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35+ Best Professional Business Resume Templates (Company CVs 2021)


When you apply for a job, building a professional resume can seem like a huge task. 

How do you build confidence and showcase your best side? Use a business professional resume template that's got all the elements you need to land the job.

Professional Elements Resume - Anna
The Resume Anna template is one of the hundreds of print resume templates for business that you'll find on Envato Elements.

In this article, I'm going to showcase some of the most popular and effective resume templates that you can use when applying for a job. Take these starting points and add your own details to make sure that your professional resume works its way to the top of the stack.

Best Resume Templates for Business on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best professional resume design templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer. Download as many as you want for one low price. You get unlimited use of thousands of templates for resumes, logos, and more.

Swiftly add your business experience, insert your skills, showcase your abilities, and craft exactly the resume you need to win the job.

Envato Elements professional resume templates
Envato Elements includes hundreds of the best professional resume templates to customize quickly.

These ready-to-use, business resume templates have unique designs and great visuals to choose from. Use them to showcase your resume and stand out from other candidates.

Professional Resume Templates For 2021 (Envato Elements)

Don't reinvent the wheel! Instead, start with a pre-made business professional resume template and adapt it to showcase your own strengths. Check out the projects below for some of my favorite examples of professional resumes:

1. Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

Looking for CV templates with professional designs? This business resume template is a great option. It immediately stands out with its clean and minimalist design.

This professional resume pack comes with a two-page resume and a cover letter. Don't worry if you don't have InDesign. You can also edit it in Word or Mac Pages. 

2. Professional Resume CV

Professional Resume CV

This is one of the best business resume templates we've got. The business CV format has a different layout that will help you stand out. 

The professional resume template is really easy to customize in Adobe Illustrator. It's print-ready and A4 size.

3. Professional Resume Template Jones

Professional Resume Template Jones

CV templates with professional designs are key to get a job offer. This business resume template will catch the attention of the interviewer. Some of the best features of this professional resume are:

  • unlimited color schemes
  • icon pack included 
  • easy to customize in Photoshop
  • editable header, colors and fonts

4. Pro Resume - Colorful Professional Resume Template

templates for resumes

This company resume template is the perfect choice for Photoshop users who need to create a sharp-looking resume. It comes in five different starter color schemes to list your credentials.

The layered PSD file is easy to customize and add your own details. With many placeholder sections, this is an ideal way to showcase your credentials.

Also included is a Microsoft Word (.DOCX) file to create the same finished product.

5. Gabriella Resume - Work Resume Template 

business resume template

No matter what type of work you're looking for, the Gabriella professional resume template is a good choice. The Gabriella Resume comes in a variety of formats for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. So, it's a great general-purpose choice for building a professional resume.

Gabriella is also the right choice if you want to write up an introduction to yourself as well, as it features a placeholder paragraph in the center. It's a nice hybrid approach between a resume and a cover letter.

I like the minimalism and ease-of-reading that Gabriella offers. The text-only approach helps the viewer's eyes scan the document easily and find your credentials.

6. Resume Anna - Clean Resume With Timeline

 professional resume designs

This is an extremely minimalist approach to a professional resume format with clean lines and easy-to-read text. 

My favorite part of this professional resume design is the timeline approach to showcasing your work history. Link your various roles and employers together to illustrate why you're applying for the current role.

7. Light, Modern Resume Template

professional design resume

This professional resume template for business is designed to make a quick impression. This project would work great for applying for a job in retail or the service sector.

Keep in mind that you can always adjust these templates for resumes in the app that they're built for. In this case, you could use Adobe InDesign to remove elements like the QR code or tweak the color scheme to your liking. You could even remove the pattern if it doesn't match the position you're applying for.

8. Resume Brendon - Readable Professional Resume

templates for resumes

This professional creative resume is a clean and tight project that's sure to catch a reviewer's eye. Use fonts that you can grab for free. This is one of the easiest-to-read resume's in this roundup. It makes great use of white space and is divided nicely into logical sections.

9. Hipster Resume - Customizable Creative Resume

 business resume template

Here's another project that's ideal for creative professionals. With beautiful typography and a focus on portfolio pieces, this suits more creative jobs.

If you're an InDesign user, this project is a great choice. Adjust the color scheme and add your own details to catch the eye of the person reviewing your professional creative resume.

