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25 Best Free Coffee Themed PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download 2021


Do you work in the coffee industry or do you have a school project all about coffee? Maybe you've got an upcoming business presentation that's coffee themed? You've come to the right place. 

Mandailing Coffee Powerpoint Template
Mandailing Coffee PowerPoint Template, a premium pre-built PowerPoint coffee theme on Envato Elements 

Regardless of the theme of your presentation, the goal of any presenter is to create the best possible slide presentation and impress your audience. Usually we want to do this without spending too much time on it. This can easily be done by working smart and leaving the heavy lifting to the experts. All you need is an excellent pre-built coffee PPT template. 

This article lists 25 coffee PowerPoint templates free to download online. We'll also check out premium coffee themed PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and premium pre-built coffee PPT templates from GraphicRiver, so you know the difference between premium and free presentation templates. 

Let's get started and find the best coffee themed PowerPoint template for your presentation.

The Best Premium Coffee Themes for PowerPoint on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has loads to offer if you want to take your project to the next level without spending too much time on it. Unlock unlimited access to PPT templates, videos, photos, and other digital assets for a low monthly fee.

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them.

Invest in your brand by signing up for an Envato Elements subscription. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts. You'll rapidly improve your marketing, business development, and presentation projects.

Find loads of premium coffee presentation slide templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium coffee presentation slide templates on Envato Elements

Are you still considering coffee PowerPoint templates that are free to download you found online? There are shortfalls that you may face. Uniqueness is generally a major concern. Lack of useful features like infographics or animations is also something to watch out for. 

Try out a premium template from GraphicRiver, without a monthly subscription fee. Buy and download coffee presentation slide templates one-at-a-time. We'll also look into this option in the following sections.

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Coffee Theme for 2021 (Envato Elements)

A coffee themed PowerPoint template doesn't always have to be brown and dull. There are loads of modern and non-brown templates that you can use to impress in 2021.

Let's explore a few best premium coffee PPT templates from Envato Elements: 

1. Coffees - PowerPoint Coffee Theme

Coffees - PowerPoint Coffee Theme

This template comes with over 30 slides and five premade colors. The example image above uses yellow and shades of gray. This gives it a very fresh and modern feel. It also comes with loads of features like:

  • handcrafted infographics
  • section break slides
  • gallery and portfolio slides
  • resizable and editable graphics
  • picture placeholders, allowing you to drag & drop
  • pixel perfect illustrations

2. Navia - Coffee PowerPoint Template

Navia - Coffee PowerPoint Template

Navia helps you make a perfect coffee PowerPoint presentation and impress your audience. It comes with 30 unique slides and five premade color variations in PPTX and PPT. Use this multipurpose template for personal or business presentations. 

3. Coffee Time - PowerPoint Template

Coffee Time - PowerPoint Template

This is a great PowerPoint template multipurpose presentation for business or personal needs. Edit all elements on this template from PowerPoint, without needing another software. This template also comes with handcrafted infographics. They'll help keep your slides interesting and to the point.

4. Great Coffee Presentation - Premium PowerPoint Template

Great Coffee Presentation - Premium PowerPoint Template

This premium PowerPoint template features a minimal and elegant style. You’ll get a total of 150 editable slides designed in HD resolution that are easy to edit and customize. The template comes with drag and drop image placeholders and editable graphics. It also has five premade color schemes and numerous infographic elements to spice up your data slides.

5. Kahala - Coffee-Themes Premium PowerPoint Template

Kahala - Coffee-Themes Premium PowerPoint Template

The Kahala PowerPoint template is a versatile template with 30 unique slides designed in widescreen resolution. The template comes with editable vector shapes and image placeholders for easy editing. If you want a template that stands out with elegant typography, the Kahala PPT presentation is a great choice.

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Coffee Theme for 2021 (GraphicRiver)

Would you rather buy your coffee theme PowerPoints one-at-a-time? Then you'll want to take a look at these top premium coffee PPT templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Pahit - Coffee Shop Presentation Template

Pahit - Coffee Shop Presentation Template

The Pahit template can be used for a coffee shop presentation, but also for other types of presentations thanks to its versatile design. The template includes 36 fully editable slides based on master slides. You’ll also find image placeholders, editable vector graphics, and the template itself is easy to customize.

2. Aroma - Coffee Shop Premium PowerPoint Presentation Template

Aroma - Coffee Shop Premium PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Aroma template features 35 unique slides based on master slides and designed in widescreen resolution. The template comes with more than 300 unique icons that you can use in your designs. It’s easy to customize. Take advantage of image placeholders to quickly insert your own photos.

