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25+ Best Free Cartoon PowerPoint Templates With Cute Characters 2021


Are you presenting a topic that could use a comic or cartoon PowerPoint presentation template to help mix things up a little? Or are you a teacher presenting to younger audiences? Regardless of your reason for needing to create a cartoon presentation, you've come to the right place. 

Math Lesson - PowerPoint Cartoon Template a premium pre-built cartoon template on Envato Elements
Math Lesson - PowerPoint Cartoon Template, a premium pre-built cartoon template on Envato Elements

When you create presentations with cartoon or comic elements, don't compromise professionalism, quality, and creativity. By leaving the design element to experts, you're able to create an impressive presentation effortlessly. All you need is an excellent pre-built comic or cartoon character PowerPoint template.

This article features 25 free cartoon PowerPoint templates found online. Before we check out these free options, we'll also look at premium cartoon PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements and premium cartoon slides from GraphicRiver. At the end of this article, you'll have plenty of options to pick from.

The Best Premium Cartoon PowerPoint Presentation Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a good place to begin your search for a professionally designed cartoon or comic book PowerPoint template. Unlock unlimited downloads of PPT templates, audio, video, photos, and other creative digital assets for your next project—all for an affordable monthly fee. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them.

Invest in your business with an Envato Elements subscription. Access to unlimited creative assets will help you create impressive, unique, and quality materials for your brand like a pro. It'll definitely take your marketing, business development, and presentation projects to new heights. You'll have the best PowerPoint characters and so much more to use.

Find loads of premium cartoon and comic presentation PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium cartoon and comic presentation PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements

If you're willing to test out free templates found online, there are risks that you need to work around. Some of these shortfalls include uniqueness and limited slide design. The best options for animated characters for PowerPoint are inside Envato Elements.

Want to try out premium templates without a monthly subscription fee? Check out GraphicRiver. You can buy and download a cartoon or kids' PowerPoint template one-at-a-time. We'll explore this option in the next section. 

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Cartoon Slide Templates for 2021 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

A cartoon or comic book PowerPoint background template doesn't have to look unprofessional. There are loads of premium on theme templates that are created to impress in 2021 that include characters for PowerPoint.

Let's check out a few premium modern cartoon PPT templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Character - Cartoon Images for PowerPoint Presentations

Character - Cartoon Images for PowerPoint Presentations

This is an infographic template that comes with 35 unique slides and 11 color variations. The slides are on a light background and have simple line vector icons that are fully editable. With loads of infographics and well-designed cartoon character, this template is sure to impress. 

2. Unity - Multipurpose Template

Unity - Multipurpose Template

Unity features 20 fully editable PowerPoint characters. It also comes with handcrafted infographics that are editable. Unity is a smart, creative, and innovative template that helps you create a unique and impressive presentation. 

3. Komika - Comic Book PowerPoint Background

Komika - Comic Book PowerPoint Background

Komika is a modern and creative comic themed template that comes with over 50 slides and 500 icons. All shapes and graphics are resizable, removable, and editable without the need for any extra software. Easily customize this template and impress your audiences.

4. Kiddyland Fun Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Kiddyland Fun Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

This template is an excellent choice if you need to bring colors and fun to your classroom. It comes with 64 unique slides, 11 color variations, and a choice between light and dark background. There are also handmade infographics and slide animations to bring your presentation to life. 

5. Doodle's Creative Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Doodles Creative Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This template is perfect for you if you want to get creative and professional at the same time. It comes with 80 unique slides, ten premade color schemes, dark and light background options, and fantastic animation to keep things fun and lively. You'll also find the fully customizable handmade infographics useful.

25 Top Free Cute Cartoon PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Before checking out, free PowerPoint cartoon templates found online, have a look at Envato's free offerings. Test out various premium files (not always cartoon slides) at no cost. 

Here's the offer:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 different files monthly. They're like photos, videos, templates, plugins, and more. Create a free account and download this month's premium free files now.
  • Envato Market offers seven monthly freebies. A free file from PhotoDune, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, and 3DOcean. Sign in to get this month's premium freebie

Can't find a cartoon or comic book PowerPoint Template among this month's premium freebie? If you can't afford even a low-cost premium template, free cartoon or comic book PowerPoint backgrounds found online may be your only option.

Let's look at 20+ free cartoon PowerPoint templates from around the web:

1. School - Free PPT Template Kids comes with an image of cute school-going children. There are four PowerPoint cartoon slides for you to work with. 

