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35 Best Acting & Theatre Resume Templates (Free + Premium for 2020)


How do you stand out when you’re competing with dozens of actors for the same plum role? It all begins with an impressive acting resume template with a headshot.

Actor Resume Templates
Actor resume templates, such as this premium template, make it easy for anyone to make a compelling actor resume.

You've got to capture the casting director’s interest, first of all. An eye-catching and professional resume helps you do just that.

The easiest way to create an impressive acting resume is to use a resume template that’s designed by a professional graphic designer. 

A professionally-designed actor resume saves you time while ensuring that you provide the most relevant information to help you get an audition. And the creative design of a premium resume template helps you create a resume that shows you in the most flattering light.

In this article, you'll get a preview of 20 of the best actor resume templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to help your acting resume stand out. Many of these acting resume examples will also work for other types of performing arts resumes such as musical theatre resumes. Also, in this article you'll get to see 20 of the best free acting resume templates from around the web.

The Best Templates on Envato Elements to Create Acting Resumes (With Unlimited Use)

There are thousands of resume templates to choose from at Envato Elements. For one price, you get unlimited downloads of premium resume templates. So, you can create different acting resumes for different roles.

Make Acting Resumes with These Templates
Get unlimited downloads of premium actor resume templates from Envato Elements.

Plus, you also get unlimited downloads of everything you need to make your acting resume a hit, such as premium fonts and icons.

Resume templates from Envato Elements are easy to customize. So, you can showcase your performing experience and special skills. This tutorial shows you how to personalize a resume template:

5 Standout Resume Templates for Actors (With Unlimited Use)

Below are just a few of the premium resume templates you can choose from at Envato Elements. Use these resume templates for any industry. Bbut they're especially suitable for creating acting resumes. 

Replace the first page, if available, with your 8x10 headshot. Or use the headshot on the resume. Then, adapt the resume or curriculum vitae page to spotlight your performance-related experience, training, and skills.

Here's our list of acting and theatre resume templates:

1. Photograph CV Resume

Photograph CV Resume

Photograph CV Resume can be used for an acting resume template with a headshot. The header of the resume features your photo. This resume has sections that you can use to show off your acting skills and experience. 

Use this resume in Adobe InDesign. The design of this resume is so versatile that it can be used for any purpose.

2. CV Resume

CV Resume

This acting resume template comes with a matching cover letter template and business card. Every piece in this set has a space for a headshot. The resume has a section for languages and a section that you can add your acting skills into.

Edit this resume in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. This set will help you create a brand and have consistency throughout.

3. CV Resume Compatible with Microsoft Word

Acting Resume Template for Word

This CV Resume template comes in AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, as well as Word file formats.

Also included is a Help Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to edit the files using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word.

This one-page resume template is easy to use to make an actor resume. In fact, we used this template to create an acting resume example. It comes in both A4 and US letter sizes. The minimalist, clean design of this resume template will help you make a good first impression with casting directors.

4. Multipurpose CV Resume Vol. 18

Multipurpose CV Resume

Multipurpose CV Resume Vol.18 is a creative resume that could be easily turned into an acting resume template. The cover leader features your headshot, your name, and the title of the job you’re applying to. The resume also has a space for a headshot. On the resume, you can feature your acting experience, acting skills, and the different languages you speak.

Use this resume in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The well-organized layers of this resume make it easy to customize.

5.  Konichi CV & Resume

Konichi Resume

Turn Konichi Resume into an acting resume template. The top of the resume has a big space that you can use for your headshot. This one-page acting resume template has an about me section and a place where can add your acting skills and experience.

The design of this resume template is simple, modern, and stylish. Edit this template in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The whole template can be easily edited to suit what you’re looking for

15 Top Acting Resume Templates on GraphicRiver (for 2020)

If you prefer to pay per use, then look for your ideal acting resume template in GraphicRiver. Resume Templates from GraphicRiver are designed by professionals yet are affordable even for someone with a limited budget.

Resume Templates from GraphicRiver
These resume templates from GraphicRiver can be used by actors on a pay-per-use basis.

