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25 Best Free Storyboard PowerPoint Templates to Download for 2020

Do you need to create a storyboard presentation? Are you trying to find templates with PowerPoint storyboards or suitable templates to create storyboards on? You've come to the right place. 

Linia - PowerPoint Storyboard Template a premium template on Envato Elements
Linia - PowerPoint Storyboard Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

Leave the template designing to the experts by starting with a pre-built PPT template. It'll help you work smart and save loads of time. Besides picking between a premium and free template, there are also two ways to create a professional storyboarding presentation. You can either:

  1. Look for a PPT template with storyboard designs. 
  2. Or create your storyboards on a minimal PPT template using Microsoft PowerPoint-based storyboarding tool.  

In this article, we'll explore templates that are suitable for both options. We'll look into 25 free PowerPoint storyboard templates to download off the internet, premium storyboard templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements, and premium storyboard PowerPoint presentation templates from GraphicRiver. This article will give you options to create your storyboard presentation. 

The Best PowerPoint Storyboard Ready Templates on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a smart choice for your business. It's an investment that'll help you work smart and take your projects to new heights. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them

Get unlimited access to fonts, icons, photos, videos, PowerPoint storyboard templates, and other digital assets for a low monthly free. 

PowerPoint storyboard template downloads from Elements
PowerPoint storyboard template downloads from Envato Elements.

You may be weighing your options now and deciding whether you should use a premium or free PPT template. During this process, be aware of the general concerns faced when using free templates found online. Lack of features, limited designs, and no uniqueness are the top few issues to work around. 

Can't commit to a monthly investment? Buy and download storyboard templates for PowerPoint from GraphicRiver one-at-a-time. This way, you can try out a premium template with a subscription plan. We'll explore a few templates from GraphicRiver in the following section.

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Storyboard Ready Templates for 2020 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Presentations are divided into sections for a better structure. Though storyboards are a part of your presentation, the other sections can't be ignored. These premium templates are perfect if you need a few storyboard slides included in a bigger professional presentation. 

Let's check out a few top premium PowerPoint templates suitable for storyboards from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Neo Project - Storyboard Template for PowerPoint

Neo Project - Storyboard Template for PowerPoint

This template is perfect if you're pitching your business or storyboard project to clients. It includes sections like company profile, team, portfolio, timeline history, services, etc. 

There are also handcrafted infographics. These are always useful if you like to create a more visual presentation. 

2. MINIMAL. - Business Storyboard PowerPoint Template

MINIMAL - Business Storyboard PowerPoint Template

MINIMAL. comes with over 30 editable slides that are easy to customize. As its name suggests, it's a minimalistic and multipurpose template. Create your business presentation and include your storyboard to impress your audience. 

3. LINIA - Line Illustration PowerPoint Template 

LINIA - Line Illustration PowerPoint Template

This line illustration PowerPoint template comes with a fresh, modern, professional, and unique design. This template has over 40 unique slides that'll instantly grab the audience's attention. Create your storyboard in a similar illustration format for a consistent look and feel.  

4. Peach Story Creative PowerPoint

Peach Story Creative PowerPoint

Peach Story Creative PowerPoint comes with:

  • 126 slides
  • five premade color schemes
  • loads of infographics
  • over 2700 vector icons. 
  • and more

Create a professional and modern presentation with this minimalistic template in just minutes. Include your storyboard and present your ideas to clients. 

5. Portoda - Art PowerPoint Template

Portoda - Art PowerPoint Template

Who said professional presentations have to be dull? This colorful and run template includes customizable illustrations. Choose between a dark or light background and start creating an impressive presentation immediately.

25 Top Free Storyboard PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates to Download for 2020

Before looking for a free storyboard template for PowerPoint found online, check Envato's free offerings first. Test out various premium digital assets (not just PPT templates) at no cost to you. 

Here's the deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 different files (templates, videos, fonts, plugins, and more) every month. Create a free account & download this month's free premium files immediately. 
  • Envato Market offers seven monthly freebies. Log in to Envato Market or create a new account to get this month's premium freebies

A business storyboard PowerPoint template may not be among this month's premium freebies. The list below is for you. 

Let's explore some free PowerPoint storyboard templates to download found online. If your funds are limited and you can't go premium just yet, these templates will come in handy:

1. Ink - Free Background Download Storyboard for PowerPoint is a simple background in orange with white ink drops. 

2. Stars - Free Background PowerPoint Storyboard Template Download comes with a navy blue background with white stars at the bottom.

3. Free Vertical Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation. This template comes with three image blocks and a section for each.  

Free Vertical Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation

4. Academy Awards - Free Download Storyboard for PowerPoint is a dark template made to look like a film. It also has an image of the Oscar on the bottom left.  

5. Blackboard - Free Storyboard Template PowerPoint is a simple background to use for storyboard presentations.

6. Animated Sci-Fi - Free How To Do Storyboard in PowerPoint showcases aliens and space ships in Area 51. This template is suitable if you're making a presentation or storyboard related to aliens.

7. Seyton - Free Background Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation is a background image of a whiteboard on a table with books, a pencil, and a paintbrush. Use this background to create a storyboard presentation.

8. Six Frames - Free Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation is a printable template for storyboarding. It comes with six boxes for graphics. Below each box, there's space for text.

Six Frames - Free Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation

9. Free Advertising PPT Template is a simple template created with the creative advertising industry in mind. Include your storyboard to this simple layout. 

10. Pink - Free How To Do Storyboard in PowerPoint. This is a minimal template that works well as a background for a storyboard presentation.

