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20 Coffee Shop PowerPoint PPT Templates: PPT Ideas to Energize Presentations 2021


Have you got a coffee shop? Are you presenting business ideas to potential investors? Whether you're showing your coffee related business plans to your business partner or just want to convey a sense of energy in your presentation, coffee-themed presentation templates are the way to go.

Caffeine, a PowerPoint template, is found on Envato Elements.

 Having a professional template when making business presentations is essential. It's crucial to make a good impression.

There are quite a few high quality business coffee shop templates to choose from on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. A first-rate coffee shop themed template will save you time and you'll end up with a more professional result.

Best Coffee Shop Presentation Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of logos, graphics, presentation templates, and other templates. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee, and you get unlimited use of the templates of your choice from the vast selection of templates on the site.

Unlimited PowerPoint Templates
On Envato Elements you'll find thousands of templates for PowerPoint and other tools.

When you're preparing to give your presentation in 2021, you need all the help you can get to save time and impress the audience. Starting with a professionally designed coffee-themed template will save you hours of design work and increase your performance. 

coffee templates on Envato Elements
Browse through the many coffee templates on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-use, coffee shop templates for PowerPoint have unique coffee slide designs and great visuals to choose from. Use them to showcase the concepts in your coffee shop presentation with pre-built coffee slides.

Instead of getting a free coffee template for PowerPoint or other presentation software, use a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Premium templates are usually the better deal since they're professionally designed and up-to-date with the latest features. Most of the coffee shop PowerPoint template free downloads don't offer many of these benefits.

Just add your business ideas and key data to these already visually impactful business slides. Quickly prep your presentation and you’re ready to go.  

5 Top Coffee Shop PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates From Envato Elements

Here's a hand-picked list of coffee themed presentations for PowerPoint in 2021:

1. Dovelis - Coffee Shop Template

Dovelis Cofee Theme For PowerPoint

Dovelis is a coffee shop template that's both high quality and professional. There are two different color schemes to choose from. You'll receive a total of 100 presentation slides so that you can make your presentation as long as you need. 

Variations of icons are part of the package.  Also included are vector shaped illustrations. Easily add images to the slides by dragging and dropping them into place.

2. Coffee Time PowerPoint Template

Coffee Time PowerPoint Template

Coffee Time is a modern-looking professional coffee template. Use this multipurpose presentation template for business purposes or personal needs. Here are some key features of this template: 

  • five color schemes to choose from
  • drag and drop images into place
  • over 150 total slides with five color variations
  • resizable and editable graphics
  • animated Slides

3. Coffee Time PowerPoint Template

Coffee Time Coffee Shop PPT Template

Coffee Time is a colorful coffee shop PowerPoint template. This presentation template contains charts, diagrams, and tables that match the theme of the template. Recolor and move objects in the template. Or drag and drop images into the place holder to add images to the slide. There are a total of 32 slides in this coffee cup themed template.

4. Caffeine - Coffeeshop PowerPoint Template

Caffeine Coffee Theme For PowerPoint

Caffeine is a PowerPoint template with a coffee background. This abstract modern template has thirty different slides. There are three pre-made color schemes to choose from. 

Along with the pre-made color schemes, there's a dark and light version of the themes. You can use charts in this template. The Caffeine template also comes with a portfolio page to showcase some of your coffee business’s unique drinks against a coffee background. If you’re looking for a fun and modern template, then this is the coffee template for you.

5. Gayo - Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template

coffee cup

This cafe PPT template is a creative and straightforward coffee shop template that can be easily edited. It's an excellent way to show off any professional pictures you've got. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • 36 total slides
  • free fonts
  • drag and drop images into place
  • widescreen format

Use the professional coffee shop template for a variety of purposes. Whether you're a café, coffee shop, or sell coffee beans, Gayo is a better option than a coffee shop PowerPoint template free download.

5 Top Coffee Shop Keynote & Google Slides Templates From Envato Elements

Envato Elements has your back if you use Keynote or Google Slides. Use your subscription to download a coffee Google Slides theme or coffee presentation slides for Keynote. Here are some of the top templates available from Envato Elements:

1. Phikhan - Coffee Shop Keynote Presentation

Phikhan Coffee Theme For PowerPoint

Minimal design in a Keynote presentation doesn't come much better than Phikhan. This theme has 30 unique coffee presentation slides for your ideas. Use the full HD template to add your coffee shop's personal touch.

