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How to Open & View Keynote Presentations on PC (In 60 Seconds)

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If you use Apple's popular Keynote presentation software, you may sometimes find yourself needing to share your files with someone who doesn't have a Mac. Let's look at how to save a Keynote presentation as a PowerPoint. Then I'll show you how to open an exported Keynote file on a PC.

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Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations

Note: In this tutorial we use the Keynote Pitch themeYou can find more great Keynote presentation templates on GraphicRiver or on Envato Elements. For even more inspiration take a look at 15+ Best Keynote Presentation Templates.

How to Quickly Open and View a Keynote Presentation

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Export a Keynote Presentation

Apple's Keynote presentation software is an easy to use as a presentation and design tool. But because it's Mac and iOS specific, sometimes we need to find a way to share the presentations we build with our friends on Windows. My favorite way to do that is to go to the File > Export > PowerPoint menu.

Convert keynote to PowerPoint
Use the drop-down menus to convert Keynote to PowerPoint.

2. Save the Exported Presentation

Let's choose Next and then choose a place and file name to save your exported PowerPoint edition of the slide deck. 

Choose a location and file name
Choose a location and file name for your exported Keynote presentation file.

3. Open the Keynote Presentation in Windows

Now let's go ahead and simply send this over to Windows. Switching over to Windows, you can see that we can open up the exported slides from Keynote. The Keynote presentation is looking good here in PowerPoint.

How to open a Keynote file in Windows
You've just learned how to open a Keynote file in Windows.

Finishing Up!

Most features and aspects of the Keynote presentation are supported in PowerPoint, but make sure to give your presentation a quick review after you've converted it. Make sure to check that items like animations, charts, and graphs are all appearing the way that you want once it's in PowerPoint on the Windows side.

One other option would be to export the Keynote file as a PDF from that same menu, but you would lose the ability to keep editing the file.

Don't forget your Windows colleagues if you're a Keynote user. Use the steps in this tutorial to convert Keynote to PowerPoint so that PC users can open your Keynote files.

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