2. Christmas - Cartoon Character PowerPoint Templates Free Download features a cute little Santa Claus on the bottom left and a Christmas-themed border. 

3. Fashion - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadThis is a cute cartoon PowerPoint background template of a woman and some abstract design. 

 Fashion - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free Download

4. Wedding - Free Cartoon Figures for PowerPoint comes with an illustration of a bride and groom. The background is simple allows the cute cartoon to standout.

5. Smell of Spring - Free PPT Template KidsThis kids' PowerPoint template features happy kids running in a field during spring. 

6. Circus Clown - Cartoon Character PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadThis is a cute cartoon PowerPoint background that comes with two illustrations of clowns with a purple background.

7. Balloons - Free PPT Template KidsThis template comes with a girl with balloons as a cartoon figure for PowerPoint. 

8. Fish - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free Download features an illustration of a fish. This cute cartoon PowerPoint background is gray, so the main cartoon fish stands out well. 

Fish - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free Download

9. Free Comic Book PowerPoint TemplateThis comic presentation PowerPoint template features various bold colors on each slide and is inspired by DC and Marvel. 

10. Dinosaurs - Cartoon Character PowerPoint Templates Free Download comes with illustrations of various types of cute dinosaurs. This cute cartoon PowerPoint background template comes in dark and light backgrounds.

11. Clean Team Work - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadThis cute PowerPoint template comes with illustrations of people at work and neutral colors. 

12. Pets - Free PPT Template KidsThis cartoon PowerPoint background template helps you create a fun and cute presentation that's suitable for kids. 

13. Free Comic Book PowerPoint BackgroundThis comic presentation PowerPoint template comes in bold colors and retro comic illustrations.

Free Comic Book PowerPoint Background

14. Lucius - Free Design Cartoon Character in PowerPointThis kids' PowerPoint template comes with eight vector cartoon images for PowerPoint presentations. 

15. Friar - Animated Cartoon PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadThis fun PowerPoint template comes with school or classroom-themed cartoon pictures for PowerPoint presentations. 

16. Verges - Free City Cartoon Figures for PowerPoint features a simple city skyline illustration. A cartoon image for PowerPoint presentations like this allows you to use the presentation for any purpose.  

17. Chef - Free Design Cartoon Character in PowerPointIf you're looking for a chef cartoon figure for PowerPoint, this is it!

18. Owl - Cartoon Character PowerPoint Templates Free Download comes with an image of an owl on a book. It's suitable for education-related presentations.

Owl - Cartoon Character PowerPoint Templates Free Download

19. School - Free Kids PowerPoint TemplateThis template features a boy and a girl walking hand in hand to school. This is a suitable cartoon image for PowerPoint presentations that are either school or kids related. 

20. Perez - Free Comic Book PowerPoint TemplateThis comic presentation PowerPoint template is bright and bold. 

21. Pet Shop - Free Design Cartoon Character in PowerPoint features cute illustrations of pets. This fun PowerPoint template is suitable for anyone who is opening up a pet shop.

22. Drug Effects Breakthrough - Free Cartoon Pictures for PowerPoint Presentations come with a yellow background and flat-style illustrations. These cartoon images for PowerPoint presentation helps you explain medical research. 

23. Video Production Agency - Free Design Cartoon Character in PowerPoint comes with pink and purple tones. There are cartoon pictures for PowerPoint presentations that make this template lively. 

Video Production Agency - Free Design Cartoon Character in PowerPoint

24. Blue Monday Social Media - Free Cartoon Pictures for PowerPoint PresentationsThis is a fun PowerPoint template full of illustrations of people doing fun things.

25. Supermarket Business Plan - Free Cute PowerPoint Template comes in a yellow and green background. It's got loads of supermarket related illustrations. 

How to Quickly Customize Cartoon PowerPoint Templates (For 2021)

Want to feature characters for PowerPoint in your next slide deck? Premium templates from Envato Elements make it easy. Let’s learn to PowerPoint characters in just five quick steps.

Follow along by downloading the Character - PowerPoint Infographics Slides from Envato Elements.

PowerPoint characters
Premium templates like this are full of animated characters for PowerPoint.

1. Add Custom Text

PowerPoint characters add, well, character to your slides! They help explain and bring life to your presentation. The message itself will often be in words.

Characters for PowerPoint
Easily add your own text to premium PowerPoint characters.

To add custom text, begin by highlighting any words on the slide. Then, simply start typing over them. It’s that easy.

