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25+ Best Free Retro PowerPoint Themes With Vintage (Old Fashioned) Designs

Do you have a business or school project that requires you to create a vintage presentation soon? Or are you compiling some old family photos for an upcoming family reunion? Be it for professional or personal use, you've come to the right place if you're looking for impressive pre-built vintage PPT templates.

Cellasic - Classic PowerPoint Presentation
Cellasic - Classic Presentation Template, a premium template from Envato Elements

The aim here is to create an excellent presentation that's nostalgic, creative, impressive, unique, and memorable with minimal effort. Achieve this by working smart and leaving the heavy lifting to the experts. A pre-built vintage PPT template helps you do just that.

This article lists 25 free vintage, or retro PowerPoint themes found online. We'll also look at premium vintage PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements and premium vintage templates from GraphicRiver.  

Let's dive in, explore these options, and find the best vintage template for your upcoming presentation! 

The Best Premium Retro PowerPoint Themes on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

You've got to create a vintage themed presentation deck for an upcoming presentation. It's time to get started creating it rather than waiting for the eleventh hour. Pick a template that's perfect for your topic, audience, and content. A well-suited, professionally designed template will help you create the best possible presentation in no time.

Pay a low monthly fee to become an Envato Element subscriber. You'll get unlimited access to a library of premium digital creative assets (including vintage themed PPT templates). 

Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many templates as you need as often as you need them.

An Envato Elements subscription is a marketing investment for your company. It takes your marketing and business development projects to the next level. Now you can create unique, professional, and impressive materials for your brand with ease. 

The digital assets on Envato Elements are:

  • templates for web, presentation, print, and video
  • royalty-free sound effects, and music
  • high-quality stock photos, and videos
  • creative presets, fonts, actions, and many more

Are you thinking of using a free template found online? Free templates do come with some risks that you need to be aware of and willing to work around. Limited slides and features are common problems. This means you'll spend a lot of time customizing and improving these free templates compared to a premium template. 

Find loads of premium 90s PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium 90s PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements

The best place to start looking for any 80s themed PowerPoint template is Envato Elements. Download digital assets (including old-time PowerPoint templates) whenever you need them with your active Envato Elements subscription. It's truly an affordable monthly investment that'll open new doors for your company. 

GraphicRiver is your next best option for any 90s PowerPoint templates. Buy and download the template of your choice one-at-a-time without a monthly subscription fee. It's a suitable model for people with a limited budget or non-heavy users. 

5 Best Premium Vintage PowerPoint Themes for 2020 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Start working smart on your next presentation with a premium template. Here are five of the best premium vintage and retro PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. The 1945 - Vintage PowerPoint Theme

The 1945 - Vintage PowerPoint Theme

The 1945 - Vintage PowerPoint Theme comes with 30 slides and five premade color variations. It's designed to be a vintage style template while keeping all the modern elements of presentations in mind. You'll get handcrafted infographics, section breaks, gallery and portfolio slides. 

Resize and edit the graphics easily. Use this template on PowerPoint or even Google Slides. 

2. Vintage - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Vintage - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Though this template created for introductory or promotional projects, it's versatile enough to be used for any business or personal projects. It's simple, creative, and unique. Vintage - PowerPoint Presentation Template comes with 32 clean and creative slides. It also includes useful handmade infographics.  

3. Album - Vintage Template

Album - Vintage Template

Album - Vintage Template comes with a PPTX file and a help file. It includes 32 master slides in a standard 4:3 size. Enjoy matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other graphic elements that can be easily recolored, reshaped, moved, or removed. Easily edit these infographics to fit your data. 

4. Retro PowerPoint Theme

Retro PowerPoint Theme

Retro PowerPoint Theme is a professionally designed premium retro template. It comes with custom graphic elements (more than 50 PSD and PNG elements) and animation. Easily customize this presentation template in either Adobe Photoshop or PowerPoint. Retro PowerPoint Theme is ideal for business, corporate, or personal use.

5. Vintage Photo Album PowerPoint Template

Vintage Photo Album PowerPoint Template

Vintage PhotoAlbum PowerPoint Template comes with two unique versions of vintage photo albums: antique black and vintage 1970s dots. It also comes with:

  • 30 unique master slides
  • four different cover pages
  • seven custom photo frame styles
  • pre-styled charts
  • and a help guide 

Compile real antique style photos or photos taken with a vintage camera app to create a nostalgic presentation or scrapbook. 

