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30 Awesome Illustrator AI Resume Templates With Creative CV Designs 2021


Are you looking for a professional looking Illustrator resume or CV that'll wow your future employer? Use Adobe Illustrator to produce unique creative professional resumes today.

resume template illustrator
A professionally designed, pre-built Illustrator resume found on Envato Elements.

Using a pre-built professionally designed Adobe Illustrator CV template can help save time. For beginners, the perfect CV template illustrator file can help with hurdles.  A professional illustrator CV template can help jump start the design process for all skill levels.

It might be tempting to look for Adobe Illustrator resume template free download files. But free illustrator resume template designs aren't necessarily completely free. They are usually not free of copyright or usage restrictions. It's also a lot harder to find exactly what you need. So, keep in mind, free downloads usually need more editing, more time, and limitations.

 In this article, we'll look at some inspiring Illustrator resume templates. We've got premium Illustrator CV templates at Envato Elements. We also have many professional resume AI templates on GraphicRiver for you.

Best Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Put those Adobe Illustrator skills to use in your search for a job. Do you want to get off to a quick start, but you don’t know where to begin? Then Elements Illustrator resume templates are the right place to start. We've premium templates, better than any Adobe Illustrator resume template free to download.

resume template illustrator
Thousands of AI resume templates can be found on Envato Elements

To get started, all you've got to do is, for a low monthly fee, subscribe to Envato Elements. It gives you access to unlimited use of thousands of assets. This includes fonts, logos, Illustrator resume templates and more.

Using an Illustrator CV template is easy. Simply add your information to the premium illustrator resume template of your choice. Then, customize the template. You can chance the color, font, images, and more. It's never been easier to create a professional Illustrator resume.

10 of the Best Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates (Envato Elements)

Don't fall into the Adobe Illustrator resume templates free to download out there. Here are some of the top Illustrator resume templates, hand-picked from Envato Elements:

1. Clean Resume/CV

Clean ResumeCV

First on our list is a modern and professional resume template. It features beautiful graphics and a clean, professional layout. This Illustrator CV template is very versatile and can find all your resume needs. 

Here's what you can expect from this resume AI template:

  • A4 & US letter
  • CV/resume + cover letter
  • 300 DPI, CMYK color
  • fully editable files

2. Amanda Illustrator Resume Designer

Amanda Illustrator Resume Designer

Give your next resume a splash of style with this illustrator CV template. Your image and contact information are present in a column. This resume AI template is sure to impress.

Here's what's featured in this Illustrator CV template:

  • 300 DPI
  • color mode CMYK
  • 3 mm bleed
  • help text file included

3. The Work

The Work

This template will fit all your business and personal needs. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for an Illustrator resume. It includes files for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Here are a few notable features for The Work:

  • PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides compatible
  • stylish layout
  • paragraph styles
  • image 

4. Jason Resume Template

illustrator resume template

The Jason Resume Template is designed to impress. You can quickly change the text, fonts and color scheme. You also get a free font when you download this Illustrator CV template. This is a better option than any free Adobe Illustrator resume template out there.

 5. Creative Resume

resume templates for adobe illustrator

This creative Illustrator resume template has a clean, professional design. Here are some key features:

  • Fully editable. This enables you to customize your resume completely.
  • Modern timeline. This feature makes it easy for hiring managers to glance at your work history.
  • Impressive header image. The image header will catch the reviewer's eye and it makes it easier to make a lasting impression.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. A professional design is inviting and easy to read.

Get this template CV for Adobe Illustrator to impress your future employer. With this resume you'll be prepared to be the best at your job interview.

6. Floral Resume

resume template illustrator

The floral Illustrator resume has five beautifully designed pages. There are two different title pages to choose from included with the five pages you get in the package. Also, included in the five pages you get two resume pages and a cover letter page. All the pages are fully editable. 

This curriculum resume AI template has a beautiful floral design. Use it to set your resume apart from the rest. 

7. CV Resume

adobe illustrator resume template

This Adobe Illustrator resume template is a one-page template. Here are some highlights of this template comes with:

  • 100 plus custom icons to make the resume distinctive
  • a business card template to leave a lasting impression at your interview
  • a cover letter template and portfolio template
  • two color schemes
  • free fonts

Use this modern Illustrator CV template to showcase your skills. Show your future employer that you're a valuable candidate.

8. Resume Template 03

resume template illustrator

This resume template for Illustrator has a classic design. It is perfect for a job that appreciates traditional things. This Illustrator resume template also includes a matching business card. 

