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20 Free Modern PowerPoint PPT Templates With Minimalist Designs (2020)


PowerPoint presentations have a bad reputation as being boring. But if you find the best modern PowerPoint template and customize it with your colors and fonts, you can create a truly beautiful and modern PowerPoint presentation.

High-quality premium templates such as the minimalist Reddo from Envato Elements can save you a considerable amount of time
High-quality premium templates, such as the minimalist Reddo from Envato Elements can save you a considerable amount of time.

While getting modern and minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download is great if you're strapped for cash, the best deal is really to use a high-quality premium template that's got any problems already worked out. All you've got to do is drop in your own information and your presentation is done!

In this roundup, we’ve selected the best free modern PowerPoint templates that you can use to for your next presentation. But before we show you our selection of modern PowerPoint templates for free download, let’s take a look at some premium modern PowerPoint templates.

Find the Best Modern PowerPoint Templates On Envato Elements (+ 1 Month Free!)

Free PowerPoint template designs are a good option if you’re on a budget. But if you want to take your presentation to the next level, you’ll need to invest in a premium PowerPoint template. You can find hundreds of premium PowerPoint templates with modern designs on marketplaces like Envato Elements.

It's a premium marketplace that offers thousands of design assets such as clean and modern PowerPoint templates for a low monthly subscription. Once you sign up for the monthly plan, download as many templates and assets as you want and use them in an unlimited number of projects.

Plus, for a limited time, you can get your first month free!

Just sign up for Envato Elements using this special link, or enter the following code when joining to claim your first month free:


Elements represents a superior value over free modern PowerPoint templates in 2020. It's all-you-can-download and gives you so many other assets for the same flat rate:

  • Stock photos. Over 1 million images live in Elements' library and they balance your slides nicely.
  • Sound effects and background music. Use these to set the mood for a presentation; they work well if the presentation plays on a loop on a screen unattended.
  • Graphics and illustrations. Far better than PowerPoint's built-in clip art options, visuals give you another way to explain a concept.

We'll look at free modern PPT templates later, but don't forget that they may not be the best option. Free PPT templates with minimalist designs just aren't as polished as Elements' options.

Later on in this tutorial, you'll see another marketplace to source If you prefer to buy individual items as you need them, then take a look at our collection of modern presentation templates for PowerPoint over on GraphicRiver.

5 Best Premium Modern PowerPoint Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2020)

Look at some of our best premium PowerPoint templates that you can find on Envato Elements:

1. Alanama PowerPoint

Alanama Modern PowerPoint templates

Free modern PowerPoint templates may offer basic features. But for a high-quality presentation it pays to use a premium template like Alanama. Featuring stylish modern graphics and bold colors, this one's easy to edit. Plus, slides are fully animated, saving you plenty of time and effort.

2. Algae PowerPoint

Modern PowerPoint template download

Algae is the epitome of beautiful modern design with a minimalist look. It includes over 30 custom slide layouts that are quick to customize. The template is especially useful for creative slide decks that need to include image portfolios and more.

3. Zuan - Modern PowerPoint Template

Zuan - Modern PowerPoint Template

The Zuan PowerPoint template is perfect for both business and school presentations. It features a modern and clean design. The template includes 12 individual slides and three premade color schemes. Use them as a starting point for your presentation design. 

The template also comes with image placeholders so you can easily add your own. Choose between the light or the dark version and easily create your presentation in either widescreen or standard layout.

4. Reddo - Versatile PowerPoint Template

Reddo - Versatile PowerPoint Template

The Reddo PowerPoint template offers a grand total of 120 slides along with Master Slides that make it easy to edit the template. Use the template for business and e-commerce presentations thanks to its versatile design. You’ll also get thousands of custom icons to use in your presentations.

5. Minimal Modern PowerPoint Presentation - Creative PowerPoint Design

Minimal Modern PowerPoint Presentation - Creative PowerPoint Design

Try this PowerPoint template if you’re looking for a PowerPoint presentation with a creative design. The template offers many slides for different purposes. You'll also get custom icons, elements, and image placeholders. The template is easy to customize.

