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How to Use Keynote in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials)

In this multipart video tutorial series, you'll learn how to get more done. We'll cover the basics such as how to open and view keynote presentations and how to rotate text and shapes. We'll also tackle some more advanced topics such as how to use Keynote Instant Alpha and how to add animated GIFs. 

If you want to learn how to use Apple Keynote quickly, we've got you covered. These quick video tutorials cover a variety of Keynote features, yet each video is only 60 seconds long. These are perfect if you need to learn Keynote or refresh your skills, but you're on a tight schedule.

Quick-Fire Keynote Video Tutorials (Only 60 Seconds Each)

Follow along as the instructor walks you through various Keynote tasks in each video. You can progress through the entire series of tutorials for a more complete learning experience, or pick and choose those tutorials that interest you the most.

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Note: Be sure bookmark this Apple Keynote video tutorial guide so you can through these tutorials at your own pace.

Keep in mind, each Keynote tool you become familiar with brings you that much closer to creating powerful and engaging Keynote presentations. So, why not take a short break and watch one or more of these today?

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