10. Minimalist Resume 03 - Professional Resume

resume template for business

Minimalist resumes are popular because they focus on your credentials, not the design. This project is a perfect example of how less is more when it comes to graphic design.

For Adobe Photoshop users, this project is ideal. It's easy to drop in your own credentials and details to draw the reviewer's attention to what you're capable of.

11. Resume Abby - Simple, Easy-to-Use Resume

 resume templates for business

Here's a simple, one-page resume that you can adjust in both InDesign and Microsoft Word. Use your own photo and details and create your professional design resume in less than an hour.

A simple, concise resume like this is often the best approach to showing your history and ambitions.

12. Professional Business Resume Template

Professional Business Resume Template

Go for CV templates with professional layouts if you want to impress. This professional business resume template is a great option. This professional resume features:

  • modern design with strong typography
  • A4 size
  • 300 DPI and CMYK color mode
  • fully customizable using Illustrator

13. Professional Resume CV Template

Professional Resume CV Template

This professional resume template was made to impress. The color margin will attract the eyes. The clean and modern layout will surprise the viewer.

Edit every aspect of this professional business resume template using Adobe Photoshop.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling offer. For a low monthly price download as many business professional resume templates and other design assets as you need. Use them in an unlimited number of projects. 

That’s right! Download as many resume templates, fonts, and stock photos as you need and customize them to fit your project needs—all for one low price. 

But if you prefer buying design items individually, stop by GraphicRiver. Check out the selection of our best professional resume templates to buy individually.

25+ Professional Resume Templates for Business (From GraphicRiver for 2021)

Need another great option for professional resume formats? GraphicRiver offers pay-as-you-go professional resume templates.

GraphicRiver Resume Templates
GraphicRiver is a great source for some of the best business resume templates to download one-at-a-time.

All you've got to do is download the resume of your choice. Here's a hand-picked list of my favorite professional resume designs:

1. Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

This professional resume template is one of our newest additions. It's perfect if you're looking for the best business resume templates with clean designs.

This is a single page resume and cover letter duo. Don't worry if you don't have specialized software. You can edit this business CV format using MS Word, Photoshop or Illustrator.

2. Professional Black Resume

Professional Black Resume

The best business resume template immediately stands out. This business resume template has a clean design. The touch of color to highlight the candidate's name is the best way to grab the attention.

This business CV format comes with a two-page resume and a two-page cover letter with references. You can edit it using Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word or Mac Pages.

3. Professional Business Resume Template

Professional Business Resume Template

The minimal trend in company resumes is here to stay. This business resume template features a clean design with plenty of white space.

One of the best aspects of this professional resume is that it comes with a two-page resume and a two-page cover letter. Edit this template using Photoshop or Illustrator.

4. Clean Resume/CV

Clean Resume

This professional resume template for business has a modern design. Everything in this template is editable from the colors to the text. Edit the template in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Word.

5. Business Resume Template

Business Resume Template

This template has a professional resume format that's simple and modern. Easily edit everything in the company resume template. It's got a software skills section. So, this template is good if you're applying to a company that uses a lot of software.

6. Clean Resume

Clean Resume

If you're looking for a simple and clean template, then this is the best resume template for you. You get two resume templates and a cover letter template in this bundle. One company resume template has a place to list your expertise. The other template allows you to list your skills and hobbies.

7. Versatile Resume Template

Versatile Resume Template

First up is this versatile company resume template that comes in four color variations. Use the template with the premade color or customize any of the color schemes to match your preferences. The template even includes plenty of space for your profile photo to capture the attention of potential employers.

8. CV Design Resume Template

CV Design Resume Template

This professional resume and CV template are easy to edit and it features a classic two-column design. Share your work experience and education history in the main column. Use the narrower one to highlight your contact information or your skills. 

9. Professional Resume Template

CV Design Resume Template

This professional resume format uses a creative color scheme to draw attention to various parts of the resume. It also comes with a matching set of business cards to look like a true professional during your job search.

10. Pro Resume

Pro Resume

Use this professional resume bundle and create your resume, cover letter, and business cards all at once. The bundle has an elegant blue color scheme that's easy to edit. 

