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20 Stationery Templates With Professional Stationery Designs


First impressions count, and your corporate letterhead may be the first thing a prospective client sees. That's why it's essential to convey a professional image. 

But what if you don't have time or design skills to create a slick looking letterhead? A stationery template will help, and save you time, too.

Stego professional stationery design

In this guide, I'm going to show you some of the best stationery templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver that you can use to enhance your company's image.

Best Stationery Letterheads on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Using a professional letterhead template increases the credibility of your business. It's good for consistent branding, too. Envato Elements offers a choice of thousands of stationery letterhead templates, and there's an excellent offer you can grab today: download as many templates as you want for one low price.

Stationery Letterheads on Envato Elements
You'll find hundreds of professional letterhead templates on Envato Elements.

They're quick to customize, as all you've got to do is add your business logo to get a letterhead or business card you can use immediately. You can also use these for your own personal letterhead templates.

Best Letterhead Templates With Professional Designs

Whether you're writing to new clients, networking with potential investors, or prepping for a big presentation, you'll need to get your branding right. These professional stationery templates from Envato Elements will help.

1. Professional Green Business Stationery

Professional Green Business Stationery

Love green? Then the professional green business stationery set is right for you. The green geometric pattern is eye-catching, yet simple, to make anyone who receives your letter take notice immediately. With this modern stationery pack, you'll be able to customize your corporate letterhead and start communicating for business almost immediately.

It includes two letterhead sizes, so you'll be able to print it easily whether using it internationally or in the US. There's an envelope, business card, and presentation folder, too, to give you a branded presence for every occasion. This will work with any design program that can work with Illustrator files.

2. Yoga Stationery

Yoga Stationery and corporate letterhead

For those who prefer a minimalist approach, the Yoga stationery set could be the perfect solution. In black and white, this simple letterhead design and stationery pack suits almost any business. It's a professional, fresh, clean design that works for corporate uses. It's also useful for health-related businesses looking for an understated approach.

With this set, in addition to the letterhead, there are templates you can quickly customize to create portrait or landscape business cards, envelopes and presentation folders. This professional letterhead template works with Adobe InDesign.

3. ProBiz – Stationery Elements

ProBiz  Business Stationery letterhead

The easily editable ProBiz letterhead stationery template is available in four colors, so you can easily pick the one that's closest to your business branding. This attractive, modern stationery design uses flashes of color to tempt the eye, while leaving plenty of space for typing letters and addresses.

This company stationery set uses free fonts and icons and is print ready. You can use either A4 or US Letter size for your letterhead, and can easily match that with business cards, envelopes, and presentation folders. This will enhance the perception of any business with a unified, branded look.

4. Elite Stationery

Elite Stationery - corporate letterhead template

Elite Stationery somehow combines color with minimalism in an attractive letterhead and stationery set. Suitable for businesses of all kinds, this business stationery template set is fully editable. It includes a subtle shadowed business name, along with imagery. It's also fully ready for the digital age, incorporating QR codes into the design.

This stationery template includes both portrait and landscape business cards, an envelope design, an attractive presentation folder, and of course, letterheads in both A4 and US Letter sizes. There's even an invoice template. All files are editable with Adobe's design tools.

5. Iceberg Stationery Set & Invoice

Iceberg Corporate Stationery Set  Invoice

This creative and professional stationery set offers something extra for your business—a postcard template. This allows you to send branded postcards to your customers that match your business cards and letterheads. This stationery set has plenty of space for you to include a logo and tagline, and every element is customizable.

In addition to the postcard and corporate letterhead templates, it includes an invoice template, and templates for business cards (both portrait and landscape) and a presentation folder. There's detailed documentation to help you easily customize this design, editable with Adobe design products.

Envato Elements - Unlimited Digital Assets

Envato Elements has a great offer you can't afford to miss.

Envato Elements - Unlimited Digital Assets

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to more than a million digital assets—from stationery templates to graphics, audio and video—all for one low price.