9. Minimalist Resume

Minimalist Resume

This template features a modern design that's dense but doesn't feel crowded. Each page is broken into three sections, a header, contact info strip, and body. Also, within the body of the resume there are many columns and sections. This allows you to really express yourself on your resume.

For anyone serious about creating a professional resume, this template is a must-have!

10. Trendy CV & Resume

Trendy CV  Resume

This Illustrator CV template is simple yet sophisticated. This template is a perfect choice for any of your resume needs. 

Here's what's featured in this Illustrator CV template:

  • size A4, US letter, & bleed area
  • 300 DPI CMYK
  • editable, text, color, and images
  • free fonts

Easily edit this curriculum template for Illustrator. This resume's classic design won't take away from showcasing your skills.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements design without limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

We know there are many resume Illustrator templates free to download. But Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you get unlimited access to a huge collection of professional assets. This includes creative resume design examples, stock photos, illustrations, and much more. You get all this content for one low price. 

Envato Elements subscription offer
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

It's an awesome deal. Download as much content as you need without limits. Envato Elements is an excellent choice, especially if you're a creative professional. 

20 Best Adobe Illustrator AI Resume CV Templates on GraphicRiver 2021

Prefer to focus on single downloads? GraphicRiver has thousands of resume templates. All you need to do is choose one template that you decide fits your needs. Resume Illustrator templates free to download might be tempting. But the quality of premium options is worth considering.

resume templates for adobe illustrator
Thousands of resume templates can be found on GraphicRiver.

To get a template, you make a one-time purchase of a template of your choice then the template is yours to use. Easily jump in, make your edits, and get your resume done.

20 Best Adobe Illustrator Resumes to Impress

Here are some of the best resumes that have been hand-picked for you:

1. Resume Template for Adobe Illustrator

Resume Template for Adobe Illustrator

This Illustrator CV template will make your resume stand out with its striking design and customization options. The package includes a two-page resume and a cover letter. You can also edit the template in Photoshop, Mac Pages and MS Word.

2. Modern Resume/CV

Modern Resume CV

Get this elegant resume AI template if you're a fan of minimalist designs. This monochromatic resume template will impress with its clean and structured layout. You can also edit this 2-page resume in Photoshop. 

3.  Resume With Cover Letter

Resume With Cover Letter

This striking resume AI template is better than any free Illustrator resume templates you can get online. The one-page resume and cover letter are fully customizable and print-ready. You can also use Photoshop or MS Word to edit it.

4. Mono Resume

illustrator resume template

Mono resume is easy to edit so that you can customize the template. This is a single page resume design. 

Along with a curriculum template for Illustrator you also get a cover letter, portfolio and business card template. Included with the template, you get 50 free custom designed logos. You also get three different header images to choose from.

5. Sewon Clean Resume

Sewon Clean Resume Template

Sewon resume is an illustrator resume template that's got a simple design. There are seven different color schemes to choose from. This makes it easier to pick the color scheme that's best suited for the job you're applying for. Along with a resume template, you also get a cover letter template and portfolio template. This resume template is neatly organized into sections making it easier for the reader to see your skills.

6. Modern Resume Template

resume templates for illustrator

This modern resume template for Illustrator has two different color schemes to choose from. Here are some key features of this template:

  • interests section to showcase your interests
  • experience timeline to make it easy for hiring managers to quickly understand your background
  • skills section to show what you're skilled at
  • an optional black and white version

This resume template has a clean and modern design that'll impress anyone who looks at it. This is a better option than any free Illustrator resume template out there.

7. Neue Swiss Resume

Neue Swiss Resume Template

The Neue Swiss Illustrator resume is perfect if you're looking for a modern and clean resume design. This resume template comes with 30 free icons so that you can create your personal brand. You've got five color schemes to choose from. 

You get a cover letter, portfolio pages, and a business card with this template download. This gives you all the tools that you need for a successful job interview.

8. Minimal CV Template

adobe illustrator resume template

This minimal CV Illustrator resume template is clean and stylish. This template has several sections to help organize your skills and experiences.  All these sections make it simple to highlight what you want. You get a resume template, cover letter, portfolio template, and resume page. 

9. Elegant Resume

adobe illustrator resume

This resume template for Illustrator is easy to customize. Here are some highlights of this resume template:

  • three color schemes to choose from to construct your resume to match your brand
  • comes with a cover letter template and resume template
  • easy to read resume because of the layout sections
  • a minimal design that doesn't distract the reader

Get this template CV for Adobe Illustrator. It's a great choice for a simple, clean design.

10. Clean Resume

illustrator resume template

The clean Adobe Illustrator resume has three different color schemes to choose from. So, you can decide what color is best for the job you're applying to. You can also make a dark version of each color scheme. Along with the resume AI template, you also get a cover letter template. This makes applying for a job quick and easy. 

