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20 Easy-to-Use Word Brochure Templates to Make Quickly

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Printed brochures still rock for marketing, even in a digital age. That's because they provide an easy way to make your business memorable, especially if you're handing them out at busy trade shows and networking events. 

Long after an event is over, using a printed brochure gives prospective clients a way to learn more about your company and follow up with you when they're ready to do business

Download unlimited Word brochure templates on Envato Elements

But how do you get these benefits, if you're short on time and design skills? Simple: use a Microsoft Word brochure template to promote your business quickly and easily. A couple of great places to find templates are Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best Easy-To Use Word Brochure Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to use brochure design templates to promote your business. For a start, using premium brochure templates is an easy way to achieve a professional design. Sure, there are free brochure templates out there, but you generally lose out in terms of design, uniqueness and support. 

Professional templates are also more likely to give your promotion a unique look, and to be well designed. This helps enhance the credibility of your business. If you're ready to find stunning Microsoft Word brochure templates, Envato Elements has an unmissable offer: download as many Word brochure design templates as you want for one low price. 

5 Best Word Brochure Templates With Professional Designs

When you're ready to create a brochure, Microsoft Word is a useful way to do it. More than likely, it's software you're already using on your computer, plus it's easy to import templates and get started with customizing them for your own business. 

To find the perfect template, go to Envato Elements. Click the shaded area next to the search box and choose Graphic Templates. This will limit your search to this kind of template. 

Type "ms word brochure" into the search box and press enter. You'll soon see thousands of brochure templates. Word print templates are selected by default, but you can also use the left hand menu to refine your search by color space (RGB or CYMK), orientation (landscape, portrait, or square), or more. 

Select your template, and press Add&Download to add it to your Envato account.  Here are some of the brochure format Word templates worth your time:

1. SEO Proposal - Search Engine Optimization MS Word

SEO Proposal word brochure template

SEO Proposal is a clean minimal brochure layout Word template. It is US-letter sized, with 24 page layouts you can choose from. This portrait oriented brochure includes vector designs, making it easy to edit and customize. This template works well for agencies creating proposals, and is also available for Adobe InDesign

2. Pizza Brochure Bifold

Pizza brochure templates word

This bifold brochure template for Word works well for food businesses. It's got an attractive design and is available in both A4 and US Letter sizes, for both international and American promotion. You'll be able to customize this double-sided brochure quickly so you can get started with showcasing your business.

3. Business Brochure

Business microsoft word brochure template

This trifold brochure template for Word is excellent for promoting your business. As well as being suitable for corporate use, it works for promoting fashion, photography and design, too. This is a square brochure, with large spaces for images, and a simple, yet eye-catching design. It also works with Adobe InDesign. 

4. Corporate Flyer Template

corporate brochure design templates

Looking for a corporate Word template for a brochure? This A4 flyer design lets you present your business simply and clearly. It's easy to edit images, text and colors to customize it and make it your own. This Word brochure template uses free fonts. The download file also includes templates editable in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

5. Event Management Brochure Trifold

event management word brochure

This trifold design is an easy brochure template for Word. It features a clean, modern look suitable for business and corporate uses. It's highly customizable, and can be edited in a wide range of graphic design apps. The download includes both A4 and US Letter size brochure templates. 

15 Microsoft Word Brochure Templates from GraphicRiver

If you're looking for unlimited brochure templates for Word, then Envato Elements is a great choice, especially if you have multiple brochure creation projects. But for a single project, GraphicRiver is a good place to find affordable templates for one-off use.

To find these, visit GraphicRiver, click on Graphics, and type "word brochure template" in the search box. You'll have hundreds of Word brochure designs to choose from. Here are some attractive GraphicRiver brochure layouts for Word to get you started.

1. Trifold Brochure

trifold brochure microsoft word

This print-ready trifold Word brochure template is available in US Letter and A4 sizes. Colors, images and text can be edited not just in Microsoft Word, but in other graphic design software. That makes it easy to create a stunning brochure that matches your business branding.

