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8 Best AI Translating Tools for 2023

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Do you need AI translate software to make your website and content available in other languages?

In this article, we'll have a look at the best AI translators you can use right away.

Translator Graphic Translator Graphic Translator Graphic
There many great AI translation tools on the market. Image source: Envato Elements
AI translation software automates the process of converting one language to another.

To do this, they use artificial intelligence algorithms that combine machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

How AI Translation Tools Function

AI translators use sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms are known as neural machine learning or neural networks.

AI algorithms are used to understand the context and nuances of large chunks of text and speech, and then translate them accurately and naturally from one language to another. 

Over time, they become more accurate as they learn from continuous feedback and suggestions for improvement.

How to Choose AI Language Translation Tools

There are many AI translators on the market. Each has its own set of features and characteristics. 

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing an AI translation tool:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Budget is important. You want to look for translation software that gives you the most bang for your buck in terms of features. Consider whether you want to pay per word or per character.
  • Ease of use: Software has evolved. You want to spend more time running your business, not wasting time trying to figure out how to use the translation tool. Zero or close to zero learning curve should be the rule of thumb. 
  • Speed and accuracy: Look for one that works at a higher speed so that you can meet customer and user demands quickly and with high accuracy. 
  • Real-time translation: Delivering real-time translations avoids communication hiccups that can erode trust in your customer service and cost you business. 
  • Language support: Is your target language supported? 
  • Scalability: As your blog or business expands, you may want to expand into other markets, so find a tool that supports more languages. 
  • Constant updates: Software updates fix vulnerabilities that can threaten the security of your online operations and expose sensitive information. Keeping up with the latest industry standards also requires software developers to constantly update their algorithms.  
  • Privacy concerns: Free tools don't offer privacy protections that shield private information. If privacy is a concern, you may want to consider paid translation tools. 

Now, let's cover the best AI translation tools on the market that you can start using today!

8 Best AI Translating Tools for 2023

Here are the top eight AI translation software. 

1. Google Translate

Google Translate Google Translate Google Translate

Google Translate is the most recognized AI translation tool on the market. It provides translation from one language to another for text, voice, images, and web pages. It supports over 100 languages.

Its interface is simple, easy-to-use, and easy to integrate into websites and apps.  It is available as a web service and as a mobile application. What's cool about the mobile app is: It can translate with AI a conversation between two people.  

This AI translate tool is able to automatically recognize the language of the text. It also has a user suggestion feature for translation improvements. As a free, cloud-based tool, it may not be the best option for protecting your sensitive information.

2. Bing Microsoft Translator

Bing Microsoft Translate Bing Microsoft Translate Bing Microsoft Translate

Another big player in the AI translation space is Bing Microsoft Translator. It helps individuals, businesses, and educational institutions translate with AI text and speech in over 100 languages.

It features a translator app that quickly translates menus, websites, documents, and real-time conversations between people. It is also equipped with the Translator API and Speech Service, which is ideal for interacting with customers and businesses.

Educational institutions can use this AI translate tool for the classroom in a variety of languages thanks to its live captioning feature. Note that some of these services require a subscription.

3. Reverso Translate

Reverso TranslateReverso TranslateReverso Translate

Reverso distinguishes itself by contextual translation for clear meaning. It also offers language learning tools alongside translation services, currently supporting 26 languages.

It's the translator of choice for polyglots and language enthusiasts.

As such, it includes comprehensive synonyms, alternative translations, pronunciations, verb conjugations, and grammar checking. It has limited support compared to major players like Google Translate and Bing Translator, but its translations are far better.

It's available as a mobile application as well as a web application. It can do translation of long texts, documents instantly.

4. Papago


Papago is an AI translation software that can translate with AI Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

It can be used to translate with AI text, documents and websites. It's available as a mobile app for both the iOS and Android platforms. It also has an extension for Firefox.

Language learners will find it useful thanks to features like Naver dictionary. 

5. DeepL

DeepL Translator Interface DeepL Translator Interface DeepL Translator Interface

Over the years, DeepL has developed a cult following, and its sect of diehard users would wear exploding language vests to defend this AI translator.

The list of users that DeepL helps transcend language barriers includes high net worth corporations, small businesses, college students, and star-crossed romantic partners love-bombing each other across time zones.

While it only supports 31 languages, its translations are far more accurate than its competitors, which include Google and Microsoft. 

6. Systran


Systrans is a major player in the field of AI-driven language translation. It has been around for a long time and has advanced systems that provide accurate translations for both individuals and businesses. 

It offers options for companies to integrate translation into their workflow and customize translation for their specific industries such as medical, legal, etc. It also comes with post-editing features that make it easy for human editors to review translated texts.

7. Smartling

Smartling Machine Translation Solution Smartling Machine Translation Solution Smartling Machine Translation Solution

Smartling is designed to help companies automate their AI language translation workflow. You can quickly and accurately translate websites, mobile applications, landing pages, product pages, campaigns, and documents into multiple languages with this translation management system. 

It supports integration with an array of software including WordPress, HubSpot, Zendesk, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and more.

8. Sonix

Sonic AI automated TranslatorSonic AI automated TranslatorSonic AI automated Translator

Sonix is an AI voice translator, transcription and translation platform. It works like this: when you upload your audio or video file, Sonix first transcribes it into text. It then translates the transcript into the target language of your choice. Before translation, you can review the transcript to make sure it is perfect.

This AI voice translator supports more than 40 languages. You can use it to translate podcasts, webinars, tutorials and videos into other languages.

The Importance of AI Translation Tools in 2023

The function of AI translation tools goes beyond language conversion. They provide the vital glue that connects your business to the world.  As a result, some benefits to your business include: 

  • Deep connections and lasting Partnerships: The ability to communicate with customers in their native language fosters relationships based on trust and understanding. 
  • Brand loyalty: Personalized solutions delivered in the customer's language create a seamless customer experience that builds a loyal customer base. 
  • Expanded opportunities: Breaking down language barriers opens more doors to new markets and audiences, and increases opportunities for growth. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Team members from different parts of the world can understand each other across a variety of languages.
  • Meaningful engagement through content localization: Translation tools with localization capabilities can help companies tailor their content for specific regions to convey nuances that local audiences can understand.

Finally, it's important to note that many AI language translation tools are not always accurate. They struggle to interpret complex sentence structures and nuanced text. For this reason, AI translation still requires some intervention by human editors.

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