2. Coffholic Brand Coffee Google Slide

Coffholic Coffee Google Slides Theme

Minimal design can be bold design too. Take Coffholic for instance. This coffee Google Slides theme features attractive typography and an easy-to-understand visual flow. Use the 50 unique slides included here for branding, sales, proposals, and more.

3. Kalin - Coffee Shop Keynote Template

Kalin Keynote Coffee Presentation Slides

Watch how Kalin's coffee presentation slides let your ideas take shape with photos. At the heart of this Keynote template is showing product and location with unique imagery. Just drag and drop your images into the specially designed shapes for a fun look.

4. STATION COFFEE - Coffee Shop Google Slides

Station Coffee Google Slides Theme

Station Coffee is another image-focused template. This coffee Google Slides theme not only lets you drag and drop your photos, but you can also edit the included infographics. It's a useful addition for proposals and marketing purposes.

5. Kohi - Cafe Business Keynote Template

Kohi Cafe Business Keynote Template

Do you want to present in style? Then have a look at this modern option. Kohi uses modern fonts and design trends to draw in viewers. Its use of white space makes these coffee presentation slides look especially clean stylish. 

Design Without Limits With Envato Elements

Design Without Limits Envato Elements
Envato Elements lets you download as many assets as you need without any caps.

If you need more than just a coffee PPT template, Envato Elements has an offer that's perfect for you:

Sign up for an Envato Elements subscription and get unlimited downloads and access to the full digital asset library. That means you can get professionally designed coffee presentation themes, WordPress themes, custom fonts, and more with a subscription.

Envato Elements Digital Asset Library
There are thousands of premium assets that creatives can use for their projects on Envato Elements.

If you're a creative that relies on assets for personal and professional projects, it's an unbeatable offer. Quality is never a concern, and the license for each item is easy to understand.

Envato Elements is great if you need many design assets, but if you just want a single PowerPoint coffee theme, head over to GraphicRiver.

15 More Premium PowerPoint PPT Coffee Shop Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

GraphicRiver also has great premium templates for coffee shops and related businesses. Buy the template you want for a one-time use. Here are some hand-picked templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Koffee Corporate - Creative PowerPoint Template

Koffee Corporate PowerPoint Coffee Theme

First on our list of PowerPoint coffee themes is Koffee Corporate. It's a full HD theme with 35 unique coffee slides ready for you to make your own. Resize and edit all graphics, and even use the included vector icons. If you're ever stuck, just check the included help file.

2. Kopitops – Coffee Business PowerPoint Template

Kopitops PowerPoint Coffee Theme

If you've been a shutterbug and taken plenty of product photos, you'll want a coffee theme for PowerPoint like Kopitops to show them off. Use this coffee template for in-store promotion, or business proposals. Either way, your photos will look their best contrasted against the light backgrounds and colors found in Kopitops.

3. Liberica Coffee PowerPoint Template

Liberica Coffee PowerPoint Template

Customization should always be a factor when you're choosing a PowerPoint coffee theme. Thankfully, Liberica offers many useful customization options. Drag and drop your photos, resize shapes, and tweak colors with this theme. 

And it's all wrapped up in a professionally designed package. It makes a nice alternative to a coffee shop PowerPoint template for free download.

4.  Tele - Great for a Coffee Shop Business Plan

Food Template

This coffee-themed template is perfect if you're a café or more than just a shop that sells coffee. If you're looking to make a coffee shop business plan, then this is the template for you. 

Tele is easy to edit because you can easily change graphics. To change a picture, just drag and drop the photo you want into the placeholder. Tele has a total of 31 slides.

5. Latte - High Quality Coffee Template

coffee template

Latte is a high-quality coffee template. Add custom charts to the slides in this slick retro theme template. You also get the choice of a dark version of the template that's a dark brown. Here are some key features of this template:

  • free icons that come with the template
  • drag and drop images into the placeholder
  • change the color scheme
  • slide animation can be added to the coffee slides

Latte is a minimal professional-looking slideshow template. It's great if you don't want anything to distract your audience from what you're trying to present. This template is also good if you're looking for a coffee mug template that isn't complicated.

