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20 Most Creative Certificate Design Templates (Modern Styles for 2022)

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Read Time: 19 min

Let your employees, students or volunteers know you appreciate their hard work. A beautiful certificate design is the answer. Creative certificate templates can help.

Just one of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato ElementsJust one of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato ElementsJust one of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato Elements
One of the many stunning certificate template designs offered at Envato Elements

Today we'll share the most creative design ideas you can find in Envato Elements. Find modern certificate template designs or unique certificate designs out of the box. There's plenty to see.

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs (With Unlimited Use)

The best certificate design template is going to depend on your focus. So, how will you decide on your certificate best design options? Check out a great library of certificate design ideas. Create a certificate of achievement for a special celebration. Envato Elements has the very best creative certificate template designs

Are you preparing for graduation season? Do you need cool certificate ideas for your students? 

Explore Creative Certificate Template Designs Now

Best Source for Creative Certificate Template DesignsBest Source for Creative Certificate Template DesignsBest Source for Creative Certificate Template Designs
There are plenty of modern certificate designs to choose from on Envato Elements.

Before we begin, let's talk about Envato Elements. This is what makes it the best site for creative certificate design inspiration:

  1. Elements offers truly creative certificates of appreciation.
  2. Once you buy a template you can customise it to fit your needs.
  3. Keep making changes to your template to adapt it for different occasions.
  4. The modern certificates of completion at Envato will save you money. Download as many as you like for one low price.  

15 Amazing Certificate Design Templates (From Envato Elements)  

Now let's look at five of the amazing certificate designs available. Get some design inspo and ideas for certificate page design for projects. It's a list full of amazing certificate ideas! Download one today, or enjoy this collection of cool certificate design ideas:  

1. Modern Certificate Design Template Pro

Check out all slides in the Certificate / Diploma Pro template. Click through the image gallery.

Most creative certificate templates are going to be eye-catching. Those working in creative industries will appreciate this certificate page design for project. It's a clean and artsy design and has wonderful fonts. This minimalist certificate design uses a US letter size with a .25-inch bleed area. It is well organised and easy to customise. If you're looking for a modern certificate design template with a stylish vibe, give this one a try.

2. Professional Certificate Template

Professional Certificate TemplateProfessional Certificate TemplateProfessional Certificate Template

This professional certificate template offers a colourful abstract patterns to frame your text. It resembles paint dripping down the creative certificate. The template is American letter size.

These files are fully layered for easy customisation in Adobe Photoshop. This creative certificate design will give you loads of certificate ideas.

3. Colourful Creative Certificate Design

Colourful Certificate of CompletionColourful Certificate of CompletionColourful Certificate of Completion

Customise this colourful creative certificate to suit your brand. You'll have a creative certificate of appreciation in your hands in no time. The US letter size template comes with a help file that's editable in Photoshop or Illustrator. The certificate modern design elements here are really stylish. It's one of those cool certificate templates.

4. Art Deco Certificate (Beautiful Certificate Design)

Art Deco CertificateArt Deco CertificateArt Deco Certificate

This Art Deco Certificate is perfect for those looking for amazing certificate designs. One of the most creative certificate ideas on Elements. This unique certificate design is US letter size. It features cool art deco design touches. It's customisable in Photoshop. Modern certificates are nice, but how about a unique certificate design like this one?

5. Modern Certificate Template with Paint Effect

Certificate with Paint EffectCertificate with Paint EffectCertificate with Paint Effect

Creative certificate of appreciation comes in such a wide range of certificate styles. It's great if you're looking for a certificate design for a handmade project file. This creative certificate takes its inspiration from a smear of wet paint.

The modern certificate design comes with three vector EPS files in US letter size. Edit this certificate design template in Illustrator. It's an excellent choice for a unique certificate with a modern design.

6. Corporate Certificate Template

Corporate Certificate TemplateCorporate Certificate TemplateCorporate Certificate Template

Do you need to celebrate an employee or student's achievement? This creative certificate design is a terrific choice. It's one of the best creative certificates online.

