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How to Upload Your SlideShare Slides to Share on LinkedIn

This post is part of a series called How to Make Online Presentations (SlideShare + PowerPoint).
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A good presentation can be an important part of your professional image. The more people who see your presentation, the better. SlideShare can help you get your presentation in front of a wider audience. 

In this tutorial, learn all about how to add your SlideShare presentation on LinkedIn. We share instructions for several methods of putting your SlideShare presentation on LinkedIn. We even provide you with an overview of additional ways to share a SlideShare presentation.

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Making a SlideShare part of your LinkedIn profile can help build your personal brand as well. For top tips on how to build your personal brand, review this tutorial:

While the branding tips in the tutorial aren't specific to SlideShare, you'll discover a lot about the importance of having a personal brand. 

How to Use SlideShare on LinkedIn

There are several ways you can include a SlideShare presentation with your LinkedIn proposal. But before you can share your SlideShare on LinkedIn, you first need to create your presentation. For complete instructions on how to do that, refer to this tutorial on how to create top SlideShare presentations with PowerPoint.

Note: The Privacy setting on your uploaded presentation must be set to Public for you to be able to attach your SlideShare presentation to your LinkedIn profile.

Now let's jump into today's video and written tutorial on using SlideShare presentations on LinkedIn:

How to Quickly Share Your SlideShare to LinkedIn (Video)

For a quick look at how to add a SlideShare presentation to your LinkedIn profile, review the video below.

For a more detailed look at how to attach a SlideShare presentation to share on LinkedIn, use the following steps:

Step 1. Find and Copy the SlideShare URL

To open SlideShare, type www.slideshare.net into your web browser's Address field. If you're not logged into your SlideShare account, do so now.

To find your uploaded SlideShare presentations, move the cursor over your Profile icon in the upper right of the screen. (Don't click on your Profile icon. Clicking opens a Profile screen.) A drop-down menu appears:

SlideShare Menu Drop-Down
Use the My Uploads option to find a presentation to add to LinkedIn.

From the drop-down menu, click My Uploads. The My Uploads tab displays your current uploaded presentation(s):

Finding Your SlideShare Presentation to share
Recent presentations appear on the screen.

For this example, there's only one uploaded SlideShare presentation. If you move the cursor over the title of the slide at the bottom, a pop-up with the URL appears at the bottom of the screen. If you right-click on the slide's title, you'll see a drop-down menu:

Copying the SlideShare Link Location
Use the drop-down menu to copy the link URL.

Click Copy Link Location to copy the URL of your SlideShare presentation to the clipboard. You can also click on the title of the presentation and copy the link URL from your browser's address field using CTRL+C.

Note: For this example, we used the Simplicity Template from Envato's GraphicRiver. Discover our best PowerPoint templates available on GraphicRiver: 

Step 2. Add a Slideshare to Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that the URL of your presentation is in your computer's clipboard, you're ready to add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Type www.linkedin.com into your web browser's Address field. If you're not logged into your LinkedIn account, do so now. Click on the word Me under your Profile icon at the top of the screen, then click View Profile under your name. Your profile opens:

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Profile.

Click the See more link at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile to see more of it. There are three areas of your profile that allow you to add media:

  1. Summary. This area appears directly below your name and description.
  2. Experience. A list of the various professional positions you've held.
  3. Education. This describes your educational background.

Where you decide to attach your presentation depends on the nature of your presentation. Although you could attach your presentation to more than one section of your LinkedIn profile, I recommend choosing a single area.

If the presentation describes your work as a whole, you might choose to attach it to your LinkedIn Summary. If you created the presentation at one of your professional positions, it might be better to attach it to your Experience. However, if the presentation was a school project, the Education area may be the best option.

No matter which section you choose, the process is basically the same. In this example, I chose to attach the SlideShare to the Experience section of my profile since I created it as part of a work assignment.

Scroll down to the LinkedIn section where you want to attach the profile:

LinkedIn Experience Section
In this example, we'll attach the SlideShare presentation to the Experience section of LinkedIn.

