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25 Best Free InDesign Business Card Templates (Download Now in 2023)

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Can you make your own business cards and still have them look professional? It's easy when you use an InDesign business card template. Check out these professional business cards you can download and customize today.

Business Card InDesign TemplateBusiness Card InDesign TemplateBusiness Card InDesign Template
Premium InDesign business card templates you can find on Envato Elements (premium template).

Looking for the best Adobe InDesign business card templates for 2023? Both free and pro—we've got you covered. Here's a top-notch selection of for InDesign business card templates for free. Also find the best premium business cards for Adobe InDesign from Envato Elements.

5 Best Premium Business Card Templates From Envato Elements for 2023

Looking for an alternative to free Adobe InDesign business card templates? Let's take a look at some of the best premium Adobe InDesign business card templates. All available at Envato Elements:

1. Laetus Business Card Template in InDesign

Laetus Business CardsLaetus Business CardsLaetus Business Cards

The Laetus layout oozes class. The minimal design is very modern and fashionable. Its typography draws attention to the colors and shapes it uses. Free Adobe InDesign business card templates won't include such thoughtful typographic choices.

This pack comes in US and European standard sizes. Try out these editable business cards for InDesign. Use them for your fashion or personal brand.

2. Business Card for InDesign Template

Business Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesign

This modern business card setup InDesign features a vertical layout. Also has clean lines, and strong typography. This design creates a professional card that's well suited for many businesses.

The business card InDesign template is easy to edit. Just drop in your own text. It's ready to send to the printers. 

3. MALINA Business Card Template in InDesign

MALINA Business CardsMALINA Business CardsMALINA Business Cards

You don't need to figure out how to make a business card template in InDesign. This package of 12 gorgeous business cards does all the work for you. These business card InDesign templates come in EU and USA standard sizes.

4. Black and White InDesign Business Card Template

Business Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesign

Here's another modern business card InDesign template. You just won't find this quality in free InDesign business card templates. This example features a simple landscape double-sided layout. This versatile template is perfect for creative businesses like fashion, photography, and architecture.

5. InDesign Business Card Template

InDesign Business Card TemplateInDesign Business Card TemplateInDesign Business Card Template

Looking for the perfect business card to get your brand off the ground? This InDesign business card template is worth looking into. 

The Adobe InDesign business card template uses vector shapes and is fully editable. Add in your logo easily, and link to your website with a QR code so people can find you fast. There's also a help file included in case you're not sure how to use the business card InDesign template.

25 Terrific Free Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

One thing before looking for free InDesign business card templates on the web. Check out Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always business card templates for InDesign) at no cost to you.

Free Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates on Envato ElementsFree Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates on Envato ElementsFree Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates on Envato Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

These templates aren't your only option when it comes to making business cards. Didn't find what you were looking for above? There are also plenty of InDesign business card template free to download and use around the web.

Let's take a look at the 25 best available in 2023:

1. Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

This InDesign business card template free download combines  retro colors and simple fonts. Its inspired by eighties design. Add your own brand color scheme, add your own text, and your template is ready to print.

Adobe InDesign Business Card TemplatesAdobe InDesign Business Card TemplatesAdobe InDesign Business Card Templates

2. Fresh Business Card Layout

This free InDesign business card template presents everything potential clients need. It features your name on one side and your contact information on the other.

3. Refined Stationery Set

This InDesign business card template free download offers a simple base design. Take advantage of this full stationery set. It includes an envelope, letterhead, and more.

4. Resume and Business Card

This simple and uncluttered design is a resume and business card combo. It features a blue vertical banner on the left side for branding consistency. You can customize both fonts and color to make the template your own.

5. Graphic Designer Business Card Template

Creative Clean Business Card is a free printable business card design template. It's created in Photoshop. There's a beautiful chevron pattern with a break to can add your contact details. The other side of the card is reserved for your name and job title.

Graphic Designer Business Card TemplateGraphic Designer Business Card TemplateGraphic Designer Business Card Template

6. LibbyCo Free Professional Business Cards

Two beautiful free INDD business card templates are included.  These polished cards can be used in just about any business or as personal business cards. Just download the templates and open the two editable templates in InDesign. Select your favorite. Add your own logo, text, and brand colors, and your file is ready for the printer.

