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Best for 2021: Free Online Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (PPTs to Download)

Are you searching for "free online PowerPoint templates?" This tutorial has you covered. Those free options might suffice when costs are your primary focus.

But, you owe it to yourself to check out all the online PowerPoint templates in this tutorial. A bit of cost goes a long way when you're building a presentation.

Intro PowerPoint online templates
We're going to work with premium PowerPoint online themes like Agio in this tutorial.

The templates that you'll see in this article are all perfect to use with PowerPoint Online. We're going to show you free options, as well as a source for unlimited PowerPoint online themes. Finally, you'll see single download options for top Microsoft online PPT templates.

The Best Source for Unlimited Online PowerPoint Templates in 2021

So, you're ready to build your presentation. You want a sense of professionalism, but you might go searching for free PowerPoint online templates first. If this is your first search, you might be disappointed by the results.

To keep costs low, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint online. It's a browser-based version that you can use for free. And because you've freed up your funds for other purposes, you can now afford a professional online PowerPoint template.

That's where Envato Elements comes into play. One subscription gives you more than 20,000 premium online PPT templates that are ready for your content. It's the best way to save time and create an excellent presentation.

Envato Elements Online PowerPoint Templates
Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download library for premium online PowerPoint templates - and so much more!

Don't miss out on how many other resources that Envato Elements includes. Your subscription unlocks unlimited stock photos, graphics, and more. Those round out your presentation perfectly.

The online PowerPoint templates you'll see throughout this article work great with PowerPoint Online. To learn more about PowerPoint online, check out our guide below:

Later in this tutorial, you'll see another option for top Microsoft online PPT templates. GraphicRiver is a pay-as-you-go marketplace to source more Microsoft online PPT templates.

Top 5 Premium PowerPoint Online Themes on Envato Elements for 2021

These premium online PowerPoint templates are one of the best ways to build a pro presentation. Elements has an incredibly deep library, and we're here to be your guide. Here are five of our favorites that you can use for your next presentation in 2021:

1. The X Note - PowerPoint Template

X Note Online PowerPoint Templates

Free online PowerPoint templates have basic slides to build presentations. But for the best results, turn to a premium online theme for PowerPoint like The X Note. One of the most powerful slide decks available today, it instantly elevates all your content. Over 40 unique custom slides are included. Plus, you’ll find icons, device mockups, and much more.

2. Agio : PowerPoint Presentation

Agio Microsoft PowerPoint online themes

Agio takes the hard work out of building presentations by giving you all the variety imaginable in a single pack. More than 600 stylish slides are included! Pair these with your content, and you’ll quickly have a slide deck to be proud of. Nine color options are included to change up your visuals.

3. STYLE - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template V50

Style Microsoft PowerPoint online themes

Style: it’s in the name. This beautiful set of slides delivers it in an online theme for PowerPoint. Explore features like:

  • thousands of expertly designed slides
  • multiple color themes
  • master slide layouts
  • pre-animated transitions

Then simply drop in your fantastic content, and you’ll be all set. There are few free online templates for PPT as good as Style.

4. Native Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Native Download PowerPoint templates online

Less can be more in a presentation. As you think about how to download PowerPoint templates online, it’s vital to think of your purpose. If you want slides that accent your message without distraction, this premium Elements template is right for you. Packed with dozens of slide designs, you’re sure to find options that work perfectly for your next project.

5. Sprint PowerPoint Template

Microsoft Online PPT templates

Microsoft online PPT templates are meant to help you jumpstart creativity. Sprint PowerPoint Template styles any material with a bright and fresh new look. That makes it a quick and versatile option for all your needs. The slides are built in the classic 4:3 layout, ideal for printing and sharing. If you want a premium alternative to free online templates for PPT, give Sprint a shot.

The Best Source for Pay-As-You-Go Premium Online PowerPoint Templates

You've already seen Envato Elements, the incredible all-you-can-download creative library that many pros are using to create professional projects.

If you want another marketplace option, we've got another suggestion for you. GraphicRiver offers single purchase PowerPoint online themes that keep your costs low. You'll pay only for what you choose to download, and premium templates are highly affordable.

GraphicRiver Online Presentation Templates
Use GraphicRiver to choose single PowerPoint online templates.

Here are five of our favorite premium Microsoft PowerPoint online themes on GraphicRiver available in 2021:

1. Massive X Presentation Template v.4.8 Fully Animated

MassiveX Microsoft PowerPoint online themes

When purchasing an individual set of online PowerPoint templates, it truly pays to find the most value. The best way to do that is with sheer variety. It’s precisely what Massive X offers: more than 600 slides, almost 1,000 icons, infographics, photos, and more. It’s a flexible template that's one of the best online themes for PPT.