Move your cursor over the right of the screen. Click the Edit icon that appears (it looks like a pencil). The Edit experience screen appears:

LinkedIn Edit Experience Screen
Use the Link button to add a SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile.

Use the Scrollbar on the right to move to the bottom of the Edit experience screen. Towards the bottom you'll see a toggle button labeled Share profile changes. If this button is on, your LinkedIn contacts may see that you've updated your profile.

To add your SlideShare presentation to this section of your LinkedIn profile, click the Link button. An Add field displays. You'll also see the Title and Description of your SlideShare:

Title and Description section of your SlideShare
You can change the Title and Description, as they appear in LinkedIn, on this screen.

Double-check to make sure you're adding the correct presentation. You can also make changes to the title and description if you like. Then, click the Apply button on the right.

The system returns to the Edit experience screen. Click the Save button in the right corner of the screen to finish attaching the presentation to your profile.

Step 3. Add Directly From Within SlideShare

You can also add your SlideShare presentation to LinkedIn from within SlideShare. Follow the instructions in Step 1 to find your link, but when you get to the My Uploads tab move your cursor over the bottom of the thumbnail (above the title of the SlideShare). A LinkedIn Add to profile button appears:

LinkedIn Add to Profile Button
If you use this button to add a SlideShare presentation to your profile, it'll be attached to your LinkedIn Summary.

Click the Add to profile button. You'll see the following prompt:

SlideShare Prompt
A confirmation prompt displays.

Click OK. The SlideShare presentation is automatically attached to the bottom of the Summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

Step 4. Sharing SlideShare Presentations on Social Media

Once you've successfully uploaded your SlideShare slideshow to LinkedIn, consider sharing it to other social media sites as well. The more people who see your presentation, the more likely it is to reach potential clients. Social media should be an important part of your SlideShare digital marketing strategy.

With SlideShare, sharing through social media is easy. Open the presentation you want to share. Use the scroll bar to scroll down below the presentation to find the sharing tools:

SlideShare Share Button
Use one of the social media sharing buttons to share directly to that type of social media, or click Share to open the Share SlideShare screen.

There's a Share button beneath the title of the slide. There are also buttons that allow you to share the SlideShare on the popular social media sites:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Note: Clicking the LinkedIn button here or in the screen below creates a post on LinkedIn linking back to your SlideShare. It doesn't attach your SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile.

Let's explore the Share button first. When you click on the Share button you'll see the Share SlideShare screen:

SlideShare Share SlideShare Screen
Use this screen to share a SlideShare presentation on social media, through email, or on a website.

The Share SlideShare screen includes five ways to share your SlideShare presentation:

  1. Social Media sharing buttons. Creates a post with a link to your SlideShare on popular social media sites.
  2. Email sharing field. Lets you include your presentation in an email.
  3. Embed field. Lets you embed your presentation into a website.
  4. WordPress Shortcode field. Provides WordPress code for embedding your presentation into a WordPress site.
  5. Link field. Use this link to share the presentation on social media not included in Social Media sharing buttons, send the link through email, or otherwise share it.

Note: If you're not logged into Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and you click on a social media sharing button, you'll be prompted to log in before you can share your SlideShow.


Make your professional SlideShare presentation part of your LinkedIn Profile. 

It's not difficult to add a presentation to LinkedIn, once you know how. LinkedIn allows you to select the section where you want to attach your presentation. Or, automatically attach your SlideShare to LinkedIn with the click of a button.

You can also share your professional SlideShare presentation though social media using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. The more people who see your presentation, the more likely it is that you'll reach a potential client with your message.

If you've uploaded a SlideShare presentation to share online, then it's a good idea to add it to your LinkedIn account. If you haven't created a SlideShare presentation yet, consider creating one now. It's a good way to get your ideas in front of more people. 

Learn More About Making Great Presentations

To learn more about using SlideShare and PowerPoint, refer to our tutorial series: How to Make Online Presentations (SlideShare + PowerPoint). Jump into our PowerPoint ultimate tutorial guide. Or, start with one of these Envato Tuts+ tutorials: 

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