6. Exprezzo Café

coffee mug template

Exprezzo is a coffee mug template with 80 distinctive coffee slides. With this template, you get 11 different color schemes to choose from. Choose the color scheme that matches your company color scheme or the theme of your choice. 

Exprezzo comes in two different formats: widescreen and standard screen. The template makes it easy for your cafe presentation to fit on any device. Along with this template, icons are included allowing you to emphasize important items. There's a light and dark version to choose from. Add charts and graphs to the coffee slides so that you can present data.

7. Toraja - Elegant Coffee-Themed Template

coffee-themed template

Toraja is an elegantly designed coffee template with minimalistic features. The black and white and coffee theme has a beautiful design. Add graphs to the slide template. Here are some key features of this coffee template

  • 50 unique coffee slides
  • drag and drop images into place
  • all shapes are editable
  • comes in widescreen format

The professional design of this template makes impressing your audience easy because of with the sleek look of the slide layout. With this slide template, you can present to investors or business partners. This template makes it easy to tell the story of your coffee business.

8. Caffeine - High Energy Coffee Template

coffee themed template

The Caffeine coffee template will make you hyper for your next cafe presentation. This template has a white and black version. Easily change the colors, fonts, animation, and photos on this template. 

With over 45 coffee slides, you can create a long cafe presentation and not run out of slides. This template also includes a timeline so you can show people where you started and where you are now.

9. Foodies - Restaurant or Coffee Shop Templates  

Food Template

Do you love food and coffee? Then this coffee shop themed template is for you. Maybe you want your business to be more than just a coffee shop? Here are some highlights of this template:

  • 50 unique coffee slides
  • fully editable in PowerPoint
  • comes with maps and infographics
  • includes professional company profile slides

This template is perfect for someone who wants to expand their business. This template is also great for any business that sells food along with coffee. With this professional and easy to use template, you're sure to impress your audience.

10. Wild Woods - Environmental Coffee Template

Woods Theme

This template is perfect for any coffee shop who loves the environment. If your company focuses on the environment, then this is the coffee mug template for you. This coffee shop template comes with free icons so that you can illustrate what you need to say. 

Change the colors to any color you want. All the coffee slides can be fully animated. Drag and drop images you want into the placeholder. This template will show your audience that you love both the environment and coffee.

11. Coffee - Template With Infographics and Charts

Coffee PowerPoint Theme

This coffee mug template allows you to showcase your coffee pictures on every slide. This professional-looking slide is great to show off how much you love coffee. Here are some key features of this template:

  • over 40 coffee slides
  • comes in widescreen format
  • comes with infographics, charts, and icons
  • can easily change the colors

This template is great if you're talking about coffee from other countries. Easily add maps to the slides. This coffee slides template has a modern and abstract look that shows off coffee in unique ways.

12. Beanixo - Fun, Minimal Template

coffee themed template

Beanixo is minimal style PowerPoint template. You get five pre-made color schemes so that you can personalize the coffee presentation easily while keeping it simple. Edit the pictures by dragging and dropping images of your choice into the placeholder. With 30 unique slides, put as much information in the coffee presentation as you need to.

13. Mokka PowerPoint

Mokka PowerPoint Theme

The Mokka business proposal theme is just as classy as the drink it's inspired by. There are more than 35 stylish slides here for you to play around with. 

Replace and resize all the graphics included with Mokka to make a stellar coffee theme for PowerPoint. Its minimalist design places your product, location, and team front and center.  

14. Covee – Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template

Covee Coffee Presentation Slides

You don't have to be a dark roast coffee fan to enjoy the aesthetics of the Covee template. Unlike most themes listed here, the default black option provides a bold change of pace to the presentation landscape. Get inspired to show off your coffee presentation ideas with its 36 unique and HD coffee slides.  

