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25 Free Cute PowerPoint Slide Templates to Make Playful Presentations in 2020


It’s only natural that sometimes you've got to create a playful presentation. This is especially true if you work in a business that targets younger audiences, parents with children, the pet industry, or the entertainment industry. 

Luckily, there are dozens of free cute and playful PowerPoint templates that'll allow you to create a presentation easily and quickly. 

Nectarine Playful PowerPoint Template
Nectarine Playful PowerPoint Template

Using a premade PowerPoint template saves you time. It'll also give you a slide design kickstart in the right direction.

In this post, we’ll share the best free cute PowerPoint background templates that you can download and use to create your presentation. We'll also share some of the best premium cute PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and colorful PPT templates from GraphicRiver so you've got plenty of options.

Find Cute PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (with Unlimited Use)

Before we jump into the free templates, let’s look at some of the premium playful PowerPoint templates. If you’re ready to take your presentation to the next level, a premium template is a great choice. It'll give you more customization options not to mention you'll get multiple individual slide designs that'll cover everything you need to create a great presentation. 

Cute PowerPoint Templates Envato Elements
Choose from hundreds of professionally designed cute Microsoft PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements for a low monthly fee.

You might be tempted to look for cute templates for PowerPoint available for free download. While you can find these online, they're not as nice as premium cute PowerPoint templates.

One of the best places to look for premium cute PowerPoint templates is Envato Elements. Envato Elements has a very compelling offer. For a low monthly price download thousands of PowerPoint templates and other design assets such as photos, background, patterns, fonts, and more. Sign up now!

Here are five of our best cute premium templates:

1. Freya - Cute PowerPoint Background Template

Freya - Cute PowerPoint Template

The Freya template has a cute and minimal design so it can be used for any type of presentation. The template includes more than 50 unique slides. So, you can easily present your ideas, your business, your team members, and more. 

The template also comes with three predefined color schemes that you can easily customize. Also, the Freya template has image placeholders so all you've got to do is drop in your content. 

2. Ada - Vertical Cute PowerPoint Presentation

Ada - Vertical Cute PowerPoint Presentation

The Ada template is sure to grab the attention of your audience. It’s not only cute, but also designed in vertical format. Aside from that, the template 90 unique slides as well as master slides that you can easily edit and customize. The cute template for PPT features subtle transitions and comes with custom icons. 

3. Pusse - Creative and Cute PowerPoint Presentation Template

Pusse - Creative and Cute PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Pusse template has a creative and cute design that’s perfect if you’re in the pet industry. The template has bright colors and includes three premade color schemes that you can easily customize to match your brand. You'll also find 12 premade slide designs. This template was designed in both widescreen and standard screen format.

4. Doolable - PowerPoint Template

Doolable - Powerpoint Template

This cute PPT template is perfect for a children related business, like a toy store. But you can customize it to every project you've got. All the elements of this playful PowerPoint presentation are fully editable. Do check it out!

5. LOSI - Pet Service PowerPoint Template

LOSI - Pet Service Powerpoint Template

Losi is a cute PowerPoint template made for the veterinary field. But it can be adapted to a variety of projects, like an agency, a personal business or as a portfolio. Its clean design allows you to showcase bold and cute images. You won't find this quality in cute templates for PowerPoint available for free download.

Get Cute PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver (Buy One at a Time)

But, if you prefer buying individual PowerPoint templates or other design assets individually, stop by GraphicRiver. This marketplace has hundreds of cute PowerPoint presentation templates that you can buy one-at-a-time on an as-needed basis.

Cute PowerPoint Templates GraphicRiver
Buy the best-selling premium cute PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver one at a time.

Look at some of the best-selling cute PowerPoint presentation templates from our marketplace: 

1. Bee - Playful PowerPoint Template 

Bee - Playful PowerPoint Template

The Bee template is a playful presentation template for PowerPoint that’s perfect for anyone in the pet services industry. The template has over 30 slides that are easily customizable. 

This cute template for PPT will make the content of your presentation stand out. It's got plenty of white space around the elements. It also includes image placeholders so you can easily drop in your content. 

2. CupCake - Cute Presentation Template for PowerPoint

CupCake - Cute Presentation Template for PowerPoint

The CupCake template is a great choice for party planners, wedding planners or anyone else in the events or entertainment industry. The cute template for PPT has a bright and colorful design and comes with more than 80 unique slides. The template was designed in widescreen format. It includes custom icons as well as subtle slide transitions.

