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24 Best Free MS Word & Google Docs Stationery Templates - Printable Sets 2023

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Do you need a Google Docs stationery template or free stationery templates for Word? Are you looking for letterheads, envelopes, or business cards? Here are plenty of offerings to help jump-start your next stationery project in Microsoft Word.

stationery template for Wordstationery template for Wordstationery template for Word
A premium professional stationery set template for Microsoft Word can help you jump-start your next project.

There are so many valuable reasons to consider working with a stationery template. It doesn't matter whether you work in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

Templates can prove to be a major time saver. Simply find the template file that meets your needs, download it, and then add your content. It's that easy. Or use your template as a springboard for a custom design. You can make small adjustments or develop in an entirely different direction. 

Stationery templates for Word and Google Docs can also prove to be cost-effective. Think about it—your time is valuable. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, there needs to be a balance and a budget when it comes to both your time and your assets. A stationery template can serve many roles and be adaptive. 

So, in this article, we're going to list some awesome, free stationery templates for Word. Who doesn't love free downloads? But before we dig in, let's also look at some premium offerings.

Find the Best Premium Stationery Template Word Documents (Envato Elements 2023)

Envato Elements is your go-to site for premium stationery templates for MS Word and Google Docs. For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited downloads of stationery templates, photos, fonts, and other resources that you can use in your next project. 

Explore Stationery Templates

Envato Elements OfferEnvato Elements OfferEnvato Elements Offer
Envato Elements offers high-quality stationery and letterhead templates.

Elements is truly one of the best values out there for creatives today. And with the unlimited downloads, you've got the freedom to try out various options as you create your stationery and letterhead. 

Google Docs letterhead templates free you find online can be tempting. But free templates are usually less robust than premium, professionally designed templates.

With Envato Elements, you'll get the highest quality stationery and letterhead templates available. You’ll find key items on these templates, including:

  • fully editable templates
  • print ready
  • A4 paper size
  • free fonts
Now let's have a look at the top letterhead template Google Docs on Envato Elements.

5 Best Premium Stationery Templates for Microsoft Word

So, let's look at some of the premium offerings over on Envato Elements. Consider downloading one today or enjoy this collection of design inspiration.

1. Letterhead & Envelope Stationery Set for Microsoft Word

Letterhead  Envelope Stationery Set for Microsoft WordLetterhead  Envelope Stationery Set for Microsoft WordLetterhead  Envelope Stationery Set for Microsoft Word

Check out this beautifully designed stationery template. You get both a letterhead and a matching envelope, all in one download. You also get files for many software environments: Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

2. Stationery Letterhead Template for Word

Stationery Letterhead Template for WordStationery Letterhead Template for WordStationery Letterhead Template for Word

Isn't this letterhead template design stylish? Choose from two different options here, as well as different file formats, for your convenience. This is a great choice if you're not sure what software you'd like to work with for your next stationery design project.

3. Envelope Stationery Template for Microsoft Word

Envelope Stationery Template for Microsoft WordEnvelope Stationery Template for Microsoft WordEnvelope Stationery Template for Microsoft Word

Here's a colorful envelope template. Like the others, this one includes several options, such as visual alternates, smart objects, help files, and many file formats. Download this one for Microsoft Word or use it in a variety of different software environments.

4. Stationery

stationery letterhead tempaltestationery letterhead tempaltestationery letterhead tempalte
If you're looking for a minimalist design, this is the letterhead template for you. You can quickly tailor this template to any type of letterhead that you want to create. The letterhead has a layered design that even features a spot for a QR code.  
Here's what you can expect from this template:
  • dark and light themes
  • well-organized layers
  • help file included
  • full print ready

5. Stationery-  Letter Head & Envelope Templates

stationery- letter head & envelope templatesstationery- letter head & envelope templatesstationery- letter head & envelope templates

This great-looking design helps your corporate documents stand out. It comes with a letterhead and envelope template that makes it easier to print these custom documents. The abstract shapes on the design help add the professional polish that'll impress.

