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25 Best Free Black & White Aesthetic Letterhead Stationery Templates 2020


Black and white aesthetic stationery can be a classy and adaptable choice for your letterhead stationery project. Check out this collection of black and white stationery for free downloads, inspiration, and more.

aesthetic stationery design
A black and white aesthetic stationery design, like this premium design template, can be a wonderful choice for your professional needs.

Are you choosing a stationery design? You'll want letterhead stationery that's professional and matching your branding. Consider using black and white aesthetic stationery

Why work in black and white? It can prove to be a versatile solution. Printing in only black and white can also prove to be a cost effective choice, too. Plus, black and white is often associated with classy, elegant designs. Consider adding a touch of gold to really push the black tie look and feel.

In this article, we'll look at a list of free letterhead designs for download and inspiration. We'll also look at some premium design inspiration too. 

Best Premium Letterhead Stationery on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

If you're interested in unlimited downloads, check out Envato Elements. With a service like this freely download letterhead stationery to your heart's content, without worrying about the price tag. Download many black and white aesthetic stationery templates. Test them all out! 

Unlimited downloads mean you can download as much as you want for one price. Mix, match, and download from a large library of professional content. It's all included.

Envato Elements
There's a giant library of premium letterhead stationery designs on Envato Elements, available for download now.

You've got plenty of options for finding aesthetic stationery. Let's take a brief look at some of them:

  • Download free black and white stationery templates. In this case, make sure to budget time for your search. You'll also want to make sure you've got the software know how to get your project done. 
  • Download premium letterhead stationery templates. One download, one fee. Find what you need, download it, and you're done. (GraphicRiver is an a la cart option like this.)
  • Download unlimited premium letterhead stationery templates. In this case, download all of templates you want with one, low fee. This is an awesome choice if you want to try out lots of templates without worrying about individual pricing.
letterhead stationery design
Premium letterhead stationery designs can be a convenient and cost effective choice.

But it doesn't end there. This includes fonts, graphics, stock photos, and so much more! You can even pick up a template for your website, music, and stock video. These options are all included in one fee. It's an awesome deal.

Maybe unlimited downloads aren't your style. Sometimes, it's just more convenient to download things a la cart. If you're looking for a single download, a single fee, check out GraphicRiver.

Check out the gallery of letterhead stationery templates on GraphicRiver, available for download now.

GraphicRiver is a great service if you're looking to keep things simple. There's no subscription, no fuss, just download exactly what you need in a snap. You still have thousands of high quality items to choose from, too. Download only the letterhead stationery designs that you want. 

5 Best Premium Black and White Aesthetic Stationery Templates

Let's look at a small sample of some of the awesome, premium templates out there for download right now. Consider picking one up today, or sit back and enjoy the design inspiration:

1. Black and White Geometric Letterhead Stationery

Black and White Geometric Letterhead Stationery

This lovely template has some geometric inspiration. It's also available for both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, for your convenience. Add your branding or work with the visual direction provided.

2. Typography Black and White Aesthetic Stationery

Typography Black and White Aesthetic Stationery

This template features chunky typography and interesting shapes. Customize this one in Adobe Illustrator. If you prefer, add color. Change up the typography to suit your professional needs. The choice is yours.

3. Minimalist Black and White Letterhead Stationery

Minimalist Black and White Letterhead Stationery

This is such a stylish aesthetic stationery template. It's versatile too. This one could work so well for so many different industries. Use it for your letterhead and repurpose it for your resume design too.

4. Letterhead Stationery Template Design

Letterhead Stationery Premium Template Design

Here's a lovely template from GraphicRiver, and you get a lot for one download. Edit this one in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or even Microsoft Word. It includes two different format styles and even come color options, for your convenience. 

5. Stylish Black and White Aesthetic Stationery Template

Stylish Black and White Aesthetic Stationery Premium Template

This template is editable in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It's easy to jump right in, make your edits, and have a finished letterhead stationery design in a snap.

25 Top Free Black and White Stationery Letterhead Templates to Download for 2020

If you're looking for free letterhead stationery designs, you might want to give Envato's free offerings a look. There's a variety of free template files that you can download now with no cost.

Let's look at some free black and white stationery templates from other sources on the web:

1. From the Desk of Letterhead Stationery Template

From The Desk Of Letterhead Stationery Template

If you're looking for free black and white stationery templates with a hand drawn feel, check this template out. Download this one, for free, today.

2. Decorative Corners Free Black and White Stationery Templates

This free stationery template relies on decorative graphics in the corners. It's free to download. Edit it in Microsoft Word or use it for design inspiration.

