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18 Best Free InDesign Business Card Templates (Download Now in 2019)


Designed specifically to produce superior print quality and to make it easy to convert documents to PDF formats, Adobe InDesign is a terrific program for making business cards that shout quality and professionalism. 

  Nature Business Card
Premium InDesign business card templates you can find on Envato Elements (premium template)

If you're looking for the best Adobe InDesign business card templates for 2019—both free and pro—we've got you covered with a top notch selection of for InDesign business card templates you can download free. We'll also share some of the best premium business cards for Adobe InDesign from Envato Elements, Placeit, and GraphicRiver.

Unlimited Premium InDesign Business Card Templates

One of the things you can't overlook when starting out as a small business owner is having a professional business card. Business cards provide potential clients with an easy way to contact you, help establish your credibility and raise awareness of your brand in the marketplace. 

To create a high-quality business card that represents your brand effectively and is affordable, business card templates are indispensable. They help alleviate the work of making business cards in InDesign from scratch by providing you with beautiful layouts, typography and graphics that you can customise to suit your needs. 

And when it comes to outstanding layouts, typography and graphics, Envato Elements is hard to beat. Envato Elements offers thousands of unique INDD business card templates. And the great news is that you can download as many as you want for one low price.

Envato Elements InDesign Business Card Templates
Envato Elements - download as many templates as you want for one low price

Let's take a look at some of the best premium Adobe InDesign business card templates available at Envato Elements.

1. Business Card

Business Card
Business Card

This modern business card setup InDesign features a vertical layout, clean lines, and strong typography—features that all combine to create a professional card that's well suited for a number of businesses. The business card InDesign template is easy to edit just drop in your own text, and it's ready to send to the printers. 

2. MALINA Business Cards

MALINA Business Cards
MALINA Business Cards

You don't need to figure out how to make a business card template in InDesign because this package of 12 gorgeous business cards does all the work for you. These business card InDesign templates come in two sizes: 85 x 55 mm which are suitable for businesses in the EU and 3.5 x 2 in which is suitable for businesses in the USA. 

3. Business Card

Business Card
Business Card

Another wonderfully modern business card InDesign template, this example features a simple landscape double-sided layout with a white front and black text and a black back with a simple repeated icon. A versatile template that would lend itself well to creative businesses like fashion, photography, lifestyle, food, restaurant and architecture.

Envato Elements is the ideal choice of service if you need business card InDesign templates and other graphic resources regularly. If you're just interested in making a one-off purchases of INDD business card templates, then GraphicRiver may be a better choice for you. You can download a single template for one-time use for a low fee.

Graphic River InDesign Business Card Templates

Just as is the case with Envato Elements, GraphicRiver offers a wide array of the best business card templates. And just like the templates at Envato Elements, these are also easy to use.

4. Colorful Striped Business Card

Colorful striped Business Card
Colorful striped Business Card

This colourful business card uses a funky retro colour palette as its background. All the colours used in design are loaded in the colour palette for easy colour customisation, and the design is super easy to edit. Just download, open the template in InDesign, add your own information to the placeholder text, select your brand colours, and you're ready to send your design off to the printers.

5. Sleek Business Card Bundle

Sleek Business Card Bundle
Sleek Business Card Bundle

With its softly rounded corners, this business card InDesign template is a great choice for those wanting to buck tradition just a little and create a card that stands apart from the norm. The INDD files are fully editable and print ready. 

18 Terrific Free Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

These fabulous templates aren't your only option when it comes to making business cards—there are also plenty of InDesign business card template free to download and use around the web. Let's take a look at the 18best available in 2019. 

1. Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

Inspired by eighties design, this InDesign business card template free download combines bold retro colours and simple clean fonts. Switch out the colours provided in the example with your own brand colour scheme, add your own text, and your template is ready to print. 

Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

2. Architectural Firm Business Card

This duo-coloured card presents the company's name, email address and social media contacts on one side of the card over one colour and contact name and address on the other side over the second colour. There's even room for you to upload your logo. A cool choice for any type of corporation.

3. BusSet2 BusCard 

This InDesign business card template free download offers you a simple base design that you can modify in a number of ways. This template is probably more suited for those with a bit of design know how or experience as it merely provides the bare bones.

4. Resume and Business Card

This simple and uncluttered design is a resume and business card combo featuring a blue vertical banner on the left side of the resumé and business card to create branding consistency between the two pieces. Of course, you're not stuck with the blue colour shown in the example. You can customise both fonts and colour to make the template your own.  