11. Open Book - Free Storyboard Templates PowerPoint mimics an open book wooden table. It focuses on the right side of the book. 

12. Colorful Comic - Free Advertising Storyboard Examples PowerPoint uses bright colors. Include your storyboard and use the text bubbles to create a comic-themed presentation. 

13. Animated Owl - Free Storyboard Template PowerPoint comes with an owl sitting on a tree at night. Include text bubbles accordingly to create your storyboard.  

Animated Owl - Free Storyboard Template PowerPoint

14. Trinculo - Free How To Do Storyboard in PowerPoint. This background image is of a folded paper against a gray background. 

15. Bulletin - Free Advertising Storyboard Examples PowerPoint Background. This template looks like a bulletin board with paper and photos pinned on it. 

16. Olivia - Free Business Storyboard PowerPoint Template Background is a simple and minimal template. It comes with a yellow background and black fonts. 

17. My Notes - Free Download Storyboard for PowerPoint Background Template comes with a background of an open notebook on a table. Add a storyboard on pages of this book.

18. Hyperdoc Handbook - Free PowerPoint Storyboard Templates Download is like the My Notes template above. But since the book is bigger, you'd have more room to work with.  

Hyperdoc Handbook - Free PowerPoint Storyboard Templates Download

19. Potter - Free Advertising Storyboard Examples PowerPoint Template comes with a dark background, white fonts, and yellow elements. 

20. Bulletin Board - Free How To Do Storyboard in PowerPoint. This template comes with a corkboard looking background with paper notes and images pinned to it. 

21. Intellectual Property - Free Storyboard PowerPoint Presentation is a minimal template with a white background and pink elements. The texts are in black.

22.  Abstract Marketing - Free Business Storyboard PowerPoint Template comes with a dark background and multicolored organic shapes.  

23. Agency - Free Advertising Storyboard Examples PowerPoint. This is a dark template. It's got white fonts and pink elements that stand out well against the dark background. 

Agency - Free Advertising Storyboard Examples PowerPoint

24. Doodles Sketchbook - Free PowerPoint Storyboard Template DownloadThe slides look like a sketchbook with doodles, yet the design is clean and simple.  

25. Creative Thinking Workshop - Free Download Storyboard for PowerPoint uses Memphis styled design elements. The slides are in different tones of pink and use handwriting title typography.    

5 Quick PowerPoint Storyboard Slide Design Tips for 2020

How to make a professional storyboard for your PowerPoint presentation? Here are five quick tips to get you started:

1. Invest in a Premium Template

Aora Minimal PowerPoint Template a premium template on Envato Elements
Aora Minimal PowerPoint Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

Premium templates are your best options for any PPT presentation. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts and save loads of design time. These premium templates come with so many useful features. This lets you create an impressive presentation every time, regardless of your design skills.  

2. Stay Away From Clutter

Monola Minimal Lookbook
Monola Minimal Lookbook, a minimal premium PPT template on Envato 

Too much text and graphics on a single slide will make it look cluttered and unprofessional. Your audience will also find it hard to follow your presentation. Use minimal templates to create a professional presentation where your storyboard and other content are the main focus. 

3. Use Animation and Transitions

Use animation and transitions to create a fun and lively presentation. You can also use transitions or animations on your storyboard to phase in individual sections as you discuss them. This is also a way to keep your slides uncluttered at first glance and keep your audience focused on the discussion. But use animation and transitions sparingly. Too much of it can get distracting.    

Here are a few tutorials to help you learn about animations:

4. Use Vector Cartoon Characters

Businessman Character Constructor
Businessman Character Constructor, a premium vector cartoon character file from Envato Elements

As an Envato Elements subscriber, you'll get unlimited access to millions of professionally designed digital assets like:

  • icons
  • illustrations
  • images
  • videos
  • and so on 

Why not make use of those assets? Explore ways to create your storyboard with vector cartoon characters. This way, you don't have to draw characters manually. Lack of drawing skill can't hold you back now!

5. Go for Contract

Contrast can be used to grab attention and also create visual hierarchies. It helps selected text and graphics to stand out well on a slide. Fortunately, premium PPT templates are created by professionals who have taken all design principles into account. All you need to do is to add your content, and you're ready to go. If you need to make some customization like changing shapes, color, sizes, and so on, check out this article:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Or could you use more inspiration? Check out more best PowerPoint templates suitable for a storyboard presentation in 2020. 

Here are three unique articles you should check out:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Keep reading up and continuously testing out new ways to improving your presentation skills. This How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) covers various PPT how-tos in smaller tutorials. It's a perfect single URL guide to save and refer to it while creating your presentations. 

Here are three examples of PowerPoint how-tos that are available in The Ultimate Tutorial Guide: 

Grab a Premium PowerPoint Storyboard Ready Template Today!

Need a template with storyboards or a suitable template to create storyboards on? Start by browsing through premium business storyboard PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. A subscription gives you unlimited access to download and try out digital assets (including PPT templates). 

Can't sign up for a subscription-based model just yet? Check out premium advertising storyboard examples for PowerPoint on GraphicRiver. This pay-per-download model allows you to only invest in the premium template that you need.

This article lists some free storyboard templates for PowerPoint. Even if you can't go premium, a pre-built template is a must.

Pre-built templates create an opportunity for you to work smart and save loads of design time. After seeing all your options, pick the best storyboard PPT template that suits your needs and start working on your slides.    

Create your presentation like a pro with a premium storyboard PPT template. Download one today! 

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