3. Dalgona - Premium Coffee Presentation Template

Dalgona - Premium Coffee Presentation Template

The Dalgona premium coffee presentation template has modern design with a creamy color scheme that’s just perfect for coffee presentations. The template is fully customizable and has 40+ unique slides. You’ll also find custom icons, image placeholders, and portfolio slides to take your presentation to the next level.

4. Coffee Presentation Template

Coffee Presentation Template

Coffee Presentation Template is a modern design that comes in a unique color. It's got over 40 slides and is fully customizable. Use the infographics, charts, icons, and other elements to help you create the best possible coffee themed presentation in minutes. 

5. NGOPAY - Coffee Cafe PowerPoint Template

NGOPAY - Coffee Cafe PowerPoint Template

Use NGOPAY for any type of presentation like pitches, portfolio, corporate, branding, or advertising. The cafe PPT comes with over 54 unique slides that are easy to use. These professionally designed slides are clean, modern, and multipurpose. 

25 Top Free Coffee PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Before diving into the coffee PowerPoint templates that are free to download online, check Envato's free offerings. Test out various premium files (not always coffee themes for PowerPoint) at no cost to you. 

Here's the deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 unique files like templates, fonts, videos, photos, and more monthly. Create a free account to download this month's premium free files now. 
  • Envato Market offers seven unique monthly freebies. A free file from GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, VideoHive, AudioJungle, PhotoDune, CodeCanyon, and 3DOcean is yours to use. Sign up and log in to get this month's premium freebies.   

Can't find a coffee theme for PowerPoint among this month's premium freebies? Coffee PowerPoint templates free to download online are your next best bet. It's still helpful, and you don't need to start from scratch.  

Let's explore 25 free coffee PowerPoint presentation templates from around the web:

1. Beans - Free Coffee PowerPoint Presentation features a dark brown template with tan background color and a closeup coffee beans image. 

2. Heartbeat - Coffee PowerPoint Template Free comes with an image of a cup of coffee and beans lined up in a row. This template helps you prepare and serve espresso coffee PowerPoint presentations. 

3. Free Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template. This brown coffee template design uses an image of a person using a coffee machine.  

Free Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template

4. Notepad - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint uses an image of a cup of coffee, coffee beans, and a notebook. It gives off the vibes of a meeting or coffee related training.

5. Coffee Industry - Free Coffee PowerPoint Presentation features seven images that are coffee related. It's a multipurpose coffee themed PowerPoint template.

6. Free PowerPoint Coffee Theme is a dark template that uses an image of a cup of hot coffee and chocolates. 

7. Morning Coffee - Free Coffee Theme for PowerPoint uses a top view of a coffee cup on some papers. There are also blueberries and square desserts. 

8. Coffee Art - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint features a coffee pot, cup, and saucer made from coffee beans. This is on a white background. Text boxes are in brown and fonts are in white. 

Coffee Art - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint

9. Coffee PPT Template Free Download comes with coffee beans at the bottom of the slide and light brown as the background of the rest. 

10. Free Coffee Background for PowerPoint. This coffee themed PowerPoint template has an illustration of coffee beans over a black background.  

11. Coffee Table -  Free Coffee Template Design uses an image of real coffee beans on a white background. 

12. Coffee Crown - Coffee PowerPoint Template Free is an abstract coffee template design with coffee beans, lines, and orange background. 

13. Coffee Studio - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint. This template has a top view of a cup of coffee on a light brown table. There's also a red image that's got wood-like lines. 

Coffee Studio - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint

14. Happy Coffee - Free Coffee PowerPoint Presentation is a fun and happy illustration of a big coffee cup, gifts, houses, and greens. 

15. Coffee Table - Free Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee PowerPoint. It's a pleasant illustration of a hot cup of coffee on a brown background. 

16. Coffee Design - Coffee PPT Template Free Download. This is a coffee-inspired design. It's got coffee beans on dark tiles. These tiles are randomly placed on a light brown background. 

17.  Coffee PowerPoint Template Free comes with 48 coffee presentation slides in a brown color theme. 

18. Coffee Machine - Free Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee PowerPoint comes with a cover slide and two internal backgrounds. It uses a closeup image of a coffee machine as the focus of these coffee presentation slides.