5 Best Modern Premium PPT Templates With Minimalist Designs (From GraphicRiver - For 2020)

Here's another option that outranks minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download. GraphicRiver gives you another marketplace to source top modern and minimal premium presentation templates, but you'll pay only for what you use:

GraphicRiver minimal PowerPoint
Use GraphicRiver to source pay-as-you-go premium templates that are far more advanced than free minimalist PowerPoint templates.

This pay-as-you-go marketplace is a major upgrade over minimalist PowerPoint templates with free downloads. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Modern PowerPoint

Modern minimalist PowerPoint template

If you need to present to impress, a free minimalist PowerPoint template might not be enough. You need professionally designed themes, and that’s exactly what you’ll see inside the Modern PowerPoint pack. With ten color palettes and over 1500 slides, you’re sure to find all the features you need to succeed.

2. Caribu Modern PowerPoint Template

Caribu modern PowerPoint template 2020

Caribu is a fun and flexible modern PowerPoint template. Visually driven, it allows you to build compelling slides in the minimalist fashion—slides that engage your audience without distracting them. Add your own text, drag and drop images and videos. You’re good to go.

3. Modern Solution - Powerful PowerPoint Template

Modern Solution - Powerful PowerPoint Template

The Modern Solution template is the perfect PowerPoint template for any corporate or business presentation. The template comes with more than 400 unique slides that allow you to showcase your team members, company stats, services, events, and more. This template also includes:

  • dozens of pre-made color schemes
  • a grand total of 1000 unique icons
  • numerous vector elements that you can use to add charts, maps, and more

4. Modern PowerPoint - Simple PowerPoint Template

Modern PowerPoint - Simple PowerPoint Template

This simple PowerPoint template has 80 unique slides and includes image placeholders.  That make it easy to insert your own images. 

The template's also easy to customize thanks to master slides. This template was designed in a widescreen format. Easily add your own brand colors and fonts for a more branded look.

5. Shift Modern PowerPoint Template

Shift modern PowerPoint template

With a cool modern vibe and hundreds of unique layouts, you won’t find polished style like this in any modern PowerPoint templates free download. Shift serves up unmatched design and pairs it with all the customization options you could ever need. You’ll find incredible infographics, charts, photo layouts, and much more.

20 Best Free Modern PowerPoint PPT Templates (To Download 2020)

As mentioned earlier, you can create a good-looking presentation even if you’re on a budget thanks to modern PowerPoint templates that can be downloaded for free.

Before looking for a free modern PowerPoint template download on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always minimalist PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

In this section, we’ve selected the best minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download that you can use for your business or school presentations.

1.  Gower Free Modern PowerPoint Template

Gower Free Modern PowerPoint Template

Gower is a free minimalist PowerPoint template with a modern design that comes with 25 unique slides and a few different elements that'll help you create your presentation. You’ll find a collection of 80 icons and premade styles for charts, tables, and graphs. These are elements many free modern PowerPoint templates to download don't offer.

2. Juliet Modern PowerPoint Template for Free Download

The Juliet template is a good choice if you need a softer look in free modern PowerPoint templates. The template includes 25 unique slides and 80 custom icons as well as premade styles for various presentation elements. The Juliet template also comes with image placeholders. Insert your own images without affecting other elements on the page.

3. Macmorris Free PowerPoint Presentation

Try the Macmorris free PowerPoint template for a corporate presentation. The template features a clean and modern presentation design with inclined shapes that add an extra dynamic look and feel. The modern PowerPoint template for free download includes 25 individual slides and various elements such as icons, charts, graphs, and more. You’ll also get a world map that’s easy to edit, a feature not found in free modern PowerPoint templates to download online.

4. Basset Clean Modern PowerPoint Template for Free Download

Use the Basset PowerPoint template for corporate as well as small business presentations. It's got a clean look and incorporates lots of images into the overall design that can easily be replaced with your own. The free minimalist PowerPoint template comes with custom icons and premade styles for graphs, charts, and tables. The template can also be edited not only with PowerPoint, but also with Google Slides.

5. York Free PowerPoint Template

Consider the York template if you’re looking for minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download. This template features a modern blue background and includes unique slides that have a variety of layouts. Use them to present stats and information about your company, showcase your team members, and even use world maps. You’ll also get a set of 80 icons, premade element styles, and image placeholders.