7. Adobe InDesign Business Card Template

Download your free InDesign business card from the creators of InDesign.  Adobe has provided an easy to follow six-step tutorial. It will help you download and change your template fast and easy.

8. Marbled Business Card Template InDesign Branding Set

If you work in the creative industry or like a classy look, try out this design. The free InDesign business card template features a marble pattern background. The template comes with bleeds that'll print correctly every time.

9. Green InDesign Business Card Template

Here's a business card layout for printing that you can download via Adobe themselves. Easily customize it within Adobe InDesign. It's a high saturated, eye catching design.

10. Vintage Business Card Template

The vintage inspired free Adobe InDesign business card template features a botanical illustration. Text is shown with a simple border against a sage green background.

Vintage Business Card TemplateVintage Business Card TemplateVintage Business Card Template

11. Stylish Business Card Template Set

This set of free Adobe InDesign business card templates is an option for your brand. It features two different front and back layout options to choose from. The watercolor style is a nice touch and very memorable.

12. Business Card Template InDesign

This is a business card InDesign with a versatile design. Change the color palette to your brand's colors. You have plenty of room for your key details on both sides.

13. Free Business Card InDesign Templates

These free business card templates offer a bit more creative input. You can create your own artwork. Download the format you prefer and start experimenting to find a design that works best for you.

14. Modern Business Card Template for InDesign

Here's an attractive business card template. You can customize it fast and easy in InDesign. This InDesign business card template free download uses an eye-catching pattern.

Modern Business Card TemplateModern Business Card TemplateModern Business Card Template

15. Classic Business Card Layout for Printing

Here's an attractive business card template you can customize quickly and easily in InDesign. This InDesign business card template free download uses an eye-catching pattern. Also, it features great colors to draw your attention to the information on the card and make a statement. 

16. PSPrint Professional Business Cards

Not only are these templates free, but they include plenty of variety. It includes seven different sizes and designs. It features horizontal and vertical orientations, tab-fold and half fold. Once you decide on which template works best for you, simply double-click to open it. It's easy to change.

17. Business Card InDesign Template

These business cards come in green, black, red and blue. They are more traditional in style than they're modern or innovative. Still, they're free and are a solid choice if you're making business cards in InDesign.

18. Terrazzo Business Card InDesign Template

This free Adobe InDesign business card template has a colorful terrazzo background patter. This template is bold and fun and ideal for creative industries.

Terrazzo Business Card TemplateTerrazzo Business Card TemplateTerrazzo Business Card Template

19. Natural Layout Business Card InDesign Template

Do you prefer a more calm, organic look? Then try professional business cards that capture that aesthetic. This could work great for brands that deal with natural products.

20. PrintPrint Free Business Card Templates

Looking for a collection of designs? You might find your ideal business card indesign template here! Check out these free offerings and customize them today.

21. Black and White Business Card InDesign Template

Here's another InDesign business card template with high contrast. This could be a versatile choice. You could customize it using other colors or combinations you prefer.

22. Square Business Card Layout for Printing

When you're looking for free files, sometimes you need to be a little crafty. Use this InDesign template to create a square business card. It's an original business card layout for printing.

23. Contrast InDesign Business Card Template

A high contrast business card template can make a big impact. Check out this stylish design. What color combination would you try? Customize this InDesign business card template to try it out!

24. Photo Business Card Template

Would you like to incorporate a photo into your business card InDesign template? Then professional business cards like this design might be right up your alley.

25. Flower Style Business Card InDesign Template

Looking for something floral and sweet? Then this business card template might be the look and feel you're going for. Check this design out and customize it your way.

Unlimited Premium InDesign Business Card Templates

Don't overlook having a professional business card. Business cards provide potential clients with an easy way to contact you. They also help establish your credibility and raise awareness of your brand.

Envato Elements is hard to beat when it comes to outstanding layouts and design. It offers thousands of unique, premium INDD business card templates. And the great news is that you can download as many as you want for one low price.

Professional Business Cards

Envato Elements InDesign Business Card TemplatesEnvato Elements InDesign Business Card TemplatesEnvato Elements InDesign Business Card Templates
Envato Elements - download as many premium business card templates as you want for one low price.

