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20 Most Creative Certificate Design Templates (Modern Styles for 2020)


What better way to let your employees, students, coworkers or volunteers know you appreciate and celebrate their hard work than with a beautifully executed certificate of achievement? 

Just one of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato Elements
Just one of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato Elements

If you want to create a certificate of achievement for a special celebration, Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have the very best creative certificate template designs. Today we'll share the 20 most creative design ideas to be found at both sites. 

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs (With Unlimited Use)

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs

Before we begin, let's talk about what makes Envato Elements one of the best sites for creative certificate design inspiration.  

  1. Elements offers truly creative certificate of appreciation.
  2. Once you buy a template you can customise it to fit your needs.
  3. Keep making changes to your template to adapt it for different occasions.
  4. The modern certificates of completion at Envato will save you money. Download as many as you like for one low price.  

5 Amazing Certificate Design Templates (From Envato Elements)  

You've just seen some of the great reasons to use the templates at Elements. Now let's look at five of the amazing certificate designs available: 

1. Abstract Certificate

Abstract Certificate

The Abstract Certificate template offers a colourful geometric background pattern on which you can write your text. The standout feature is the white overlay feature that resembles paint dripping down the creative certificate. 

The template is American letter size. The three vector EPS files are fully layered for easy customisation in Adobe Illustrator.

2. Certificate / Diploma Template Pro

Certificate  Diploma Template Pro

Most creative certificate templates are going to be eye catching. But those working in creative industries will appreciate Certificate / Diploma Template Pro with its clean and artsy design and wonderful fonts. It uses a US letter size with a .25-inch bleed area and is well organised and easy to customise.

3. Colourful Certificate of Completion

Colourful Certificate of Completion

Customise this colourful template to suite your brand. You'll have a creative certificate of appreciation in your hands in no time. The US letter size template comes with a help file is editable in Photoshop or Illustrator. If you get stuck, you can figure out where you went wrong and how to course correct. 

4. Art Deco Certificate

Art Deco Certificate

This Art Deco Certificate is perfect for those looking for amazing certificate designs with a whole lot of pizazz. One of the most creative certificates offered at Elements. The template is US letter size, features cool art deco design touches. It's fully customisable in photoshop.   

5. Certificate with Paint Effect

Certificate with Paint Effect

Elements creative certificate of appreciation come in such a wide range of styles. This one takes its inspiration from a smear of wet paint of several hues semi-blended together. The modern certificate of completion comes with three vector EPS files in US letter size which are fully editable in Illustrator.  

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Great template at one low price
Envato Elements - Great template at one low price

Envato Elements' certificate design template are professional, versatile and easy to use. With unlimited downloads, choose as many modern certificates of completion as you want. 

That's the beauty of Envato Elements. One low monthly fee = unlimited access to the best award certificate designs. You'll also get access to thousands of premium digital assets like logos, fonts, photos, business card templates and much more.

If you're looking to buy just one creative certificate of appreciationGraphicRiver may be a better option for you. 

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs (Buy One at a Time) 

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs

For more certificate design inspiration, GraphicRiver is another great resource. While Elements is the best award certificate design source when you want to buy many templates and other resources as well. GraphicRiver is better for those who prefer to buy a single template rather than many templates and resources as part of a monthly plan.

15 Most Creative Certificate Design Templates (Modern Styles for 2020) 

For a one-off template when your budget is tight, Graphic River is a great option for the best award certificate design. Let's look at 15 creative certificate design ideas:

1. Watercolor Corporate Certificate Template

Watercolor Corporate Certificate Template

When you need to celebrate an employee or student's achievement, this creative certificate design is a terrific choice. The beautiful pack of certificate templates features a yellow green watercolour design at the top of the certificate which gives way to white space. The files come in both portrait and landscape for your convenience. And they're fully editable in Illustrator. 

2. Modern Certificate Template

Modern Certificate Template

This understated modern design is a great selection for contemporary companies who are looking for creative certificate designs that fit with their corporate image. The A4 format comes in both portrait and landscape versions for your convenience. Customise the templates with your choice of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

3. Modern Certificate

Modern Certificate

Bring a smile to your employee's face and make them feel valued with this awesome certificate of appreciation template. The sleek design and colourful geometric shapes will impress the recipient and convey the professional look you're going for. The template comes in both A4 and US letter size. Customise it using your choice of Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Word.

4. Modern Dynamic Diploma Award Certificate

Modern Dynamic Diploma Award Certificate

Looking for some certificate design inspiration? Check out this cool template. Primary colours work well together. They'll always arrest the eyes. So, you can add your text and use the template as is or change the colours to reflect your brand.

Use this for your awards event, and make the recipient feel proud and acknowledged. The A4 template gives you a choice of either a portrait or landscape design.

