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25 Best Free Elegant Business Stationery Templates - Printable Office Sets 2022

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Looking for a free stationery template? How about elegant business stationery, or the perfect stationery set template for your next project? 

professional business stationery set design templateprofessional business stationery set design templateprofessional business stationery set design template
Download this premium professional business stationery set design template today. 

Why bother with a business stationery template? It can be a real time saver, for starters. A professionally designed template can prove to be an excellent jump start for a custom design. Let's say you find a great design, but it's not quite perfect. Download it and jump right in—stationery templates can help get your next project off the ground in a snap.

Business Stationery SetBusiness Stationery SetBusiness Stationery Set
This beautiful premium business stationery set is available to download, right now—pick it up today.

Before we jump into our list of elegant stationery templates free to download today, let's look at some stationery design inspiration, too. There's a lot of value in checking out awesome design examples. And many of these designs are available for download if you're considering premium options.

We'll look at business stationery and stationery set template designs in this article. Join us for some free stationery template downloads and stick around for some design inspiration, too. 

Why Use a Premium Business Stationery Template?

We all love finding the perfect, free stationery template. Who doesn't love an amazing free find? We're all working with limited budgets, and we all want to save money. 

But working with free business stationery templates isn't all sunshine and roses. Free doesn't always mean easy or efficient, sadly. It's important to weigh these pros and cons.

Business Stationery DesignBusiness Stationery DesignBusiness Stationery Design
Check out this premium professionally designed business stationery template, available for download today.

Is your time valuable? Of course it is—and finding the perfect free stationery template is tough. Chances are, you're more likely to find a template that's kind of in the ballpark of what you're looking for, if you plan to stick to free options. This isn't bad, but keep in mind that you're going to have to put time aside to adjust things, in a scenario, like this.

Free stationery template designs likely won't come as a full set, either. That means you might need to go fishing for business card templates, envelope templates, and other pieces you're looking for, if a set is your goal. Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing—just keep in mind that you might be looking at a time investment.

That's not to mention that free stationery might not necessarily be entirely public use. Take note of any copyright or usage restrictions.

If this doesn't sound like a time investment you're looking for, you might prefer looking at a premium option. The cost is surprisingly low—and the time saved is surprisingly high.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Check out the huge collection of premium stationery design templates on Envato Elements.

If you're looking for an awesome selection of premium stationery set template designs, check out Envato Elements. It's jam packed with everything from office stationery to matching business card designs and more. 

The best part is, you get unlimited downloads for one, low price. Download all the stationery set template designs you like, all included in one price. That means you can mix, match, and test out as many premium designs are you like, without worrying about extra costs of logistics. It's all covered.

This is super handy if you're not quite sure which design is for you. Go ahead and sample several—mix, match, and remix them too, until you've got the perfect stationery design for your next project. It's as simple as clicking Download—Envato Elements even keeps your downloads sorted for you in case you need to come back later.

elegant business stationery set designs elegant business stationery set designs elegant business stationery set designs
One of many elegant premium business stationery set designs available for download now on Envato Elements.

But maybe unlimited downloads isn't quite your style—that's fine. Sometimes, downloading things a la carte is convenient too. If you're looking for premium items, but with the convenience of a one-time download, check out GraphicRiver.

Download professional premium business stationery designs on GraphicRiver—only download what you need.

You can still expect the same level of quality over at GraphicRiver, but without a subscription or unlimited access. Browse from a giant library of professional design assets including business and office stationery, and keep it simple on GraphicRiver. There's one cost for one download. So, only download what you need. Pay as you go and keep it simple. 

5 Awesome Premium Stationery Set Templates to Download Today

So, let's check out some of the lovely options over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Consider downloading one today, or sit back and enjoy the design inspiration:

1. Elegant Stationery Template Design

Elegant Stationery Template DesignElegant Stationery Template DesignElegant Stationery Template Design

Check out this sophisticated stationery set. The leafy textures and graphics give this a bit of whimsical charm, while the composition keeps it neat and professional. Perfect for the business that's got a natural side.

2. Luxury Branding Identity & Stationery Pack

Luxury Branding Identity  Stationery PackLuxury Branding Identity  Stationery PackLuxury Branding Identity  Stationery Pack

This professional looking design comes with a lot of negative space. This will really draw attention to your content. The color scheme is traditional and respectable. A great choice if you want your business to look dependable. 