Envato Elements - Unlimited Stationery Templates
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets. 

Download as many templates as you need to suit all your corporate identity and company stationery needs.

To find the right professional letterhead template, visit Envato Elements, type in your preferred search terms, then refine your search with the filters on the left of the page. Once you've found the perfect template, and added it to your downloads, it's simple to start customizing.

15 Letterhead Templates from GraphicRiver

If you need unlimited access to graphic resources, then Envato Elements is the perfect choice. However, if you need just one stationery template, then browse the templates below from GraphicRiver. Here are 15 of the best corporate identity and letterhead stationery templates to promote your company.

1. Professional Stationery, Invoice, and Corporate Identity

corporate stationery templates

This is a comprehensive modern stationery and corporate identity template pack. Designers will enjoy the Photoshop and InDesign templates, while there's a customizable Microsoft Word stationery template for those who are still developing their design skills. The simple design is available in dark and light themes and will meet almost any business need.

As well as letterhead stationery, the pack includes templates for invoices, purchase orders, memos, presentation folders and letterheads. There are screensaver files too, enabling both creative and corporate businesses to have a holistic presence.

2. Blue Modern Professional Stationery

professional blue stationery templates

The geometric shapes on this stationery pack give a modern look to your corporate letterhead stationery. Sporting a clean and crisp design, this company stationery template pack is the perfect way for your business to communicate with investors, sponsors, and customers. It includes print-ready, editable files with templates for letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and presentation folders. Corporate letterheads are available in both US Letter and A4 size.

3. Professional Blue Pattern Stationery

Blue letterhead templates

This is another corporate stationery template pack with a modern theme. The blue color palette suggests a trustworthy business and the geometric shapes are eye catching. If you're looking for a fast way to represent your business, this is a good choice.

The stationery template pack includes US Letter and A4 letterheads, suitable for use in different localities. It also includes templates for business cards, envelopes, and a presentation folder. This template is easy to customize and print ready.

4. Professional Modern Orange Stationery

Professional letterhead templates

These attractive corporate stationery design templates look have a hint of the 70s while being stunningly modern. The multicolored geometric shapes are eye catching, enabling any company to make an immediate statement. Editable with Adobe Creative Suite, this printable stationery pack includes an envelope template design, a corporate letterhead envelope design, A4 and US Letter letterhead designs, and a presentation folder design.

5. Stella Business Stationery

Stella business letterhead templates

The Stella business stationery templates offer multiple ways to promote your brand. The templates pack is useful for those operating in Europe as it includes an A4 letterhead and A3 corporate folder design.

Other stationery templates in the set help businesses create complementary cards, envelopes, and even branded company CDs and DVDs (if you're still using them). There are two business card and presentation folder designs, so you can choose the one that best suits the occasion.

6. Corporate Identity Stationery Package

Corporate letterhead templates

Want an elegant approach to your corporate identity? This stationery template set with a simple, modern design will help you achieve that. Suitable for all kinds of businesses, this template set includes an A4 letterhead template, along with matching business card, letterhead, envelopes and presentation folder. If you want something a bit different, you can also create branded sleeves for your corporate DVDs.

7. Corporate Stationery

Corporate stationery templates

This corporate letterhead stationery pack brings a fresh and vibrant look to your business branding. Accented in yellow, the stationery templates in this set include letterhead and invoice designs for both the US and Europe, as well as business cards, envelopes and presentation folders. These business stationery templates are easy to edit so your business is prepared for any occasion.

8. Business Stationery Pack

Business stationery templates

You can keep things simple with the business stationery pack, ideal for those who want to focus on the essentials. With a modern motif, this set of corporate stationery templates is ideal for the 21st century business. It includes letterheads, business cards, presentation folders and envelopes. The blue theme is crisp and cool, and ideal for any modern business.