This curriculum template for Illustrator has nice, organized sections. It helps make it easy to read the resume.

11. Sleek One-Page Resume

resume template illustrator

The sleek one-page Illustrator resume is easily customizable. Which enables you to tailor your resume to the job you're applying to. Along with the resume template, you also get a cover letter template making it easy to apply to jobs. This sleek resume has a stylish, monochrome look.

12. Hired Resume

resume templates for illustrator

This resume template for Illustrator is easily customizable. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • comes with a cover letter, timeline summary page, two resume pages, and two portfolio pages
  • five color scheme options to choose from so that you can choose the right color for you
  • free icons are included
  • comes with a two-sided business card template

This resume will make it easier to be prepared when you go to a job interview. You'll impress with your resume and business card.

13. Acqua Resume

illustrator resume

Take a look at this template, better any free Illustrator resume template out there. The Acqua Adobe Illustrator Resume is easy to edit, making it easy to customize the resume. This resume comes with a cover letter and portfolio template. You get two free fonts to make your resume unique. 

The many sections make this resume very easy to read. This resume will impress your hiring manager with how professional the resume looks.

14. Swiss Style Resume

adobe illustrator resume template

The Swiss Style resume template for Adobe Illustrator has baseline grid. That makes it easy to ensure that everything is straight and neat. Along with the primary resume template, you get a references page, a cover letter, and a portfolio page. Besides the red version you also get a black and white version to choose from. 

This bold and unique resume is sure to make a lasting impression on any hiring manager that sees it. It's a way better option than any free Illustrator resume template out there.

15. Resume Template for Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator resume

Here's an attractive Illustrator resume template with a modern and clean layout that you're bound to love. This attractive resume design features a matching cover letter, portfolio, and business card. It's perfect for your personal branding. It's also based on free fonts.

16. Clean and Creative Resume

resume templates for adobe illustrator

The Clean and Creative Illustrator Resume is a resume template that's minimal with a creative flair. Here are some key features:

  • two color schemes to choose from
  • easily change the photo with one click
  • quickly change the color scheme with one click
  • comes with a cover letter template

Impress potential employers with this minimal, creative design. It's stylish, well organized, and an excellent choice.

17. Line Resume

illustrator resume template

Line Adobe Illustrator resume template is easy to edit making it stress-free to create a resume that reflects your personal brand. Quickly change images with one click. Along with the resume template, you get a cover letter template. Be prepared when you go into a job interview by using the Line Resume template.

18. Resume for Adobe Illustrator

resume template illustrator

This minimal resume design comes with both a light and a dark version. It comes with a two page resume template, cover letter, portfolio, and business card.

You can fully edit any of the resume AI templates to meet your needs.

19. Clean Resume Template

Clean Resume Template

This Adobe Illustrator CV template includes a one-page resume and a cover letter. Its clean and elegant design will impress recruiters. Get this template and edit it in Photoshop, Illustrator, or MS Word.

20. Typographic Job Resume

Typographic Job Resume

This modern resume AI template is professional. It's editable in Photoshop, MS Word, InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator. It includes a help file with clear instructions and email support. This option is better than any free Adobe Illustrator resume templates out there.

How to Customize an Adobe Illustrator Resume Template

Found the perfect Adobe Illustrator resume template, but not sure how to customize it? Here are some quick tips to help you customize your Adobe Illustrator CV template.

Here's the CV template AI file we'll use in this demonstration. Feel free to download this Adobe Illustrator resume template and work along. Or you can use a different Adobe Illustrator CV template of your choice. These concepts will transfer to most CV template Illustrator files.

illustrator resume
Download this Adobe Illustrator CV template today on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Edit Text With the Type Tool

The text in your Adobe Illustrator resume template will need to be edited. When you open up your Illustrator CV template, it's likely the most important and intensive edits to make.

Start by selecting the Type tool in your Tools panel. Then, click on existing text in your Adobe Illustrator resume template. 

This will make the text active. Then type and edit as you would in most word processing software.

Adobe Illustrator Type tool

2. Change the Font With the Character Panel

Next, let's change the font in our Illustrator CV template. Begin by opening up the Character panel. We can do so by going to Window > Type > Character.

Turn to your Tools panel and select the Selection tool. Then, when the Selection tool active, click on the text you'd like to adjust. Selected content will be visually highlighted with a bounding box.

With the text selected, turn to your Character panel. Select a new font from the drop down menu. In this example, I changed it to a geometric font, Candice.