3. Business Stationery Design Template Set

Business Stationery Design Template SetBusiness Stationery Design Template SetBusiness Stationery Design Template Set

If you’re looking for something that’s contemporary and versatile, this is a great fit. The monotone color scheme is a classic and elegant look. It's a great choice when you’re trying to make your content stand out.

4. Elegant Corporate Business Stationery Design Set

Elegant Corporate Business Stationery Design SetElegant Corporate Business Stationery Design SetElegant Corporate Business Stationery Design Set

This complete set of stationary comes with every piece you could imagine. Letterheads, invoices and everything in between. The warm colors and sophisticated composition give of a respectable look.

5. Professional Business Stationery Set

Professional Business Stationery SetProfessional Business Stationery SetProfessional Business Stationery Set

Check out this versatile full stationary set. This design is really adaptable to almost any need. There’s plenty of negative space that'll really draw a lot of attention to your logo and the content on the stationary.

25 Top Free Elegant Business Stationery Templates to Download for 2022

Before looking for free printable stationery templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always business stationery) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Now, let's dig into our list of free finds—free business stationery templates that you can download today. There's free printable stationery, elegant stationery templates free to download, and more. Enjoy!

1. Simple Letterhead Template

Simple Letterhead TemplateSimple Letterhead TemplateSimple Letterhead Template

Check out this elegant and colorful letterhead template. The pastel colors give it a real welcoming vibe. Easily change out the title for a quick solution for your letterhead needs.

2. A4 Size Business Invoice Template PSD

Looking for an invoice with a little visual flair? Then try out this Business Invoice Template. Comes in Photoshop format—just download the provided PSD and make the changes you need.

3. Free Stationery Letterhead Templates (Stationery Design Printable)

Check out Google's free stationery, in their template gallery. It's simple to start up a new document with one of these free templates, then save, print, or even print as PDF, right from your browser.

4. Free Simple Resume Template with Cover Letter + Business Card (PSD)

Free Simple Resume Template with Cover Letter  Business Card PSDFree Simple Resume Template with Cover Letter  Business Card PSDFree Simple Resume Template with Cover Letter  Business Card PSD

This free business stationary template comes with a cover letter and a business card. This one comes in PSD format. Just open it up in Photoshop and you’re good to go.

5. Business Letterhead with Blue Waves

Check out this classic blue wave letterhead for Microsoft Word. Easily edit this template to create the perfect letterhead for your next design project.

6. Pinstripes Stationery Letterhead Business Stationery Templates

Pinstripes Stationery LetterheadPinstripes Stationery LetterheadPinstripes Stationery Letterhead

This free stationary template is also another, nice freebie for Microsoft Word. The header and footer have elegant contemporary design features that could work for just about any business.

7. Green Wave Stationery Design Templates Free Download

This green wave design comes with an elegant header and footer design. This free printable stationary is easy to edit. It really provides a welcoming vibe.

8. Letterhead (Arc Design) Stationery Design Printable

Letterhead Arc designLetterhead Arc designLetterhead Arc design

In this business stationery letterhead, we've got a really unique circle design element in the header and footer. Add a little flair to your business letters by quickly editing this Word document.

9. Blue Spheres Business Stationery Templates Free Download

Check out this eye-catching business letterhead. It's got a lot of potential, and it's free to download. The big blue design element makes this one unique.

10. Blue Spheres Free Printable Elegant Stationery Templates

Here's another variant of the Blue Spheres design. This versatile stationary template could be repurposed for so many different projects. Check it out and download this one today.

11. Polished Cover Letter Design Stationery Template Free Download

Polished Cover Letter DesignPolished Cover Letter DesignPolished Cover Letter Design

Check out this bold design for this cover letter. This free business stationary template really puts emphasis on your name. It also provides lots of breathing room for your content.

12. Organic Shapes Stationery Design Templates Free Download

This stationary set template is perfectly suited for use for a cover letter. It comes with a template for adding a photo for a personal touch. It's a great design if you’re looking for something that's both professional and personal.

13. Modern Letterhead Business Stationery Templates Free Download

Check out this business stationary with a bold header and footer design. You could rework this one to work in a variety of scenarios. Download this one today and customize it in Microsoft Word.

