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25 Professional Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates With Corporate Designs 2020


The stats are clear—email remains one of the most effective ways to connect with customers in 2020. But to do that, you'll need a visually appealing email newsletter. One way to achieve that's with a professional email newsletter template

SHPR Professional Newsletter
SHPR is one of the many Mailchimp email newsletter templates from Envato Elements.

Professional email templates help you get eye-catching designs without having to do the design work yourself. Plus, using a template is a real timesaver, as all you need to do is drop your content in. 

Two great places to find professional email newsletter templates for Mailchimp are Envato Elements and ThemeForest. In this guide we're going to share our top picks so you can get started on your newsletter fast.

Best Professional Email Newsletter Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you want a wide choice of email newsletter templates for 2020, Envato Elements is a great place to start. It's got dozens of Mailchimp newsletter templates for you to choose from so you can quickly design a newsletter that grabs customers' attention. 

email newsletter templates from Envato Elements
Browse through the many professional email templates on Envato Elements.

There's a big advantage of going the premium route over using free email newsletter templates. Premium templates tend to be well-designed and compliant with the latest web standards. They're also usually well-supported by the template designers. Best of all, many premium professional newsletter templates have built in customization tools. So, you can quickly achieve a unique look for your newsletter.

If you're looking for a wide choice of Mailchimp newsletter templates to download, Envato Elements has a great offer you can take advantage of today. Download as many professional email templates as you want for one low price. 

5 Top Corporate Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

When you're ready to start creating your email newsletter, a professional design will give your communication a touch of class. Here are some unique professional newsletter templates for Mailchimp to give you a head start. 

1. Charity E-newsletter Template

email newsletter templates - Charity

The Charity email newsletter template provides a clean, fresh look for your email newsletter. This is a useful HTML template for email newsletters designed for nonprofits. It'll also work well for newsletters for blog owners, businesses, and even corporates. 

This professional email template includes different column widths, and handy boxes for calls to action (CTAs), social links and more. There's also space for a large, attention-getting hero image.

2. Evolia Email eCommerce Newsletter

Evolia  corporate email newsletter templates

Looking for corporate email newsletter templates? Evolia could be a good choice. This vivid design works well for online stores, especially in the fashion industry. 

This company newsletter email template is fully responsive and retina-ready. It includes full documentation. And if you've got any questions, the developer is ready to respond within 24 hours!

3. Vacation E-Newsletter Template

email newsletter templates - Vacation

If you're in the travel industry or are promoting a trip or vacation destination, then the Vacation professional email template is a useful starting point for your email newsletter. It's got a simple design that's easy to customize with the included builder. Choose between many layouts. This responsive HTML email template supports all modern email clients and mobile devices. 

4. Boost - App Promotional Email + Builder Access

Boost  corporate email newsletter templates

Like many email newsletter templates, Boost includes access to an online builder for easy customization. The template includes a range of layouts and colors. There's a plain HTML layout for those who prefer a simple approach. 

Duplicating and deleting template sections is a breeze with this theme. It works particularly well for promoting apps. All major email clients are supported. 

5. Sartre - Responsive Email Design Toolkit

email newsletter templates - Sartre

Sartre is a good choice for people looking for variety. This professional email template set includes 15 layouts and 120+ modules you can use to create your own unique email newsletter. 

This is a fully responsive Mailchimp email template. It uses the StampReady builder for customization. Design elements include background gradients, and interactive components. This is also a fast-loading email template with detailed documentation.

These are just a few of the templates available on Envato Elements. Visit the site for more professional email newsletter templates.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. Get access to thousands of graphics and templates with unlimited use (including Mailchimp newsletter templates). Explore creative website themes, stock images, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional email newsletter templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs

If you're planning to create several email newsletters with varying designs, then you'll find lots of options on Envato Elements. But for a one-off project, ThemeForest is a great marketplace to find affordable premium email newsletter templates. 

20 Mailchimp Professional Email Newsletter Templates From ThemeForest for 2020

We also have a ton of professional email templates you can use for Mailchimp on ThemeForest (for individual sale). These newsletter templates are professionally designed and ready for you to input your information.

Email Newsletter Templates from ThemeForest
Best Mailchimp newsletter templates available for sale on ThemeForest.