Coffee Machine - Free Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee PowerPoint

19. Coffee and Smartphone - Free Coffee Template PowerPoint uses an image of a cup of coffee, a pot, a smartphone, and magazines on a wooden table. The image is also edited to look like a pinkish coffee background for PowerPoint. 

20. Abstract Coffee PPT Template Free. This coffee template design comes with a master background and an internal slide. It's got an abstract illustration of a coffee cup.  

21. Grains of Coffee - Free Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template features a red retro looking coffee cup and saucer on a black table with coffee beans. This template helps you prepare and serve espresso coffee PowerPoint presentations. 

22. Flavor-Food - Free Coffee Background for PowerPoint uses a top view of a cup of coffee with latte art against a black background. 

23. Diagram - Coffee PPT Template Free is used to compare two opposing concepts of coffee beans. This coffee presentation slide has an editable graphic with text and icon placeholders. 

Diagram - Coffee PPT Template Free

24. Brand - Coffee Shop PowerPoint Template comes in a brownish and reddish tone. Use this cafe PPT template to present your brand identity. 

25. Hot Coffee - Free Coffee Background for PowerPoint has an interesting combination of white background, dark tons of coffee beans, and a greenish-blue color for the titles. 

How to Customize a Premium PowerPoint Template 

Once you’ve found the perfect coffee-themed PowerPoint template, you’ll need to customize it. Here’s how you can quickly customize a premium PowerPoint template in five easy steps. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the Coffee Presentation template from Envato Elements.

Coffee presentation template
Coffee presentation template on Envato Elements

Let's get started:

1. Create an Engaging Cover

The first step to customize your cafe PowerPoint presentation template is to create an engaging cover. The cover slide is the first thing your audience will see. So it needs to have a captivating title along with an attention-grabbing image.

Start by adding your own photo using the image placeholder. Right-click on the little picture icon. Select Change picture > From File and choose an appropriate photo from your computer.

Creating a cover
Creating a cover for your coffee PowerPoint presentation

Then, customize the title of your presentation by double-clicking the title, highlighting it with CTRL+A, and entering your own title. Change the font used for the presentation title by selecting a new font from the drop-down menu on the Home tab. 

2. Duplicate or Delete Slides

If you need more slides than what's included with your template, you can easily duplicate a slide you like. Right-click on the slide and select the Duplicate Slide option. Similarly, to get rid of extra slides right click on the slide and select Delete Slide.

Duplicating or deleting slides
Duplicating or deleting slides

3. Experiment With Slide Layout

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the slide layout. You can freely move elements on the slide and reorder them to your liking.

For example, the slide #19 has an image paired with a heading and a text box below it. To make it more unique, I’ve moved the entire text box to the left side of the image as well as the image itself.

Adjusting the slide layout
Adjusting the slide layout

4. Change Fonts & Colors

Another way to customize your PowerPoint template is to change the default colors and fonts. To change the colors right-click on any colored area and select Format Shape. Then, under Fill click on Solid Fill. Change the color to your preferred color.

Customizing colors
Customizing the colors in your presentation

To change fonts, select the text on the slide and choose a different font from the drop-down font menu.

Customizing fonts
Customizing colors

5. Explore Suggested Design Ideas

Finally, you can take advantage of a new feature in PowerPoint that gives you design ideas for your slides. Access it by clicking the Design Ideas button on the Home tab. PowerPoint then suggests a variety of slide designs to insert into your presentation with a click of a button.

Exploring design ideas
Exploring design ideas

5 Quick Design Tips To Make Great Coffee Themed PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Ever wonder how you can improve your slide creation skills? Here are five quick tips to make a good coffee presentation great:

1. Work Smart - Invest in a Premium Pre-built Template

Anything that makes you or your brand look professional without spending too much time or effort is an investment. Not having to start designing from scratch is always a plus as well. 

Exprezzo Cafe PowerPoint Presentation Template
Exprezzo Cafe PowerPoint Presentation Template, a premium template from Envato Elements comes with loads of infographics 

Premium pre-built templates have all the design elements taken care of by an expert. Most of them come with icons, animations, and infographics that are easy to customize. Regardless of your design skills, you can create a professional coffee PowerPoint presentation in minutes. 

2. Stay Away From Clutter 

A cluttered slide makes it hard to follow. If you've got a slide full of text and graphics, your audience wouldn't know where to look and what's important. 