2. Web And Mobile App Trifold Brochure

trifold brochure format word

This is a clean, modern, tri-fold Word brochure design, suitable for business and corporate uses. Editable in multiple graphic design programs, the template is double-sized and completely print ready. It includes US Letter and A4 trifold brochure sizes.

3. Beauty Salon Trifold Brochure

beauty brochure layout word

If you're in the beauty business, you can get a head start on promotion with this attractive trifold brochure template for Word. Its simple, clean design is appealing. All brochure elements are editable and customizable. You can create brochures in both US Letter and A4 sizes. 

4. Church Bifold Brochure

easy brochure template word

This bifold brochure template for Word is preset to help church groups with promotion. With a geometric design similar to some stained glass panels, it's a great start to marketing your organization. Of course, it can be used for other organizations, too. This brochure layout for Word is available in US Letter and A4 bifold formats.

5. Delicate Brochure

delicate word template for a brochure

Delicate is an easy brochure template for Word, with a clear, modern look. Beautiful free fonts are included, and you can easily import images to show off your business. This is a square brochure with an elegant design.

6. Case Study Word

case study word brochure template

Want to use a brochure design in Word to present a business or other case study? This clean, clear case study template will help you. It includes 5two page designs with three color versions, This A4 Word brochure template is completely editable, allowing you to change text, images, colors, and shapes at will to create your own unique brochure.

7. Fashion-Shop Trifold Brochure

fashion shop word brochure template

Fashion Shop is a simple brochure design template for Word. It's a trifold brochure in both A4 and US Letter sizes, and brochure pages are double sided. This is a clean design, that's easy to edit and customize. 

8. Annual Report

annual report brochure template word

If you need an in-depth brochure, with multiple page layouts, the Annual Report template will work for you. It includes 40 page layouts, and there are also letterheads and business cards in the download package. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word from Word 97 onwards. 

9. Bakery Trifold Brochure

bakery tri fold brochure template word

This trifold brochure is an attractive way for food businesses to present their wares at an event. It makes it easy to showcase key facts and figures about your business, and show attractive images, too. It is available in US Letter and A4 sizes and is print-ready.

10. Business Brochure

business trifold brochure word

This square trifold brochure for word makes your business stand out. The contrast of black and white images and red lettering makes a powerful impact. This 20x20cm brochure template is compatible with multiple versions of Microsoft Word, and you can also edit it in Adobe InDesign.

11. Advertising Consultant Trifold Brochure

consultant microsoft word brochure template

Running a consultancy business? This MS Word brochure design features a trustworthy blue background with noticeable subheadings and a few images. It's a trifold brochure design, available in US LEtter and A4 sizes. This design is double-sided and uses free fonts. 

12. 16 Page Corporate Brochure

corporate brochure word

This is another premium Word brochure template suitable for those who need to create longer presentations. It includes 16 page layouts with clear, minimalist design and a portrait layout. The design features easily editable vector shapes and free fonts, and there is helpful documentation to make customization easy.

13. Freelance Writer Trifold Brochure

freelance  tri fold brochure template word

If you're presenting your freelance skills, consider this trifold brochure. It has space for you to include service descriptions and testimonials, and is available in US Letter and A4 trifold formats. This design uses free fonts.

14. Corporate Profile Brochure

corporate brochure layout word

This is another MS Word brochure template suitable for in-depth presentations. In fact, it's perfect for showcasing your company profile, with 24 pages you can customize. The design lets you change colors to match your branding with a single click, and includes free fonts. This brochure is available in A4 and US letter sizes.

15. Red Brochure

red microsoft word brochure template

As the name suggests, this 20x20cm square brochure features red highlighted text. However, you'll easily be able to use the included master files to customize it to meet your needs. This is compatible with multiple versions of Word and includes both DOC and DOCX template files. 

Learn More About Brochure Templates

Using  professional brochure design templates helps you create a stunning visual presence. To learn more about using professional brochure templates, check out the articles below:

Grab a Word Brochure Template Today

Now you know the difference a professional brochure design can make to your business, it's time to get started. Remember, you can find hundreds of brochure design templates for Word on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

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