This certificate template features a blue geometric design. That gives way to white space. The files come in Ai and EPS for your convenience. This beautiful certificate design is fully editable in Illustrator. This works as a good certificate page design for project.

7. Modern Certificate Template

Modern Certificate TemplateModern Certificate TemplateModern Certificate Template

This creative certificate template is a great selection for contemporary companies. It's a great creative certificate design that fits with your corporate image. The A4 format comes in Ai, EPS and is print-ready.

Customise this modern certificate design in Illustrator. This certificate modern design approach is clean and stylish.

8. Modern Creative Certificate Design Template

Modern Creative Certificate Design TemplateModern Creative Certificate Design TemplateModern Creative Certificate Design Template

Looking for the best award certificate design? Bring a smile to your employee's face. Make them feel valued with this awesome modern certificate design template.

The modern certificate design and geometric shapes will impress. Convey the professional look you're going for. Creative certificates like this one come in A4. Customise these cool certificate templates. Use your choice of Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Word.

9. Modern Dynamic Diploma Award Certificate

Modern Dynamic Diploma Award CertificateModern Dynamic Diploma Award CertificateModern Dynamic Diploma Award Certificate

Are you looking for some cool certificate design inspiration? Check out these cool creative certificates. Bright colours work well together. They'll always arrest the eyes. So, add your text and use these cool certificate templates or change the colours to reflect your brand. 

Use this for your awards event, and make the recipient feel proud and acknowledged. It almost looks like a certificate design for a handmade project file. The A4 template gives you a choice of either a portrait or landscape design.

10. Modern Minimalist Certificate

Modern Minimalist CertificateModern Minimalist CertificateModern Minimalist Certificate

Looking for certificate design ideas that are a bit more traditional? This professional template uses a simple and minimalist design. The best certificate designs are both memorable and stylish.

Easy to customise, this certificate creative design comes in landscape. You can also change the colour of your certificate and all other design aspects. It's a good option if you're looking for a certificate design for project achievement.   

11. Simple Certificate Design Template

Simple Certificate Design TemplateSimple Certificate Design TemplateSimple Certificate Design Template

Are you looking for a simple certificate of attendance with a stylish flair? Then you've got to see this gorgeous certificate with its clean and modern design. The template is made in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can change the image, text and colour to suit your taste and needs. 

12. Creative Certificate Template

Creative Certificate TemplateCreative Certificate TemplateCreative Certificate Template

If you're looking for the most creative award certificate, this is for you. Nothing says congrats more than this striking creative certificate template. Impress with this gorgeous splash of colour and texture on one side.

It almost looks like a certificate design for project handmade. The A4 template provides AI and EPS files, so you can edit in Illustrator or Photoshop. This is also a great reference if you're looking for certificate design ideas.

13. Corporate Certificate Design

Corporate Certificate TemplateCorporate Certificate TemplateCorporate Certificate Template

Recognise a valued employee with this certificate of appreciation template. It offers a clean design with a touch of colour in the corners of the template. These clean and colourful abstract shapes give the template a contemporary professional look. This certificate creative design keeps things simple.

14. Blue Modern Design Certificate

Blue Modern Design CertificateBlue Modern Design CertificateBlue Modern Design Certificate

Looking for certificate design ideas? This is a cool certificate design with its fun white patterns and shapes.

Customise this template in Illustrator or Photoshop. Add your own text or change the fonts and colours as needed. Use this certificate design for project achievement. 

15. Corporate Certificate Design

Multicoloured Lines CertificateMulticoloured Lines CertificateMulticoloured Lines Certificate

Looking for a certificate creative design? This fabulous certificate of achievement can't help but catch the eye. It's got colourful lines at the top and lower corners.

The A4 most creative award certificate comes in both landscape and portrait. This certificate design template is easy to customise. It's a great certificate design for project achievement. 

16. Modern Multicoloured Certificate

Modern Multicoloured CertificateModern Multicoloured CertificateModern Multicoloured Certificate

Get some certificate design ideas with this template. It uses lines and shapes across the format to add a bit of fun and lightheartedness to the design. This certificate design template is customisable in Illustrator. This is great if you're looking for creative certificate design ideas.