2. Change Fonts

Once you’ve added text to your animated characters for PowerPoint slide, you can customize it. Highlight a block of text, then find the Font section on the Home tab. 

Animated characters for PowerPoint
Customize fonts on premium characters for PowerPoint slides.

Browse through the drop-downs to change font size, color, style, and more. Find an option you like and click to apply it. Watch it instantly appear on your characters for PowerPoint slide.

3. Move PowerPoint Characters

PowerPoint characters like these aren’t static. In fact, you can move them around your slide! Get started by clicking on any of the characters for PowerPoint that you see on a slide.

Animated characters for PowerPoint
Quickly move purchased characters for PowerPoint around your slide.

Then, drag the character around the slide. Move to a new position, then drop it into place. You can even right-click and Copy a character, then place it on another slide by choosing Paste.

4. Change Shape Colors

Shape colors are a fun way to add contrast to PowerPoint characters. Click a character or object to select it. Then, find the Shape Format menu on the ribbon.

Colorful PowerPoint characters
Colorful premium PowerPoint characters boost the energy of your slide deck.

From there, click on the Shape Fill dropdown. On the chooser, you can click any color thumbnail to apply it. Try as many options as you want until you find one that looks perfect for you.

5. Animate Characters

Animated characters for PowerPoint are sure to grab audience attention. And thanks to PowerPoint, you can build animated PowerPoint characters easily.

Add animated characters for PowerPoint
Animated characters for PowerPoint from a professional template give you options.

Click a character to select it, then go to the Animations menu. You’ll see options for moves, fills, appears, and more. Once again, explore the menus and click thumbnails to add your favorite animations.

5 Quick Design Tips to Create Great Cartoon Themed PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Here are some design tips to help you get the most from cartoon character PowerPoint templates:

1. Keep up With Illustration Current Trends

It always helps to keep up with the current illustration trends as it helps you pick a template with design elements that aren't dated. A dated template could lead you to create a presentation that looks unprofessional. 

Check out this Illustration Trends video from Envato:

For even more trends, check our Cartoon Slide Design Trends for 2021 section below. 

2. It's Time to Go Premium

A lot of free templates are only background images that are turned into three slides. It's free, so you can't expect much from it. 

But a premium template comes with loads of features like infographics, icons, and animations. They've got all the design elements taken care of, so all you need to do is add your images, text content, and edit the graphics accordingly. 

Work smart and create professional presentations with minimal effort. Check out how to quickly customize a PowerPoint template design:

3. Use Suitable Cartoon Illustrations

Graphic images can be used to draw attention and send a message. A picture does paint a thousand words. But it's not always easy to get hold of cartoon illustrations you can use without worrying about copyright issues. 

Office Illustration a premium vector graphic from Envato Elements
Office Illustration, a premium vector graphic from Envato Elements

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you'll get unlimited access to over a million high-quality graphics. Download and use graphic images to create the best possible presentation. 

4. Pick Infographics Over Text

If you've got to pick between an infographic vs. a text paragraph to illustrate a point—always choose to use the infographic. Turning paragraphs and tables to infographics help keep your audience focused. The presentation also becomes easier to understand and remember. Infographics can be anything from graphs, charts, maps, to timelines. 

Learn more about infographics:

5. Stay Away From Clutter

A cluttered slide looks unprofessional and is hard to follow. If you've got a slide full of text and graphics, your audience may not know where to look and what's important.

Math Lesson - PowerPoint Cartoon Template a premium clutter-free PPT template from Envato Elements
Math Lesson - PowerPoint Cartoon Template, a premium clutter-free PPT template from Envato Elements

Avoid clutter with these simple steps:

  • Use lesser words and bigger fonts size. 
  • Turn paragraphs to bullet points, graphics or photos.
  • Leave plenty of white space around each element on your slides.

5 Top PowerPoint Cartoon Slide Design Trends for 2021

You’ve seen how to find and create amazing PowerPoint characters in 2021. But to truly wow your audience, you need to embrace the very latest trends. Check out five top cartoon slide design trends for 2021:

1. Comic Book PowerPoint Characters

Many of us love comic books. They call us to action, and the illustrations capture our focus. Why not use these techniques in your presentations?

Comic PowerPoint characters
Add comic book characters to PPT with a premium Envato Elements template.

Comic book characters are in for 2021. Templates like this one feature plenty that you can readily customize to fit your needs.

