic presentations should convey new ideas in a professional way. You may use them as teaching tools, or even as a way to introduce your school. Let’s explore three examples.

1. School Intro Slides

Academic PowerPoint for teachersAcademic PowerPoint for teachersAcademic PowerPoint for teachers
Slide #1 in the Academic template, designed as a school intro example.

The first slide in Academic is shown above, adapted as a school introduction. At a glance, it outlines the core focus areas that will be discussed during the presentation. All we did to customize it was add our own text and photo background.

2. Process Infographic Slides

Educally education templateEducally education templateEducally education template
Educally, with a process infographic inside.

This slide design features steps in a process. It documents student progress based on the topics they are enrolled in. With a linear focus and colorful design, it captures how processes fit together.

3. Concept Outline Slides

Educally smart university campus PPTEducally smart university campus PPTEducally smart university campus PPT
The Educally template adapted to show elements in a concept.

A PowerPoint for teachers should clearly explain concepts. Many concepts have multiple parts. In this slide, you can see that each part of a process or concept has its own colorful box. These draw readers’ eyes and help you explain ideas in a linear way.

More Education Templates for Top Designs

Still in search of your best option for PowerPoint for teachers? Or, maybe you want to explore more templates with cool school backgrounds. It's okay if you're still in search of design ideas. Here are more articles with carefully selected designs for back to school PPT designs:

Learn More About Using Presentation Templates

You're ready to create a presentation, but there's still so much to learn about working in PowerPoint. Make sure to use the Ultimate PowerPoint Tutorial Guide to speed up your learning. Here are some of our favorite tutorials that help you work with PowerPoint assignments for college audiences, for example:

Choose Your Best Education Template Today!

This tutorial taught you what to look for when you select a college PowerPoint. The factors we highlighted showed you what will make you successful when you choose and use a PowerPoint template.

It's easy to create educational presentations when you start with the right template. Choose the right academic template, download it, and put it to work for you. The placeholders and design inspiration are going to make it smooth to create your next academic presentation.

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