Illustrator Character panel

3. Customize Colors in Adobe Illustrator

We can easily customize the colors in our Illustrator CV template too. Let's try changing the large, black box here in our layout to a different color.

Start with your Selection tool. Again, it is located in your Tools panel. With the Selection tool active, click on the element within your design that you'd like to customize.

Then, click on the Fill color to open the color picker. Choose a new color and click OK. Illustrator will then apply this new color to your design element for you.

Illustrator Fill color

4. Organize and Isolate Content on Layers

Layers are a powerful part of working in Adobe Illustrator. Think of them like separating content. This content can then be layered on top of each other. 

We can view our layers in the Layers panel. Go to Window > Layers to open this panel.

In this Adobe Illustrator CV template, the content has all been organized into different layers. If we want to hide some of this content, we can toggle visibility on and off. Click on the eye symbol, to the right of each layer, to temporarily hide it. Or click on the trash can to delete a layer.

Illustrator Layers

5. Move and Adjust Content With the Selection Tool

Let's say you want to move part of your Illustrator resume design. To do so, we can once again turn to our Selection tool. It's located in your Tools panel.

With the Selection tool active, click on the part of your layout that you'd like to reposition.

Then, you can click and drag to move the design element. You can also click and drag on the visible resize handles to resize it.

Illustrator selection tool

5 Creative Resume Design Tips for 2021

An Illustrator resume template is just the starting point when it comes to creating an awesome CV. You need to nail the design as well. Here are five tips that'll help you design a stunning resume:

1. Be Creative With a Colorful Resume

In the creative industry, not everything has to be minimalistic. When you’re job-hunting, a great way to stand out from the crowd is to have a bright, colorful resume. An eye-catching splash of color can be the key to your resume making its way to the right person. 

Check out this Adobe Illustrator CV template. It's colorful, energetic, and could really help make your resume stand out. 

colorful Adobe Illustrator CV template
This colorful and creative Illustrator resume template from Envato Elements is a great option. 

2. Take Advantage of White Spaces 

In design, when we talk about white space, we mean the space between the elements in a composition. To create a winning resume, you need to take advantage of the white spaces and use them wisely. 

The perk of using white spaces correctly is that your design appears less crowded. Text also looks less dense, increasing its chances of being read. 

Keep white space in mind when you're looking for resume templates that stand out, like this one: 

illustrator cv template
This Illustrator CV template is a great example of the right use of white spaces.

3. Use a Different Layout

If you really want to be creative with your resume, consider using a horizontal layout instead of a vertical one. This isn't common practice. So, it’s a great way to stand out and immediately catch the attention of the recruiters. 

Landscape layouts can often include more information without going over a one-page limit. 

Take a look at how this Illustrator CV template experiments with a horizontal layout:

Adobe Illustrator CV Template Horizontal
This Adobe Illustrator CV template has a horizontal layout guaranteed to make your resume stand out.

4. Use Columns to Maximize Space

One of the best tips to design a winning resume is to keep it short and sweet. Do it by editing out qualifications and details that are irrelevant to the role. To fill just a one-page resume is tricky, but it’s well worth it.

There are some creative CV/resume design techniques you can use to maximize the space on your one page, without overcrowding the layout. 

One tip is to split your resume layout into two sections. Consider a column on the left of your page for shorter sections. This can be a strong approach for your Adobe Illustrator CV template.

template cv adobe illustrator with columns
Get this template CV for Adobe Illustrator with columns and many more in Envato Elements. 

5. Emphasize Contact Information

According to one study from The Ladders, recruiters won’t spend more than six seconds on any given resume. That’s why your contact information needs to visually stand out from the rest of your resume.

You could use a background color to emphasize it. Or you could include your photo, like in this template CV for Adobe Illustrator. You could also use icons for your social media profiles, email address, and phone number. 

template cv adobe illustrator example
This is a great Adobe Illustrator CV template that places the focus on your contact information.

5 Creative Resume Design Trends for 2021

The actual content you put into your resume is the most important part. But the design and look of your resume can still make or break your chances of being hired. Here are five top design trends for 2021 that you can use for your resumes today:

1. Use a Color Blocking Header

Try out a color blocking header. It helps create emphasis at the top of your composition. It also helps create a more sophisticated design. Include this little colored header on all your resume pages.

Color blocking header
This premium template features a blue header with the applicant's name and photo.

2. Use Columns in the Resume Body

Gone are the days with single columned Illustrator resume templates. Using columns on the body of your resume helps separate your resume into different sections. That makes it more digestible for the reader. These different columns can also be broken down into sections to include more relevant information. 

3. Include a Subheader

A subheader can be a great way to organize your contact information. Include your email, social media, website, and any other contact information.