3. Gaia PowerPoint Presentation

Gaia PowerPoint Presentation

Gaia is a cute PPT background perfect for a personal project or business. It features an elegant, simple, and clean design. There are more than 100 unique slides, four colors and a 16:9 slide aspect ratio. This is so much better than cute PowerPoint templates you find for free online.

4. Modela - Modeling Presentation PowerPoint Template

Modela - Modeling Presentation PowerPoint Template

This cute PowerPoint template is a clean and minimal theme. Use it for a fashion presentation. But that's only a suggestion because the possibilities are endless. It comes in five colors to choose from and many useful slides layouts.  

5. Welly Veterinary PowerPoint Template

Welly Veterinary PowerPoint Template

Welly is a cute PPT template especially designed to cater the veterinary medical business. It's got a minimalist and simple gradient design with 80 unique slides and nine color schemes. It also comes in widescreen (16:9) and normal (4:3) aspect ratios. 

25 Best Free Cute & Playful PowerPoint Templates for 2020

Free PowerPoint templates are a good choice for a cute PowerPoint presentation if you’re on a budget. There are dozens of free cute PowerPoint templates available online. In today’s article, we’ve gathered 20 of the best free cute and playful PowerPoint templates:

1. Color - Free Cute PowerPoint Presentation

Free Color Cute PowerPoint Presentation

This free PowerPoint presentation template has a colorful and playful background. It’s a good starting point for anyone targeting parents with young children, artistic presentations or if you’re in the entertainment industry. The template has a variety of cute slides needed to present your ideas. 

2. Red Gift - Free Cute PowerPoint Templates

Try this cute template for PPT if you want to make a holiday or a celebration-themed presentation. The template comes in widescreen and standard screen format. It includes four premade slide designs that you can customize to fit your needs. 

3. Gradient Wavy PowerPoint Cute Presentation Template for PowerPoint 

This cute PowerPoint background template for free download uses a wavy background, which is sure to make your presentation more playful. You'll find some different cute slides to share your ideas. Duplicate the individual slides as many times as needed. 

4. Alphabet Playful & Cute Presentation Template

Consider this free cute PowerPoint template to make a presentation for your classroom. The template has a clean design. You'll find two slide formats: standard screen and widescreen format. 

5. Floral Spring Playful & Cute PowerPoint Presentation

Floral Spring Playful PowerPoint Presentation

This free cute presentation template is a good choice if you’re an event planner or a wedding planner in need of a presentation template. You'll find a variety of slides to showcase your business and your team members. Download the template in both widescreen and standard screen format.

6. Kitten Border Playful & Cute PowerPoint Presentation Free

Who could resist a cute kitten? Try this free cute PowerPoint template to make sure your audience can’t resist your presentation. The template was designed in standard screen format. It features a title slide and a content slide.

7. Money Tree - Free Cute Slides Presentation

This free and cute PowerPoint background template features a standard screen format and a clean and playful design. Use this template for presentations about business finance or to teach students about different currencies. 

8. Color Bubbles Playful & Cute PPT Templates Free Download

This playful PowerPoint template will add an element of fun to any presentation. The template features a fun bubble background and bright colors. Tweak them to match your style. 

9. Easter - Cute PowerPoint Template Free Download

Easter PowerPoint Cute PowerPoint Template

The Easter PowerPoint template is a good choice if you’re making a holiday-themed presentation. The cute template for PowerPoint free download comes with three master slide layouts, which include title slide, content slide, and the cover slide. 

10. Valentine Cute PPT Templates Free Download

Any presentation related to Valentine’s Day could use this template. On top of that, you can use it for wedding-themed presentations. 

11. Diagonal Pixels Playful & Cute Presentation Template

This free cute PowerPoint template has a playful and modern design featuring diagonal pixels. Use it for any type of presentation and has several slides to present your idea. 

12. Gift Box - Free Cute PowerPoint Template

Try this free cute PowerPoint template if you’re looking for a template that’s playful yet still professional. The template has several premade cute slides. Use it for fun business presentations.

13. Halloween - Free Cute Slide Template

Halloween Free Template

Use this spooky but cute, Halloween - Free Cute Slide Template with orange background and trick or treat scene. Create a Halloween presentation in style. 

