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How to Hide and Delete Slides in Keynote in 60 Seconds

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Let's take a quick look at how to hide and delete slides in Apple's excellent Keynote software.

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Note: In this tutorial we use the Pitch Template. You can get great keynote presentation templates from Envato Elements or on GraphicRiver. You can also find some examples in our 15+ Best Keynote Presentation Templates.

How to Hide and Delete Slides in Keynote

Let's take a quick look at how to hide and delete slides in Apple's excellent Keynote software. 

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. How to Hide Slides in Keynote

Hiding a slide will keep it in the Keynote file, but out of the view of the presentation when you're in slideshow mode. To do that, you can just right-click on the slide here in the sidebar and choose Skip Slide.

How to Hide Slides in Keynote
Choose Skip Slide to hide a slide in Keynote.

The slide will become a very small line and no longer be visible. You could click on it to view it here in the sidebar, but it won't show when you're in slideshow mode. You can always Cmd + Click on multiple slide thumbnails, and then click on the same Skip Slide option to skip all of them.

How to Hide Multiple Slides
You can hide multiple slides at the same time in Keynote.

2. How to Delete a Slide in Keynote

Next, maybe you want to totally remove slides from the deck altogether. To do that, let's Cmd + Click on all of them that we want to remove. Next up, you can Ctrl + Click, and then choose delete slides. This removes all of the slides that we had selected so that they're no longer included.

How to Delete Slides On Keynote
You can easily delete slides from your presentation in Keynote.

3. How to Undo Deleting a Slide

Finally, you can undo deleting a slide with Edit > Undo. You could also unhide slides by Ctrl + Click on any slide that's hidden, and choose Undo Delete Slides

How to undo delete slides on keynote
You can undo deleting a slide in Keynote.

Either way, you can customize what's in or out of your slideshow with these two commands. 

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