5. Graphic Designer Business Card Template

Another card that'll appeal to those in the creative industries, Creative Clean Business Card is a free printable business card design template that's created in Photoshop. On one side of the card, there's a beautiful chevron pattern with a break in the pattern where you can add your contact details. The other side of the card is reserved for your name and job title.

Graphic Designer Business Card Template

6. LibbyCo Business Cards

Two beautiful free INDD business card templates in an understated chic style with wonderful gold flourishes.  These polished cards can be used in just about any business or as personal business cards. Just download the templates and open the two editable templates in InDesign. Select your favourite and add your own logo, text, and brand colours, and just like that your file is ready for the printer. 

7. Adobe Free Business Card

What better place to download your free InDesign business card than from the creators of InDesign themselves? This gorgeous modern business card is simple yet stylish and features a double-side horizontal design that certainly has mass appeal. What's more, Adobe has provided an easy to follow six-step tutorial to help you download and modify your template quickly and easily.

8. Business Card for Fitness Studio

A suitably dynamic and interesting business card targeting fitness studios but could work equally well for those in a variety of creative industries. The free InDesign business card template with bleeds will print correctly every time.

9. Free InDesign Business Card Template

If you're looking for a standard size UK business card template, you're in luck. This free download contains four very different double-sided templates in the standard UK business card size of 85cm x 55cm that you can customise to create your own special card. None of the fonts used in the files are included in the download, but they're pretty standard fonts so it's likely you already have them. If not, you can always download them online yourself.  

10. Vintage Business Card Template

The vintage inspired free Adobe InDesign business card template features a beautiful botanical illustration on one side and text within a simple border against a sage green background.

Vintage Business Card Template

11. Food and Beverage Company Business Card

If you work in the food and beverage industry, it's important that your business card communicates a sense of freshness, and that's exactly what this card does. It uses soft rounded shapes to create a sense of dynamism and combines those with a vibrant colour scheme.

12. Business Cards Galore

Why settle for one when you can have 21? This bumper crop of business card templates offers you a wide array of choice in design, colour, style, and purpose. We couldn't pick just one to feature here, so we'll let you decide.

13. Free Business Card Templates

These free business card templates offer a great opportunity to have a bit more creative input by creating your own artwork. Download the format you prefer and start experimenting to find a design that works best for you.

14. Modern Business Card Template

This stylish modern Adobe InDesign business card template offers a double-sided card where the name of the company in a bold and attention-getting font occupies one side of the card and all other details occupy the other side. The complementary colours of the sample colour scheme add a nice pop of colour to the simple design. Download and enjoy.

Modern Business Card Template

15. Business Card for Telecommunications Company

Here's an attractive business card you can customise quickly and easily in InDesign. This InDesign business card template free download uses an eye-catching texture and great graphics to draw your attention to the information on the card and make a statement. 

16. PSPrint Business Cards

Not only are these templates free, but they come in seven different sizes and designs including horizontal and vertical orientation, tab-fold and half fold. Once you decide on which template works best for you, simple click on it and your INDD file will download to your computer automatically ready for you to modify. 

17. Business Card Template

These business cards come in green, black, red and blue and are more traditional in style than they are modern or innovative. Still, they're free and are a solid choice if you're making business cards in InDesign.

18. Terrazzo Business Card Template

A free Adobe InDesign business card template with a colourful terrazzo background patter, this template is bold and fun and ideal for those in various creative industries.

Terrazzo Business Card Template

How to Make Business Cards Online (Alternative to InDesign)

As you can see, there are many wonderful premium and free InDesign business card templates to choose from, but there's one other option for creating business cards that you should know about. And this one is quite special because it doesn't require knowledge of InDesign. That option is to use the business card maker at Placeit. 

What's great about the Placeit business card maker is that you don't have to mess about with downloading templates or learning new software. All you need to do is open your internet browser and you can create your business cards right there online in a matter of minutes with a few clicks. 

What's more, Placeit offers tons of business card design templates to suit a wide variety of needs and is a cost-effective way to create your own unique business cards from templates designed by professional graphic designers.  

Online Business Card Maker at Placeit
Online Business Card Maker at Placeit

Learn More About Creating Your Own Business Cards

If your interest is piqued and you want to learn more about Placeit's online business card maker and business card design in general, check out these very helpful articles below: 

Create Your Own Stand-Out Business Card Today

I hope this compilation of the best premium and free InDesign business card templates for 2019 helps you find a card that's right for you.  

If you're proficient in InDesign, there are thousands of professionally designed business card templates available at Envato Elements or you can buy individual business card design templates from GraphicRiver. Alternatively, if you're looking for simpler and more intuitive business card design ideas, why not try the Placeit Business Card Maker? 

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