6. Digital World Free Modern PowerPoint Template

Digital World Minimalist PPT Template Free Download

The Digital World is a free, modern PowerPoint template that would be a good choice for any type of tech presentation. The free minimalist PowerPoint template includes a variety of different slides such as title slide, team slide, company stats, and more. Replace the images with your own and customize the colors and the fonts to reflect your brand.

7. Abstract Modern PowerPoint Template For Free Download

This abstract PowerPoint template has an elegant design not found in other free modern PowerPoint templates to download. Customize the colors and the fonts easily. Use it for all kinds of presentations. The template also includes several unique slides and master slides that make it easy to edit.

8. Peas Free PowerPoint Presentation

If you’re working in the agricultural industry, consider the Peas PowerPoint template. It's a good choice as far as minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download go. Peas comes with unique slides that are suited for agricultural or nature-oriented presentations and you'll be able to easily edit the free PowerPoint template designs thanks to master slides.

9. Blue Slide Free PowerPoint Template

Use this free and modern PowerPoint template marketing and business presentations. The template has master slides so you can adjust the styles and change the fonts in one place instead of on each individual slide. The template can also be exported as a PDF file so you can hand out the slides after the presentation. If you've spent time looking for minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download, try Blue Slide.

10. Lines Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Lines PowerPoint template features a clean design with colorful and dynamic lines.  Colorful lines give this template a modern look and feel. This minimalist PPT template free download includes several individual slides with different layouts. You’ll also find master slides. Easily customize it with your own branding.

11. Eco-Friendly Free PowerPoint Template

Eco-Friendly Minimalist PPT Template Free Download

Give this eco-friendly free minimalist PowerPoint template a try if you’re doing a presentation about organic products or anything related to nature. The template has a total of 25 slides and 80 custom icons. 

You’ll also benefit from premade styles for various presentation elements such as charts and graphs. The template also comes with a world map. Like other free modern PowerPoint templates, you can edit it with Google Slides.

12. Free Modern Real Estate PowerPoint Template

If you're on the hunt for free modern PowerPoint templates to download check out this option. This minimalist PPT template free download was designed with the real estate industry in mind. It includes more than 135 custom real estate related icons, 33 unique slides, and was designed in widescreen format. The template also comes with image placeholders so you can easily replace the images with your own. 

13.  Modern Pitch Deck Free PowerPoint

If you need to make a pitch deck for potential investors, consider this modern PowerPoint template free download. The deck includes 25 individual slides along with a master slide and more than 100 unique vector icons. The minimalist PPT template free download was designed in widescreen format and includes editable charts and other vector elements needed for a presentation deck.

14. Polaris Modern Free PowerPoint Presentation

The Polaris template is a modern presentation template for PowerPoint that you can download for free. It includes over 100 unique animated slides and master slides that make it easy to edit it with your content, colors, and fonts. Polaris is a good choice for looking for minimalist PowerPoint templates for free download.

15. Corporate PowerPoint Presentation For Free Download

This free minimalist PowerPoint template comes with 14 unique slides with a dynamic design. Adjust the colors and the fonts using a master slide and insert your own images thanks to the image placeholders. You’ll also find custom icons that you can use in your presentation.

16. Porto Free Simple PowerPoint Template

Porto Free Minimalist PowerPoint Template

The Porto minimalist PowerPoint template free download has a clean and simple design. Use it for all types of presentations. The template includes nine slide templates. Each template carefully balance text and photos to achieve the minimalistic look. Add your own color accents and customize the fonts to match your brand. Try Porto if you want free modern PowerPoint templates.

17. Light Corporate PowerPoint With Modern Design for Free Download

This free and modern PowerPoint template has a corporate look and feel and uses a minimalist design approach. The template includes 14 different slides such as the intro slide, the team slide, the company stats slide, and more. Easily adjust the styles using the master slide. It's a good choice if you've been looking for free modern PowerPoint templates to download.

18. Corporate Free PowerPoint Template

This free modern PowerPoint template download is a good starting point for a corporate presentation. The template comes with eight unique slides that are fully editable so you can easily change fonts, colors, and more. The minimalist PPT template free download also includes custom vector elements such as charts and graphs as well as icons.

19. Lucky Free PowerPoint Template

Consider this minimalist PPT template free download for a modern presentation template. This PowerPoint presentation has elegant typography and uses a soft color palette. The Lucky free minimalist PowerPoint template includes 13 individual slides as well as high-quality vector graphics and slides for images, tables, flowcharts, and graphs.

