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How to Quickly Make Annual Reports in Microsoft Word Format With Templates

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Do you need to make a professional annual report quickly?

You can do it using a report design template Word doc. A good template has an attractive annual report format already set. This makes your task of annual report creation easy.

annual report template for wordannual report template for wordannual report template for word
Download this premium annual report design template Word document today on Envato Elements.

Let's look at how to make annual report designs quickly using a report design template Word doc. We'll also take a look at some tips on how to make a good annual report design. So, let's dig in and start designing.

How to Make Annual Report Designs

So, how do you make an annual report design? Well, you'll need to decide which software you'd prefer to use. You'll need to decide things like the best format for your project too. Microsoft Word is one of many tools you can try. And there are plenty of annual report templates for Word.

New to Microsoft Word? Check out this free tutorial: Learn How to Use Microsoft Word (Beginner Tutorial Guide). It's a great place to start!

Templates are a great solution because they give you a head start. You don't have to begin with a blank canvas. An annual report template already has the basics established for you. Customize and edit it as much or as little as you want.

word annual reportword annual reportword annual report
An annual report template word document can take some of the guess work out of making your report.

If you prefer to just insert your content in the annual report template, that's fine. It's a quick way to get your report done in a flash. Or, if you really want to change it up, use the template to jumpstart your design process. Turn it into something entirely new! The choice is yours.

Find the Perfect Annual Report Template Word Document

So, where do you find templates, especially if you want your annual report format in Word? Well, there's a great collection of templates on Envato Elements. In fact, one low price gets you access to all of them, with unlimited downloads. That's a great deal.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Find the perfect annual report template Word doc on Envato Elements. Then, download as many as you'd like with unlimited downloads.

This means you can download as many annual report template word documents as you like. Try out a few of them! They're all included.

You also get a library of fonts, stock photos, illustrations, and more. Envato Elements comes with access to thousands of professional assets, all licensed for commercial use. It's an awesome resource for creative professionals.

Take a look at some of the annual reports you can download right now on Envato Elements. Remember, they're all included for one price, and you can customize them in Microsoft Word:

1. MS Word Report and Proposal (Annual Report Format in Word)

MS Word Identity Proposal & Report MS Word Identity Proposal & Report MS Word Identity Proposal & Report

This stylish, multipage design has plenty of potential. Just open it up on Microsoft Word and add your content. Or customize the design to best suit your business needs.

2. Annual Report Template Word Design Document 

Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

If you're looking for even more options, try out this design. It comes in two different sizes with plenty of different layouts to customize. Add your content to this template today.

3. Annual Report Design Template Word

Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Here's another elegant design you could download today. It's got 28 pages to choose from and includes a variety of file formats for your convenience. 

4. Annual Report Word Design

Annual Report DesignAnnual Report DesignAnnual Report Design

Isn't this design stylish? Download it today and easily edit the pages in Microsoft Word. This is just a sample of the 24 included pages. Change up the designs, color, and more.

5. Annual Corporate Report Template

Project Proposal ReportProject Proposal ReportProject Proposal Report

Here's another template with a lot of options. Customize the included 12 pages, duplicate them, and add your content. Includes a variety of file formats for your convenience and uses free fonts.

Find More Annual Report Design Template Word Documents on GraphicRiver

If you don't necessarily need access to a library of files, consider GraphicRiver. Here, you can download only what you need. One download, one fee. It's a great option for keeping things simple, but you still get the same level of professionalism.

Find even more annual report template Word designs on GraphicRiver.

How to Quickly Make Annual Reports in Microsoft Word Format With Templates

Now, let's walk through how easy it to quickly create and customize an annual report in Microsoft Word using an annual report template. In this demonstration, we'll use this premium professional annual report template from Envato Elements:

annual report word documentannual report word documentannual report word document
Download this premium professional annual report design template for Microsoft Word on Envato Elements.