I’ve rounded up the following general-purpose premium resume templates that lend themselves well to actors. Each of the following resume templates can easily be customized to make a resume for actors and help them stand out from the competition:

1. Resume Template with 11 Pages

Actors Resume Template with 11 Pages

This resume template has more than all the pages you’ll need to get your next audition. The Cover Page is perfect for a headshot. Also included is a one-page resume template that’s suitable for the back of your headshot. Use the other pages to display photos of your performances, clippings of reviews and interviews, and more.

This template package includes files for editing in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. You also have a choice of either A4 or US letter size.

This resume template stands out with its elegant, clean, and easy-to-read design.

2. Ultra Clean Resume

Ultra Clean Resume for Actors

Here’s another great option if you’re looking for a clean and minimalist aesthetic for your acting resume. This one-page resume template is especially suited for making an acting resume for beginners who don’t have a long list of experience. It includes all the file formats you need to customize it with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. And yet it remains super affordable. It’s no wonder that the Ultra Clean Resume template gets 4.5 stars from its users!

3. Resume Template by ResumeInventor

Acting Resume Template

If you want a high-impact, eye-catching resume, then look no farther than this resume template! The contrast between the white main section and the dark sidebar makes this template especially interesting. An accent color keeps it from being monochromatic. You can, of course, change these colors, as well as the text, fonts, and sections, to suit your needs. This resume template includes file formats you can edit in Microsoft Word (.docx), Mac Pages (.pages), Photoshop (PSD), and Illustrator (EPS).

4. Resume by coxsumon

Resume Templates for Actors

Simple, but far from boring, is the best way to describe this resume template. The one-page resume template goes perfectly on the back of your headshot. The design is clean and easy-to-read, while the textured band, icons, and font styling keep things interesting. Use the image placeholder to show a thumbnail of your headshot to make your resume even more stunning.

This template comes in US letter size with a choice of three color variations. Edit it in Adobe Photoshop. The designer is responsive to buyers, which helps account for its 4.5-star rating.

5. Resume/CV - Ashley

Acting ResumeCV

The Ashley resume template offers a clean, multipurpose design that’s adaptable to acting resumes. The single-page resume/cv template works well for attaching to the back of your headshot.

All artwork, colors, layout, and text in this template are fully customizable in InDesign, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. Its use of a baseline/document grid lets you edit or add to the layout easily. Both international A4 and US letter sizes are included. You also get 36 social icons and an extensive help file in PDF.

6. Mono Resume

Simple Resume Template

The Mono resume template was designed to be bold, simple, and clear. Customize it in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. It comes with a unique logo-style header. Use it to show a photo from one of your performances. 

You can also replace the icons with symbols that are more relevant to your acting resume. Over 50 icons are included in this template. Also included are templates for your portfolio and business cards, which you may find useful as well.

7. Professional One-Page Resume

Professional One-Page Resume Template

The four-color variations in the Professional One-Page Resume template are like a breath of fresh air! After choosing your color scheme, add your own content by using Adobe Photoshop. Grouped layers make editing easy. This resume is in US letter (8.5 x 11 inches) size.  Note: This template uses the Rockwell font, which should be built into your computer already. Do double-check to be sure.

8. Ready One Page Resume | CV

One Page Resume CV Template

Portray a contemporary persona with the stylish, easy-to-read design of Ready One Page Resume/CV. Choose from three color schemes—blue, green, or neutral—and either A4 or US letter size. 

Of course, you’re not limited to the colors that come in the template. Customize to your heart’s content in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. If you've got questions about editing the files, the designer is available for after-sales support through his profile page on GraphicRiver.

9. Resume by moscovita

Resume Template with Portfolio Page

Get the minimalist, attractive, and intuitive design of this resume template for your acting resume. Subtle design elements and colors make the information orderly and easy to scan. Use the cover page for your headshot and the one-page resume for your acting resume. A portfolio page template is included, which you can also personalize so you’ll have it handy should the casting director ask for it.

This template is compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC. It’s available in both international A4 and US letter sizes.

