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20 Awesome Teacher Resume Templates to Get You Hired (+ Teacher Resume Examples)


Are you a teacher looking for a job? Maybe you're searching for teacher resumes or teacher resume examples in order to update your resume? 

You've come to the right place!

Best Teacher Resume
This is one of the many resumes on Envato Elements that can be used by teachers.

It's essential to have an updated teacher resume to succeed with your job search. When looking for a job, your resume reflects who you are. Using a template helps you create the perfect resume without taking the time to create a resume from scratch. Using a template also ensures that you've got a professional looking resume

Finding a good teacher resume template is easy. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have hundreds of resume templates that'll work well for teachers

Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has hundreds of resume templates to help you create the best teacher resume. After paying a low monthly fee, download as many resume templates (and other graphic design assets) as you want. Here are some unique resume templates to set you apart from other job candidates.

Envato Elements Offer
Envato Elements has hundreds of resume templates that'll work perfectly for teachers.

All you need to do is add your personal information to a resume template to make the perfect teacher resume. Customize and edit the template design if you want to give the resumes a more personal touch.

What Makes a Good Teacher Resume?

Before you look for a resume template, here are a few guidelines for making a good teacher resume:

  • no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • list certifications to show your skills and expertise
  • look for a resume that allow you to list special awards or languages

Following these guidelines when writing your resume will result in a professional teacher resume that stands out.

Now let's take a look at some of the best teacher resume examples (some of which can be edited in Microsoft Word).

5 of The Best Teacher Resume Templates (From Envato Elements)

Here are some hand-picked resume templates that'll work well for teachers:

1. Minimalist CV Resume Vol.39 - For Experienced Teachers

CV Resume

This resume is an excellent template for an experienced teacher resume because there's a section for awards and skills. Your previous teaching awards and skills can be spotlighted. The template also comes with a cover letter so that you can elaborate on your experience, skills, and education. This template is easy to edit so you can customize the template as needed.

2. Resume/CV Template - Perfect For an Art Teacher Resume

Resume CV template

Because of the creative font and colorful design, this would be a fun template to use for an art teacher resume. (Although, this resume could be used for any teaching position.) It's easy to edit. So, you can easily add your information or personalize it. Here are some features of this resume:

  • education section to show off your experience
  • awards section to emphasize your achievements
  • skills section to highlight any non-obvious skills
  • social media section so you can link to your website to show off any personal artwork

3. Pro Resume/CV - Perfect as a Teacher Resume Template 

Pro ResumeCV

Pro Resume is excellent for teachers looking for a professional style resume. This template comes with a cover letter so that you can use to discuss your experience, education, and skills. This template is in a timeline style to make the resume easy to read. This minimal and clean resume makes an excellent resume for any teacher, whether you are an elementary school teacher or high school teacher.

4. JADEM - For a Minimal Design Teacher Resume 

Jaden is a minimal and clean resume great teacher resume example. You can easily customize and edit this template. The colors are easy to change to any color that you want—so, you could change colors to the school colors of the school you're applying to. Here are some highlights of this resume:

  • about section to briefly highlight what the employer should know
  • skills section to highlight any skills that you've got
  • education section to emphasize your education
  • experience section to showcase your past experiences

This resume is excellent if you are looking for a minimalistic and straightforward resume with a pop of color.

5. Rennie - For Education Resumes


Rennie works wonderfully well as an education resume with a minimal and straightforward design. Easily change the color scheme, text and fonts. Personalize the resume to suit your needs. Effortlessly replace the image with your own by dragging and dropping the image of your choice into place. Rennie includes a cover letter that'll enable you to elaborate on anything you'd like. This resume features a language section to show off any languages you may be fluent in—making it a great choice as a language teacher resume. There's also an award section that highlights what you've achieved. This resume is great for teachers who want a colorful and flexible resume.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

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That’s right! Download as many professional teacher resume templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Or, if you don't want to invest in an Elements subscription, you can download a single resume template for a one-time fee on GraphicRiver.

15 More Great Teacher Resume Templates on GraphicRiver

With GraphicRiver, you only pay for templates that you use. Purchase them one at a time. This is the ideal solution if you only need a single template for one-time use.

GraphicRiver Offer
GraphicRiver has hundreds of templates.

With a wide variety of templates available, you're sure to find one that suits your needs. Here are some templates that have been hand-picked for teachers:

1. Teacher Resume Template

Teacher Resume Template

This new teacher resume template is great for anyone looking for a simple resume. This resume looks professional and is easy to edit in Microsoft Word. With this template comes a cover letter so that you can further explain your objective, experience, and skills. There's also a language section for any teacher who is fluent in multiple languages. There's also a certification section to show them any specific education you've got. 

2. Teacher Resume Template for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Teacher Resume

This resume template design has an easy to read design. This makes it easy to highlight important information on your resume. There's a cover letter so that you can use to further elaborate on why you're right for the job you're applying for. There's also a language section, so if you're a foreign language teacher or just fluent in multiple languages you can highlight it on your resume. Finally, there's an awards section to showcase the achievements that you've been recognized for.

3. Resume Template for Teachers

Resume Template for Teachers

This education resume template has two pages and a cover letter and reference page. It's a great choice for an experienced teacher resume. This teacher resume template is also easy to edit. Here are some features of this template:

  • language section for people fluent in multiple languages
  • certificate section for any specialized training that you've got
  • qualities section to highlight why you're perfect for the job
  • technical skills section for those proficient in various technologies

This resume has an easy-to-read timeline style and is sure to impress anyone reading it.