20. Zeen Free Modern PowerPoint Template

The Zeen free minimalist PowerPoint template features a clean and modern PowerPoint design with 15 individual slides. It was designed in a widescreen format and comes with high-quality vector graphics as well as slides where you can share information about your business and add charts and graphs. Easily adjust the colors and customize the fonts in this minimalist PPT template free download.

How to Customize Modern Minimalist PowerPoint Slide Designs

Custom PowerPoint templates let you build amazing slides of your own in just a few seconds. They’re built to make customization easy while styling your content in the best way possible.

Customize slides in just five easy steps. Let’s explore them, using the premium United - PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements. 

United modern PowerPoint template
The United PowerPoint template is a great choice to create modern minimalist infographics.

1. Find a Slide to Match Your Needs

Beautiful modern PowerPoint templates like this one include an array of slides to help you build a winning slide deck. The key is to choose slides that help you convey your message. 

Open your template in PowerPoint, then find the Slide Sorter option on the View tab. This is the best way to see an overview of all your layout choices at once.

Think about what you want to share. You’ll see slides featuring text, images, and more. When you find one you like, simply double-click its thumbnail. It’s now ready to edit.

Customize PPTX Step 1

2. Customize Fonts and Text

The first step is to customize the bold headline title in the center of the slide. To do that, simply highlight the text and begin typing your own. 

Many templates include custom fonts, but you can always use others. To change the font design, color, or size, simply click on the Home tab. Then, with your text highlighted, browse all these options in the Font section on the ribbon. Click on your new choices to apply them.

Customize PPTX Step 2

3. Remove What You Don’t Need

Remember that just because a piece of content is on a slide doesn’t mean you've got to use it. In this case, let’s remove the subtitle text box. To do so, simply click on the text box and press Delete on your keyboard. That’s all it takes.

Customize PPTX Step 3

4. Add an Image

The green box in the upper half of the slide is an image placeholder. Here, add a photo to serve as a backdrop for the slide. Browse to an image on your computer, and then drag and drop it over the placeholder. PowerPoint will insert it automatically.

Customize PPTX Step 4

5. Customize the Image

Notice that the image partially obscures your text. No problem—that’s where PowerPoint’s custom editing features come in. Navigate to the Picture Format tab. Then click on Transparency

Choose one of the thumbnails near the middle of the menu, and PowerPoint will instantly fade the image into a beautiful backdrop.

Customize PPTX step 5

5 Quick PowerPoint Design Tips for Modern Presentations in 2020

You’ve already seen how simple it is to build beautiful modern slides using PPT templates. But that’s not all it takes to create compelling presentations in 2020. Check out these five quick tips to ensure you always have the most modern slide deck:

1. Focus on Big Ideas

Let’s face it: we’ve all suffered through presenters reading their slides aloud. Great presenters use their decks as outlines and fill in details with their narration. 

It’s crucial to focus on big ideas. Dedicating slides to individual concepts breaks monotony and helps audiences stay focused.

Minimalist PPT template
Modern templates like this premium template help you focus on key ideas.

2. Choose Simple Animations

Animations are a quick way to bring new life to your slides. They introduce new content and help transition between concepts. 

If used to excess, animations can be a distraction. As you build your modern slides, use animations sparingly. Simpler designs are often best. Fades and wipes look more professional than flashy cartwheels, for example.

For an in-depth look, check out our full tutorial on PowerPoint animations:

3. Use Bold Colors Throughout

Bold colors create contrast. Not only are they visually attractive, they help ensure readability for your audience. 

Remember, you might be sharing slides in a large room, and subtle colors with minimal contrast simply won’t stand out. Many slide templates include beautiful color palettes of their own. 

Bold colors minimalist template
Bright colors and dark backdrops offer stunning contrasts in this modern premium PPT template.

4. Add Plenty of Images

Dull, boring, and tedious: those terms aptly describe colorless, text-heavy slides. Your audience expects better. 

Give them stylish slides by adding images. Photos add plenty of visual interest, color, and contrast. Plus, they’re excellent ways to introduce people and ideas.

Learn how to get started adding and editing images in your modern PPT slides with this quick tutorial:

5. Keep it Short

A key to successful presentations is brevity. Focus on a message. Deliver it in a clear and concise fashion. Modern presentations need to accomplish this goal. Minimalist template designs help you do it. 