10. Sewon Clean Resume Template

Clean Resume Template

One of our bestselling resume templates, the Sewon Clean Resume Template is suitable for actors. This one-page resume template comes in seven different colors variations and both A4 and letter sizes (with bleed). Spot color, font styling, and icons keep your information organized and scannable. The highly-rated resume template uses only free fonts. Edit it in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Microsoft Word.

11. Resume CV by sabin_vp

One-Page Resume Template with Color Variations

This resume template offers another striking design for your acting resume. You also get a ton of color options: your choice of three color variations, with light and dark versions of each color scheme, are included. The resume template pack also provides an icon set for each color scheme—no need to recolor the icons yourself! The source files in this high-impact resume template are compatible with InDesign and Word.

12. 3-Piece Resume / CV

Minimalist Resume Template

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let your acting resume communicate, not just with a picture, but with a timeline, icons, and mini-infographics as well. This template's clean and modern design keeps your information skimmable, even for the busiest casting director. The editable swatches of this resume template give you unlimited color possibilities: edit the swatch to change the color automatically on all pages. The template package includes 22 files in DOC, DOCX, INDD, IDML, and PSD formats.

13. Resume by moscovita 2

One-Page Acting Resume

Here’s another resume template from the Moscovita Studio. Its simple style delivers professionalism with a visual impact. The one-page resume with its clearly defined sections is easy to adapt to the particular needs of an acting resume. Compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC, the templates come in both international A4 and US letter sizes.

14. Resume by samurichan

Dark and Light Resume Template

For a one-page resume, this template by samurichan packs quite a lot of information without cluttering up the design. You've got the ability to include both a thumbnail image of your headshot and a performance image, which goes in the header. Icons, a timeline, and infographic bars let you convey a lot with fewer words. While color isn’t prominent in this resume template, you do get both dark and light color scheme variations. The template package includes two InDesign files (.indd and .idml), six Photoshop files (.psd), and six Microsoft Word files (.docx) to customize.

15. Premium Resume by CodePower

Premium Resume Template

The clean and simple design of Premium Resume by CodePower lets you get all the attention. One page is more than enough for your performance-related information when the page is as organized as this. The unobtrusive use of timelines, icons, and infographics communicate effectively adds interest without cluttering the layout. Personalize this resume template by using either Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

20 Free Acting and Theatre for Free Resumes for Download in 2020

Before looking for a free acting resume template with a headshot on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always acting or theatre resume templates) at no cost to you.

If you can't find what you're looking for among Envato's free offerings, you may be forced to turn to free acting resume templates on the internet. 

Most of the free-acting resume templates in this section have Microsoft Word and Google Docs downloads available. While many of these weren't designed as an actor's resume template, the headshot on each makes them ideal for that purpose. 

Here's our list of some of the best free acting templates from around the web:

1. Headshot Resume

Headhsot Resume

Headshot Resume has a modern design that features a headshot. It's a free acting resume template that you can easily edit to suit the role you’re applying for.

2. Acting Resume Template

This template has a section that features your areas of expertise. This resume is simple and minimal.

3. Beginner Acting Resume Template

This resume is a free acting resume template with a simple floral design. This template does include a space for a headshot.

4. Profile Picture

Profile Picture is a free acting resume template that features a large picture of you in the resume.

5. Timeline

Timeline Resume

Timeline is a theatre resume template that lets you to put all your experience into a timeline. This resume has a simple but creative design that features a headshot at the top of the page.

6. Ardent

Ardent is an acting resume template with a headshot. It's got a big section to show off your experience. So, this template is great for someone who has a lot of acting experience.

7. Expressive Resume Template

Expressive Resume template has a design with a column where you talk about yourself in the middle. This free acting resume template with a photo really makes your personal information stand out.

8. Portrait Resume

Portrait Resume is a free acting resume template with a photo. Half of the resume page features your photo making it ideal for actors and other performers. The fonts on this resume are orange and grey.

9. Headshot Resume Template

This acting resume template with a headshot at the top of the page and a banner under it where you can put your job title or name. In the middle column of the resume is a skills section where you can show off what your acting credits.

10. Personal Brand Resume

Personal Brand Resume

The Personal Brand Resume is an acting resume template that allows you to show off your personality and style.