9. Purism Corporate Stationery

Purism Corporate Stationery

Sometimes you can't do better than classic black, white, and grey. The Purism corporate stationery templates will appeal to businesses who want this traditional approach with a bit of modern flair. The corporate letterhead template includes a style for a second page, not just the main header. This is ideal for longer communications.

Similarly, the presentation folder design includes an inside design that complements the exterior. The pack also includes an invoice template, an envelope template, and three different business card designs.

10. Design Sense - Corporate Identity Template

Design Sense - Corporate Identity Template

Bold and bright, the Design Sense stationery template pack is ideal for businesses that want a bit of pizzazz. It includes a US Letter sized letterhead, as well as business cards, and an envelope template.

There are templates for a DVD cover and sticker, too, which makes this set right for anyone sharing information via optical media. These files are easy to edit and customize and will be sure to wow your customers with that extra flair.

11. Corporate Design Mega Bundle

Business letterhead design bundle

Not sure which color best suits your brand? This huge bundle of corporate stationery and letterhead templates gives you plenty of choice. The A4 letterhead designs are available in 10 different designs, from basic black to bright orange.

The company stationery sets include templates for business cards, complementary cards, DVD labels, presentation folders, and some include labels and menu cards, as well. That means whether you're hosting a company event or presenting to shareholders or investors, you'll have the stationery you need for the occasion.

12. Corporate Identity - Media Play

Corporate Identity - Media Play

This set of corporate identity templates helps you present your business both online and offline. In addition to letterhead, business card, envelope, and presentation folder templates, it includes other branded media assets.

If you're running a campaign for your business, you can use the Facebook timeline cover template, and the branded desktop and phone wallpaper. The bright colors and geometric shapes will get attention and enhance any presentation or communication.

13. Corporate Identity - Color Stroke

Corporate Identity - Color Stroke letterhead template

This is another colorful approach to branding your corporate presence. The pack includes A4 letterheads, two envelope sizes, business card, compliment slip and DVD templates. There's a presentation folder design, Facebook cover, and smartphone and desktop wallpaper, too. This is an attractive template set that'll help you present a coherent company image both online and offline.

14. Systym - Stationery System

Systym - Stationery letterhead templates

In this business stationery template set, you can choose among six designs for letterheads, all available in US and international sizes. These are easy to customize with your own business logo. The pack includes matching invoice designs, compliment slips, and envelopes. If you produce media, you can complete the branding with CD designs. There are also multiple presentation folder and business card designs, so you can create customized branding with minimal effort.

15. Corporate Identity - Absolute Carnival

corporate Identity - Absolute Carnival

Want to have a fun approach to corporate identity? Then the Absolute Carnival letterhead stationery pack will add some flair to your letters, presentations, and networking events. This colorful stationery template set includes letterhead, project cover, and envelope template designs, as well as complementary slip, DVD case and folder templates. There are branded phone and desktop wallpaper, and a matching Facebook cover image, too.

Visit GraphicRiver to get one of these stationery templates, or choose from the thousands of affordable corporate identity designs available.

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Learn More About Using Professional Letterheads

With professional letterheads, you can create a consistent visual image for your brand. This is great for communicating with customers and others and giving your company a professional presence. Learn more about using professional letterheads in the articles below:

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3 Tips for Using Professional Letterheads Right

Ready to start using professional letterheads? Here are three tips to help you get more from your new professional letterhead templates:

  1. When choosing a business stationery template, select one where the colors and fonts are close to those used on your website. This will create a harmonious experience for website visitors who become customers.

  2. Always include your business logo to cement your brands.

  3. Most letterhead template sets also include business card templates. Use these so that all your company promotional material matches.

Grab a Corporate Identity or Letterhead Template Today!

Now, it's your turn. Select one of the letterhead templates above, or visit Envato Elements to check out all the stationery templates on offer. You can also see even more stationery templates on GraphicRiver.

Grab a quality template today and customize it fast to get started with presenting your business to customers and potential investors.

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