2. Animated Characters With Music

What often accompanies animated characters for PowerPoint on-screen? Music! And thanks to PowerPoint, you can easily add music to any slide.

Music is trending in 2021 because it brings energy. It’s a great way to build suspense and drama as you share your slides.

Get started working with music in PowerPoint with our helpful tutorial:

3. Bright and Colorful Slides

PowerPoint characters are meant to be fun and energetic. Having them in bright colors delivers this very effect.

Bright PowerPoint characters
Purchased (Premium) PowerPoint character slides serve up plenty of bright, fun energy.

By choosing bright and colorful animated characters for PowerPoint, you’re sure to keep audiences entertained. That’s essential as you work to inspire them in 2021.

4. Moving GIF Characters

GIFs are ever more popular, appearing seemingly everywhere on the internet. That’s a trend that'll only continue to grow in 2021. Take advantage of it in your next PPT deck.

PowerPoint makes it simple to add animated GIFs to any slide. This is a winning way to build amazing slides, no animation experience required.

Find out how with our handy tutorial:

5. Characters for Data Visuals

PowerPoint characters can be lighthearted additions to your slide deck. But they can also be incredibly helpful teaching tools.

infographic animated characters for PowerPoint
Bring ideas to life with premium infographic PowerPoint characters.

Using characters to teach helps bring ideas to life. Memorable visuals help audiences capture your key points. That’s essential for any 2021 slide deck.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Need more inspiration before you take your pick? Browse through other fun and cute PowerPoint templates for 2021. Here are three selections to start with:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint characters make your presentation fun and playful. It helps your audience see themselves and visualize real-world cases.

It's okay if you still have questions while you work with animated characters for PowerPoint. It's a deep app with so many features that no one knows them all! Let's answer five of the top questions to help you make the most of characters for PowerPoint:

1. Is PowerPoint Free?

Are your PowerPoint characters using all your budget by paying them royalties? Well, maybe you need to save a bit by using the free version of PowerPoint.

The online version of PowerPoint is free to use, and we've covered it in the article below. You'll see that it works perfectly, including for animated characters for PowerPoint.

2. How Should You Share Your PowerPoint?

If you've created great presentations featuring animated characters for PowerPoint, you probably want to share them! There are better ways than simply attaching the presentation to an email.

Let's learn more about the advanced features to show and share PowerPoint presentations online with the help of this tutorial:

3. Can You Work With Others in Microsoft PowerPoint?

The answer is definitely "yes!" The best presentations come together when people collaborate, and PowerPoint makes it easy. Imagine animating characters for PowerPoint in conjunction with others.

Learn how to work within a PowerPoint presentation with others in this tutorial:

4. Does PowerPoint Support Printing?

Maybe you're ready for your characters for PowerPoint to leap off the screen and into the world. That's why it's a great idea to learn how to print your presentation.

Sure, you won't see your animated characters for PowerPoint in motion on paper. But printing characters for PowerPoint presentations can create a printed version of a comic book. Learn how to print in this article:

5. What Apps Link to Microsoft PowerPoint?

Are your PowerPoint characters heroic accountants or data professionals? Well, that's the perfect time to link PowerPoint to Excel!

All kidding aside, these two apps work hand-in-hand perfectly. It's so handy to build out your data in Excel, then automatically show it in an intuitive way in PowerPoint. Learn how to keep your files linked with this tutorial:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Add our How to Use PowerPoint(Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to your browser favorite. It becomes a quick reference when you need help with creating your presentations. Are you stuck at something or see room for improvements? Pick a guide and learn more about it. 

Here are three examples of helpful PowerPoint guides:

Grab a Premium PowerPoint Cartoon Slide Template Today!

Create your next cartoon slides like a pro with a premium cartoon PowerPoint presentation template. Envato Element is the best place to begin your search. An Envato Elements subscription gives you unlimited access to digital assets. Download and test as many cute PowerPoint templates as you wish. 

GraphicRiver is an excellent choice if you want to go premium without a monthly subscription. Browse through the selection of premium cartoon PowerPoint background templates on GraphicRiver. Download your template with the convenient pay-per-download model.

Is budget a constraint? Even if going premium is out of the question for you, it's advisable not to design a template from scratch. There are some free cartoon PowerPoint templates listed in this article that you can try out. 

Premium or free cartoon PowerPoint templates are a time saver. Identify the best template for your needs and start working on your presentation.

Work smart and invest in a cartoon PowerPoint presentation template. Download one now!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new cute PowerPoint templates with the best, high-quality designs.

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