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How to Convert & Insert a PDF to PowerPoint (5+ Best Solutions for 2019)


You've just received a PDF from a client or co-worker, and you need to add the content to your PowerPoint presentation. And I'll bet that you hardly have the time to re-draw the presentation from scratch!

Have no fear—it's possible to convert your PDF into PowerPoint format. With the right tools and techniques, you can automate the process and import a PDF into PowerPoint with little work required.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint
In this tutorial, you'll see tools that help you convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations with less work than ever before, even for custom templates like Fashionist.

If you're wondering how to import PDF files into PowerPoint, you're in the right place. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use tools to convert your PDF into a PowerPoint presentation. Instead of re-drawing it and taking screenshots, these tools will save you hours of time.

Just in case you can't totally convert your PDF to PowerPoint format, you'll also see great PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and stylish presentations from GraphicRiver. These are the fastest way to design a presentation.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentations

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the steps to convert PDF to PowerPoint format free with no additional apps required.

I'm going to take an example PDF and work to convert it back into a usable PowerPoint presentation. For my example, I'm actually going to use a PDF version of the Fashionist PowerPoint template from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download source for templates.

Using a template like this illustrates a classic case: you've received a PowerPoint presentation, but it's already been converted into a PDF. The task at hand is to take this PDF and convert it back into a PowerPoint presentation.

Open PDF in PowerPoint
The goal of this tutorial is to take a PowerPoint template that's been converted to PDF and convert it back to PPTX format.

Believe it or not, Microsoft's official documentation advises capturing screenshots slide by slide to convert it into a PowerPoint presentation. While working in PowerPoint, go to the Insert > Screenshot menu option, then grab a screenshot of your PDF presentation.

The downside to this approach to insert a PDF into PowerPoint is that it doesn't keep your text editable. In many cases, the point of putting it back into PowerPoint is to make further changes. The official method only allows you to add content on top of the screenshots you grab.

Insert PDF into PowerPoint
One way to insert a PDF into PowerPoint is to use the screenshot function, but this limits how editable the converted PDF will be.

Another option is to re-draw your presentation. Most of the time, you can copy and paste the text, which leaves you with the task of adding other content (images, charts, tables and more) to convert your PDF to PowerPoint format. 

Using this method, you're inserting the PDF into PowerPoint indirectly. This is a time-consuming approach that may result in a finished presentation that doesn't look as good as the original.

If it's just too much work to totally re-create the PDF presentation, don't forget to try out custom PowerPoint templates, like those from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Instead of inserting PDF into PowerPoints and finagling them into working, you can build a similarly stunning presentation.

Embed PDF Files in PowerPoint

Finally, one other option worth considering is embedding a PDF file in your PowerPoint presentation. That means that anyone who receives the PPTX will be able to open the original PDF. It doesn't convert the file into a PowerPoint, but the original PDF is accessible.

To use this option, go to the Insert > Object option. Browse to a PDF file on your computer and ensure that the Create from File option is checked. Then, anyone who receives the PPTX can just double click the icon to open your presentation.

Import PDF into PowerPoint

Screenshots and drawing your presentation is one way to convert a PDF back to PPTX format, but it's not the only (or best) way. Keep reading to survey the tools that automate this process.

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

After you add your PDF to PowerPoint, you might need to keep tweaking it to get it just right. Depending on the PDF you received, you might not be familiar with all of the tools required to emulate the presentation.

It always helps to know more about the tool so that you can spend more time preparing for your presentation. On Tuts+, we've built a massive library of tutorials to help you master Microsoft's leading presentation app.

My favorite place to start learning PowerPoint is in our dynamic resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) This complete guide has every tutorial you could possibly need to become a presentation professional.

If you want to sample two of the best tutorials in the round-up, make sure to hit the links below. Both will improve your presentation skills so that you'll feel confident while building your PowerPoint presentation.

Another way to save time in PowerPoint is to use great templates from Envato Elements. Check out the round-up below to see the best templates that you can use to create great presentations with the best designs:

5 Top PDF to PowerPoint App Solutions for 2019

So far, you've seen cumbersome methods to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations. While it's technically possible to draw and re-create every element, it simply takes too long in many cases. 

Luckily, many tools (free and premium) help to automate the process. In this section, you'll see apps that help you do just that.