14. Stationery Letterhead Capsules Stationery Template Free Download

Stationery Letterhead Capsules DesignStationery Letterhead Capsules DesignStationery Letterhead Capsules Design

Are you looking for an easy to use template with a refreshing design? Then this business stationery is what you’re looking for. The compact header and footer leave a lot of room for your letter content.

15. Green Forest Stationery (Free Stationery Design Templates)

Check out this bold header of this business letter. If you’re looking to display impressive imagery with your letters, this business stationary template is a great choice.

16. Geometric Free Printable Elegant Stationery Templates

Geometric Free Printable StationeryGeometric Free Printable StationeryGeometric Free Printable Stationery

This creative business stationery is an easy to use and elegant solution. The design makes great use of texture with a really fresh-looking footer. 

17. Letterhead Design Free PSD (Free Stationery Templates)

Letterhead Design Free PSDLetterhead Design Free PSDLetterhead Design Free PSD

Check out this bold red cover letter. It's available in PSD format. Just open it and make changes in Photoshop and you’re good to go. The icons in the footer provide a natural way of sharing your company info.

18. Free Business Card Stationery Template

This free business letterhead provides a lot of space for the content. It comes in PSD format and it’s easy to switch out the colors to better match your needs.

19. Free Stationery Template Invoice

Looking for a free invoice template to go with your new stationery set? Check this free download out. Or use it to adapt into a matching letterhead.

20. 4-Page Resume & Cover Letter Template (Free Stationery Templates)

Check out this elegant stationary solution for a letterhead. It comes in an easily editable word document for a quick and professional result.

21. Angled Free Printable Stationery Template Letterhead

Angled Free Printable Stationery Template LetterheadAngled Free Printable Stationery Template LetterheadAngled Free Printable Stationery Template Letterhead

Looking for an elegant free resume? This one's worth a lot. Customize it in Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. Download it today, for free.

22. Free Resume Template Stationery

Check out this business stationary in the form of a resume. Comes in an easy to download PSD. Just open it up in Photoshop. Customize this into a letter head, cover letter, and more.

23.  Free Digital Email Letterhead Template

Maybe you're looking to brand your digital communications. Instead, check out this free email letterhead template. It's easy to customize the content, right in your browser.

24. Arrow Letterhead Free Stationery Design

Arrow Letterhead Free Stationery DesignArrow Letterhead Free Stationery DesignArrow Letterhead Free Stationery Design

Check out this classic design. This business stationary comes with a professional header and footer with lots of space for your content. Just open it up in Microsoft Word and you’re ready to go. 

25. Geometric Letterhead Stationery (Free Stationery Design Templates)

Are you looking for some business stationary that's got a little pop? Check out this border design for this letterhead. Plenty of space for both your content and your company's logo.

How to Customize Stationery Templates Quickly in Adobe Photoshop

If you're found the perfect stationery template for Adobe Photoshop, but you're not sure how to edit it, look at this walkthrough. We'll look at some tips and tricks for editing your stationery template quickly and efficiently, so you can be done in a flash.

Elegant Business Stationery TemplateElegant Business Stationery TemplateElegant Business Stationery Template
Download this premium company stationery template on Envato Elements.
Let's get started:

1. Turn to the Photoshop Layers Panel

Go to Window > Layers to open up the Layers panel in Adobe Photoshop. If you're unfamiliar, layers in Photoshop are a great means for organizing content. Think of it like "layers" of content stacked on top of each other. Then, we can independently move them around, hide them, edit them, and more.

photoshop layers templatephotoshop layers templatephotoshop layers template
This template, and many professional stationery templates like it, has its content separated into convenient layers. This way, we can easily access content like the text and graphical elements. It makes customizing the template much easier. 

2. Hide and Remove Extra Content

For example, let's say we want to get rid of the stock letter, here in the body of this letterhead design template. We could erase it, but we could also temporarily hide it, just in case we might like to use it as a visual reference, later.

To do so, all we need to do is click on the eye icon to the left of the applicable layer. Now, this content is hidden.

Note: To expand a layer folder, click on the triangle to the left of the folder. You can contract it, hiding its contents again, by again clicking on that triangle.

photoshop hide layerphotoshop hide layerphotoshop hide layer

3. Edit Text With the Type Tool

You'll likely want to edit some of the text in your company stationery template. We can easily do that with the Type tool.