14. Birthday - Cute PowerPoint Template Free Download

If you’re making a presentation for someone’s birthday or for a special occasion, this cute PowerPoint template will come in handy. It features several premade cute slides with fun, birthday theme that you can customize.

15. Scribbles - Free Cute Presentation Template

Scribbles - Free Cute Presentation Template that's got a yellow background and scribbles to give a fresh, bold, and cute look. Easily customize the template to fit your topic and brand.  

16. Iris - Free Cute PowerPoint Themes

Are you into space and stars? Iris - Free Cute PowerPoint Themes is perfect for you. It's got a galaxy with a purple and blue gradient background with planets, astronaut and stars illustration.  

17. Aumerle Illustrated Fruits - Free Cute Template PPT

Aumerle Illustrated Fruits

Cool, fun, and cute hand-drawn fruits with spots of color. Resize, recolor, and move the fruits as you wish to create the best cute presentation for your needs. 

18. Free Cute Newborn PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template has a playful and cute design featuring a newborn baby. It’s a good choice for presentations aimed at expecting parents. You can even use it to create a memory of your pregnancy. 

19. Free Cute Flowers PowerPoint Presentation Background

If you’re looking for a floral-themed PowerPoint presentation, try this free PowerPoint background. You'll find two premade slide designs that you can use as the background for your presentation.

20. Ursula Blackboard - Free Cute PowerPoint Templates

Get old school cute with this blackboard-styled free cute presentation template. Hand-drawn fonts and icons in white give is a nice pop against the dark background. 

21. 4th Coffee - Cute Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

4th Coffee Cute Presentation Template

This free PowerPoint template has a clean and cute design. Use it for any type of presentation. It comes with a premade color scheme and several cute slides to create a presentation. 

22. Trees and Frame - Free Cute PowerPoint Template

Consider this free presentation template if you’re making a nature-oriented presentation. The template comes with three premade slide designs. It's designed in high resolution, following the standard screen format sizes. 

23. Playful Fish - Free Cute Slide Presentation

This free PowerPoint template has a cute and playful design. It would work well for educational presentations about wildlife for younger students or for presentations in the pet services industry. The template has a standard screen format size and includes three premade slide designs. 

24. Back to School Download Template PPT Cute

This free cute PowerPoint template with a cute and playful design would be a good starting point for any back to school presentation. The template features a lovely design with colorful books, apples, and candy. Customize it to meet your needs. The template comes with three premade slide designs in high resolution.  

25. Tree - Free Cute PowerPoint Presentation Template

Free Tree Playful PowerPoint Presentation Template

This free PowerPoint template has a bright and playful design. It would work well for presentations geared for children such as in school or kindergarten. The template was designed in standard screen format. It comes with four predesigned cute slides.

5 Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Slides Cuter & Playful

Now that you’ve seen some of the cute PowerPoint templates that are available online, it’s time to choose one as the starting point for your presentation. Here are five tips that'll help you make your PowerPoint slides even more cute and playful: 

1. Focus on Bright Colors

While it’s important to stay on brand, it’s also important to use colors that'll help you convey the right mood. Bright colors will add to the playfulness of your presentation and make it more interesting for your audience.

Mia Presentation Template
Mia Presentation Template (premium template)

2. Leave Plenty of White Space

Leave plenty of white space around your text and any other elements in your presentation. White space will make your presentation more visually appealing and easier to follow along with.

3. Use Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Images can do wonders for presenting ideas. But, instead of using photos, consider hand-drawn illustrations and icons. This will add personality to your presentation and up its cuteness factor. You can even use hand-drawn infographic elements to maintain the playful style.

The Puppies PowerPoint Template
The Puppies PowerPoint Template (premium template)

4. Use Larger Font Sizes

To ensure everyone can follow along with the cute slides and read what’s on them, you’ll want to use larger font sizes. Aim for 24pts for the body text and around 32pts for the headings.

5. Combine Classic Fonts With Playful Ones

Make your presentation more playful by using fun script and decorative fonts for the headings. Combine them with a classic sans-serif or serif font used for the body to maintain legibility.

Pocto Template
PoctoPocto Template (premium template)

5 Benefits of Using Professional PowerPoint Templates With Pro Design (In 2020)

Are you still deciding whether to use a free cute PPT background template or invest in a premium cute PowerPoint background design template? 

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are the best marketplaces to get premium templates. You'll always find the best graphic assets, professionally designed and fully customizable.