Here are the main features of this template:

  • A4 paper size (CMYK 300 DPI)
  • print ready
  • free fonts used
  • fully editable

Here's another awesome stationery set collection. This set also comes with four color variations, making customizing this template even more user-friendly. Choose your favorites and easily edit this content in Word. 

24 Top Free Microsoft Word & Google Doc Stationery Templates to Download for 2023

Before looking for free printable stationery templates for Word and Google Docs on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always stationery templates for Word or Google Docs) at no cost to you.

Free Templates from Envato ElementsFree Templates from Envato ElementsFree Templates from Envato Elements
You can download free templates to try from Envato Elements.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month, Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

Now, let's dig into some free finds. This collection of free printable stationery templates for Word are available for download right now. Many of these would also work great if you're looking for a Google Docs stationery template. 

1. Free Letterhead and Envelope Stationery Set

Are you looking for a Google Docs letterhead template for free that also includes more than one stationery item? Check out this free download. It's simple, and it's got plenty of potential for customization.

2. Greenwave Free Stationery Letterhead

google docs stationery templategoogle docs stationery templategoogle docs stationery template

Isn't this green wave design eye-catching? It's a Google Docs letterhead template for free, so you can customize this one to suit your next project. It even has a matching envelope. 

3. Blue Curved Free Business Card Stationery Template

Abstract imagery can be a great choice when you want to keep things open-ended. This Google free letterhead template has the potential to work across several stationery pieces, too.

4. Green Gradient Design Free Letterhead Stationery

Green Gradient Design Free Letterhead StationeryGreen Gradient Design Free Letterhead StationeryGreen Gradient Design Free Letterhead Stationery

Check out this angular design. This one could easily be adapted for a letterhead or even a matching resume. There's a lot of potential here to explore.

5. Elegant Free Invitations Stationery Template

Are you looking for something classy? Check out these elegant invitations. This is another Google free letterhead templates that could be reworked for several stationery pieces. 

6. Contemporary Free Letterhead Cover Letter Template

free stationery templates for wordfree stationery templates for wordfree stationery templates for word

If you like geometry, this design is worth a look. Add your content to the colorful points and consider adapting this concept to meet your other stationery set needs too.

7. Green Wave Free Envelope Template Stationery

Here's the matching envelope for the green wave stationery we looked at earlier. Download this one to complete the set.

8. Colorful Invoice Free Stationery Template for Word

Will your stationery set need a matching invoice? If so, check out this free printable stationery template for Word. Or give this one a download and adapt it to work for your next letterhead design.

9. Red Letterhead Free Minimalist Letterhead Stationery

stationery template wordstationery template wordstationery template word

If you like the simple, clean aesthetic of minimalist design, check out this classy Google free letterhead template. It's got so much potential for so many different industries. 

10. Red Envelope Template Free Design

Need a matching envelope? Looking for something clean, versatile, and very adaptable? This envelope design could work as an easy companion to so many different designs.

11. Purple Abstract Free Business Card Design Stationery

If you're looking for something colorful and energetic, check out this Google Docs letterhead template for free. These business cards could be a perfect springboard for an entire stationery set. 

12. Technology Free Stationery Letterhead Template

google docs stationery templategoogle docs stationery templategoogle docs stationery template

Here's another clean, versatile Google Docs letterhead template for free. This one was designed with technology in mind. But it could easily work for other industries too. 

13. Free Holiday Stationery Winter Holly Leaf

How about something for the holidays? Use this for your letterhead or even for sending out holiday-related notices within your organization.

14. Free Invoice Stationery Design Template

This design could work well if you'd like to feature imagery in your stationery. This one has a lot of potential to be adapted into a letterhead or business card design.

15. Business Invoice Letterhead Template Free Design

free stationery templates for wordfree stationery templates for wordfree stationery templates for word

Look at this stylish invoice. Use the top for your next letterhead, or change the colors in this one to match your existing stationery set.

16. Blue Curve Free Business Card Download

Are you looking for a versatile business card to add to your stationery set? Check out this business card. Wouldn't this design approach look nice on a variety of stationery pieces?

17. Green Letterhead Design Free Stationery

If you're looking for free stationery templates for Word, check this one out. This letterhead is a free download.