Turn to your Tools panel, shown below on the left hand side. Select the Type tool (it looks like the letter T). Then, simply click on the text you would like to edit. You'll then be able to edit your text as you would in most word processing software.

Having trouble selecting the text? Remember to turn to your Layers panel. Choose a specific text layer and then follow the same process. This can be helpful for overlapping text.

edit text photoshopedit text photoshopedit text photoshop

4. Move and Rearrange Design Elements With the Move Tool

Maybe there's a part of your company stationery template that you'd rather rearrange or move elsewhere. We can easily move design elements using the Move tool.

Again, we'll go to the Tools panel, then select the Move tool. 

Then, turn to your Layers panel again. Scroll through your layers, expanding Layer Folders if you need to.

In the example below, I decided to move the flower in the background. All we need to do is select the applicable layer, and then click and drag with the Move tool active. Then, I can easily reposition this design element.

photoshop move toolphotoshop move toolphotoshop move tool

5. View Multiple Documents at Once 

Your stationery set may contain more than one item or double sided content. Remember, you can have more than one document open in Photoshop at a time. Not only that, you can view more than one at the same time too.

Click and drag to undock a document within the software. Then, resize and reposition them any way you prefer.

photoshop stationery multiple documentsphotoshop stationery multiple documentsphotoshop stationery multiple documents
This can be particularly handy for related design elements, as you may want to view both while you edit your design. 

5 Quick Design Tips To Create Great Business Stationery Templates in 2022

So, you've found the perfect business stationery template. What's next? Or maybe you're still not quite sure what's right for your stationery needs. How do you pick out a great design—even better, how do you make a great design?

Check out these design tips to help you make strong design choices:

1. Less Is Often Much More

When working with design, it can be tempting to add in a lot of bells and whistles. Design is fun. But while we want our stationery design to be visually engaging and interesting, beware of clutter. So many times, less is more. 

A clean, well composed layout will outshine a design where your viewer gets lost and look much classier too. Try keeping some of your space clean and open.

Business Stationery DesignBusiness Stationery DesignBusiness Stationery Design
This elegant premium business stationery set has generous breathing room. Doesn't it look great?

2. Consistency Is Key

Stationery is often more than just our letterhead. Often, our stationery is design to represent our business, event, or brand. The design should be a visual extension of our existing identity. We should see this extend across all our stationery. 

For example, the letterhead and the business card should look related. Then, when we pair them with our other business materials, they should look like a family. Why? Those associations keep things looking connected to our personal or professional brand.

branding and stationery setbranding and stationery setbranding and stationery set
This premium professional branding identity and business stationery pack is an excellent example of consistency across the entire stationery set.

3. Be Strategic With Color

If this is a case where your color choices aren’t decided yet, keep in mind that color can be very communicative. Your color choices can say a lot about your presentation. 

What colors best resonate with your personal or professional brand? Or does your project have existing key colors that should be represented in your work?

Keep production in mind here too—do you plan to print in full color? In print? Black and white or grayscale, for example, can prove to be both cost effective and elegant.

Office StationeryOffice StationeryOffice Stationery
This premium business stationery template comes in many color variations and for different file formats, too.

4. Consider Form and Function

Of course, we want our stationery to look great. But what if it doesn’t serve our purpose? 

Outline everything you need out of your stationery set: 

  • Will you need a letterhead that works across more than one page? 
  • Maybe you want a front-page design and then supplemental pages for anything on a second or third page. 
  • Will you need a business card, an envelope, or other additions? 

Clearly outlining your needs saves a lot of extra time and effort, in the long run. 

If you’re unsure, consider looking at a template that comes with a lot of options. That way, you can pick and choose the pieces you’d like to finish or print. It’s better to have extra than not enough content to meet your objectives.

Business Stationery SetBusiness Stationery SetBusiness Stationery Set
This premium business stationery set includes many different pieces to choose from and customize. Download it today.

5. Think About Delivery

How do you plan to use and distribute your stationery design? Will you print every piece of your stationery set, or will you share some of it digitally? Maybe you plan to print on decorative paper. Or maybe you’re on a tight budget and you plan to explore cheaper options.