17. Clean Certificate

Clean CertificateClean CertificateClean Certificate

Here's cool certificate design inspiration with a different touch. This is an A4 template with a simple background and classic design. Use either Photoshop or Illustrator to customise your template. It's also a great reference for certificate design inspiration.

18. Modern Multipurpose Certificate

Modern Multipurpose CertificateModern Multipurpose CertificateModern Multipurpose Certificate

Here's another modern certificate of completion and appreciation. This beautiful certificate design distinguishes itself by using a simple and dynamic design. This template comes in AI, EPS, PSD. It also includes free fonts. This could be one of the best award certificate designs.

19. Certificate Template Design

Certificate Template DesignCertificate Template DesignCertificate Template Design

Looking for a creative certificate design of appreciation? This certificate of achievement template features a stunning pattern of lines and shapes. The A4 template uses different shades of blue and green.

Edit this beautiful certificate design in Illustrator or Photoshop. This is better than a certificate design for a handmade project. Check out this creative certificate template today.

20. Academic Certificate Template

Academic Certificate TemplateAcademic Certificate TemplateAcademic Certificate Template

Last but not least, this modern certificate design. This download includes three vector EPS files. It also comes in a print-ready format. Customise your design with the free fonts featured. This is a beautiful certificate design for you to try! 

How to Customise a Creative Certificate Design in Adobe Photoshop

Found the best certificate design template for your project, but not sure what to do next? Let's take a look at Adobe Photoshop. Some key aspects you need to know to customise your creative certificate design.

We'll use this modern certificate template in this demonstration. You can download it now on Envato Elements. It also includes an Illustrator AI file and EPS file, if you prefer those formats. 

Or you can work with a different creative certificate design template. The skills are transferrable. 

modern certificate designmodern certificate designmodern certificate design
This creative certificate design template is available on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. The Layers Panel Is Essential

When working in a modern certificate template in a PSD file, your Layers panel is essential. 

This is where we can see the layered pieces of the design. In this panel, we can hide, remove, add, and adjust content more easily.

If you don't see the Layers panel, go to Window > Layers to open it up.

Notice how we see a list of content here. Click on the eye icon to toggle visibility on and off for any part of the layered design.

In this example, the layers have been organised in folders. Click on the triangle beside the folder to expand them, so you can see the contents inside.

Photoshop LayersPhotoshop LayersPhotoshop Layers

2. Edit Text With the Type Tool

Now that we know how to review our content, let's turn to the Type tool. It's located in your Tools panel, and it looks like a letter "T". 

Select the Type tool. Then, click on any existing text in your layout to edit it. Once the text is active, type and edit as you would in standard word processing software.

To add new text, click in a space without text with the Type tool selected. This is better than editing existing text in your creative certificate template. Or create a New Layer in your Layers panel (click on the plus sign at the bottom of the Layers panel). Then click with the Type tool. Choose the method that's easiest for you.

Edit Text in PhotoshopEdit Text in PhotoshopEdit Text in Photoshop

3. Move and Adjust Your Layout

Let's say you want to move an entire part of your modern certificate design. Again, this is why the Layers panel is so important. Here, we can select one specific part of our design.

In this example, we can open up the folder labelled Content in our Layers panel. Then, with the Move tool active, we can select any layer here and move it in our layout. Select the appropriate layer. Then click and drag to rearrange these design elements.

Move Tool in PhotoshopMove Tool in PhotoshopMove Tool in Photoshop

4. Change Colours

There are several different ways this could be achieved in Adobe Photoshop.

What if you want to change some of the colours here? Here's an easy one. You can try to change colours in a snap when working with shapes.

In this example, we'll look in our layer folder labelled Shapes. We can click on the thumbnail in any shape layer to open up the Color Picker. Then, simply select a new colour by clicking in the colour selection space. Click OK when you're happy with your selection. Photoshop will apply the new colour.