Envato Elements design without limits
Envato Elements offers a subscription that gives you unlimited access to our libraries

Let me tell you five benefits of using our premium cute PPT background templates:

  1. You save time.  Get a head start at creating your presentation by leaving the designing to the pros by buying a pre-built template. You'll save loads of design time, which will let you focus on the content of your presentation.  
  2. Be memorable and different.  Microsoft built-in presentation templates are generally the first go-to for anyone looking for cute presentation templates. If you use a built-in template, the chance of you creating a presentation that looks like someone else's presentation is high. Be unique and create a memorable cute presentation by using a premium template. 
  3.  Professional components.  Our premium professionally designed templates are designed for PowerPoint. So, you don't need any other software. Easily edit and customize all infographics, animation, and graphics directly in PowerPoint.
  4. Get ideas from pre-built slides.  A good premium cute PPT background comes full of ideas for the content that every presentation should include. Starting with a professional template gets you on the right track and helps guide you throughout the process.
  5. Create the best possible presentation.  Look through loads of pre-built templates and pick the best one for your needs. Get a glimpse of how your finished presentation will look like and work towards it. This helps you to create the best possible presentation for your audience. 

Discover More Awesome PowerPoint Templates

Let me share with you some of my favorite PowerPoint templates from our libraries. We've got templates for every need and occasion, like these:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

I've just shared some great design tips and told you about the benefits of using a premium template. Now, let me give you some answers to the most frequently asked PPT questions:

1. Why Should I Use Templates to Design My Presentation?

A PowerPoint template is a well-developed presentation design. Instead of starting from scratch in a white background, a template already has the slides laid out and prepared. Using them helps you skip ahead in the design process.

Check our detailed guide about it:

2. How Can I Make My Presentation More Interesting?

There are many tips and tricks to make an appealing presentation and get your audience's attention. Some of the best are: 

  • declutter your slides
  • use animations and transitions
  • use infographics to show data 

Learn more here:

3. How Can I Edit Images in My Presentation?

When you're doing your presentation, images are an important element to add to the slides. Images often need cropping, resizing, and more tweaks to fit in a presentation. And luckily, PowerPoint has many tools to help you do that: 

  • Resizing. Scale an image in PowerPoint to the correct size for your slide.
  • Rotating. Flip an image to face the correct direction, including mirroring it horizontally or vertically.
  • Cropping. Select a part of an image in PowerPoint to remove.
  • Removing picture backgrounds. If your image has a white background and you want to remove it, PowerPoint has a tool to remove backgrounds. This will create transparent images in PowerPoint. 
  • Image effects. Add color tints and adjust image saturation (including black & white) inside your PowerPoint presentation.

Learn all about it:

4. How Is Narration Helpful in My Presentation?

Narration is a little-known PPT feature. It's useful when your audience isn't in the same place as you. For example, use it when you share your presentation via email to many people. 

Record audio in PowerPoint. Play it while your viewer is watching the slideshow. The audio even stays synced to the slide timings you set while recording the audio.

Check our tutorial:

5. Can I Convert PowerPoint files to Mac Keynote?

PowerPoint is the most known and common presentation software. But some people choose to work with Apple's Keynote due to its intuitive design. If you need to change between software packages or share your keynote presentation with PPT users, then you'll have to convert your file.

It's easy to convert PPT to Keynote files. You just need to follow the steps in our guide:

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a powerful software with many awesome features. If you've never worked with it or are still wondering how to make a cute PowerPoint presentation, you may brush up some PowerPoint skills first. Thankfully, we've got a bunch of tutorials that can get you up to speed quickly. Learn more about PowerPoint and check out tutorials below to help you get started: 

Create a Playful PowerPoint Presentation With The Help of Cute PowerPoint Templates

A cute and playful PowerPoint template is a great choice if you've got a laid-back company culture or if you’re marketing towards a younger audience. 

Don't be tempted by cute PowerPoint templates you find for free download. You'll get the most impact with professionally designed premium templates.

If you’re looking for the best cute and playful PowerPoint templates, stop by Envato Elements and take advantage of its unique, compelling offer to get access to thousands of design assets for one low monthly price. 

But, if you prefer to buy templates and design assets individually, check out our cute PowerPoint presentation templates over on GraphicRiver. 

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself creating an awesome playful presentation that'll help you share your idea.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting free and premium cute PowerPoint templates with the best, trending playful PowerPoint presentation designs.

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