To create a high-quality business card, business card templates are indispensable. They help reduce the work of making business cards in InDesign from scratch. The beautiful layouts, typography and graphics are customizable to suit your needs. 

How to Make Premium Business Cards Online (Alternative to InDesign)

There are many premium and free InDesign business card templates to choose from. But there's one more option for creating business cards that you should know about. And this one is quite special because it doesn't require knowledge of InDesign. That option is to use the business card maker at Placeit. 

What's great about the Placeit business card maker is that it's easy. 

You don't have to mess about with downloading templates or learning new software. Open your internet browser. Create your business cards right there online in a matter of minutes with a few clicks.

Placeit offers tons of premium business card design templates. They suit a wide variety of needs. It's a cost-effective way to create designs. Create your own unique business cards from templates designed by professional graphic designers.

Online Business Card Maker at PlaceitOnline Business Card Maker at PlaceitOnline Business Card Maker at Placeit
Online Business Card Maker at Placeit

5 Quick InDesign Business Card Design Tips for 2023

Now that you've chosen a template, you're ready to get started. But do you want a truly great business card design? Then combine your professional template with the tips as you start the design process:

1. Use Space Efficiently

Space comes at a premium on business cards, so be clever. 

Conserve room as much as possible. For example, instead of typing out words like email or phone number, use icons. This will clean up your design while saving space for more important elements.

Business Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesign
The icons of this premium business card design leave enough white space.

2. Share Your Social Media

Don't stop at just your website. If you're online anywhere, that information needs to be on your business card. This is an important step to relationship building with potential customers and clients. By doing this, you connect the physical and digital worlds with your audience.

3. Limit the Number of Colors

Go crazy with your color selections. Vibrant colors were a popular trend in 2023. But you can have too much of a good thing. A lot of clashing colors are distracting and don't make for attractive business cards. 

Try to use at most two or three colors, and make sure they complement. Use this color wheel from Adobe for help. 

Business Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesign
The colors used in this premium business card InDesign template stand out.

4. Add Some Images

Business cards are all about the visuals. While text-based cards still look good, if you work in a visual industry, adding some photos won't hurt. 

If your InDesign business card template comes with image placeholders, use them! 

Your logo, headshot, or project photos can elevate the look of your design.

Business Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesignBusiness Card InDesign
This premium multipurpose business card template lets you add your company logo.

5. Have Fun With Fonts

The font you choose can say a lot about you and your brand. With a typeface, you can make your layout look serious, laid back, and even quirky. It's all about finding the right option for the tone you want. 

There are many professional fonts online that also offer a unique look. Check out the library of premium fonts available from Envato Elements for a choice you like.

We’ve explored some of the very best business card InDesign templates. To ensure a great impression, embrace the latest trends. These trends let your cards stand out from the crowd. Let’s explore five of the latest and greatest:

1. Crisp, Sharp Text

Let’s face it. Your name or initials are the single most defining element of any business card InDesign. With this in mind, trendy, sharp text is a must-have. Eye-catching font designs capture attention and ensure that your name is never forgotten.

Business card inDesignBusiness card inDesignBusiness card inDesign
This modern premium business card InDesign template features stylish text.

Modern templates like this are easy to customize, too. The stunning text is fully customizable, ready to show your own words.

2. Customized Text Colors

Crisp modern text is one top trend, but stylish font colors are another. Color naturally captures attention, making it a trendy choice for 2023. You can apply it to any existing text.

This trend makes your business card InDesign concepts look their best. Plus, it offers the benefit of matching business card font colors to your brand’s palette, for example.

To learn how to customize font color in InDesign, view our full tutorial:

3. QR Codes for Extra Details

QR codes have made a comeback in 2023. Now, you’ll often find them on business card InDesign templates as well. They’re small and unobtrusive, but still very powerful.

By adding a QR code, you can send readers to your website or other URL. This is a great way to link to your homepage, social media, and more.

business card InDesign templatebusiness card InDesign templatebusiness card InDesign template
Work with a QR code business card InDesign templates in 2023.

Modern business card InDesign templates with QR codes are popular in 2023. They help you deliver extra information without having a cluttered card layout.

4. Eye-Catching Background Designs

Another top trend in 2023 is the use of business card InDesign backgrounds. Many cards have a simple white background, but you've got many more options. Colorful or patterned backgrounds are visually appealing and easy to add.