25 Top Free Retro Vintage PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020

Premium retro PowerPoint themes come with useful features and are easy to work with. The premium vintage templates above are good examples of what features and quality you can expect. 

But, going premium may not be an option for everyone due to budget constraints. Even if you can't go premium just yet, be sure to check out Envato's free offerings that can come in handy. These free files are changed monthly, so if you're lucky, a premium vintage template could be up for grabs!

Here's the Envato premium freebie deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 new files every month, ranging from WordPress templates, PPT templates, fonts, videos, photos, and more. Create a free account, sign in, and download this month's premium freebie files.
  • Envato Market offers seven new files every month. A free file from ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, AudioJungle, VideoHive, PhotoDune, CodeCanyon, or 3DOcean is on offer. Sign up and get this month's free premium files

If you can't find a classic presentation template among this month's premium freebies, free vintage templates found online are your next best option. It's still better than starting to create vintage slides from scratch. Let's look at 25 free vintage background for PowerPoint templates from around the web:

1. Car - Vintage PowerPoint Template Free. This antique PowerPoint background comes with an image of an interior of an antique car and classic fonts. 

2. Typewriter - Free 50s PowerPoint Templates features an old typewriter and books on a white background. These old fashioned slides are minimalistic and clean. 

3. Swirls - Vintage PowerPoint Template Free is a free abstract flowery antique background for PowerPoint. The fancy swirls are dark over a green background. 

Swirls - Vintage PowerPoint Template Free

4. Pink - Free PowerPoint Templates Vintage has simple and fresh vintage slides. This vintage background for PowerPoint comes with pink with designs in a lighter tone. There's also a gradient white text box at the bottom. 

5. Old Fashioned PowerPoint Templates Free features vintage slides in gray. The image on the download page is in pink, but the actual downloaded old-fashioned slides background is in gray. 

6. Car - Free 50s PowerPoint Template. This classic car interior image is an excellent antique background for PowerPoint. It's elegant and nostalgic.  

7. Dark Old Fashioned PowerPoint Templates Free. This is a classic presentation template that comes in black with gray swirly designs. 

8. Frame - Free Old Time PowerPoint Templates has a decorative purple/brown frame over floral designed background on the top and a simple striped background on the bottom. This antique background for PowerPoint resembles a vintage wallpaper design.

Frame - Free Old Time PowerPoint Templates

9. Floral - Vintage PowerPoint Template Free comes with three old fashioned slides: a title slide and two inner slides. This antique PowerPoint background is multipurpose and straightforward. 

10. Frame - Vintage PowerPoint Template Free features a simple swirly design on the left. This antique PowerPoint background has a darker shade of gray all around that looks like a frame. 

11. Brown Ornaments - Free PowerPoint Templates Vintage comes with three old fashioned slides that use brown vintage pattern as a frame. 

12. Old Lighthouse - Old Fashioned PowerPoint Templates Free features an antique light on a brown washed old-time PowerPoint background. 

13. Note on Old Paper - Free Old Time PowerPoint Templates. This is a free abstract old-time PowerPoint background with music notes.

Note on Old Paper - Free Old Time PowerPoint Templates

14. Golden Floral Frame - Free Vintage Background for PowerPoint comes with a floral background design in red. It also has a decorative frame in gold. This antique PowerPoint background looks vintage and regal. 

15. Map - Free Vintage 80s Themed PowerPoint Template. This free file is a vintage background for PowerPoint that can be used for historical or geographical presentations. It comes with 25 slides of the world map as an antique background for an 80s PowerPoint theme. 

16. Typewriter on Wooden Table - Free 90s PowerPoint Template has one cover slide and two internal slides. Old-time PowerPoint backgrounds like this that are created with photos give a nostalgic feeling to your 90s slideshow. 

17. Old Books - Free PowerPoint Templates VintageThis old-time PowerPoint template comes with 36 slides and free to use background images. 

18. Movie Projector - Retro PowerPoint Template Free. This free file is a 50s PowerPoint template that features the old movie projector, films, and other graphics of that time. Movie Projector has forty-eight slides of old-time PowerPoint backgrounds that are suitable for movie-based presentation. 

Movie Projector - Retro PowerPoint Template Free

20. Sinatra - Vinyl Retro PowerPoint Template Free. Sinatra is an 80s themed PowerPoint template that uses a vinyl image and a different color for each slide.

