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20 Best Free Professional MS Word Business Report Templates to Download 2021

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Your business report is an essential part of sharing important data and information. Microsoft Word report templates can help you get your business report finished quickly and efficiently. 

Annual report Word templateAnnual report Word templateAnnual report Word template
Try working with a template, like this premium professional report template from Envato Elements.

The business report itself, and its contents, needs a lot of work and organization. But what about the report's design? It's important to present professional content in a professional manner. If your report looks lackluster or even messy, it's not going to make a strong impression. 

Check out this list of free and premium Word report templates you can download now. We'll also take a look at some tips and tracks for professional report templates and designs. Whether you're looking for design inspiration or the perfect business report template Word document for your project, there's plenty to see.

Best Premium Professional Report Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

Love the idea of working with premium, high quality content, but you're wary about the price tag? Well, thankfully, there are some amazing options out there for cost conscious projects. Envato Elements is a great example: one, low price gets you access to a giant library of content. 

Choose from thousands of professional report templates, and download as many as you like. With unlimited downloads, you don't have to worry about the tab. Not sure which template is best for your project? Download them both! 

There are no limitations and no extra fees with Envato Elements. One price gets you unlimited access to a huge library of content, including thousands of Microsoft Word report templates. 

envato elementsenvato elementsenvato elements
Choose from thousands of professional report templates on Envato Elements and download them all for one low price.

But you might need more than just professional report templates. What if you need fonts or stock imagery? How about graphics or icons? Well, all that content also comes included with Envato Elements. Easily search and download all the assets you need for your professional projects. Everything is conveniently licensed for professional use too.

But if you're not looking for access to an entire library of content, there are other options too. When you're just looking for a single file, you might want to look at resources like GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver has an impressive library of professionally designed content, including Microsoft Word report templates. Choose from hundreds of beautiful designs and only download what you need, a la carte. No subscription required.

business report template wordbusiness report template wordbusiness report template word
Browse the professional gallery of premium business report template Word documents on GraphicRiver.

5 Best Premium Word Report Templates

Curious about some of the premium options out there? Check out these awesome designs. Consider downloading one today or enjoy the design inspiration.

1. Annual Business Report Template Word & Adobe InDesign

annual report templateannual report templateannual report template

This beautifully designed business report template includes files for both Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. You get twenty different layouts to choose from. Mix, match, and customize them any way you like. This download also includes a help file, to help you customize the template.

2. Professional Report Templates for Microsoft Word

word business templateword business templateword business template

Here's another collection of beautiful layouts you can use in Microsoft Word. This one also includes InDesign files, for your convenience. There are 28 custom pages to choose from, so there's plenty of content to work with. 

3. Business Microsoft Word Report Templates

microsoft word templatesmicrosoft word templatesmicrosoft word templates

Choose from 24 included pages in this awesome business report template. It includes files for Microsoft Word, as well as PDF and InDesign files too. It also uses free fonts that you can easily download and use within the template (and elsewhere!).

4. Simple and Elegant Business Report Template

professional business templateprofessional business templateprofessional business template

This elegant business report design includes 24 stylish pages. Edit this one in Microsoft Word or InDesign, as both file types are included. This is another one that uses free fonts for your convenience, is print ready, and includes help documentation too.

5. Square Business Report Template

stylish business template wordstylish business template wordstylish business template word

How about trying a square layout for your business report? This beautiful template is print ready and uses square dimensions. Choose from 16 different pages that you can use in any way you choose. Change up the colors, add your imagery, and easily complete your report.

20 Top Free Professional Microsoft Word Business Report Templates to Download (2021)

Let's talk about free downloads now. Did you know you can also grab some awesome free downloads, right here at Envato? If you're a bargain hunter, you may want to check it out. They change up every month, so it's worth taking a look regularly. They're completely free too, no cost and no obligation. 

  • Download 12 Free Files on Envato Elements every month. All you need is to sign up for a free account to download the monthly selection of free content.
  • You can also find free monthly downloads on Envato Market. Just log into your free account and access your free download files today.