Change Shape ColorChange Shape ColorChange Shape Color

5. Hide and Remove Design Elements

How about if you want to remove an entire aspect of your beautiful certificate design? Again, we can turn to our Layers panel.

Remember how we toggled visibility on and off? Click on the eye icon to hide a layer. This is a temporary way to remove content from your layout. For a permanent solution, select the applicable layer. Then click on the trash icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. This will remove the content completely.

Hide and Delete LayersHide and Delete LayersHide and Delete Layers

5 Quick Tips for Amazing Certificate Designs

Now you've got a good idea of some of the creative certificate designs from Envato Elements. Here are some quick tips to help you create the very best award certificate designs:

1. Keep the Layout Clean

You've only got a limited amount of room to work with. So, resist the urge to add too much information to your certificate. Instead, add only the most essential information. 

Leave plenty of white space around text and images. 
Certificate  Diploma TemplateCertificate  Diploma TemplateCertificate  Diploma Template

2. Choose the Right Template for Your Needs

Make sure the template you choose complements your design and the occasion.

If your award is for senior citizens, stay away from childlike designs. If you're presenting awards to children, make them fun and lighthearted.

3. Keep Your Award Consistent With Your Brand

Keep the colours, fonts and graphics on your certificate consistent with your brand. This makes the certificate is identifiable as coming from your company or organisation.

Modern Certificate 02Modern Certificate 02Modern Certificate 02

4. Add Specific Information

You want your award to be meaningful to the person receiving it. 

So, customise the certificate to reflect the unique qualities of each recipient.

5. Proof Carefully

When presenting an official certificate, check and double-check their personal details. Also make sure all the text on the certificate is correct. There's nothing more insulting than receiving a certificate with one's name spelt wrong.

To find more great certificate templates check out these great articles:

5 Top Certificate Modern Design Trends (For 2022)

We've explored some of the very best modern certificates available in 2022. These beautiful certificates help you offer recognition in style. But to ensure a winning impression, it's key to embrace the latest trends. These five ideas elevate your certificate style in 2022:

1. Bold and Bright Colours

The best modern certificates use bold and bright colours in 2022. These inspire recipients with fun, engaging certificate style designs. 

Certificate modern designCertificate modern designCertificate modern design
These premium beautiful certificate designs feature bright colours throughout.

Premium templates with bright colours offer you plenty of options. Simply drop in key details and you're ready to impress.

2. Sleek Custom Fonts

When you build a certificate with modern design, it's easy to forget about custom fonts. Text is the critical part of any certificate. Everyone loves to see their name in print. Why use a dull, stock font for the occasion?

As an Envato Elements subscriber, you've got access to thousands of sleek custom fonts. Try out as many as you want to totally customise your beautiful certificates.

Or you can build your own fonts right inside Adobe Illustrator. That really opens the door to totally custom modern certificates. Learn all about that today:

3. Unique Stylish Backgrounds

A certificate with modern design in 2022 deserves a unique background. Simple black-and-white designs work, but they're not very engaging. Flip the script and add custom backgrounds to your next modern certificates.

Modern certificatesModern certificatesModern certificates
These premium modern certificates feature sleek gray backgrounds.
Beautiful certificates like these are sure to wow anyone who receives them. 

Plus, they look great framed on your wall! Try out trendy certificate style backgrounds today.

4. Beautiful Gradient Text

Simple fonts look great, but gradient text is a top 2022 certificate style trend. Gradients add 3D-type effects to text on your modern certificates. 

These help you build a cool certificate design to be proud of. Gradients style your text and make names and recognitions look their best. Try them for your next certificate with modern design in 2022. Create a unique certificate design following this trend.

Then, check out our full Adobe Illustrator gradient text tutorial:

5. Vertical Designs

Landscape-oriented certificate style layouts are very common. They're ready to hang in a frame so that the recipient can show off the cool certificate design. So why not mix things up and use a vertical certificate modern design? 

Certificate styleCertificate styleCertificate style
This premium unique certificate design includes a vertical layout.

Vertical layouts fit well in frames, and they look great. They're trendy in 2022 for that very reason. Try vertical cool certificate designs for your certificate style and prepare to impress.

