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25 Best Free PowerPoint PPT Flyer Templates to Download for 2021


Need to get your message out with a print-out? We're going to show you how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint in this article. It's an easy-to-use presentation app that doubles as a minimal graphic design tool.

Devalon PowerPoint event flyer templates
Devalon is a great premium template that helps you create flyers in PowerPoint.

This process is easier than you think, thanks to PowerPoint flyer templates. We're going to show you how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint with an unlimited template option. Plus, you'll see single download PowerPoint event flyer templates that keep your costs low.

Make a Flyer Using Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Throughout this article, you'll learn how to create flyers in PowerPoint. Best of all, you'll find out that this takes less work than you could ever imagine.

While we'll show you presentation flyer templates (free,) you'll also see that they aren't the best option. There may be licensing restrictions or other limitations. That's why we recommend premium PowerPoint flyer templates over the presentation flyer templates that are free.

On Envato Elements, you get the best of both worlds: thanks to an unlimited download model, grab countless flyer PowerPoint designs, each at no incremental cost. One subscription gives you everything you need.

PowerPoint event flyer templates Elements
Use the best templates to create flyers in PowerPoint with less work than ever.

Elements gives you everything you need to create a presentation at one cost. That means tapping into PowerPoint flyer templates, graphics, illustrations, and so much more.

If you know exactly what you need, then we've got another excellent option for PowerPoint flyer templates. They also help you master how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint, but you can purchase single templates instead. GraphicRiver is a pay-per-download model that offers PowerPoint flyer templates.

GraphicRiver PowerPoint flyer templates
The top options for flyer PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Remember flyer template PowerPoint free download options can't match the quality of these premium templates. It's all about leveraging PowerPoint flyer templates to help you create a finished product rapidly and at the highest possible quality.

5 Premium Options for PowerPoint Presentation Flyer Templates

Remember, presentation flyer templates (free) don't give you the best value. They take more time to use and customize.

Looking for the best PowerPoint flyer templates? Let's check out five of our favorite PowerPoint flyer templates from the premium sites we shared:

1. Devalon - PowerPoint Template 

PowerPoint flyer templates

Devalon is a flexible set of PowerPoint flyer templates. In seconds, customize it to fit the needs of any project. You’ll find over 150 slides spread across five beautiful color themes. 

2. Basic Point Multipurpose PowerPoint 

How to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint

When you think about how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint, keep it simple. That means letting your content do the talking. These clean and sleek PowerPoint event flyer templates help you do exactly that. Eighty-five slides are inside.

3. Havva+ PowerPoint Presentation 

Havva flyer PowerPoint

Here's a flyer in PowerPoint with unmatched style. Rich colors and hues accent each of the 50 unique slides. Master slide layouts make bulk edits possible in mere seconds. Plus, you’ll see helpful documentation included.

4. Futurest Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation 

Futurest create flyer in PowerPoint

Making a flyer in PowerPoint and searching for a modern look? Futurest is the perfect choice for you. Dozens of bright slides are ready to fill with your content. You won't see this quality in presentation flyer templates you find for free online.

5. Fashion PowerPoint

Making a flyer in PowerPoint

Fashion-forward PowerPoint flyer templates help you present in style. This bold flyer deck is a great example of that idea. Editable vector graphics help you customize fast. With slide layouts built for any purpose, you'll have a flyer built in no time.

25 Top Free Flyer PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Just below, we'll show you presentation flyer templates (free.) But before we do that, we want to show you some of the advanced free options from Envato. These are free new files that we share every month, even featuring designs that would work well as PowerPoint flyer templates.

Here's the offer:

Are you still looking for options to create flyers in PowerPoint? Here are 25 usable options for presentation flyer templates (free) we've found for you:

1. Focused Golden Houses PowerPoint Templates 

Presentation flyer templates free

These free PowerPoint flyer templates are made to show property. They could be used for construction or real estate flyer designs.

2. Small Business Flyer (Green Design) 

You can promote events with these presentation flyer templates free. Shades of green are used throughout. 

3. Noor PowerPoint Template 

Noor has over 140 slide designs on widescreen layouts. It offers you creative control in a set of free PowerPoint event flyer templates. 

4. Free Blue and Brown PowerPoint Template

This free flyer PowerPoint design uses blue and brown shades. Inside PPT, you can add your own layouts and other content to suit your needs.

5. World Travel Concept PowerPoint Templates 

Flyer template PowerPoint free download

Trying to share travel plans or past experiences? These travel presentation flyer templates free are an option to use.

6. Back to School Theme PowerPoint Templates

A flyer template PowerPoint free download like this works for back-to-school needs. You could use it for schedules, school supply lists, and more. 

7. Corporate Free PowerPoint Theme

Here's a flyer template for PowerPoint free download for corporate use. Inside, you’ll see timelines and other process infographics to map out your agenda. 

8. Water Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template 

Three dozen layouts are included with these PowerPoint event flyer templates. They've got an abstract style to which you can apply your content.

9. Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template 

Businesses should know how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint. Various slide designs inside this pack can be a starting point in the process.

10. Balance - Free Minimal PowerPoint Template 

PowerPoint event flyer templates

Balance includes 16 slides in bright red hues. It’s another example of presentation flyer templates free. 

11. Small Business Flyer (Gold Design)

Gold often represents prosperity and success. You can lend that idea to your business flyer design with this flyer PowerPoint free. 

12. Free Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template 

Making a flyer in PowerPoint involves changing slides to share your own content. This deck has 11 widescreen layouts that you can change around inside the app.

13. Free Technology PowerPoint Template 

A flyer is a good way to share new technology. These free PowerPoint flyer templates are designed for high-tech projects. 