Coffebean - Powerpoint Template a premium clutter free PPT template from Envato Elements
Coffebean - PowerPoint Template, a premium clutter-free PPT template from Envato Elements

Here are a few simple ways to avoid clutter on slides: 

  • Leave plenty of white space around each element on your slides
  • Summarize or use bullet points
  • Use a bigger font size so you'll end up with lesser text that's easy to read

3. Visualize With Infographics

Add infographics when possible to reduce text. It also helps you make complex data easier to understand and remember. Infographics can be anything from charts, graphs, timelines, to maps. An easy to follow coffee PowerPoint presentation keeps your audience more focused and engaged.  

Check out this article if you're new to infographics:

4. Minimize Distractions

Keep your audience focused while you present by minimizing distractions. To do this, start by identifying possible distractions. Try to avoid them. Distracting elements can be anything like these:

  • Poorly designed presentations that are loud or dated
  • Busy or cluttered slides
  • Bad alignments
  • Too much audio or video
  • Too much flashy animations or transitions
  • Unnecessary use of difficult words

Test your completed cafe PowerPoint presentation with someone. Look out for their reactions and ask for their feedback. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

5. Use High-Quality Visuals

As soon as you include an image on a slide, it becomes the main focal point. Choose your images wisely as they can also help send a message. 

Smiling Woman Relaxing on Couch With Coffee a high-quality stock photo from Envato Elements
Smiling Woman Relaxing on Couch With Coffee, a high-quality stock photo from Envato Elements

Always use high-resolution images for all your work. Anything less would look unprofessional. If possible, double-check to see if the photos are still sharp once they're projected on a bigger screen.  

As an Envato Elements subscribe, you'll get access to over a million high-quality, royalty-free stock photos. Create an impactful cafe PowerPoint presentation with images of your choice. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Are you planning to use PowerPoint for your next coffee presentation? If that’s the case, you might have some questions about this powerful program. Here, we’ve gathered the most common PowerPoint questions to provide you with answers: 

1. How Do I Start Using PowerPoint?

To get started using PowerPoint, all you've got to do is click the PowerPoint icon in the Start Menu or your Launchpad. Then, select a premade template or start from scratch with a blank slide.

We've got a tutorial that walks you through the process of getting started with PowerPoint:

2. What Are the Best Fonts to Use in PowerPoint Presentations?

Choosing fonts for your coffee PowerPoint presentation is crucial if you want your slide deck to look professional as well as ensure it’s easy to read. We've got a detailed tutorial that explains different font choices for your presentation. It'll show you examples of PowerPoint templates with beautiful typography:

3. What Size Should My Slides Be?

The size and aspect ratio of your cafe PowerPoint presentation matters a lot. Choose the wrong size and your slides may appear cut off at the edges.

The first step is to decide which device your presentation is most likely to appear on. Then tailor the slide size to ensure it displays properly. This tutorial will give you more information on choosing the right slide size:

4. What’s the Difference Between Online PowerPoint and the Desktop App?

The main difference between the two versions of PowerPoint is the price. The online app is free to use while the desktop app is a part of Office 365 for which you've got to pay a monthly subscription.

5. How Do I Create Any Questions Slide?

Creating a great “any questions” slide is not difficult in PowerPoint. There are a few ways to do this. We've got a tutorial to help you design an attention-grabbing “any questions” slide:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Browse through more of the best PPT templates in 2021 for inspiration. These three articles closely match your theme: 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

As you work on your cafe PowerPoint presentation, it's good to keep useful learning resources handy. Our How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) is an excellent guide to pin to your favorite. It's an extensive compilation of smaller tutorials covering various PPT how-tos.

Here are three more PowerPoint resources:

Grab a Premium Coffee PPT Templates Today!

Create your next coffee presentation slides effortlessly with a premium PowerPoint coffee theme. Get started by browsing through the selection of premium PowerPoint coffee themes on Envato Elements. With an Envato subscription, download and test out digital assets (including PPT templates) without limits.

Want to go premium but can't sign up for a monthly subscription just yet? Explore a selection of premium pre-built coffee themes for PowerPoint. Select the one that fits your requirements and make it yours with the pay-per-download model offered by GraphicRiver.

Don't have much of a budget? Always use a pre-built template even if you can't go premium. This article has some coffee PowerPoint templates free to download for inspiration. 

Pre-built coffee themed PowerPoint template is a must! It helps you save time and work efficiently. Pick the best template for your requirements and get started on your slides.

Work smart and get your hands on a premium coffee themed PowerPoint template. Download one today!  

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding fresh new templates for coffee-themed PowerPoint presentations.

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