2. Imaginary - Portfolio & Photography PowerPoint Template

Imaginary PowerPoint templates

PPT presentations free creatives to share their work on a broad stage. For photographers and designers, they’re a winning way to share portfolios. The Imaginary theme is designed expressly for this purpose, with lush image placeholders throughout and plenty of space for descriptive text. Instead of free online templates for PPT, use Imaginary.

3. Motagua - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Motagua Online PowerPoint templates

Motagua is one of the most robust premium online themes for PPT available today. Inside the pack, you’ll find:

  • tens of thousands of slides
  • easily customizable image placeholders
  • five dozen color themes
  • maps, device mockups, and charts

Each slide of this online theme for PowerPoint makes your life simple by being customizable in just a few clicks.

4. ThePress - Animated PowerPoint Template

ThePress microsoft Online ppt Templates

By choosing an animated PPT theme like this one, you can effortlessly incorporate studio-quality transitions into your next presentation. Rather than spending precious time adding them yourself, these are ready to roll the moment your download finishes. ThePress also includes over 400 slides to present any type of content. Not many free online templates for PPT can say they've got that.

5. Simple & Modern Business PowerPoint Template

Simple MIcrosoft PowerPoint online themes

Companies big and small will benefit from a professionally designed slide deck. Ideally suited for sharing data and concepts, this minimalist template is a top choice for business. Custom infographics and icons drive big ideas, and the text is clear and easy to read.  In all, 500 slides are included across seven online themes for PPT.

20 Free Online PowerPoint Templates

Before looking for free online PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. You know that premium templates generally have more to offer, so try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Free online PowerPoint templates are helpful if you lack the budget for a pro option. We've spent time searching for free PowerPoint online templates. Here are 20 options that you can use.

1. Hexagon Presentation Dark

Hexagon Presentation Dark free online PowerPoint templates

Searching for simple PowerPoint templates for free online to quickly put a presentation together? This layout includes several basic slide designs. Ample space is included for photos and video.

2. Travel Presentation

Travel Presentation uses an image friendly design to style your content. Add in your travel photos to customize this free PPT template.

3. Cutelor Free Education PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint online templates

PowerPoint templates for free online often don’t have specific themes, but this one is custom-made for education. The graphics have a hand-drawn look, with pastel colors. Fourteen slides are included.

4. Noor PowerPoint Template

Noor is a multipurpose free online PPT that you can adapt to most presentation topics. There are over 100 slides, all in the 16:9 widescreen layout common to many modern projectors.

5. Gilano Free Business Presentation

A free business PPT, Gilano can be used as a product intro or general overview slide deck. Be sure to use PowerPoint’s built-in features to customize slide layouts, fonts, animations, and more.

6. Outdoors Presentation

Outdoors Microsoft online PPT templates

Outdoor imagery is often used to convey a sense of space and possibility. This simple PPT theme uses this aesthetic, paired with a set of default slide layouts. Remember to use the app to adjust key details. Use it if you've been looking for free online templates for PPT.

7. Snowscape Presentation

Featuring winter graphics, this free PPT template delivers a clear seasonal focus. Creative control is left up to you, with an assortment of slide designs available within.

8. Free Annual Report PowerPoint Template

These free Microsoft PowerPoint online themes include slides expressly designed to accomplish this yearly goal. Sixteen layout designs are included, each with editable graphics. Try it if you want a free PowerPoint template for 2021.

9. City Free Presentation Template

City free online PowerPoint templates

The 23 slides of this free PPT template share a light blue backdrop and urban-inspired graphics. On them, you’ll find a collection of content placeholders, text boxes, infographics, maps, and more. 

10. Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Having a portfolio slide deck is imperative for creatives trying to share their work with the world. A free PowerPoint template like this provides the essential framework needed to that. The clear focus is on photography, with room for captions too.

11. Free Abstract PPT Template

This abstract free PPT template presents content on a dark blue backdrop. Building a presentation with it simply involves adding your slides, then filling them with your unique content.

12. Free BAZZ Animated Presentation Templates

Bazz Microsoft PowerPoint online themes 

PowerPoint templates for free online like BAZZ are worth looking at. It's got built-in animation introduce motion to static slide decks. BAZZ includes an array of animated layouts, such as device mockups and timelines. Animation timings can be adjusted within PowerPoint’s menu.

13. Tikala Free Presentation Template

Here, content is presented atop an abstract cityscape backdrop. Over twenty slides are included, some with simple charts and infographics to illustrate data.

14. Free Design PPT Template

Online PowerPoint templates can adapt to the needs of most projects. A design like this provides the foundation needed to create your slides, thanks to PowerPoint’s suite of editing features.

15. Circle Presentation Template

Circles free online PowerPoint templates

Circles are the primary theme used throughout the aptly titled Circle Presentation Template. The 80 slides are fully editable and come in a wide variety of layouts. Mix and match to choose the ones you need.