11. Minimal Resume Template

Minimal Resume Template

This minimal resume template has a one-column layout and plenty of white space that makes it easy to find important information. Easily add your profile photo or include your logo to quickly grab the attention of potential employers.

12. Infographic Resume - Unique Professional Resume Template

 professional resume design

Here's a different approach to showcasing your qualifications. This company resume template has traditional elements like education and work history. And it also pulls in graphic elements that showcase what you've accomplished.

This is the best business resume for areas like sales or finance where the results of your work can lead directly to profitability. Using these infographics, catch the reviewer's eye and emphasize the results you get.

13. Stayled Resume

professional creative resume

This professional creative resume template is easy to customize. Easily add any photo you want by dragging and dropping the photo in place. Change the background of the resume to give the impression you want.

14. Mono Resume - Black and White Resume Template GR

templates for resumes

I love this black and white resume that includes easy-to-customize timelines and infographics. You'll also get a cover letter page to drop a personalized message into.

The placeholder for an image header might suggest that this is best for creative professionals. But you can also remove those images for more traditional fields.

15. 3-Piece Resume With Cover Letter GR

 resume template for business

This three-piece company resume includes three essentials components. A cover letter, a professional resume, and a portfolio. Whether you're using it in Photoshop, InDesign, and Word, you can use those resume business templates

Each of these documents comes in both a light and dark style for variety.

The portfolio template is ideal if you're applying for a creative type role where it's important to showcase your key projects

16. CV by Generousart - Landscape Resume 

 professional resume designs

These CV templates for professionals are unique. The pack includes a landscape orientation resume template. It might catch a hiring manager's eye to provide this alternative resume style. So, try out this pack for that purpose.

Of course, there's a traditional portrait-style CV/resume template here too. It's nice to have a choice, though. 

Customize this clean company resume in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. This pack also includes a template for a cover letter when you need to pen an introduction for yourself as part of the application.

17. Clean Resume

 professional design resume

This clean resume template is print-ready. With the classic clean lines, you can easily customize the template while remaining professional. You get two color schemes to choose from so that it matches your personal brand.

18. A4/US Business CV Format

professional creative resume

This professional classic style resume is easy to edit. Add or take away what you need to make the resume reflect what you want it to. This resume template comes with an experience timeline making the resume easier to read for the hiring manager.

19. Resume CV - Clean Resume Template

Resume CV - Clean Resume Template

This clean CV/resume template features a standard two-column design with a beautiful and subtle color scheme. It's suitable for any type of job application. The company CV template for professionals includes a matching cover letter.

20. Simple Resume/CV

Simple ResumeCV

This simple resume template is fully editable in Photoshop and Illustrator. It's got a creative layout that does an excellent job of highlighting your work experience. It includes a matching cover letter and is easy to customize. 

21. Resume - Simple and Clean Resume Template

Resume - Simple and Clean Resume Template

Try this resume template if you want a simple resume with a pop of color. Even though it's got a clean layout, it does a great job of drawing attention thanks to the colored line and pops of color throughout. Edit the template in Photoshop. 

22. CV or Resume Photoshop Template

CV or Resume Photoshop Template

This professional resume template for business has a two-column layout. It comes in five color variations so you can easily pick one as a starting point. The template has well-organized layers so it’s easy to edit. Use this template to create a one-page or two-page resume. 

23. Minimal Resume Template

Minimal Resume Template

If you prefer a minimal resume design, look at this minimal resume template. It makes excellent use of white space. It's also got a header area where you can add your photo or your logo to capture the attention of potential employers.

24. Trendy Resume CV Template

Trendy Resume CV Template

Consider this CV/resume template for business professionals if you’re looking for a creative and unique resume layout. This template has an elegant dark color scheme. So, it’s a great choice for a job application in a high-end industry. Customize the colors and the fonts and easily add your own information.

25. Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

These company resume and CV templates are professional in their design. There's a space to add a photo. So, if you're applying to a job that requires a photo resume, there's a space for that. This best company resume template also highlights your work experience and skills.

26. Professional Resume with Clean Design

Professional Resume with Clean Design

Do you need a clean professional resume template? This business resume template is the one for you.

This business CV format comes with a two-page resume and a cover letter template. And the best? Edit the professional business resume template using Photoshop, Illustrator or MS Word.