15. DALGONA - Coffee Shop & Cafe PowerPoint Template

Dalgona Coffee Shop PPT

We wrap up our list of coffee presentation slides from GraphicRiver with the great Dalgona theme. And what more could you need? Dalgona is endlessly customizable, and with free support, it's very easy to use. Take advantage of great features you won't find in a coffee shop PowerPoint template for free download, like:

  • more than 40 unique coffee slides
  • dozens of themed icons
  • customizable infographics, charts, and graphs

5 More Premium Coffee Shop Keynote & Google Slides Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

Just like Envato Elements, GraphicRiver is home to many premium options for Keynote and Google Slides. If you don't have PowerPoint, build your coffee shop presentation with some of these top templates:

1. NGOPAY - Coffee Cafe Google Slides Template

NGOPAY Coffee Google Slides Theme

NGOPAY's design marries white space and high-quality photos. It wouldn't be a stretch to say it's a match made in heaven. On top of the professional design, themed vector icons and infographics are also included. Add in your photos and coffee shop's information for a truly unique presentation. 

2. Coffee Shop Keynote Presentation Template

Coffee Shop Presentation Slides

This Keynote template makes a good home for your coffee presentation ideas. Coffee Shop uses modern design to let you tell a visual story. Customize the 30 unique coffee slides included here. There's even a help file to make the design process go smoothly. 

3. Noisette Creative Food and Beverage Business Google Slides Template

Noisette Coffee Presentation Slides

You can't go wrong with a light touch of color, as the designers of the Noisette template show. Choose from the taupe or gold themes for your presentation. The more than 100 slides of this Google Slides theme are great for coffee shops, display presentations, pitch decks, and more. 

4. Coffe Shop Keynote Template

Coffee Shop Keynote Template

Green isn't a color usually associated with coffee, which is why this Keynote template stands out so much. Choose from the light or dark modes to design with. Whichever you choose, you can still edit the included infographics and add images to show your coffee shop. 

5. Coffee Break

coffee break coffee template

Coffee Break is a simple Keynote template that can be used for personal or business use. This template comes with 24 icons and 19 coffee slides. You can fully animate your presentation. With this template, you also get three free fonts. This template comes with charts and graphs so that you can easily put your data into visuals. You also get a timeline in this coffee template to show the timeline of your business.

Get the Most Out of Your Premium Coffee PowerPoint Templates

To show you how easy it is to customize one of these premium cafe PPT templates, we'll go over a few simple to customize your coffee presentation. For our example, we'll use the premium template, Coffee Presentation.

Envato Coffee Presentation for PowerPoint
Customize this premium coffee shop PPT template for your next coffee-themed presentation.

Apply any of these tips to any one of your PowerPoint templates. Let's get started:

1. Add Images

The premium templates on Envato all have image placeholders. They make it easy to add your own images into the slides and have them fit with the design.

To add an image in one of the placeholders, double click the image placeholder, click the Change Picture top menu header option, and then choose the From File... option. From there, select the image you want to add to the slide from your computer.

Adding image
Adding images to slides in this premium template.

2. Change Fonts

While the premium presentation templates have great designs, you may still want to change the font of specific text on your slides. You can have as many fonts for your text as you would like.

To change the font, highlight the text you want to change. Go to the top menu drop down menu for fonts and choose your new font. 

Changing Fonts
Easily change fonts on your premium templates

3. Change Shape Colors

Another element that you might want to style differently than what comes in the template are the colors of the various shapes. To change the color of the various shape on your slides simply click the shape and choose the Shape Fill drop down menu. There you choose any color you see fit for you presentation.

Change Shape Colors
You can easily change the color of the different elements on your premium slides.

4. Insert Transitions

Transitions seamlessly move your coffee presentation from one slide to the next. Your audience will really appreciate these transitions as they add to the flow and design of the presentation.

To add transitions, go to the top menu header and click the Transitions tab. From there, click on the dropdown to see the full array of options. Also, on the right side of your screen change options like duration and apply the same transition to every slide in the deck.

Inserting Transitions
Transitions are a great way to add interest to your presentations.

5. Remove Unwanted Elements

The premium templates available on Envato Elements should be thought as a starting point and not the finished product. While the creators of the templates put together the best designed templates available on the web, not every element will fit your presentation needs.

This final tip is simply to delete unwanted elements from your coffee slides. If you don't need a specific element on your slide, then just delete it. Less is more!

Remove unwanted elements
If you don't need a specific element on your slides, then delete it.