3. Music Themed Letterhead Stationery Template

Black and white aesthetic stationery is a perfect fit for music themes. You could work in notes, staffs, treble clefs and more, like we see in this free template. 

4. Monogram Free Black and White Stationery Templates

Monograms are another great fit for black and white aesthetic stationery. This can also be a great direction if you're not quite sure of your branding, or you're looking for something for personal usage.

5. Flourish Black and White Letterhead Stationery Template

Flourishes are another fun direction that can work great in black and white. Remember, you can always opt to add color, if you'd like to.

6. Typist Writer Letterhead Stationery Template

Typist Writer Letterhead Stationery Template

A silhouette is a great fit for a black and white look. Check out this cute, typist themed letterhead stationery. It's free to download, and it could be a great fit for your next project.

7. Boston Skyline Letterhead Stationery Template

Have you ever considered drawing inspiration from your local city skyline? This free template takes inspiration from the Boston skyline. Check it out and consider using it as inspiration for your next project. 

8. Piano Free Black and White Stationery Templates

Here's another music themed template. Piano keys work well with a black and white aesthetic. Use this free template or consider incorporating the idea in a different way.

9. Thumbprint Letterhead Stationery Template

Thumbprint Letterhead Stationery Template

This free stationery template draws inspiration from a thumbprint. This could be a fun aesthetic for a variety of different projects. Remember, you can always add color if you'd like to.

10. Black and White Leaf Themed Free Letterhead Stationery

Here we've got a leaf themed free black and white letterhead template. You could potentially work in black and white with a variety of aesthetics, like we see here. 

11. Gray Corners Free Letterhead Stationery Template

This is another take on a corner centric design. It's free to download. Edit it today in Microsoft Word.

12. Free Dalmation Letterhead Stationery Template

Dalmatians are largely associated with black and white, right? That makes them the perfect fit for a black and white stationery aesthetic! Check out this cute, free design.

13. High Five Block Aesthetic Stationery Design

High Five Block Aesthetic Stationery Design

This free stationery template has a blocky aesthetic. Then, we see a cutout at the top. You could mix and match parts of this layout for a whole host of different projects.

14. Singing Music Letterhead Stationery Template

Here's another fun take on a music theme for black and white letterhead stationery. Music has so much potential as a great theme for this aesthetic. Check out this free download today.

15. Free Elegant Aesthetic Stationery Design Template

Black and white, as an aesthetic, also has a lot of potential to create a classy look. This free stationery goes for an elegant feel. Consider adding gold to a look like this one for extra elegance. 

16. Hockey Sports Letterhead Stationery Template Free

Here's a sports themed stationery template. This one could also be remixed to work for a host of different spots. Download this free template and edit it in any way you like.

17. Free Phone Themed Stationery Letterhead Design

This design takes inspiration from phones and technology. Remember, you can swap out the imagery and make your own customizations to suit your needs.

18. Free 3D Pyramid Themed Stationery Letterhead

Here's a design that works in some three dimensional imagery. If you're looking for an abstract stationery design, this one might be worth a look. 

19. Cleveland Skyland Free Letterhead Stationery Design

Cleveland Skyland Free Letterhead Stationery Design

Here's another look at the skyline aesthetic. It's got a lot of potential. Try it out with your local city skyline or maybe even a fantasy one.

20. Fancy Black and White Border for Letterhead Stationery

Black and white often has a black tie feel. Maybe that's why a fancy or elegant approach works so well for this aesthetic. Check out this free graphic, designed for stationery design.

21. Free Circuit Themed Letterhead Stationery Design

A tech theme can also work well in a black and white aesthetic. In this case, the circuit theme is used as a background element. Check out this free design today.

22. Calculator Stationery Design Free Download

Looking for something for school or mathematics? This calculator themed design is free to download and use. It might be perfect for your next academic project. 

23. Double Border Free Graphics for Letterhead Stationery

Looking for a free design element for your next black and white stationery project? Check out this free graphic, designed for letterhead stationery design. 

24. Film and Video Themed Free Letterhead Stationery

Film and video also have some iconography that works well with a black and white aesthetic. Check out this simple, free design. It's got a lot of potential.

25. Free Celtic Cross Aesthetic Stationery Design

Free Celtic Cross Aesthetic Stationery Design

Here's a simple and clean design that uses a symbol in the corner. You can either stick with this symbol or swap it out for your own imagery or branding.

Why Use a Premium Letterhead Stationery Template? 

"Free" is everyone's favorite price tag. But keep in mind that free doesn't necessarily mean fast or simple. Sometimes, a premium template is actually a huge time saver. Saving time can often equate to saving money, too.

