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25 Best Free Dark PowerPoint Background Templates for 2020 PPT Presentations

Are you bored with light or white colored background presentations? Do you feel maybe it's time to mix things up and try out a dark PowerPoint background for your next presentation? You've come to the right place! 

Corvo - Dark PowerPoint Templates a premium template from Envato Elements
Corvo - Dark PowerPoint Templates, a premium template from Envato Elements

The ultimate goal is to mix things up and create an impressive presentation with minimal effort. Do it by using a pre-built dark PowerPoint background template. By leaving the design aspect to the experts, you're working smart. You'll create the best possible presentation quickly. 

This article lists 25 free dark PowerPoint templates found online. We'll also have a look at premium dark PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, and premium dark PPT templates from GraphicRiver.

Let's jump right in, explore options, and find the best PPT templates for your needs! 

Top Premium Dark PowerPoint Background Templates on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

You've got a presentation coming up. It's time to start putting your content together on a PPT template. Picking a perfect template based on your topic, audience, and the content will help you create the best possible presentation in no time.

With Envato Elements subscription, you'll get access to a digital library of premium creative assets (including dark PPT templates). By paying a low affordable monthly fee, you'll enjoy unlimited access to these digital premium assets on Envato Elements.

Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them.

A subscription to Envato Elements is a marketing investment for your brand. Why? Gaining unlimited access to creative digital assets helps improve your marketing and business development projects. You'll be able to create unique, creative, attractive, and professional materials for your brand. 

The digital assets on Envato Elements are:

  • templates for web, presentation, graphics, and video 
  • royalty-free music, sound effects, and videos
  • high-quality stock photos
  • creative fonts, actions, and presets

On the flip side, working with free templates found online does come with some risks. Limited slides and feature options are generally a common problem you'll face. This means you may end up spending loads of time to make a free template work for you. 

Find loads of premium dark PPT templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium dark PPT templates on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the best place to go for anyone looking to invest in professional dark PPT templates. By subscribing to Envato Elements and paying an affordable monthly fee, you can download any digital assets (including dark PPT templates) when you need them. Envato Elements is truly a marketing and business development investment that'll open new doors for your brand. 

GraphicRiver is your next best bet for premium dark PPT templates. Pick and download the template you need one-at-a-time without a monthly subscription fee. This model is great for non-heavy users or people with a limited budget. We'll explore this option more later in this article. 

5 Best Premium Dark PowerPoint Background Templates (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Take your next presentation to a higher level. Here are five of the best premium dark and black theme PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Dark Fantasy - PPT Background Dark

Dark Fantasy - PPT Background Dark

Dark Fantasy is a multipurpose dark PPT template. It comes with over 40 unique slides and loads of features. This template is perfect for someone who needs a lot of infographics to turn facts and data into graphics. Make full use of process graphics, cycle graphics, maps, charts, device mockups, and so much more. 

2. Project Plan - Dark Presentation Background Template

Project Plan - Dark Presentation Background Template

This template gives you everything you need in a template to present your project plan. Topics included are statements of work, team, work breakdown structure, schedules, and risk plan. All graphics are editable in PowerPoint. Easily change your background color to white should you change your mind and decide a dark background doesn't work for you.   

3. Lightplus - PowerPoint Themes Dark

Lightplus - PowerPoint Themes Dark

Lightplus is a minimalistic and creative template. This multipurpose, professional template comes with 30 unique slides and five color schemes for you to pick from. All graphics are fully editable as it's vector based. A creative template like this helps you create impressive simple presentations in minutes. 

4. The Digital Agency - Dark Background for PowerPoint Presentation

The Digital Agency - Dark Background for PowerPoint Presentation

This template is perfect for any digital marketing presentation. It comes stacked with over 70 unique slides and ample graphics. You'll get device mockups, social media infographics, digital marketing infographics, maps, and loads more. The template is also fully animated and comes with 500 editable font icon sets. 

5. Jaly Dark Black Theme PowerPoint

Jaly Dark Black Theme PowerPoint

Jaly Dark Black Theme PowerPoint comes with 100 unique custom slides. It's perfect for your portfolio or other business needs. 