18. Sky Blue Free Letterhead Template Stationery Design

stationery template wordstationery template wordstationery template word

This stationery template Word document is free to download. Easily swap out the imagery. 

19. Free Business Letterhead and Matching Envelope

Here's another free download that includes more than one item. You get both a letterhead and a matching envelope with this one, ready to go—and free!

20. Free Holiday Stationery

Do you need a holiday-themed Google free letterhead templates? This simple design could work great for a holiday letter or announcement. 

21. Orange Letterhead Design Free Stationery

Orange Letterhead Design Free StationeryOrange Letterhead Design Free StationeryOrange Letterhead Design Free Stationery

Check out this Google free letterhead templates. There are pops of orange here that help make parts of the design stand out. The best part is, this download is free.

22. Free Envelope Design Stationery Template

Here's another versatile envelope template that you can download today for free. It's got an elegant embellishment, perfect for invitations.

23. Free Real Estate Stationery Letterhead Template

Free Real Estate Stationery Letterhead TemplateFree Real Estate Stationery Letterhead TemplateFree Real Estate Stationery Letterhead Template

This Google Docs letterhead template for free has plenty of room for customization. Add your own photo, experiment with the colors, and add your content.

24. Free Stationery Blue Letterhead Design

Looking for a simple and clean Google Docs letterhead template for free? This one has a spot of blue for visual interest and keeps things minimal. Add your logo and easily incorporate it into your existing stationery set.

How to Make Stationery in MS Word Quickly

Great! You now have an MS Word stationery template. It's now time to customize it with your content. To customize your stationery template, follow the steps outlined below. 

The tips in this section were written using a macOS and Office 365. If you’ve got a different operating system or a different version of PowerPoint, your steps may be slightly different.

For this tutorial, I'll be using the premium template, Stationery.

stationery blue themestationery blue themestationery blue theme
Stationery is one of the best-selling templates on Envato Elements.

Stationery has a simple yet stunning-looking design. It's fully customizable and is print ready. Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Theme

The document comes with three different themes. First, choose the theme that'll fit your document the best and delete the others. To delete the other pages, simply select the content and click backspace. 

choose themechoose themechoose theme
You first need to choose one of the three themes.

2. Add Your Content

Next, you'll want to add your stationery's content. This includes the main section of the letter, contact information, and social media.

There are text boxes for all the content on the template. To edit it, double-click the text boxes and select all the content. Then paste in all your new content. 

adding in contentadding in contentadding in content
Adding iour content to the main section of the stationery template.

3. Resize Your Text

You may need to resize your text if you've got too little or too much text in the body of the stationery. 

To resize your text, double-click the body text and select all of it. Then click on the Home tab on the top menu header of Word. Next, click on the font size and adjust the font until the text looks proportional.

resizing textresizing textresizing text
Resizing text helps make your document look proportional.

The header of the stationery contains a spot for your company's logo.

First, delete the placeholder logo by selecting it and clicking backspace.

Adding a logoAdding a logoAdding a logo
You can add a logo to your letterhead to match your company's branding.

Next, choose the Insert tab on the top main menu of Word. Then choose Pictures > Pictures from File... A pop-up appears where you can select the logo you want to add from your computer's files. 

5. Proofread Your Stationery

Proofreading is often a forgotten step in the creation process. Once you've added all your content and adjusted it, be sure to proofread the document. Spelling and grammatical errors are one of the quickest ways to turn a great document into an amateur one. 

Now let's cover a few quick design tips to help you create great designs. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Professional Stationery Designs in 2023

So, you've found a stationery design template you'd like to work with. What's next? Maybe you're still deciding, or maybe you're interested in making a stationery design of your own from scratch. 

Check out these quick design tips to help you design and pick out the best stationery design options for your project:

1. Keep Things Consistent

If you're going to have more than one piece in your stationery set, it's a good idea to keep them visually consistent. This can expand to all your related media. 

For example, look at the design below. In this scenario, the letterhead and the resume design both match. They aren't necessarily clones of each other but notice how they use the same fonts and the same colors. 