27. Minimal Professional Resume Template

Minimal Professional Resume Template

Using bright colors to highlight areas of your company resume is a hot trend. Try this professional business resume template with this cool trend!

This business resume template has a minimalist design. It comes with a two-page resume and a cover letter template. You can edit it using Photoshop, Illustrator, Word or Mac Pages.

How to Design Your Resume in Photoshop Quickly With Templates

Once you've found the perfect resume template for business, it’s time to customize it in Photoshop. Here’s a quick tutorial that'll walk you through the steps. You'll see how to tweak the colors and fonts and replace the text in a Photoshop resume template. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm using the Professional Resume Template from Envato Elements. 

Professional Resume Template from Envato Elements

This template has an elegant black and white design. It's a great choice for any type of job application. 

1. Replace the Dummy Text

The first step is to replace the dummy text with your own information. To do that, open your resume template for business in Photoshop and click on the folder that says Text to expand it and reveal all the text layers. 

Then, click on the eye icon next to any text layer to temporarily hide that layer. This will allow you to see which information you'll be editing. 

Once you know where your text layer is on the Photoshop document, click the T icon. Highlight the text and enter your own information. 

customizing text

2. Change the Fonts

As you're editing the text, change the fonts at the same time. To do so, highlight the text and then choose a different font from the drop-down menu at the top.

changing fonts

3. Customize Colors

Once you’ve customized the fonts and entered your own information, the next step is to customize the colors to your own liking. In the example below, I’ve clicked on the Vector Elements group and expanded it to reveal all the layers. Then, click on an individual layer and select the shape. Change the color using the color picker tool. 

customize colors

4. Add Your Own Image

Lastly, replace the dummy image with your own profile photo or with your logo. To do so, locate the image on your computer and drag it onto your Photoshop document. Press SHIFT + CMD + T to resize the image and then drag it into place.

Adding your own image

5 Quick Tips to Make a Great Impression With Your Resume

For most jobs, companies will receive many applicants for a single opening. It's difficult to stand out in a crowded pack no matter how strong your credentials are. Here are four tips that you should use to help your business resume rise above the rest:

1. Include a Cover Letter

Include a cover letter

A cover letter is a personalized, specific message that introduces you to the reader. Not only does it help introduce you to the hiring manager. The very fact that you wrote a cover letter will typically put you in elite company.

Check out the tutorial below for a deep dive on excellent cover letters that you can use for inspiration:

2. Follow-up With an Email

Many online hiring systems will screen your application before any human sees it. But if you connect personally with the hiring manager, they'll be looking for your professional resume.

If you happen to know a key contact's email address, it always helps to send an accompanying email when you submit your resume. It can lead to your resume being pulled aside and reviewed personally. 

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Half of the battle of building a business resume is learning how to present your experience. There are always eloquent ways to describe your experience that shows your expertise. 

Instead of saying "I wrote grants in this job", try something more engaging that focuses on results. For example, you could say "Grants lead to $10,000 in funding for the company." You likely have the experience you need to land a new job, it's just a matter of presenting your experience. 

To learn more about phrasing your resume in the best way possible, check out Cha Mendoza's tips on dropping phrases from your resume:

4. Remember: Typos Kill Resume Success

There's no faster way to get your professional resume discarded than to have a glaring typo in your resume. Using spellcheck or grammar check is the best way to avoid this problem.

Don't have this feature in your app? Print your resume off and review a printed copy. Issues and typos have a way of really standing out when you see a printed copy.

Learn more about creating a great resume

5. Know the Company You're Applying For

Green Resume

This tip will help with the interview as well with the resume. Research the company you're applying for. Tailor your experience to what the company is looking for. 

If you've got experience as a lifeguard, for example, but are applying to a desk job leave off the lifeguard experience. Look up the company's values too. This ensures that you'll be fully prepared for the interview and have a professional resume to fit the position.

5 Top Professional Business Resume CV Design Trends for 2021 Jobs

Here are some popular resume design trends to help you get started on your resume:

1. Have a Field Specific Resume

Not only can you tailor the information in your professional resume template to the job, but you can also tailor the design of the resume. Having a resume that's tailored to the job you're applying for shows the hiring manager that you care about the job.