Fully edit and customize graphics to your need for PowerPoint. No external software needed. It also comes with over 700 icons and loads of other useful features. 

25 Top Free Dark PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020

Premium simple dark PowerPoint templates are easy to work with and come with loads of features. The few dark PowerPoint templates above are an excellent example of what premium templates has to offer. 

But, if you can't go premium just yet because you're on a tight budget, check out Envato's free offerings. These premium free files could be of use to you. The free files vary monthly, so you never know. A premium simple dark PowerPoint template could be up for grabs!

Here's the Envato premium freebie deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 different files (WordPress templates, PPT templates, fonts, photos, videos, and more). Download this month's free premium files by creating a free account and signing in. 
  • Envato Market offers seven different monthly freebies. That means a free file from ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, AudioJungle, VideoHive, PhotoDune, CodeCanyon, or 3DOcean. Sign up and log in to get this month's premium freebie files.

If what you're looking for isn't a freebie this month, free dark PowerPoint templates found online may be your only bet for now. Let's look at 25 free dark PowerPoint background templates from around the web:

1. Balthasar - Free PPT Background Dark comes in teal and dark green color and is made for finance and economics presentations.

2. Gold - Free Dark PowerPoint Templates has a black background with goldish yellow and light grey fonts. It comes in three different file formats PPT, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

3. Bisou - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Templates has a combination of green, dark grey, and white. At a glance, it looks like a chalkboard.

Bisou - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Templates

4. Startup Inspiration - Free Black Theme PowerPoint is entirely in black tones. The fonts are in white, and this creates a good contrast. 

5. Neon Cyber Monday - Free Dark Background for PowerPoint Presentation has neon colors that pop. Careful to not add too many texts in the blue neon color as it's a little hard to read. 

6. Honeycomb Meeting - Free Black Theme PowerPoint is another free template that has a black background with goldish yellow and white fonts. The honeycomb design is implemented well on all slides.  

7. Smart City Company Meeting - Free Dark PowerPoint Template was designed with an isometric approach and with the tech sector in mind. 

8. Colorful Ink - Free Dark Presentation Background uses a colorful ink background on all slides. There is a black text box with white fonts, so your content can be clearly viewed. 

Colorful Ink - Free Dark Presentation Background

9. Welcome to the 20s - Free Black Theme PowerPoint was designed to be a retro-like template in theme with "The Great Gatsby" or the 1920s. 

10. Wade - Free PowerPoint Themes Dark is a simple geometric design in black and two shades of bright green. 

11. Caterpillar - Free PPT Background Dark was designed with the construction, engineering, and industrial processes in mind. The background is a metal diamond plate textured image in black.

12. Ward - Free Dark PowerPoint Template comes with a black background with gold-pink fonts and graphics. 

13. Dandelion - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Template is a simple template in black and white.

Dandelion - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Template

14. Computer Golden Key - Free Dark Background for PowerPoint Presentation was designed for computer-related and training businesses. The main image is of a golden key on a computer keyboard. 

15. Abstract Wave Lines - Free PPT Background Dark was created with a black background and abstract graphics of a wave of colorful lines.      

16. Technology - Free Dark Presentation Background comes with three slide designs. The template is created in both 16:9 and 4:3. 

17. Classic - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Template features a swirly old fashion style. This template can be used to make a classic themed presentation.

18. West - Free Dark PowerPoint Template has a dark slide background in different colors. There is also a classic border. This border, fonts, and other graphics are in white.

West - Free Dark PowerPoint Template

19. Royce - Free PowerPoint Themes Dark comes with a dark blue background and abstract geometric graphics in bright colors. All slides have the same background design. 

20. Thaliard - Free Simple Dark PowerPoint Template has a dark blueish grey background. White fonts and graphics are used, and this helps create a good contract.

21. Edgar - Free Dark Background for PowerPoint Presentation features a dark purple background with tones. It's straightforward and clean.

22. Red Aesthetics - Free Black Theme PowerPoint uses three primary colors; red, black, and white. If you change all images to black and white like in the example slides, it gives the presentation a very clean look.  