14. Interior Architect PowerPoint Templates

This set of presentation flyer templates free is meant for interior designers. Most of the space is reserved for images and descriptive text.  

15. Medical Health Care PowerPoint Templates 

Medical PowerPoint flyer templates

PowerPoint flyer templates like these are made for medical use. 48 slide layouts are inside, along with vector graphics and charts.

16. Free Concept Development Process PowerPoint Template 

PowerPoint event flyer templates are meant to share information or ideas. This one helps you trace the flow of an idea from concept to completion.

17. Free Home Safety PowerPoint Template

A flyer template PowerPoint free download like this has a home security vibe. Users might be alarm companies or locksmiths.

18. Graduation Cap on Speech Balloon PowerPoint Templates 

Graduation day is always a big life event. You can create graduation flyer PowerPoint designs with this free template.

19. Help for Information PowerPoint Templates

With a question mark background, PowerPoint flyer templates like this share info. Add in your content with PPT’s tools. 

20. Free Annual Report PowerPoint Template 

Free flyer PowerPoint

An annual report flyer PowerPoint can be used to share the year’s results with the public. This free design comes with 16 slides and custom graphics.

21. Abstract Background With Leaves of Different Colors

If you’re making a flyer in PowerPoint and need a basic background, this template is an option. It uses abstract leaves in the corner of the slides.

22. Free Mobile Apps PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint flyer templates can be used to promote mobile apps. This free flyer deck is built for that, with device mockups included. 

23. Free Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

A free flyer PowerPoint, this one is used to share business strategy. It's got 25 slides with assorted layout themes. 

24. Student Flyer (Pink, Black Bold Design)

Making a flyer in PowerPoint is one way to promote school events. This one uses pink and black colors for a bold look. 

25. Company Profile Free PowerPoint Template

Company presentation flyer templates free

Company Profile is a set of PowerPoint event flyer templates with a business theme. 20 slides are included. 

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint PPT Flyer Templates (For 2021 Presentations)

PowerPoint flyer templates are perfect because they’re so easy to customize. Once you’ve found your favorite template, you can build an amazing PPT flyer in just five quick steps! Let’s learn how.

To follow along, download the premium Devalon PowerPoint flyer templates from Envato Elements.

Devalon PowerPoint flyer templates
Devalon is a premium flyer PowerPoint from Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Rearrange Your Slides

Flyer PowerPoint templates include a wide array of slide designs. You’ll want to choose only the ones that work for you. Plus, you’ll want to ensure they’re in perfect order.

To do all that, go to the View tab and choose Slide Sorter. From here, you can click and drag slides to reorder them. With slides selected, you can also press Delete on your keyboard to remove them from the deck.

Customize PowerPoint flyer templates
Choose your favorite slides from your premium flyer PowerPoint.

Finished? Go back to Normal on the View tab to start building your flyer PowerPoint.

2. Customize Text

Text is really the bread and butter of any PowerPoint event flyer template. To customize it, begin by highlighting the contents of any text box. Then, go ahead and start typing. 

text create flyer in PowerPoint
Add custom text to premium PowerPoint flyer templates like this.

With text still selected, you can always apply new font styles up in the Font section of the Home tab. Repeat throughout your flyer deck.

3. Add Images

PowerPoint flyer templates often include image placeholders. This makes adding images a breeze. Browse to an image stored on your computer. Then, drag it over the image placeholder and drop it into place. 

Image how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint
Images make premium flyer PowerPoint decks come alive.

PowerPoint will import your photo, sized and scaled to fit the slide perfectly. That’s all it takes.

4. Build Infographics

When you’re making a flyer in PowerPoint, you’re trying to inform an audience. That means your concepts need to be clear and easy to understand. Infographics are a great tool to use. These are illustrations that show ideas and processes.

Infographic flyer PowerPoint
Infographics are often found in premium PowerPoint flyer templates.

PowerPoint flyer templates often include these built in. And they work just like any other slide element. 

You can drag objects around the slide to fit them into place. Or, you can add data in the form of words and numbers. Build infographics and you’re really building understanding.

5. Change Shape Colors 

Changing shape colors is the perfect way to add contrast to your flyer PowerPoint. Begin by clicking on an object to select it. Then, go to the Shape Format menu on the Home tab. 

Colorful PowerPoint event flyer templates
Choose your favorite slides from your premium flyer PowerPoint.

Click on the Shape Fill dropdown. You’ll see a color chooser window. From here, you can click on a new color to instantly apply to your shape. Plus, you’ll have the option to add gradients, textures, and more.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

You've already seen that making a flyer in PowerPoint is easy with the assistance of PowerPoint flyer templates. We love sharing the best options to make projects like learning how to make a flyer using Microsoft PowerPoint easy.

Check out more premium options that might work for flyer PowerPoint designs. Making a flyer in PowerPoint is much easier when you start with pre-built designs like the ones in this tutorial and below.

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Making a flyer in PowerPoint is easy with the help of our resources. You already learned how to create flyers in PowerPoint with the help of templateswhy not keep learning? 

At Tuts+, we're always building out new resources to learn PowerPoint. Make sure to check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) We've got everything you need, and our tutorials hep you create flyer PowerPoints, too.

Check out three of our favorite tutorials from the guide:

You Learned How to Make a Flyer Using Microsoft PowerPoint Flyer Templates

Sure, you saw that flyer template PowerPoint free download options are around the web. But they're by no means the best options. Instead, use (unlimited) premium templates for making a flyer in PowerPoint. Pay-as-you-go PowerPoint flyer templates are another option to create an excellent print out.

Open your template, add your details, and you're practically ready to go. Use these PowerPoint event flyer templates for not only the best designs, but to create one in less time.

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