Here are 20 great Mailchimp newsletter templates for you to download from ThemeForest:

1. Calamary Responsive Email Template + Online Emailbuilder 2.1

Calamary Professional Newsletter Email

Are you ready to create a stylish email newsletter in 2020? Then you'll want to try Mailchimp newsletter templates like Calamary. This theme has a modern look with clean design. Change the color of everything and quickly edit the layout with the drag and drop email builder.

2. Greeny - Responsive Email Template

Greeny Email Newsletter

Greeny is a top choice if you're looking for corporate email newsletter templates. It's easy to customize and includes helpful support if you're ever stuck. 

Greeny has been tested on the most used mail clients and web browsers. That means your newsletter will look great on just about any platform. Try this out for your startup or if you're looking for financial email newsletter templates.

3. MyBag - E-commerce Responsive Email for Fashion & Accessories with Online Builder

MyBag Email Newsletter Templates

Your fashionable online shop deserves an email newsletter that's just as stylish. That's where MyBag comes in. It's one of the top Mailchimp email newsletter templates on ThemeForest. 

Thanks to the drag and drop modules, you don't need to be a coding master to build your email newsletter. With Google Fonts, typography, and background image options, trust MyBag to have your products looking great. 

4. Multimail | Responsive Email Template Set + Builder Online

Multimail Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates

Multimail is a unique professional newsletter template available on ThemeForest. It features an online editor with more than 217 unique modules to choose from. Change the template to match your company branding with unlimited colors available. 

Multimail is a responsive company newsletter email template that ensures that your newsletter looks great on all screen sizes. This template works with all modern email clients.

5. Medic - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

Medic Email Newsletter

The Medic responsive email newsletter template offers an option for hospitals, private practices, and more. This attractive newsletter template is easy to edit via the StampReady online builder. So, you can create many layouts to meet your needs. 

This professional email newletter template set is compatible with modern email applications. So, you can be sure all your customers will have a great reading experience when they get your newsletter.

6. Mobilized-1 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates

Mobilized   corporate email newsletter templates

Mobilized-1 is a responsive professional email template that works well with both web and mobile modern email clients. It includes seven layouts and color themes with light or dark backgrounds. Build a customized email newsletter layout with the 34 modules included in the template set. This is a well-documented company newsletter email template suitable for all business uses.

7. Alerta - 20 Responsive Email Notification + Online Editor 

email newsletter templates - Alerta

The Alerta template set includes 20 responsive layouts for your Mailchimp email newsletter. Customize your email newsletter with unlimited color variations and make it your own via the drag and drop editor. This template set is fully documented and works with all modern email software.

8. Vespro | Responsive Multipurpose Notification + Transnational Email Template With Email Builder

Vespro html template for email newsletter

Vespro is a hi-res, multipurpose professional email template with more than 35 layouts. Use it to create any kind of email newsletter. Welcome emails, confirmation emails, notification emails and more are all included in this template set. Easily edit the template with an online builder so that you end up with a unique email newsletter.

9. Emailio 

email newsletter templates - Emailio

Emailio's a good choice for corporate email newsletter templates, as it's ready for businesses of all kinds. Whether you're running a design agency, fashion emporium, or bakery, you'll find a suitable template in this email template set. Use the online email builder to customize your layout with more than 60 design elements and unlimited colors. 

10. Fusion - Metro Email Newsletter Template 

Fusion html template for email newsletter

This Metro-style email template set gives your newsletter a fresh, bright look. It includes six premium template designs and nine color schemes. It's been pre-tested and proven to work with all major email clients. Plus, it's suitable for email campaigns for ecommerce, affiliate promotions, business news, and more. 

11. Supra 

mailchimp newsletter templates - Supra

This is one of the financial email newsletter templates you can customize with an online builder. It's easy to move modules around with the drag and drop interface, and to duplicate or hide them as needed. 

Text editing is super simple, too. You'll be able to get a custom newsletter by choosing one of 20 included layouts as a starting point. This responsive email template will make your newsletter look great on all modern email clients.

12. Petras 200

email newsletter templates- Petras

If you enjoy having lots of choice, then give Petras 200 a look. It's got more than 200 drag and drop modules to help you create an email newsletter that's uniquely yours. There are 10 included layouts, too, helping you start your newsletter quickly. This template set is compatible with the most popular email marketing software and email clients. 