Now, let's take a look at some free Word report templates that you can download today:

1. Clean Report Template Word Free Download 

free report templatefree report templatefree report template

This free report template Word document is a great place to start your project. It includes six pages to work with. Expand on them in any way you need.

2. Simple Free Report Template Word

If you're looking for a simple and free starting point, check out this professional report template Word free download. It's a good start if you're looking for pre-laid out structure.

3. Annual Report MS Word Report Templates Free Download

This resource is not only a great, free download, but it also offers some valuable insights to consider as you put together your report. Check it out. 

4. Clean Free Word Report Templates with Photo Placeholders

stylish free word templatestylish free word templatestylish free word template

Here's a template with space for your photos, as well as your content. It also has three different variant headers that you can mix and match as you create new pages in your document. 

5. Starter Business Report (Free Report Template Word)

If you're looking for a simple, basic solution, this report template Word free download could be a great place to start. It's got many placeholders, like a table of contents, graphs, and more to get you started.

6. Bold Color Free Report Template Word Document

This free report template uses large, bold text. Customize the colors to suit your project or professional branding. It includes many interior pages you can mix and match too.

7. MS Word Report Templates Free Download (Annual Reports, Business Reports, and More)

free word business reportfree word business reportfree word business report

This free report template word is a great choice, because it also includes some instructional text to help lead you through the process. Give this one a download and start customizing it today.

8. Budget Planning Report Template Word Free Download

Is your business report's focus on budget planning? Then this professional report template Word free download could be a great fit for you. Check out the extra guidance at this resource too.

9. Simple Free General Business Report Template

Looking for structure but not necessarily bells and whistles? This free template is simple and clean. It's structured to help you lay out your content in a clear and organized way.

10. Free Graphic Design Business Report Template for Word

business report free for wordbusiness report free for wordbusiness report free for word

This free template has graphic design in mind. There's space for your logo, imagery, and much more. Check out the interiors in this free template too.

11. Annual Sales Report Template Word Free Download

Here's another free resource that comes with some bonus insights to help guide you as you customize your free download. These insights could be really helpful if you're a first timer to business reports.

12. Project Scope Free Business Report Template for Word

Focusing on a new project within your business? If your report is discussing scope and plans for a future project, this free template could be a great inspiration or starting point.

13. Business Abstract Free Word Report Templates

free template ms wordfree template ms wordfree template ms word

Prefer an abstract or geometric style? Give this free report template Word document a try. The interior has some interesting design options too.

14. Free Business Report Template for Word

Looking for a simple template to get you started? This one has a cover page and a simple interior page. If you're looking for initial structure, get started with this one. 

15. Simple Business Report Plan or Proposal for Communications

Keep things simple with this basic business report template. Or use it as a starting point and add even more content to make the design fuller and more detailed.

16. Proposal Collection MS Word Report Templates Free Download

Is your report proposal focused? Then check out this collection of free proposal templates. This resource also includes step by step questions and considerations to help you create the perfect proposal.

17. Free Photo Business Report MS Word Template

free ms word templatesfree ms word templatesfree ms word templates

Here's a free template that's got a blocky aesthetic. It's a good choice if you're looking for a simple starting point, or you're not necessarily looking for a complicated design.

18. Free Business Report MS Word Template

Choose from nine different pages in this free report template Word download. It's got a cover with plenty of space for custom imagery, and then interior pages with a consistent header.

19. Business Proposal Free Word Report Templates Collection

This awesome resource has 15 different MS Word report templates, free download files, and insights too! Check out this link for free downloads and some extra guidance for your project.

20. Free Business Report Outline MS Word Template

ms word templates freems word templates freems word templates free

Prefer to work in an outline format? It can still have a professional look and feel, like we see in this free template. Download it today and customize it for your project's needs.

5 Quick Tips To Make Better Business Reports in Word for 2021

Not sure how to make the best report for your business? Take a look at these five quick tips and tricks you can use to make a better business report for your professional ventures this year. 