16. Free Simple PowerPoint Template

With a dozen layouts, this free theme is meant to convey a lot of information on each slide. If you need added flexibility, PowerPoint’s default layouts can be added with just a couple of clicks. Not a bad pick if you've been looking for PowerPoint templates for free online.

17. Free Fancy PowerPoint Template

This no-frills free PPT template deck helps you quickly build visual aids. The layout is meant for project tracking and broad overviews. With your creativity, it can adapt to a broader scope.

18. Pattern PowerPoint Template

Pattern free online PowerPoint templates

Using the minimalist style, the Pattern PowerPoint template delivers abstract visuals. Vector graphics are utilized on every slide of this free PPT template. Key details of the design can be customized to match your branding.

19. Exclusive Free PowerPoint Template

Twenty-five slides of assorted themes combine to form this set PowerPoint templates for free online. In the pack, you’ll find a table of contents, text columns, a team intro slide, and more.

20. Photo Montage Presentation

One way to use PowerPoint is to build photo slideshows. And it’s the express purpose of this free PPT theme. Drag-and-drop placeholders streamline the process of importing images onto the slides.

How to Search Envato Elements Online & Download Premium PowerPoint Templates Fast

You've seen the power of using PowerPoint online templates, particularly with the help of Envato Elements. Let's learn how to navigate the library and find premium templates that are right for you:

1. Browse to Presentations

Start on the Envato Elements home page. It's always worth looking at all the featured and recent files shared on the site. New files are added continuously to help you stay creative.

Hover over the Browse button, then choose Presentation Templates to start browsing for templates.

Elements Step one for Online Presentation Templates
Use the Browse > Presentation Templates option to start searching for online PowerPoint templates.

2. Filter to PowerPoint

Don't forget that Envato Elements includes templates for other top presentation apps like Keynote and Google Slides. To find a template that works for PowerPoint, you'll want to filter the selection.

Click on the checkbox that says PowerPoint on the left side. Your selection is refined to show only the compatible online presentation templates.

Filter to Online Presentation Templates Envato Elements
Click on PowerPoint on the left side to filter your presentation template selection.

3. Optional: Try Out Keywords

Envato Elements library is well organized and tagged with keywords. That means that if you need to find a particular purpose template that's targeted, you can probably find one. Type a keyword in the search box, then press enter to show matching templates.

That's it! Then, just choose a template and download it to start working with your new online PPT templates. And remember: you can always download more at no extra cost.

Add keyword Online Presentation Templates
If you still want to narrow down your presentation template selections, add a keyword and search for it.

How to Quickly Make PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Online PPT templates are flexible. Think of them as merely the starting point to create your presentation. They've got placeholders that make it easy to create a presentation that fits your purpose.

Agio online PPT template
We'll work with Agio, a premium PowerPoint template included with Envato Elements.

In this section, you'll see how easy it is to customize Microsoft online PPT templates. We'll work with Agio, a top online PowerPoint design on Envato Elements. Let's customize three slides in three steps each.

1. The Simple Chart

37 Simple Starting With Agio Online PowerPoint Design

Data is a great way to tell stories visually. Slide 37 in Agio is excellent for this purpose. Best of all, it's so easy to customize. Let's do just that:

  • Edit Data. Right click on the chart and choose Edit Data. Use the embedded Excel window to type over the placeholder data. The chart will automatically update.
  • Update the text. Just type over the placeholders with an explanation of what your data shows to bring the slide to life.
  • Reduce text. To create a sharper focus on your chart slide, delete any unused text boxes.
A snapshot of growth with Agio PowerPoint 2021 Template

2. The Pricing Chart

43 Pricing Starting With Agio Online PowerPoint Design

Pricing is a crucial part of any business and slide 43 is here to show your pricing to an audience. Let's use these pricing tables to show the various products and price points offered.

  • Adjust brand colors. As a simple example, I changed the background color for the center box to a dark blue. Click on a shape box and choose Format > Shape Fill and select a new color.
  • Type over details. Each pricing tier should include something unique. Make sure you update the details with the unique part of each level. Also, make sure you update the titles of each "plan" or package.
  • Update the rates. Type over the amounts with the rate for each service tier.
Pricing slide finished With Agio Online PowerPoint Design

3. The Mobile Mockup

54 Mobile starting with Agio PowerPoint 2021 Template

Launching a mobile app? You owe it to yourself to show that app in action. Slide 54 has a real-world photo of a mobile device. You just need to fill it in with your screenshot.