These are all important considerations. Don’t be afraid to ask your printer questions. They're there to help you. Generally speaking, work with high resolution files so your work remains adaptable to both web and print environments.

Office Stationery Design SetOffice Stationery Design SetOffice Stationery Design Set
How will you print and deliver your business stationery? This office stationery design could be printed on colored paper, for example.

Top 5 Trends in Stationery Design Templates 

Not sure what's in style right now? Check out these five trendy stationery designs, as well as insights into what makes them so popular. Use these trends to help choose the right business stationery templates for your projects:

1. High Contrast Design Elements

Think of contrast as "light versus dark". As an example, take a look at the premium stationery templates below. These items feature bright, white surfaces, as well as really dark, navy surfaces. These two colors have a lot of contrast, so it really makes the opposing side stand out.

Business Stationery TemplateBusiness Stationery TemplateBusiness Stationery Template
This premium company stationery template is a bold choice, with its high contrast design.
This trendy design approach works well for many stationery materials, like letterheads, business cards, and even envelopes. 

2. Geometric Influence in Stationery Design

Geometry is super popular with business stationery design templates. It's likely because it's a versatile yet visually interesting approach. There's also so much you could do with geometric influences. Take a look at this company stationery template, below, as an example.

Yelloey Company StationaryYelloey Company StationaryYelloey Company Stationary
This premium stationery set uses geometric design elements. Download it on Envato Elements.
Notice how the repeating, geometric visuals here act as an anchoring elements between each piece of the stationery set. They all have this element, even if it's been tilted and rotated. It also has a certain neutrality to it, which makes it versatile. You could, for example, change the colors to match your branding, while still embracing that same look.

3. Trendy Minimalist Stationery Design

Minimalism is a trendy look that's unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon. Good design is rarely about lots of "stuff" anyway. Sometimes, less truly is more, so there's something to take from this aesthetic for everyone. Focus on keeping your content clear and well organized. 

Take a look at these business stationery templates, below. We see some contrasting elements, but they're kept at a much lower contrast than our previous example. We've got a lot of generous empty space (often called negative space). This "breathing room" is a good thing. It can make for a clean, classy look.

Minimalist Stationery SetMinimalist Stationery SetMinimalist Stationery Set
This premium minimalist stationery set is a clean, sleek choice for your professional stationery.

4. Repeating Elements Across Stationery Items

Repeating elements are a common concept you'll see in stationery design. But this doesn't have to be limited to traditionally repeating elements, like your logo. You can also embrace this idea with visuals like shapes and other design elements. This can make for a really trendy and eye catching aesthetic, especially if you incorporate it in an interesting way.

Geometric Stationery KitGeometric Stationery KitGeometric Stationery Kit
Many business stationery design templates, like this premium company stationery template, use repeating design elements.
Do you see multiple trends in action here? We've got repeating elements, geometric influence, and even some contrast at play. Use these ideas to help push your stationery set further. 

5. Bold Use of Key or Branding Color

Color can be a very communicative part of stationery design templates. It's a good idea to use it strategically. Bold use of color can make for a really trendy aesthetic. Check out this premium stationery set, below.

In this case, the design works with white, black, and yellow—particularly yellow as a key, stand out color. This can be a great approach if your branding has a signature color. It's also a simple way to help promote continuity between the different parts of your stationery system.

Bold Stationery SetBold Stationery SetBold Stationery Set
Bold use of color, like in this premium company stationery template, is a trendy choice.

Discover More Top Stationery Template Designs for 2022

Looking for even more professionally designed stationery templates? Check out these collections of noteworthy designs. There’s plenty of design inspiration to see. Pick up a new stationery design today to add to your template collection.

Common Stationery Design Questions Answered (FAQ)

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when you're putting together your first stationery system or even working with stationery design templates. Check out this list of frequently asked questions for some extra help and insight:

1. What Letterhead Design Is Best for My business? Where Do I Start?

This can be a tricky question because there's so many options out there. One great idea is to start with visual research.

Check out what other stationery sets are out there for inspiration. Consider creating a mood board or a collection of inspiring designs that you think are the right aesthetic for you. This can help you narrow down the right aesthetic.

But keep in mind that your letterhead (as well as all your stationery) should be in tune with your branding. Otherwise, it's not going to look related to your professional brand. 