23. Vibrant - Free PPT Background Dark was designed to talk about trends, music, and videogames. It's a simple retro looking template. 

Vibrant - Free PPT Background Dark

24. Iris - Free Dark Presentation Background is designed with illustrations of stars, planets, and astronauts. It's a good choice if you're presenting to children. 

25. Dardanius - Free PowerPoint Themes Dark has a modern look with its abstract 3D shape background. It's multipurpose and straightforward. 

5 Quick Design Tips To Create Great Dark Presentations in 2020

There are always opportunities to make better presentations. Here are five tips to help you get started and creating slides like an expert:

1. Start With a Modern Template

Dark Komaz Powerpoint Presentation
Dark Komaz PowerPoint Presentation, a modern dark presentation template on Envato Elements

White backgrounds or light-colored presentations are more popular these days. Many free dark PPT templates found online were created years ago and can look dated if used in 2020. It's best to stay away from templates that look dated as they make your business seem unprofessional. By investing in a premium dark template that's modern and unique, you'll save time and create an impressive presentation. 

2. Explore Special Themed Templates

Multipurpose templates are great and work well for any business or purpose. But, if you're someone who presentations a lot, it might be fun to try out special themed templates. Try searching for a theme that best suits your brand, your audience, and your content. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have loads of these templates that you may find interesting. 

Examples of special themes are:

3. Keep It Minimal (Avoid Clutter & Use Fewer Words)

With a dark background it's a little more challenging to read the text. The best workaround is to keep your presentation more visual and less wordy. Try the following: 

  • go with large fonts  
  • only use bullet points
  • replace text with photos or videos
  • use infographics as much as possible
  • avoid clutter and keep all slides clean
Itzy - Dark Powerpoint Template a minimal premium template on Envato Elements
Itzy - Dark PowerPoint Template, a minimal premium template on Envato Elements

The key is to breakdown your presentation well and keep it simple with not too many elements on each slide. 

4. Minimize Distractions

Everyone gets easily distracted. It helps to reduce distractions. Try to keep your audience focused during your presentation. To do this, identify distractions and try to avoid them:

Distracting elements:

  • a loud, dated or poorly designed presentation 
  • bad alignments
  • busy or cluttered slides
  • too much flashy transitions or animations
  • too much audio or video
  • unnecessary use of difficult words

Once you've completed your presentation, it always helps to have a test presentation with someone. Look out for their reactions and even ask them for feedback. Check out these tutorials for more help:

5. Go for Contrast

As mention in point three above, it can be a little challenging to read the text on a dark presentation. Use contracting fonts and graphics, so these elements hand out well. Contrast can also be used to create visual hierarchies to direct your audiences' eyes on a slide. 

Premium dark PPT templates are professionally designed with all design principles taken care of. Just add in your content and you're ready to present. If you need to do some customization by changing colors, textures, shapes, or sizes, read more about the design principles: 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Need more top Microsoft PowerPoint template inspiration? Browse through these three best and latest 2020 selections:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Are you still new to creating presentations? Or do you see room for improvement in your presentations? 

Be sure to check out our ultimate tutorial guide, which is a compilation of smaller helpful tutorials. This guide helps you pick and choose topics you'd like to read more about. Here are three tutorials to get you started:

Grab a Premium Dark PowerPoint Background Template Today

Using a professionally created presentation template helps you effortlessly take your PPT presentations to the next level. Start by browsing through loads of premium pre-built dark PowerPoint templates options on Envato Elements. By paying a low monthly subscription fee and becoming an Envato Elements subscriber, you can download and try out as many templates as you wish.

But if you prefer a pay-per-download model, check out the selection of dark PowerPoint background templates on GraphicRiver.

Does a tight budget restrict you? Be sure to explore the free dark PowerPoint templates listed in this article. 

Be it premium or free; a pre-built template is a must! By working with the best possible template within your means, you can work smart. Create professional-looking presentations in a fraction of the time. 

Grab a premium dark PowerPoint template and take your presentation to the next level. Download one now!

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