13. Smile - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

professional email template - Smile

Smile is a good newsletter template for those who like to keep things simple. It's got a minimalist design that you can customize via the StampReady Builder. It includes unlimited colors and is responsive and well-documented. Smile is a great pick for financial email newsletter templates.

14. Metric - Responsive Email Template

professional email templates - Metric

Metric gives you access to several professional email templates in one neat package. You can have unlimited layouts and colors, while using the drag and drop editor to arrange more than 25 modules. It's easy to add your own images in the MailBuilder editor. This email template set is compatible with all major email clients and software.

15. Saturday 

email newsletter templates - Saturday

Saturday is intended for ecommerce users, with five layouts and color schemes. PSD banners are also included in the template set, to help you create a visually appealing newsletter for your online store. This clean, modern design is well documented and will look great on every modern email client.

16. Bristol Responsive Email Template + Online Emailbuilder 2.1

professional email template - Bristol

Bristol is a responsive email template with a clean, modern design. It includes 25 modules that you can drag and drop with an online builder to create a customized professional email template for your company newsletter. It's also easy to edit text and colors to make your new template match your branding.

17. Atellar 

professional email templates  - Atellar

This responsive professional email newsletter template has a great design. The sleek look will suit both corporate and other business users. 

Easily customize this professional newsletter via the StampReady builder, and it'll look its best on all devices. This email template works with all the major email software. Try Atellar if you've been looking for financial email newsletter templates.

18. Fashionistas

email newsletter templates - Fashionistas

Fashionistas is a responsive Mailchimp newsletter template for the fashion industry and ecommerce stores. This is a good way to show off products, with many layouts available. Create unlimited combinations with the built-in composer. 

19. Mzone Responsive Newsletter Email Template For Business

Mzone Corporate Email Newsletter Templates

Need a professional newsletter quickly? Then check out Mzone. 

The Pennyblack email builder makes drag and drop email building a breeze. It's compatible with all major browsers and email clients on top of being a responsive email newsletter template. You won't need to spend more time searching for corporate email newsletter templates thanks to Mzone.

20. Events Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Events Mailchimp Newsletter Templates

Event planners need quality email newsletter templates, too. That's where this responsive template comes in handy. Its design is made to look great on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

Choose from more than ten premade color templates and 20 editable modules. You'll have your perfect event email newsletter in no time.

5 Quick Corporate Email Newsletter Design Tips for Better Results in Mailchimp

Getting the most out of email newsletter templates can be easy if you've got the right advice. That's why we've gathered five useful tips you can apply to create a great professional newsletter:

1. Make Sure You've Got a Header

An email newsletter without a header is like a resume without your name. Even if the content is great, you still need to introduce who you are. Here's where you need to have the name of your newsletter, your company, and other brand information. 

Cinderella Company Newsletter Email Template
Cinderella is one of the many Mailchimp email newsletter templates from Envato Elements with headers.

2. Add Subheadings

Subheadings are the best way to organize information, but they also have a great side effect. As readers scroll, they can pick out the information that interests them. It's a user-friendly tip that can increase engagement and sales.

3. Use Relevant Typography

If you're running a financial newsletter, maybe skip out on the Comic Sans. Find fonts that are appealing but make sense for your audience. I recommend using Google Fonts as they've got a great variety that's also compatible with many email clients.

4. Design With Mobile In Mind

Most emails are opened on mobile devices, especially smartphones. If you're designing only for desktop users, then you're forgetting about a large number of users. Design and test your company newsletter email template for mobile and desktop devices to really win.

CreaTeam Company Newsletter Email Template
The CreaTeam professional newsletter looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on desktop.

5. Avoid Walls of Text

Nothing makes an email newsletter more unreadable than long blocks of text. Break them up with white space and images. Use the element builder included with most Mailchimp email newsletter templates to create something easy to read.

SHPR Email Newsletter
SHPR mixes images with text for an excellent visual email newsletter.

Find More Professional Email Newsletter Templates

For even more choice of professional email newsletter templates, see the roundups below:

Learn More About Using Email Newsletters

Need some more tips on creating and using email newsletters to reach your customers? Check out the following guides and tutorials:

Get Started With Your Email Newsletter

Ready to create an email newsletter to communicate with your customers and build a relationship with them? Check out the professional email newsletter templates on Envato Elements and ThemeForest to get started.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new professional Mailchimp email newsletter templates with the best corporate designs.

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