Looking for some inspiration and letterhead design tips? Check out these resources for more insights:

2. I Don't Have a Brand Identity Yet. Does That Matter? How Can I Make One Myself?

Maybe your business is new or you're an independent freelancer. There's plenty of instances where you might not have an established brand identity yet, and that's ok!

You can still "brand" all your stationery materials. Think of it as visual continuity across related pieces. So, for example, your business cards and your website could have elements in common. 

Want to learn more about branding? Check out these free articles for even more guidance:

3. Should My Business Card Match? What Should I Include on It?

It's a very good idea to have your business card visually match or relate to the rest of your stationery. This way, it's visually clear that all this content is related. 

With a lot of stationery or even marketing items, there are only soft rules. It's a good idea to list vital contact and descriptive information, but that's going to depend on your business and your goals with the card. Think from that perspective: what key information are you looking to share? 

Check out this free article for even more insights on what to include on your business card:

4. I Want a Complete Stationery Set, but I'm Not Sure What That Should Include. What Are My Options?

This is the fun part: deciding what stationery items are right for your business venture. Again, the answers here depend on your goals, but you can also have fun with it. There's some basics to consider that are widely accepted and generally expected, such as:

  • letterhead
  • business card
  • envelope

But there are plenty of other options you can incorporate into your stationery system too, such as:

  • branded invoices
  • notepads
  • folders
  • CDs/cases or USB drives
  • stamps and/or address labels
  • mailers
  • and more

Think about two major things here:

  1. What would be of most use to you?
  2. What does your budget allow?

For example, printing envelopes might be outside of the scope of your budget. In this case, maybe address labels will better fit your budget. Or, if your business does a lot of mailing, you might want to get custom printed mailers instead, so save some steps. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these collections of stationery sets:

5. Should I Print My Own Stationery or Go to a Professional Printer?

There are pros and cons to both options when it comes to printing your stationery. Here are some points to consider:

Working with a professional printing company:
  • You've got a source for extra help and insights. A pro printer will be able to help you with any questions you might have. You can also get something called a proof, which is like a test copy to make sure everything is just right before printing all your copies.
  • You don't have to worry about things like scoring, folding, or cutting. Every piece you print is going to be professionally cut and finished. All you need to do is go pick it up. Convenient!
  • There are often a host of stylish finishing options. For example, if you're looking for a specialty finish, like gold foil, or die cuts, it may be best to go to a professional printer. They will also likely have a paper sample booklet you can take with you, to choose from a wide variety of paper stocks and finishes.
  • You don't need to invest in expensive printers or paper cutters. All the equipment for printing would be handled by the printer.
  • Professional printers are often a great choice for very larger projects. Printing something like 20,000 copies at home can prove to be very overwhelming, especially if you are a very small team.

Printing your stationery items at home, on your own (DIY):

  • You have the flexibility to print as much as you want, when you want. If you only need to print 10 letterhead pages, that job is plenty manageable from home.
  • You can easily buy high quality paper stock at many office supply stores. While you might not be able to do some advanced printing options at home, you can print a professional stationery set at home with high quality paper.
  • Consider a ruler, an x-acto knife, and/or a cutting board. They aren't a big cost investment and can make for clean, straight cuts at home for smaller projects like business cards. 
  • You can even print and make your own envelopes and home. All you need is a pattern, some glue, and a good scoring tool. 
  • Printing at home is a great fit for smaller projects or DIYers. Keep in mind that some of this has a learning curve, but the freedom to print on demand, especially at lower quantities, can be a worthwhile advantage.

Want to Learn More About Stationery Design?

Interested in making your own stationery templates? Check out these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+. Why not jump right in and learn how to create your own stationery, from scratch, today?

Create Your New Business Stationery Design Today

I hope you enjoyed this collection of premium and free stationery template designs. Considering picking one up today, to add to your collection. 

Or maybe all this design work has inspired you to create some of your own office stationery, from scratch. Go for it. There's no better time than right now to dig in and start designing.

Remember, there's plenty of professional design assets over on Envato Elements to help out with your design needs—from entire stationery set template designs to individual assets, like fonts, graphics, and more. All that's included with one fee. Or check out GraphicRiver for single download, professional stationery designs and assets.

Good luck, and happy designing!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daisy Ein. Daisy is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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