11. Freelancer Resume

This template was originally designed as a freelancer resume but works well as a theatre resume template. It's got a nice yellow and black border that makes your resume stand out. This resume has a big section for your experience that allows you to show off your past experience.

12. The Visionaire

The Visionaire is an acting resume template that a bold design with bold colors. This resume will make you stand out among the other resumes.

13. Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer has a cheerful color scheme that'll draw attention to your acting or musical theatre resume. This acting resume template with a headshot will stand out in a crowd of monotone resumes.

14. Bright Sky

Bright Sky is an acting resume template with a blue header and blue section headings. The blue header of the resume makes your headshot and name pop.

15. Green Cube Resume

Green Cube Resume

This free acting resume template with a photo features your headshot in a green cube. Easily customize the fonts and colors to make the resume look how you want.

16. Organic Shapes

This acting resume template has a fun design that'll show that you're fun without looking unprofessional.

17. Free Acting Resume Template

Download Free Acting Resume Template in Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. This resume features a skills and interests section so that you can show off why you're perfect for the position.  

18. Split

The split resume focuses on your skills with an expertise section, personal skills section, and language section. This resume has a modern design and a pastel color scheme.

19. Musical Theatre Resume Template

Musical Theatre Resume Template

The Musical Theatre Resume Template focuses on experience. So, this resume is great for someone who has done a lot of acting work. There's a box on the template where you can put your headshot on your resume.

20. Actors Resume Template

This resume has a modern layout with a blue column down the side of the template. The Actors Resume Template focuses on skills.

Learn More About Making Great Resumes in 2020

The resume tutorial guide has tips on how to create a great resume. If you haven’t found the resume template you've got in mind, then take a look at these options:

Top Tips for a Remarkable Acting Resume

“Go out of your way to make an outstanding first impression,” Robert Cheeke, bodybuilder and motivational speaker, advises.

Follow these tips to ensure that your acting resume makes an outstanding first impression:

1. Use Color

Colorful Actors Resume Template
Use the production's branding colors on your acting resume (premium example).

Consider adding a single accent color on your resume, such as on icons and headers. Another fun way to use colors on your acting resume is to match the brand colors of the production you’re applying to.

2. Make It Scannable

Easy-to-Read Acting Resume
An easy-to-read premium resume template that can be adapted for actors and other types of performers.

Because you only have one page for your acting resume, it’s tempting to cram it with all your information. Resist the temptation and make it easy for casting directors to get the highlights when they scan. This means using plenty of white space as well as font styles to emphasize what's important. If you choose a professionally-designed resume template, styling will already be built-in. Follow the standard acting resume format, so the casting director can easily make sense of your resume.

3. Organize Acting Experience By Type Of Credits

If you've got several performances to list under the Experience section, it makes sense to group them by type of credits. For example, have separate categories for theatre, film, TV, web series, and voiceovers. This is when a chronological presentation isn’t necessary.

But, if you’re just getting started and don’t have a large number—or variety—of acting experience, then use a chronological listing. Think of the best way to present your performances based on your specific industry and experience.

More Resume Templates

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are more articles with resume templates:

Create An Acting Resume That’s Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Using any one of the templates featured above, you can create a standout acting resume today. These premium resume templates are rich with features like image placeholders and easy customization. Some include instruction guides and support from the designer, should you have questions while personalizing the template.

To get unlimited downloads of actor resume templates, icons, fonts, and more, then sign up for Envato Elements. One flat subscription fee gives you access to thousands of assets you can use for your entire branding and online presence. These include templates for your website, portfolio, and social media accounts, as well as photos, soundtracks, and video clips.

But if you only need one actor resume template, then GraphicRiver offers affordable templates and design assets. Each one is available for a small fee for every single use.

It's worthwhile to invest in premium resume templates like these because they come with more features. Aside from the professional layouts, premium templates are built for easy customization and may include icons, after-sales support from the designer, and other features.

Your winning acting resume is at your fingertips. Choose a premium template and create your applause-worthy resume today.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new acting and theatre resume templates with the best designs.

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