Include a subheader
This premium template, CV Resume, has a subheader that contains the applicant's contact details. 

4. Include a Reference Section Only If Asked

Many job applications ask for a reference section. This section doesn't have to be boring and sterile. Including icons next to their name and contact information will really brighten up your resume.

Here's a tutorial that explains more about how to add references to your resume:

5. Include a Skills Section

A skills section can be a visual overview of what you can do. They're visually interesting, and often more eye catching than text alone. 

Check out an example of a skills section in this premium template.

Skills Section Resume
This premium template features a skills section.

Here are two more articles that'll help you design your best resume or CV:

Next, let's go over common creative resume design questions.

Common Creative Resume Design Questions Answered (FAQ)

I've gathered some of the most common questions people ask about creative resumes. I'll provide you with some answers, including where to find resume Illustrator templates free to download.

1. How Can I Stand Out if I Don’t Want a Print Resume?

Your resume is your chance to make a strong, first impression. Print is not the only option. Consider digital options too. You can have your resume on a website. You can also offer a downloadable PDF document. 

Take a look at this guide for more ideas:

2. Where Can I Find Free Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates?

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have top-quality premium templates with more customization options. But if you're strapped for cash, you can still design a winning resume and pack your experience without the expense. Take a look at some resume Illustrator templates free to download:

3. What Can I Do If I Don't Have Design Software? 

Don't worry. We understand not everyone has specialized software installed. You can get resume templates to use in Google Docs, which is free to use if you've got a Gmail account. Take a look at this alternative:

4. Why Are Action Words Important in a Resume?

Learning the correct use of action verbs and active voice can help create interest. 

Action verbs describe the tasks, skills, achievements, and responsibilities on your resume. They also reduce the use of linking verbs and sentences. This can result in concise resume bullets.

When you know how to correctly use action words, your resume reads with power and purpose.

5. What Phrases Should I Avoid in My Resume?

Remember, the words you include in your resume are very important. Struggling to make your resume fit on one page? Consider deleting extra information first. 

Avoid phrases like these: “References available upon request, “Duties included” and “Selected as.” Learn more details here: 

Learn More About Resumes

Want to learn more about building the perfect resume? Check out these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+. They'll help you take your resume to the next level.

Where to Find Creative Resume Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have nice Illustrator CV templates that are ready to use and very easy to customize. But which one should you use and what are the key benefits of each? Use this discussion to make the best decision based on your needs:

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service that gives you unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee. That’s a powerful offer. 

Download as many Illustrator resume templates as you need, at any time. But that's not the only type of file you can get. In Envato Elements you can also find presentation templates, fonts, add-ons, and many other graphic assets. 

illustrator cv template Envato Elements
Some of the best Illustrator resume templates on Envato Elements (2021)

2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is the leading digital marketplace for purchasing single-use graphics and visual assets. Choose from a huge selection of professional designs. 

When you need a single resume template, GraphicRiver is a great choice. Only download what you need. Premium content, like this, is often better than any Adobe Illustrator resume template free to download.

illustrator cv template GraphicRiver
More than 2,000 illustrator resume templates to choose from in GraphicRiver (2020)

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

Envato Elements is awesome deal, especially if you're a creative professional. It gives you access to a huge library of professional content. You can download whatever you need, as much as you need, for one low fee. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements subscription offer
Envato Elements has thousands of digital creative assets for you

But, if you just need a single Adobe Illustrator resume template, then head over to GraphicRiver to get what you need. Choose from a huge selection of beautifully designed Illustrator resume templates. Browse the selection today.

It may be tempting to try out Adobe Illustrator resume template free download files. If you do, keep in mind that you may need to allot extra time for customization. You should also make sure to check the licensing. If a CV template AI file is free to download, that doesn't mean it's free of copyright and usage restrictions. Keep these concerns in mind if you opt to go with a free Illustrator resume template.

Find More Illustrator Resume Templates

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Here more options for Adobe Illustrator resume templates. Check out these Illustrator resume templates for more design inspiration. Download one today.

Start Building Your Unique Professional Illustrator Resume Today

A professionally designed resume template is a great way to attract the attention of hiring managers. An Adobe Illustrator resume template free download might be tempting. But these templates are often not the strongest choice. They often need a much greater time investment, and it can be difficult to find exactly what you need.

If you're looking for even more resume AI templates for Illustrator, check out Envato Elements. You can also turn to GraphicRiver for thousands more Adobe Illustrator resume options. Why not download a template today? 

Editorial Note:  New Adobe Illustrator resume templates and related content are added to this post regularly by our staff.

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