Many times, the PDF you received was originally created in PowerPoint. Converting it back to a PPTX format is possible, but you might find features missing no matter what tool you use. Before we dive into converting a PDF into PowerPoint format, here are a few features that might be missing if you convert back and forth:

  • Custom slide layouts. Almost every app loses some of the built-in features that are included in PowerPoint templates. For example, many PowerPoint presentations feature layouts to add all of the slide elements you need, but these dropdown options are missing when you convert back and forth.
  • SmartArt. If the original presentation was built in PowerPoint and used SmartArt, the PDF version won't "carry back" 
  • Charts and graphs. None of the tools seem to convert charts and graphs in a way that preserves the data. They do render charts out as images, but the data can no longer be tweaked in Excel. Instead, you'll need to re-create them and re-type the data if you want to tweak them further.

In any case, using PDF to PowerPoint tools can save you hours of design work. Let's check out five tools that help you skip past the work of converting a PDF manually.

1. Smallpdf

When choosing the best solution to convert PDF to PowerPoint, it's important to remember the price point. Free tools like Smallpdf always warrant consideration because of the value included.

One of my favorite features built into Smallpdf is batch conversion. If you've got a number of presentations that you need to import from PDF into PowerPoint rapidly, drag-and-drop all of them at once!

SmallPDF Insert PDF into PowerPoint
When learning how to insert PDFs into PowerPoint, a tool like Smallpdf is a major upgrade over re-creating a presentation on a blank canvas.

Testing with Smallpdf was positive. Most of the features migrated nicely to PowerPoint and it was easy to resume editing. Text was editable and migrated in the proper font so that it was easy to adjust. However, I did have to adjust the kerning a bit so that it appeared the same as in the PDF version.

For a small fee, you can also upgrade to use an offline version. This helps protect your data and keep it stored locally.


PDFtoPPT is an additional tool that you can use as long as you've got access to a web browser. Import PDF files into PowerPoint easily without downloading any additional software.

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint
Import PDF into PowerPoint with this web browser tool.

One of the advantages to using PDFtoPPT is that it features some of the most popular document tasks. That includes signing the PDF file before converting it, right inside of your browser. You can also connect it to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive to migrate your PDF files easily.

My testing shows that this tool is as good as any in the round-up. The text was editable, and objects were easy to arrange and adjust.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is known for two things: its constant stream of updates, and for being the most fully featured tool to work with PDF files. One of its many features is a built-in tool to convert PDFs. 

While most of the tools in this round-up are web-based, Acrobat is a desktop app. One major advantage to using a desktop app to convert PDF to PowerPoint format: security. If you're converting a sensitive document that you don't want to upload to any server, it's worth the investment to use an offline app. 

Convert PDF to PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat is perhaps the most fully featured, standards-compliant PDF app and includes an option to convert PDF to PowerPoint.

In my testing, Acrobat provided one of the best conversions of a PDF into a PowerPoint file. Objects were preserved and easily edited once I opened the finished PPTX file in Microsoft PowerPoint.

4. SimplyPDF

Every tool in this round-up brings unique features to insert PDF files into PowerPoint, and SimplyPDF is no exception. Not only does it feature password PDF conversions, but it also allows you to convert partial files.

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint
Use SimplyPDF to convert PDF to PowerPoint if your PDF is password protected.

This simple, browser-based tool takes only a few seconds to convert your presentations. If you want to convert your PDF file into another Microsoft Office format, you can do so right on the same site, exporting to Word and Excel format. Think of using this template if your PDF is passworded.

5. iLovePDF

Maybe you love PDFs, but it's time to see other apps (in this case, Microsoft PowerPoint.) In that case, iLovePDF is yet another solid choice to help you insert your PDF into PowerPoint.

insert PDF into PowerPoint
iLovePDF is a free tool with faithful font rendering to import PDFs to PowerPoint presentations.

In my testing, this is perhaps the best free tool when it comes to accuracy. When I used it to import a PDF into PowerPoint, the fonts were already spaced and aligned perfectly. You can also batch convert several presentations with iLovePDF, saving you hours of time while inserting PDF into PowerPoint files.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint Easily Today

In this tutorial, you saw tips to learn how to insert PDF files into PowerPoint. You don't have to totally re-create the files from scratch to convert a presentation to PowerPoint format. Instead, try out the apps and tools to convert your PDF to PowerPoint presentation.

Before you start re-creating your presentation on a blank slate, think about one of these tools to convert PDF into PowerPoint presentations. You'll save hours of work that you can dedicate to preparing to present instead.

Also, don't forget that you can use templates to avoid drawing a presentation from scratch. If you use PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, you can design a great presentation. 

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