  • Update the device screenshot. Click on the image placeholder on top of the device to browse to a replacement image. Capture a screenshot on your device for this purpose.
  • Update the value propositions. Each of the four points below the headline is perfect for focusing on a unique value. Type over them to show the keys to your success.
  • Remove unused text. It's a mistake to clutter your slide with too much text. I removed the sub-headline boxes to make the slide cleaner and more focused.
Finished app in action with Agio PowerPoint 2021 Template

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Online Presentation Templates

Finding the right online theme for PowerPoint is always a great feeling. But before you slip into creative mode, here are five helpful tips and tricks you can use for great presentations:

1. Use Lots of Images

Nothing can affect the look of a presentation like too much text. That's why so many Microsoft PowerPoint templates have image placeholders. When you're writing your presentation, think about what text could look better as a photo. You'd be surprised how much text you can cut out.

Muli Minimalist Online PowerPoint Design
Muli Minimalist is one of many premium online templates for PPT that lets you use lots of images.

2. Collaborate With Microsoft Office 365

Did you know Microsoft has a similar service to Google Slides? 

Office 365 lets you collaborate on PowerPoint templates with a team and save everything online. It's a helpful tool if you want to use a premium template for PowerPoint in 2021 but are working in a group. 

If you're a college student in the United States, you might have access to the full version of Office 365 through your school. If not, you can still use the free online version of the program.

Manuva Online PowerPoint Design
You and your team can use premium Manuva as an online PowerPoint design with Microsoft Office 365.

3. Try the Morph Transition

Animations and transitions help engage your audience. One of the newest transitions in PowerPoint is called Morph. It's a clever effect that works when you've got two slides with at least one object in common. Learn how to use the transition in your online themes for PPT in this guide from Microsoft.

4. Use Speaker Notes

The text box under each slide in PowerPoint is very useful. These speaker notes can help you remember key information you want to share. Using these notes lets you cut down on text on the slide and focus on the most important points.

You can also use speaker notes while presenting! If you don't know how, just check out this tutorial: 

5. Have Infographics

Data can be tough to digest. Even though the information is important, your audience might not pay enough attention. 

Make your charts and graphs look more interesting with infographics. They get the information across while looking great. Many premium online themes for PowerPoint come with themed infographics. Check if yours has one included.

Vintage Online PowerPoint Design With Infographics
The infographics included in the premium Vintage online theme for PowerPoint make data look attractive.

Discover More Premium PowerPoint Templates Online

We're always working to find and share the best Microsoft online PPT templates. Here at Tuts+, we're passionate about our readers, starting with a template that helps you save time.

Check out even more options for PowerPoint templates in the articles below:

Benefits of Using Premium Online PPT Templates

So why premium online PowerPoint templates? Why templates at all? You may think that a free PPT template or making a presentation from scratch is the best choice. But there are reasons why premium Microsoft PowerPoint templates are so useful:

  1. You save time. Whether you're a PowerPoint beginner or expert, making successful presentations take time. Using a premium template lets you save your energy and use it elsewhere in the presentation process.
  2. The design is professional. The designers of premium online PPT templates are great at what they do. Their professional design is hard to find in free PPT template alternatives found online. 
  3. You've got thousands of options. There are thousands of premium template options available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Whether you're creating a pitch deck, school presentation, or wedding slideshow, there's a template for you.
  4. They support your creativity. Templates don't limit your creativity, they complement it. Premium online themes for PPT come with many customization options. Use these to create something unique to your presentation.
  5. Your audience will appreciate the quality. At the end of the day, your presentation is for your audience. A premium online theme for PowerPoint will look good at the moment and leave an impression when you're done presenting.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Unlimited Use, Unlimited Creativity)

Envato Elements Online PowerPoint Templates
Check out the premium online PowerPoint templates in the Envato Elements library.

Envato Elements is more than just a service for premium Microsoft PowerPoint templates. With your subscription, you get unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of creative assets.

That means for a low monthly fee, you can download unlimited music tracks, stock photos, custom fonts, and more. No warnings or caps. Just find what you need for your project, download, and create. You can sign up for Envato Elements today

Learn More About Working With PowerPoint

Being a beginner is hard. You might have the perfect vision for creating a slide but lack the knowledge to create it. PowerPoint online templates are a great start and pairing them with a few tutorials is a powerful combo.

That's why we've created the resource, How to Learn PowerPoint Quickly (Complete Beginner's Guide.) It's built with beginners in mind to help you master every aspect of the app.

Start Using Online PowerPoint Templates Today

Free PowerPoint online templates are a cost-saver. But they probably aren't the best option to create your next presentation in 2021.

You've seen the best PowerPoint online themes with unlimited downloads. Plus, Microsoft online PPT templates with single purchase options. These Microsoft PowerPoint templates save hours of work and give you better results than their free counterparts.

It's time to start your design! Grab a template, add your details, and you're ready to present.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting  PowerPoint templates with the best, trending presentation designs.

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