4. Resume Template for Teacher

Resume Template for Teacher

Here's an elementary teacher resume template that's simple and easy to read. This template comes with a reference page and cover letter. This template comes with two pages so that you can put as much information on your teacher resume as you need. This teacher resume template can be edited in Microsoft Word, Illustrator, Photoshop and Pages. The timeline style of this resume makes it easy to read so that your future employer can read your qualifications at a glance.

5. Resume Template - Perfect for Teachers

Teacher Resume Template

This resume template is great for experienced teacher because it's got a substantial experience section so you can add all of your relevant past experience. The color can be changed to any color that you'd like on the resume. Add or delete sections so that the resume fits your needs more precisely. You can change the font to any professional font of your choosing. There's even a cover letter page that'll allow you to build a case for why you should be hired. There's an awards section that'll enable you to emphasize any awards that you may have received. There's also a language section for anyone fluent in multiple languages.

6. Resume - Great for Teachers

Great Resume for Teachers

This resume template is suitable for any teacher looking for a resume. The timeline style makes the resume flow smoothly. Here are some key features:

  • icons that emphasize important information
  • sections can be added or taken away
  • cover letter with the template
  • reference page

This resume can be fully edited in multiple programs, making it easier for you. 

7. Great Resume For High School Teachers

Teacher Resume

This resume template will work great for high school teachers. It's in sections to help make a high school teacher resume easy to read. Included is a cover letter.  Add or delete sections of this template. This will enable you to have as many sections as you need. Also, get rid of any section that's not required to keep your resume to the point. You can edit this resume in multiple programs. Easily change the color to your favorite color or to the color of the school you're applying to.

8. Teacher Resume Template

Teacher Resume Template

This would be great as an experienced teacher resume template because it emphasizes your experience. There's an awards section so that you can show off any teaching awards you may have achieved. There's also an interest and hobby section so you can highlight any hobbies that might add to your teaching experience. 

9. Great Educator Resume

Educator Resume

This professional resume is great for educators. It's fully editable. Here are some highlights:

  • awards sections to show off your achievements
  • cover letter to further discuss your qualifications
  • distinct sections in the resume make it easy to read
  • social section for any social media you may want to link to

This teacher resume is also excellent if you don't want to have a wall of text. The sectional design breaks up the text.

10. New Teacher Resume

New Teacher Resume

This new teacher resume has an excellent timeline style that's easy to read. There's a skills section that'll allow you to include any non-obvious skills that you may have. There's also a contact section and social media section so you can include any contact information you need to.

11. Aldermin - Template for Teachers

Teacher Resume

This resume example would be great as an art teacher resume. It's got a beautiful block of color along the side of the page to add a pop of color. There's a summary section to explain why you're qualified at a glance. This is a one-page resume that'll make it easy to hand out. You can easily edit this resume in MS Word to fit your professional needs.

12. Resume Template - Great for Educators

Educator Resume Template

This educator resume has many sections that you can add or delete to fit your needs. The sections nicely break up the resume so that the resume isn't tedious to read. Here are some highlights of this resume:

  • cover letter to further expand your skills
  • language section
  • reference section making your references easy to find
  • can be edited in multiple sections

You can change the color scheme of this resume to fit your needs. This resume is great if you want your resume to be broken into organized sections.

13. Resume/CV - For Elementary Teachers 

Elementary Teacher Resume

This pastel-colored resume template would be great for elementary teachers. There are two skills sections: one for professional skills and one for technical skills. This helps you show off multiple types of skills. There's a language section to show languages you may be fluent in. This template comes with a cover letter so that you can elaborate on your experience. This resume can be edited using many different programs.

14. Template For a Teacher Resume

Template for a Teacher Resume

This template is great for a teacher resume with its creative style. The sections in this resume make the resume easy to read. Here are key features of the resume:

  • you can edit the whole template
  • comes with a cover letter and reference page
  • there's an expertise section to showcase what you're good at
  • includes a contact section and a social media section

This resume allows you to have color without it being overwhelming and still remain professional.

15. Minimal Resume Template

Minimal Resume Template

If you're looking for a MS Word resume template to create your teacher resume, then you found one. This resume comes with six different versions. This allows you to make a teacher resume that matches your personality. There are two color options: blue and black. This resume is great for anyone looking for a minimal and modern resume.

Additional Resume Resources

3 Helpful Teacher Resume Ideas

If you're in the process of creating or updating your teacher resume, these ideas can help:

1. Proofread

Resume found on Envato Elements.

Remember to proofread your teacher resume for any spelling or grammatical errors. You should also get someone else to read over your resume for any mistakes. As a teacher, you'll be expected to have excellent grammar and spelling, no matter what subject you're teaching. Having an error-free resume shows professionalism and that you care.

2. List Awards & Skills

Most resume templates have both an awards section and skills section. An award or certification section is an excellent place to add your teacher certification information and teaching awards. If you're a recent graduate, list achievements such as Dean’s List, National Honor Society, and so on. Awards and certifications can show that you're an excellent teacher. The skills section is a unique way to emphasize your experience. Some specific skills teachers can have include “classroom management” and “communication skills."

3. Show Your Tech Experience

Show Your Tech Experience
Resume found on Envato Elements.

Technology in schools is growing in popularity. Show off any technology skills you've got. Even simple skills such as Microsoft Excel or social media knowledge can make you stand out from other applicants if presented.

What To Do Next: Build Your Teacher Resume

Now that you've looked at some templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver and read some teacher resume ideas, it's time to build your teacher resume. Download your favorite teacher resume examples from this article or find more on Envato Elements. You can also download resume templates that work well for teachers on GraphicRiver. Go ahead and get that teacher position you want!

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