You can download this tutorial and follow along if you like. Otherwise, these concepts are transferrable to any annual report template of your choice. We'll hit the basic essentials to get you customizing your work right now.

Let's begin!

1. Get Started With Your Document

You'll need to navigate to your download. In many cases your template may be compressed in a ZIP document. Uncompress this document and extract the files you need to your computer.

Depending on your template, you'll be given a variety of different files. Professional templates, like the one we'll be using in this demonstration, usually have some sort of help guide or "readme" file. This will provide some insight as well as links to fonts that you'll need for the document to display correctly. Install them before you open the files.

You may also have a variety of different file types. In our case we want to use the Word template. So, check out the template file in the DOCX format.

Word Annual Report Format StartWord Annual Report Format StartWord Annual Report Format Start

2. How to Navigate Through the Document

To open your document, go to File > Open. Navigate to the document on your computer and select it. 

Navigating your document in Word is a simple process. Just scroll through the pages to see all the content within your document. The document we're using has 20 pages worth of content with a large variety of different designs.

Annual Report Navigate Through DocumentAnnual Report Navigate Through DocumentAnnual Report Navigate Through Document

3. How to Duplicate and Manage Pages

To duplicate a page, you'll need to create a new page. Make sure your cursor is placed at the top or bottom of a chosen page where you want to insert your new page. Then go to Insert > Blank Page.

Then copy the contents of another page and paste that into your new page to act as a template.

To delete an unwanted page, highlight the content of a page and click on the Delete button. Be careful with deleting page breaks.

Word Annual Report Duplicate PagesWord Annual Report Duplicate PagesWord Annual Report Duplicate Pages

4. How to Customize the Text

Customizing the text is also user friendly. As this is a Word document, in most cases, you can select the text with your cursor. Then edit as you would in most word processing software.

For our document you can change both the titles and paragraph text. Highlight the placeholder text and start typing your custom text. Your text will follow all the same formatting as the original text, including color font and size. 

Annual Report Customize TextAnnual Report Customize TextAnnual Report Customize Text

If your document includes a header, double click to access this content. The great thing about adjusting header text is that the change appears on every page. Our document even contains a page number that updates automatically. When you're happy with your header, double click any area outside of your header to stop editing this portion of your document.

You may come across some text that is inaccessible because it's part of an image. Don't worry. We'll go over how to edit that too.

5. How to Change Colors

Changing colors of text is also a straight forward process. Highlight the text you want to change, then go to Home > Font Color. This is indicated by the icon with an A and a colored line under it. Once you click on the icon you get a palette of colors you can choose from.

You can also add your own colors to the palette by selecting More Colors. It's always a good idea to use a limited number of colors. Too many could be visually distracting.

Annual Report Change Text ColorsAnnual Report Change Text ColorsAnnual Report Change Text Colors

6. How to Add Images

You may have noticed that there are some elements that you can't easily edit. This may occur some templates. It's usually because they're images that have been imported. You can import your own images to replace them.

To remove an image, click to highlight and then press Delete.

To add an image, go to Insert > Picture. Then you can select Picture From File to select an image from your computer.

Once your image is inserted into the Word document you can place it anywhere you see fit. Remember to open up the Layout tab to control how your image appears. You can choose how text behaves and wraps around the image and even the order of how the images are layered.

Word Annual Report Insert ImagesWord Annual Report Insert ImagesWord Annual Report Insert Images

7. How to Save Your Work

Once you're happy with your report (or you have made some progress) you'll likely want to save your work. You can do this by going to File > Save or File > Save As. I suggest using Save As as this saves a new copy of the document. This way you keep a copy of the original template too.

Word Annual Report Template SaveWord Annual Report Template SaveWord Annual Report Template Save

From here, you can give your document a name. Place it in a folder where you can retrieve it later.

Annual Reports can be a big project, so I suggest saving multiple versions as you progress. You never know when you might need to revert to an older version.