Not only that but notice the way the fonts used mimic one other, too. Visual consistencies like this can help make for a professional presentation across items. 

letterhead stationery designletterhead stationery designletterhead stationery design
This premium design template includes both a letterhead stationery design as well as a matching resume.

2. Plan What Your Stationery Will Include

But perhaps even more important is to decide what your stationery set needs to include. For example, will you need envelopes? How about invoices or postcards?

 Your professional needs might not be the same as someone else's. So, your stationery needs might differ too.

Take some time to plan out what items you'll need. Then, strategically pick items that'll work best for your project. You could opt for an entire, bundled set or start collecting and designing individual pieces.

Stationery Envelope Design TemplateStationery Envelope Design TemplateStationery Envelope Design Template
What'll you include in your stationery set? A premium Envelope Design Template like this one could be the perfect addition.

3. Avoid Clutter and Keep Things Clean

It can be easy to add a lot to your design. But like so many things in life, less is often more. Empty space (often called negative space when talking about design theory) can make for a clean, professional presentation.

Check out the design example below. There's no clutter. The design is well organized, and each part of the design visually relates to another. 

stationery template designstationery template designstationery template design
Breathing room can help keep your content organized and easy to read, like in this premium stationery template design.

4. Consistency Doesn't Mean Boring

While consistency is important, this doesn't mean your design needs to or should be boring. Different parts of your stationery set can take a different approach. In fact, sometimes, a different approach is necessary. 

Think about this for a moment. A letterhead is very different from an envelope. They work differently, and they've got different dimensions. We wouldn't want them to be exact duplicates, visually—because it just wouldn't work.

Instead, adapt and don't be afraid to try creative alternatives. You can still be consistent while mixing things up. In the example below, color helps keep things consistent despite the differences.

letterhead and envelope templateletterhead and envelope templateletterhead and envelope template
The items in a stationery set should look visually related—but can still have playful variety. Find a balance, as we see in this premium letterhead and envelope template.

5. Be Strategic With Your Information

Just like design elements, it can be tempting to include a lot on your stationery. Have you thought about what information should be there? How will the viewer contact you? 

What you include might need to vary from piece to piece too. For example, you might not want your email address on your envelope. But it would likely be a great addition on your letterhead or business card. 

Consider what information you want to share in the different parts of your stationery set. Think about the best way to share this information with your viewer. It should be both easy to read and easy to find in the layout design.

business card design templatebusiness card design templatebusiness card design template
A premium business card design is a perfect addition to your professional stationery set.

Discover More Top Stationery Template Designs for 2023

Are you looking for even more design inspiration? Check out these collections of stationery templates designs. There's plenty more to see. Considering downloading one today to add to your collection.

Benefits of Using Professional Templates

Are you still uncertain about purchasing professional templates? While free templates cost you nothing, they do present some challenges. Free does not necessarily mean easy, quick, or a perfect fit.

That's where a premium template can really make a big difference. Here are some of the benefits of using professional templates:

  1. It's much easier to find what you're looking for. Just search and download, rather than scouring the Internet at large.
  2. Quality is often higher. Professional websites with premium tutorials tend to have quality standards that must be met. 
  3. Licensing is expanded and clearly laid out. No, questioning if your download includes the license you need for your professional or commercial project. 
  4. They're updated. Premium templates contain help files and are often updated.
  5. You save time. Professional templates are fully featured and can be customized much faster.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great Microsoft Word and Google Docs templates for a single flat-rate price.

envato elements ms word tempaltesenvato elements ms word tempaltesenvato elements ms word tempaltes
Envato Elements has plenty of great MS Word templates for you to download.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited-use creative assets. Choose from web themes to MS Word templates and more—all for one low price. 

Download Your Stationery Template Word Document Today!

There's no better time than right now to dig in and make your stationery project happen. Whether you've decided on free printable stationery templates for Word or you've found the perfect premium option. There's so much content out there to help you get your project off the ground. Why not get started today?

Remember, if you're looking for awesome stationery templates for Word that you can download right now, check out Envato Elements. There are thousands of downloads, and they're all included in one low fee. Unlimited downloads for one low fee is an awesome deal. 

Good luck with your next design project!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daniel Strongin. Daniel is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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