PowerPoint makes it easy to adapt slides to your own needs with the Slide Sorter view. View all slides at a glance; then choose only the ones you need and delete the ones you don’t.

short PPT template minimalist
Arrange slides like these from the premium modern Alanama PowerPoint with Slide Sorter.

More Modern PowerPoint Template Resources

This tutorial has shown you that premium options are a major upgrade over free modern PowerPoint template downloads. Premium options are more polished, have more ideas, and help you create a professional presentation in less time.

See even more PowerPoint template selections with the help of our articles below:

Benefits of Using Premium Modern PowerPoint Templates

Are you still unsure about using modern PPT templates for your presentation? After all, you may think you could make your PowerPoint from scratch. While that's an option, you'd be surprised by how much value you get from using a premade template.

Here are just five benefits of using premium, modern PowerPoint designs:

  1. You're guaranteed a professional presentation. Premium PPT templates are created with modern design styles in mind. Each element is thought out to make your presentation look its best.
  2. You save a lot of time. Designing with a modern PowerPoint template means you don't need to spend time putting one together from nothing. Many PPT designs have drag and drop functionality, making it easier than ever to finish your presentation.
  3. There's still room for creativity. Modern PowerPoint templates aren't the finished painting, they're a blank canvas for your ideas. The only difference is that these premade canvases give your creativity direction.
  4. Designs don't overpower your content. It can be easy to go overboard when designing PowerPoint presentations from scratch. The professional designs you'll find in premium templates complement your content, not overshadow it.
  5.  All elements you need are included. Making modern PPT presentations require a lot of pieces, like icons, graphs, image masks, and more. Finding these online can be time-consuming and expensive. Thankfully, professional PPT templates often come with these elements. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

modern powerpoint templates
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of modern PowerPoint templates.

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of modern PowerPoint templates for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements now. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to modern PowerPoint designs, and more—all for one low price.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint has long been key to many businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have questions about the program. Get the most out of PowerPoint by seeing the answers to some common questions users have online:

1. How Do I Share My PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom?

First, open your presentation in PowerPoint. Once you're ready to present in your meeting, click on Share Screen. Click on the screen showing your presentation from the popup window and click Share

There are even more options, like sharing audio and presenter mode, which you can learn about here:

2. Can I Add PDF Files to My Presentation?

There's no native way to import the contents of your PDF into your modern PowerPoint PPT template. Methods like screenshots let you add the pages as images, although text won't be editable. Find other options in this guide from Envato Tuts+:

3. How Do I Edit Many Objects At a Time?

PowerPoint supports grouping objects, making moving and resizing photos and other elements easy. Learn how to do this in 60 seconds from this video tutorial:

4. Are YouTube Videos Allowed in PowerPoint?

You can embed videos from your device and YouTube in your presentation. From the Insert tab, click on the Video dropdown from the Media group. Select Online Video..., and paste the URL of the video you want to embed, then click Insert.

5. How Do I Narrate My PowerPoint Presentations?

Narration is a powerful tool for when you're unable to present directly to your audience. If you've got a microphone already set up, select the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. Choose the Record Slide Show dropdown from the Set Up group and click on either Record from Current Slide... or Record from Beginning... to get started.

If you haven't set up a microphone, this tutorial can help you with the process:

Learn More About PowerPoint With Envato Tuts+

Even if you've had some questions answered above, it doesn't hurt to keep improving your PowerPoint skills. The Envato Tuts+ team has built the Ultimate PowerPoint Tutorial Guide to turn you from beginner to expert. 

Check out our other helpful PowerPoint tutorials and guides so you can learn how to make stellar presentations every single time:

Create a Beautiful Presentation With a Modern PowerPoint Template

While you may feel that you can save money by downloading a modern PowerPoint template free, free PowerPoint template designs have some drawbacks. They're not as unique as premium designs and they may not be updated often. 

Still, if you’re on a tight budget, consider using one of the free simple PowerPoint templates listed here.

And if you need the best modern PowerPoint design templates you can find with a more polished look, stop by Envato Elements and GraphicRiver and check out our selection of modern PowerPoint templates.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new free and premium modern PowerPoint templates with the best, trending designs.

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