Looking for Even More Certificate Design Ideas?

Still narrowing down what you're looking for in the best certificate design template? Check out these collections. There's plenty of beautiful certificate design to admire. Check these certificate modern designs out. They will help you narrow down certificate design ideas today.

Where to Find the Best Certificate Designs in 2022 (Envato Elements)

There are a lot of places to find creative certificate design templates out there. Looking for certificate design templates? Envato Elements is an awesome place to find the best certificate designs.  

Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an awesome choice if you're a creative professional who does a lot of design work. Why? Well, one low fee gets you access to a giant library of professional assets. That's a library of creative certificate template designs. Also find fonts, graphics, photographs, and much more. Get access to plenty of modern certificate design templates in one place.

With unlimited downloads, get all the content you need with one, low fee. It makes it easier than ever to find what you need and cost-effective too.

Creative Certificate Template DesignsCreative Certificate Template DesignsCreative Certificate Template Designs
Choose from a large collection of unique certificate design templates on Envato Elements.

Are you regularly looking for stock imagery, templates, and other professional assets? Check out Envato Elements for the best certificate designs and other design assets. Sign up for Envato Elements today.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements - Design without Limits.

Common Certificate Questions Answered (FAQ)

Considering using Adobe Illustrator to create a cool certificate design? You may have a few questions on modern certificate design templates. We've answered five top certificate style questions to help you get started:

1. Can I Use Gradients to Make Modern Certificates in Illustrator?

Yes! Adobe Illustrator has a full suite of tools to build your own custom gradients. These instantly transform your certificate modern design into something special.

Gradients are often seen in cool certificate designs. You can build custom gradients, as well as work with pre-built designs. Learn how with our full tutorial:

2. Why Should I Award Certificates?

Recognition. Certificates let you show your team that you value them. A cool certificate design helps you accomplish the goal of engaging your team. This, in turn, generates a positive working environment.

Modern certificates are a popular method to build your team camaraderie. Learn how impactful this is today:

3. How Do I Make a Gift Certificate?

Easily—and you don't need Photoshop to do it. No matter what tool you use for building gift certificates, you can create your own quickly. These give monetary value to your cool certificate design in 2022.

Cool certificate designs include financial value! Get started with our full tutorial:

4. Can I Create Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word?

Yes! Word makes it easy to build amazing modern certificates for 2022. And when you save them as a template, you can use them again and again. This lets you create a cool certificate design that you can quickly customise. 

Word is a great tool to create modern certificates. For more, check out our quick tutorial:

5. Can I Create Beautiful Certificates on a Mobile Device?

Absolutely. For example, Adobe Illustrator works on the Apple iPad. This is a great way to explore cool certificate design ideas from anywhere. You can create one-of-a-kind modern certificates and share them on the spot. There's no better way to recognise your team in 2022. 

Want to build modern certificate style designs on mobile? Learn how to edit a certificate style, thanks to our tutorial guide:

Learn More About Document Design

A certificate modern design is an awesome starting point. Pair it with knowledge of a design app and you're on your way to creating a great certificate.

No matter which cool certificate design you've chosen, we've got tutorials that help you learn the apps needed to customise. Check out these tutorials to learn more about the art of template customisation.

Choose Your Favourite Creative Certificate Design Template Today

So, what certificate style is best for you? Will you go with a cool certificate design? Or do you like beautiful certificates with more modern certificate design elements? How about a minimalist certificate design?

These cool certificate design ideas helped you narrow down your focus.

To find the best creative certificate design, Envato Elements is an excellent resource. Find polished and professional templates that are versatile and easy to use. Do you regularly need fonts, icons, PowerPoint business templates and design resources? Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. This can be a great option if you want to test out several amazing certificate designs. You'll find the best certificate designs for your project.

Head over to either site today to choose your favourite certificate design template. Start creating award certificates. They'll make your employees, coworkers, volunteers and students feel appreciated and proud.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daisy Ein, Andrew Childress and Janila Castañeda. Daisy and Andrew are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Janila is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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