5 Quick Tips How to Make a Good Annual Report

We've just explored some ways how to make annual report designs quickly and easily with templates. But you might still wonder about how to make a good annual report work for you. What should it have? What do you need?

Check out these quick tips to help you create the perfect annual report:

1. Don't Overwhelm the Reader

It can be tempting to put a lot of content on each page. But it's wise to practice restraint. Too much content can be both overwhelming to read and overwhelming to look at. If you find yourself with a full page, consider breaking it up. 

Empty space is just as important as your content. Think of it like breathing room for the eyes. This extra space can also help push the aesthetic of your design. Well balanced content that has both occupied and empty spaces can help make your work look more professional. 

Word report templateWord report templateWord report template
Remember to leave some empty space when working with your annual report format in Word. Download this premium template on Envato Elements.

2. Make Sure All Text Is Clear and Legible

It's essential that your text content is easy to read. For example, avoid the following pitfalls in your annual report format in Word:

  • Don't make your text too small. Even if it looks good, if it doesn't read easily you've missed the point.
  • Be careful about contrast. The text shouldn't blend into the background. For example, light gray text on a white background is harder to read, especially at small sizes.
  • Choose simple, clean fonts for paragraphs and body copy. You don't want a busy, decorative fonts for long text. It can be very difficult to read.

If you aren't sure, ask a friend or colleague to give your text a test read. Also remember, some may have more difficulty reading smaller sizes than others. Font legibility will also greatly vary depending on the font. 

3. Keep Your Design Consistent

Your annual report format should exhibit consistency from page to page. Think about it: this is one, continuous presentation. It should look that way as you browse through it. If the design is jarringly different from page to page, it'll feel really disjointed. 

You can establish consistency in many different ways. For example, you could have a repeating header. You could have key colors that you keep consistent throughout.

The example below is a collection of some annual report format pages in Word. Notice how, while they vary, they share key elements in common.

consistent annual report designconsistent annual report designconsistent annual report design
This premium report design template Word doc uses consistent fonts and headers. Download it on Envato Elements.

4. But Don't Let Things Get Boring Either

The same page layout, over and over again, would be visually boring. In fact, it might even be easier to get lost in the presentation. So, while consistency is good, it's just like variety: you need to find a balance. 

professional annual reportprofessional annual reportprofessional annual report
Find a balance between variety and consistency in your annual report format in Word, like in this premium template from Envato Elements.

Above is an example annual report format in Word. Again, note how each page has some common elements:

  • They use the same fonts.
  • They share the same color scheme.
  • But the layouts themselves mix things up.

You can also use different images. These pages basically have a theme, but they aren't clones of each other. This keeps them looking related without being repetitive.

5. Consider Your File Formats

So, what annual report format is right for your project? Sharing your work as a Word document might not be the most effective way to do so. This would mean the viewer would have to have Microsoft Word installed. Also, you might put yourself in a position where your work is easily editable. This isn't necessarily bad, but it might not be what you want.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • Will you print your annual report?
  • Will you offer it online?

Microsoft Word exports as PDF, so this can be a great option to explore.

Learn More About How to Make Annual Report Designs

There's plenty more to learn about annual report design and Microsoft Word. Check out these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+. There are a great way to get start, keep learning, and do it all for free.

Check Out More Annual Report Templates

Looking for even more annual report design templates? Here are some inspiring collections to view today. There's plenty of design inspiration and even more downloads you can check out.

Customize Your Annual Report Template in Word Today

Microsoft Word can be a great choice for your annual report format. Using a template can really help speed up the process too. There's no better time to dig in and start designing, so why not begin your annual report design today?

Remember, if you're looking for templates, you can find the perfect annual report format in Word over on Envato Elements. There's so many files to choose from, and one fee gets you access to all of them. With unlimited downloads, you can grab as many as you'd like to try. 

Or, if you prefer single downloads, remember to check out the annual report templates on GraphicRiver. There's plenty more design inspiration over there to see too.

Good luck with your annual report, and happy designing!

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