5. Modern Minimalist Certificate

Modern Minimalist Certificate

If you're looking for certificate design ideas that are bit more traditional, this professional template uses a simple duo colour bar down one side that ends in the certificate emblem. Choose between portrait and landscape. You can also change the colour of your bar, the background of your certificate and all other aspects of this design.   

6. Certificate Design Template

Certificate Design Template

Are you looking for a modern certificate of completion or achievement with a stylish flair? Then you've got to see this gorgeous certificate with its bright bold swirl of colour across the middle. The template is made in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It comes in both A4 and US letter size. It also comes in three striking colours. But you can change image, text and colour to suit your taste and needs. 

7. Creative Certificate Template

Creative Certificate Template

Nothing says we appreciate you more than this striking creative certificate template with its gorgeous wave of colour, line and texture down one side. It's also got a subtly patterned background. The A4 template provides AI and EPS files so that you can edit quickly and easily in Illustrator. 

8. Corporate Certificate

Corporate Certificate

Recognise a valued employee with this certificate of appreciation template. It offers a clean design with a touch of colour in the beautiful shards found in opposite corners of the template. These clean and colourful geometric shapes give the template a contemporary professional look while keeping the design simple.

9. Squares Certificate

Squares Certificate

This certificate design with its subtle monochromatic colour accents uses a similar idea to the one above. But it replaces the brightly coloured shards with square shapes of varying sizes. Customise the A4 template in Illustrator by adding your own text or changing the fonts and colours as needed. 

10. Multicoloured Lines Certificate

Multicoloured Lines Certificate

This fabulous certificate of achievement can't help but catch the eye. It's got colourful swirls at the top and lower left corner. The A4 template comes in both landscape and portrait and is easy to customise.

11. Modern Multicoloured Certificate

Modern Multicoloured Certificate

For more certificate design ideas from the designer featured above, check out this template. It uses triangular flags across the top left of the design to add bit of fun and lightheartedness to the design. Like the template above, this one's also an A4 template that comes in both landscape and portrait. It's customisable in Illustrator. 

12. Clean Certificate

Clean Certificate

Here's certificate design inspiration with a different touch. The A4 template uses a patterned background and poly line mesh design in opposite corners. Use either Photoshop or Word to customise your template quickly and easily.   

13. Modern Multipurpose Certificate

 Modern Multipurpose Certificate

Here's another modern certificate of completion and appreciation that uses corner shards to draw the eye to the text on the certificate. This certificate distinguishes itself by using a subtle illustration of a world map in the background. The US letter size template comes in three colour versions. It can be used in landscape or portrait.

14. Creative Certificate Design

Creative Certificate Design

Never has black looked so good. Use this gorgeous template with its black background to make your text pop. Of course, if you prefer the traditional white background you can always change the colour when you customise the A4 template. 

15. Certificate Template Design

Certificate Template Design

Keeping with the black background theme, this certificate of achievement template features a stunning pattern of lines. The A4 template uses three colour variations. Edit it in Illustrator. There's also a full set of instructions just in case you need them.

5 Quick Tips for Amazing Certificate Designs

Now you've got a good idea of some of the creative certificates available at GraphicRiver. Here are some quick tips to help you create the very best award certificate designs.

1. Keep the Layout Clean

You've only got a limited amount of room to work with. So, resist the urge to add too much information to your certificate. Instead, add only the most essential information. Leave plenty of white space around text and images.  

Certificate  Diploma Template

2. Choose the Right Template for Your Needs

Make sure the template you choose complements your design and the occasion. If your award is for senior citizens, stay away from childlike designs. Likewise, if you're presenting awards to children be sure to make them fun and lighthearted. 

3. Keep Your Award Consistent With Your Brand

If you've got a brand, keep the colours, fonts and graphics you use on your certificate consistent with your brand. This makes the certificate is easily identifiable as coming from your company or organisation. 

Modern Certificate 02

4. Add Specific Information

You want your award to be meaningful to the person receiving it. So, customise the certificate to reflect the unique qualities of each recipient.

5. Proof Carefully

When presenting a student, employee or colleague with an official certificate, check and double that their personal details. Also make sure all the text on the certificate is spelled accurately. There's nothing more insulting than receiving a certificate with one's name incorrectly spelt or with typos.

To find more great certificate templates check out these great articles:

Choose Your Favourite Creative Certificate Design Template Today

To find the best creative certificate design, Envato Elements is an excellent resource. Find polished and professional templates that are versatile and easy to use. If you regularly need font, icons, PowerPoint business templates and other business and design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

To buy a single template, Graphic River is an excellent alternative for high quality amazing certificate designs

Head over to either site today to choose your favourite certificate design template. Start creating award certificates that'll make your employees, coworkers, volunteers and students feel appreciated and proud.

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