2. Use a Simple Font

The best professional resume templates have fonts that can easily be read. Most templates do have a simple font. Simple fonts are ideal because if your resume isn't easily readable then it'll be skipped over.

Minimal Resume
This is one of the best resume templates with a simple font.

3. Emphasize Your Contact Information

Adding icons helps your contact information stand out more on your business resume template. Your contact information is important, so you want to visually emphasize it. Another way to emphasize it is to add color to the section. You could do this by adding color to the text with your name.

Here are some more resume writing and design tips:

4. Use Infographics

Some of the best resume templates use infographics. They're great for showing data that would be hard to express in words. Before downloading a resume template with infographics, consider the company you’re applying to. If the company is really traditional you may want to skip the infographic.

Infographic Resume
This resume template for business has professional-looking infographics on the resume

5. Add a Matching Cover Letter

There are plenty of business resume templates that include a matching cover letter. Having a matching cover letter looks more uniform. The design can reflect your personal brand. Using it on both the cover letter and resume makes that brand more apparent.

See more resume cover letters here:

Common Resume Questions Answered (FAQ)

Now that you've chosen the best business professional resume template you may have some questions about your resume. Here are some common questions and answers:

1. How Long Should a Resume Be?

Your resume should only be one page. If you do make your resume more than one page, you're risking the chance that the second page won't be read. It's better to focus on your first page and make sure that a one-page resume is perfect for the job you're applying to. For a great selection of resume templates, check out this article:

2. Do I Really Need to Edit My Resume?

If you want a professional resume, then you need to edit your resume. Having a resume that's messy and full of errors can be off-putting. It can cause the hiring director to pass on your resume. For more guidance on how to write and design a resume, review this tutorial:

3. What Should Be Included in My Resume?

Include the skills and experience that are relevant to the job you're applying to. The exception to this is if you don’t have enough experience to pick and choose from. Matching your experience and skills to the job shows the person reading your resume that you've got experience in the field already. For more guidance on writing an effective resume, study this tutorial:

4. Do I Need an Objective Section on My Resume?

Having an objective section on your resume tells your future employer what you’re looking for from the start. Having a specific resume saves your future employer from trying to guess which position you're applying to or are right for. 

This section also shows the hiring manager what your interests are and what's important to you. Your resume cover letter is also important. You can find some attractive resume cover letter formats in this tutorial:

5. What Should Be Included in the Contact Section of a Resume?

You should always have a contact section on your resume. The contact section should only include the information that you want your future employer use to reach you. This section should include your name, address, email address, LinkedIn URL, and phone number. Here are some more professional resume templates to help you create your resume:

More Professional Resume Templates

If you didn’t see a professional resume template that fits what you were looking for don’t worry. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have hundreds of templates that you can choose from. Discover more business professional resume templates in these articles:

Where to Find the Best Resume Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver both have stylish business resume templates with high-quality designs. This may lead you to ask yourself: which one should I use?

1. Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you get unlimited creative template downloads. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee. With this service download as many templates as you want. It includes resumes, fonts, graphics, and more. 

Envato Elements
Best professional resume templates on Envato Elements (2021)

2. Benefits of GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is a digital marketplace where you can buy a single template that you only use once. The marketplace has more than templates. It includes graphics, fonts, photos, and more. GraphicRiver is a great option if you need a template for a project that you'll only do once.

Best Professional Resume templates on GraphicRiver 2021

Which One Should I Choose?

If you need to make PowerPoint presentations regularly or need graphics on a regular basis, then Envato Elements is the best choice for you. It lets you download as many templates or graphics as you want as often as you want them.

Design without limits

If you're only making a resume for a one-time deal or need images once, then GraphicRiver may be right for you. Download and pay for your design assets as you need them.

Learn More About Making Great Resumes

Creating a great resume isn't easy. But when you know what goes into making a great resume, you can create a job-winning resume each time. To learn more about creating great resumes, we've got plenty of tutorials to help you out:

Design a Winning Resume With a Professional Resume Template

Check out these best business resumes with popular and professional designs and download them now. Any of these is a great way to skip many hours of work as you prepare to apply for a job.

Find more of the best business resume templates with the all-you-can-download Envato Elements resume selection. Or hand choose a specific resume template from GraphicRiver!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly adding the best new business resume templates with professional and popular resume designs.

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