Let's now go over three hot coffee presentation ideas that can help you create the perfect coffee presentation. 

3 Hot Coffee Presentation Ideas

Now that you've seen a great selection of coffee presentation themes, let's look at some other ideas to help your coffee presentation: 

1. Match Your Coffee Presentation Templates to Your Business

Coffee Templates
This Coffee Time template can be found on Envato Elements.

Make sure that the theme of your presentation matches the theme of your business. If your company color is yellow, then find a presentation with yellow or a variation of yellow in it. Or change the color of a template you like to match.

By having a presentation using your company colors and theme, your brand looks more cohesive. Make sure that your coffee shop template theme fits with the topic you're presenting. It'll help the audience immediately understand what your primary topic is.

2. Use Charts, Graphs or Timelines

When presenting data, it's best to use some time of visual, such as a chart, graph or timeline to help tell your story. Charts help the audience to visualize the data. 

There are several different types of charts that you can choose from to help your audience visualize your data. For example, a line graph is good for showing trends in numbers. A pie chart is great for percentages that add up to 100. A bar graph is great for comparing two sets of data. 

With charts, break up the coffee slides so that you don't just have a bunch of text.

3.  Don't Clutter the Slides

coffee template

Don't clutter a slide by putting too many words or visuals on a single slide. Many templates have a minimalistic theme, so put that minimalist theme to its best use by not cluttering up the slide. 

If you need to, duplicate a busy slide so that you can present all your information using many slides. When a slide is cluttered, it can send mixed messages to the audience and look unprofessional. By keeping your slides uncluttered, you'll have a more professional presentation

Download Even More Premium Templates

Still looking for even more high-quality templates? Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have a library full of premium coffee presentation templates that'll work for any presentation that you need to create. To find even more hand selected templates for your next coffee presentation and cafe presentation, check out the articles below:

Learn More About Microsoft PowerPoint

The templates in this article will provide you with a great starting point for creating a professional presentation. But customizations may still need to be done to fit the template for your specific presentation. Thankfully Envato Tuts has plenty of tutorials that you can check out below including the in-depth guide, PowerPoint Tutorial Guide.

Where to Find the Best Coffee Shop PowerPoint Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have contemporary, popular Coffee Shop PowerPoint templates with next level designs. But should you use GraphicRiver or Envato Elements? And what are the key benefits of each?

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service that gives you unlimited creative template downloads for a single monthly fee. This is an incredibly powerful offer... 

Download as many Coffee Shop PowerPoint templates as you need to want as long as you've got the subscription.  Also, download all the creative assets that Elements has to offer including fonts, stock video, graphics, web templates, and much more. 

Envato Elements Coffee
Best-selling coffee PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements.


2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

If you need to buy templates one at a time, then GraphicRiver is the leading marketplace for purchasing single-use graphics and visual assets. It’s part of the Envato Market suite of online marketplaces that cater to a lot of creative digital asset needs.

When you need a coffee or cafe type presentation for your upcoming project, then check out GraphicRiver to make a purchase. Here are the coffee presentation templates that are currently trending on GraphicRiver:

GraphicRiver Coffee Presenations
Best-selling GraphicRiver coffee presentations.

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you're someone who needs many PowerPoint templates or access to other creative assets for your business, then Envato Elements is the perfect choice for you. It offers incredible value. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements - Design without limits
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

If you just need to purchase one template then head on over to GraphicRiver to buy assets one at time.  

More Resources for Coffee Shops & Others

What if you didn't find a coffee shop template in the list above? Many of our other presentation themes would also work well for a coffee-themed presentation. Check out this curated list for more options:

 Here are other types of resources for coffee shops and coffee-related businesses that you'll find useful:

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Download Your Coffee-Themed Presentation Template Today

Now you've seen some hand-picked coffee templates from Envato Elements. You've also seen great coffee shop templates from GraphicRiver. We've also shared extra resources to help you make your coffee presentation your best as well as some coffee presentation ideas. 

Why not download your favorite coffee template right now? You can start making your professional coffee presentation right away.

Editor's note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding coffee shop presentation PowerPoint templates with the best, trending designs. That way, you can find just the coffee template for PPT for your next presentation.

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