Trendy card designs with backgrounds stand out in a stack of other cards. This is a winning way to ensure that your cards get noticed long after you’ve made your first introduction.

Learn more about business card InDesign layouts with custom backgrounds here:

5. Vertical Layouts

Business cards in their traditional form are horizontally-oriented. But this isn’t your only option. Trendy modern designs in 2023 often adopt an unconventional vertical layout. It conveys a minimal, sleek look not often matched by horizontal cards.

Business card InDesign templatesBusiness card InDesign templatesBusiness card InDesign templates
This is a premium business card InDesign template with a vertical layout.

Vertical layouts are easy to edit, just like their horizontal counterparts. They’re also an easy way to make an impression since they look noticeably different from other cards. Embrace this design trend to stand out from others. 

5 Benefits of Using Premium Business Card InDesign Templates

The free Adobe InDesign business card templates above are definitely tempting. You might even think they're a better alternative to premium options. While there are some nice free designs, premium templates offer some great advantages worth knowing:

  1. You save time. Premium business card InDesign templates are a huge timesaver. Creating a business card from scratch is a lot of work, and free templates might need tweaking. A premium template lets you finish the process in no time.
  2. The layouts are professional. Experienced designers create business card templates featured on Envato Elements. This means that you know the premium template you're using has an exceptional design.
  3. Editing is made easy. Ease of use is the name of the premium template game. Most business cards you'll find from Envato Elements have organized layers and help files. These features make the process of editing and customizing relatively painless.
  4. You'll find unique options. There are thousands of premium InDesign business card templates to choose from. Each design has its differences that work for different people. There's no doubt that you'll find a template that works for you.
  5. They leave a great impression. At the end of the day, your business card is for the public. Using a premium business card InDesign template helps you leave a mark in the mind of potential customers and clients.
Download these premium business card templates with an Envato Elements subscription. It's hard to find a creative service that offers the value of Envato Elements. A low monthly fee lets you download as many premium InDesign business card templates as you want.

But it's more than just business cards. Your subscription gives you unlimited downloads of fonts, stock photos, music tracks, and a lot more. Sign up for Envato Elements today and take advantage of this unique offer. 

Common Business Card Questions Answered (FAQ)

We’ve looked at business card InDesign templates and how to use them. But you may have some questions about business cards in general. After all, they’re a key part of a first impression, and you want to get them right. Below, we’ve answered five common business card questions to help you:

1. Can I Design My Business Card in InDesign?

Yes, you can! It's actually a matter of personal preference. You could also work with Illustrator or Photoshop to create professional business cards. Work with premium business card templates to save time and money.

For reference, check out a selection of business card layout for printing here:

2. What Size are Standard Business Cards?

.5 x 2 inches. Most pre-built business card InDesign templates will maintain those dimensions. Even if you’re building your own cards, it’s important to follow this size convention.

Remember, many people have business card holders or portfolios. If your cards won’t fit, chances are they’ll be discarded. While it pays to stand out, don’t do it by changing the size of your cards.

3. Should I Use the Back of a Business Card?

Yes! This is often a great idea. You need to make the most of the limited space available on your business cards. You also need to avoid cluttering up the front of the card. So, use the back of your cards to add extra information.

For design ideas for the back of your cards, turn to our tutorial for advice:

4. Can I Build Business Cards Online?

Absolutely! Using a service like Placeit makes online business card design a breeze. Placeit is a browser-based app. This means that you can design and build business cards from anywhere. You don’t need any special software or editing skills to make it happen.

5. When Should I Give Out Business Cards?

Be selective. You need to make a good impression first. The key is to connect with individuals, and then close the interaction by handing out a card. Giving out cards without a connection is a good way to have them land in the garbage, not on a desk.

Here are more helpful tips:

Learn More About Creating Your Own Business Cards

If you want to learn more about Placeit's online business card maker and business card design in general, we have you covered. Check out these very helpful articles below:

Create Your Own Stand-Out Business Card Today

I hope this compilation of the best premium and free InDesign business card templates for 2023 helps you find a card that's right for you.  

There are thousands of professionally-designed business card templates available at Envato Elements. Or, try the Placeit Business Card Maker for simpler and more intuitive business card design ideas.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh and Andrew Childress. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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