When you download a free template, it's rare to find an exact fit for what you're looking for. So, you should likely set some time aside for customizations. It's also a good idea to set time aside for browsing and testing out your free finds. Again, this is a time sink.

black and white aesthetic stationery
Black and white aesthetic stationery can be both sophisticated and versatile for your design needs, like we see in this premium design template.

When you go premium, it's so much faster to find what you need. Not only that, premium items often come with extended options, documentation, help files, and more. The usage and licensing also tend to be clearly defined and even expansive if you need that. These options aren't guaranteed with a free template.

 Think about it for a moment. Let's say you grab a template from GraphicRiver for $5. Then your project is done and ready in a snap, versus spending hours finding, testing, troubleshooting, and customizing a free find. That's time you could have invested elsewhere.

5 Quick Tips To Make Professional B&W Aesthetic Stationery Letterhead Designs in 2020

Did you find the perfect letterhead stationery template for your project? Or maybe you've decided to try designing some black and white aesthetic stationery of your own. 

Here are some quick design tips to help you customize or create your own stationery letterhead designs:

1. Contrast Commands Attention

Black and white, as an aesthetic, has the benefit of contrast. Not sure what contrast is? Think of it like light and dark. 

For example, if we had two shades of gray next to each other they might not look all that different. They'd blend together. Black and white has a lot of contrast. So, the difference feels really visually striking.

We can use this to our advantage when working with our letterhead design. In the premium example below, notice how the black top really stands out against the white bottom.

contrast stationery design
Contrast can really command attention when working with black and white aesthetic stationery designs—premium design template from Envato Elements.

2. Think About Versatility

Your letterhead stationery is likely part of a larger branding initiative. For example, maybe you've got business cards and envelopes, or you intend to have a resume design too. Keep these other pieces in mind. If you don't already have those designed, you can potentially use your letterhead stationery in more than one way.

In the example below, notice how the letterhead has been adapted to work as both a cover letter and a resume design. We could also take this design and adapt it to work as a business card. Maybe we could use the same font, for example, on our envelope. Similarities like this help build a visually consistent presentation.

letterhead stationery design
A strong letterhead stationery design can be adapted to meet many of your professional design needs, as seen in this premium design template.

3. Get Creative With Typography

What fonts will you use in your letterhead stationery? Typography can prove to be a really fun and creative part of your composition. You could, for example, use it as a focal point like we see in this premium design, below. 

Keep in mind that your type choices can be really communicative. A decorative font, for example, might prove to be more playful than a formal font. Make choices that work with your design objectives. 

black and white stationery design
Typography can prove to be a strong point of emphasis in black and white aesthetic stationery designs. Download this premium design template today.

4. Consider Grayscale Too

Black and white can be a perfect aesthetic, but sometimes working with shades of gray can prove to be a strong direction too. Check out this premium example, below. In this case, the designer decided to heavily rely on light gray and dark gray.

Think about how white might look on this composition too. It could really pop against the different gray values. Will you consider using gray in your letterhead design? Or will you stick to strictly black and white? 

grayscale aesthetic stationery
Grayscale aesthetic stationery can also be a visually interesting approach, when working in black and white. This premium design template is a great example.

5. Consider Other Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Black and white, as an aesthetic, isn't necessarily limited. We still have a host of design principles and art elements we can use in our designs. For example, in the design below, shape is used to create interesting texture at the top of the composition. It's a set of repeated shapes, but when we see it at large it gives us a sense of texture.

Where you place items in your composition, as well what values you choose, can really make a big impact. Imagine, for example, these same repeated shapes in a lighter value. It would make for a more subtle look.

geometric letterhead stationery template
A limited color palette doesn't necessarily limit design principles. Experiment with shape, texture, and more in your letterhead stationery design to create interest, like we see in this premium template.

Discover More Top Stationery Template Aesthetic Designs for 2020

Looking for even more letterhead stationery design inspiration? Check out these collections of free stationery templates, beautiful stationery designs, and more. Download some freebies or look at a gallery of inspiration designs today.

Create Your Black and White Aesthetic Stationery Today

Working with black and white can be a wonderful aesthetic choice for your stationery design. I hope you found some useful free content, as well as some design inspiration, to use in your next letterhead stationery project. 

Remember, if you're looking for the convenience and quality that often come with premium template options, check out Envato Elements. There's so many letterhead stationery design templates there to see, and they're all covered by one low fee. Or, if you prefer a la carte premium downloads with a similar library of letterhead template designs, check out GraphicRiver.

Why not get start on your letterhead stationery design today? Good luck and happy designing.

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