21. MacCarthy - Newspaper Free PowerPoint Templates Vintage. This newspaper themed 50s PowerPoint template comes with ten slides with a brown background and black fonts.

22. Classified - Old Fashioned PowerPoint Templates Free features an old classified file, 35mm film strips, paper clips, and old documents. This classic presentation template is suitable if you're presenting as a detective. 

23. Geometric - Retro PowerPoint Template Free. This 80s themed PowerPoint template comes with 23 different slides. Use it on either PowerPoint of Google Slides.

Geometric - Retro PowerPoint Template Free

24. Welcome to the 20s - 1920s PowerPoint Theme comes with 32 slides. This 1920s PowerPoint Theme is a vintage presentation with geometric Art Deco style graphics in gold and a black background. Welcome back the 20s with this 1920s PowerPoint theme.

25. Edwin - Mail Retro PowerPoint Template Free. This old envelop and letter themed 90s PowerPoint template has a nice retro vibe and is excellent for any informal presentations.

5 Quick Design Tips To Create Great Vintage PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Looking for opportunities to make better presentations? Here are five tips to get you creating slides like an expert:

1. Read Up More About Vintage Designs

If you're new to the vintage design concept, read up a bit more about it and also explore content that inspires before you go any further. This helps you get an idea of the kind of a template you need to create a presentation that's in theme, suitable to your content, and resonates well with your audience. Here are a few articles to get you started:

2. Work Smart - Use a Premium Pre-built Template

Get your hands on a premium pre-built template that's taken care of all the design elements. It helps you work smart and save loads of time. 

There are many free 1920s PowerPoint themes online, but not all are safe to use. Some of them are only background templates, so they've got minimal features or only come with two to three slides for you to work with. Others could lack creativity and look dated. Templates like these reflect poorly on your business, as it looks unprofessional. 

Retrico - Vintage Slides
Retrico - Vintage Slides, a well-designed premium vintage template on Envato Elements 

By investing in a premium vintage PPT template that's unique, creative, and has modern features, you're on the right path to creating an impressive and professional presentation.

3. Use Vintage Photos or Edit Your Images to Look Vintage

A picture paints a thousand words. Once an image is used on a slide, it becomes the focal point of that slide. Images are also the main design elements of a presentation as it helps bring across the theme. 

By signing up to Envato Elements, you'll get over a million high-quality, royalty-free stock photos at your disposal. Pick, download, and use vintage images to create an on theme presentation.

But if you've got images but need to make them look vintage check out these articles:

4. Leave Plenty of White Space

Cellasic - Classic PowerPoint Presentation
Cellasic - Classic Presentation Template, a premium vintage PPT template on Envato Elements that uses plenty of white space

White space is the unused space in a slide. Leave enough white space around each element, so it's got a clear separation from other items on the slide. This makes it easier for your audience to focus on. 

Avoid cramping too many graphics, images, and texts on a slide. Keep your slides clean and minimalistic. 

5. Visualize With Infographics

Vintage - PowerPoint Presentation Template
Vintage - PowerPoint Presentation Template, a premium template from Envato Elements with loads of useful infographics

Regardless of your presentation theme, infographics are an excellent addition. Turn lengthy text, figures, and data into bite-size visuals, making it easier for your audience to understand and remember your presentation. 

Learn more about how you can best use infographics in your next presentation:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Browse through some of the best Microsoft PowerPoint inspiration. Here are three best and latest selections for 2020:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Regardless of your presentation creation skills, it's always great to read some useful guides and keep improving your presentations. 

Our How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) is an excellent source of information. It's a compilation of smaller helpful tutorials. Pick and choose topics you'd like to learn more about. Here are three examples to get you started:

Grab a Premium Vintage PowerPoint Theme Today!

Create professional and well-designed vintage slides effortlessly by using a premium classic presentation template. Get started by browsing through loads of premium vintage PowerPoint themes on Envato Elements. As a subscriber, download and try out as many templates and other digital assets as you'd like. 

Want to try out premium but not sign up for a subscription just yet? Discover the selection of premium vintage templates and enjoy the pay-per-download model offered by GraphicRiver.

Can't afford to go premium just yet? That's okay, but it's still advisable to use a pre-built template. So, be sure to go through the free retro PowerPoint themes listed in this article. 

Pre-built templates, be it premium or free, is a must! Pick the best possible template within your means and start creating impressive presentations in minutes. 

Invest in a premium vintage PowerPoint theme and start working smart. Download one now!

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