1. Don't Overwhelm Your Audience

It might be tempting to share as much information as you can on the page, but it's good to practice some restraint. Just like any presentation, we don't want to overwhelm the audience.

This also applies from a design perspective. Be careful about putting way too much content on one page. Instead, keep some of your page "empty", without any content at all. Consider it breathing room. 

professional business report wordprofessional business report wordprofessional business report word
Leave some breathing room in your design, like we see in this premium business report Word document.

It's also a good idea to think about each page's objective. This can be a great way to sort through and organize your content. Keep things to the point, and if there's too much content there, create another page. Or consider a two page spread for continuous content that's longer in length.

2. Stay Visually Consistent and True to Your Branding

Visual consistency is really important. It helps link your pages to one another.

For example, if red is a part of your logo and professional branding, seeing it represented on each page can help make a cohesive presentation. If, for example, the colors wildly changed from page to page, things might start to look independent or even chaotic.

professional word templatesprofessional word templatesprofessional word templates
Use consistent design elements, like we see in this premium business proposal template from Envato Elements, to help establish continuity.

Uniformed elements can push this even further. Think of things like repeating footer elements. We would want to see the page numbers, for example, in a consistent place, so they're regularly easy to find throughout the document.

3. Consistency Doesn't Mean Repetitive or Boring

Keep in mind that consistency doesn't mean your report should look boring. Imagine a report, for example, where every page was exactly the same, visually. It would get pretty boring, pretty quickly. 

Repetition is a great way to create continuity. But variety is a great way to create interest. Find a balance between the two.

The design below, for example, is a great example of layouts that vary but still look related. Note that the color scheme remains consistent. We also see similar use of shapes, like the circles here. The font choices are also consistent, while the layouts themselves mix things up.

creative business report templatecreative business report templatecreative business report template
Notice how this premium business report template uses similar design elements but in a varied way.

4. Efficiently Organize and Refine Your Content

Organization is very important, both in terms of content and design. Take some time to look at the flow of your business report. Does the progression of your content make sense? Or does the content jump in a way that feels jarring or illogical?

Refinement is often a big part of the design process (even seasoned designers have plenty of revisions in their projects!). But it's an important part of working with content. Remember to spell and grammar check, as well as refining the way your content itself is arranged and presented.

5. Use Visuals to Reinforce Your Content and Data

Visual content can be very communicative, and you can use this to your advantage. If you're sharing data with your audience, try representing it visually, to create a greater impact.

For example, let's say you're sharing sales data, where there's been significant growth. Saying this with text is a great idea. But showing it with imagery can really help reinforce the amount of growth in a memorable way that's very easy to see and understand.

infographics word report templateinfographics word report templateinfographics word report template
Reinforce information visually with infographics, like we see in this premium business report template from Envato Elements.

Why Use a Premium Business Report Template for Word?

We're not all professional designers, and there's nothing wrong with needing some help. That's why a business report template Word document can be such a handy solution. Microsoft Word can be a user friendly option and can yield beautiful, professional results too.

stylish business report templatestylish business report templatestylish business report template
Give your business report a professional look with premium Microsoft Word report templates, like this one from Envato Elements.

If you're considering working with free Word report templates, keep these considerations in mind:

  • "Free" doesn't necessarily mean free of copyright or free for all commercial use. Note any attribution requirements or limitations when working with a free file.
  • A free template will likely have limited options or design elements. Make sure you allot extra time for editing and customization, as the file will likely need it. 
  • It's unlikely to find exactly what you need, so prepare to compromise and edit. Free options are limited, so you may have to work with a template that's outside of your exact scope. This is fine. But make sure to set time aside for customizing and editing this content to meet your needs.

Free is everyone's favorite price tag. But remember, your time is valuable too. If you're looking for a complete solution with high end design qualities, you may want to consider a premium template. A beautifully designed report can really make your content shine. 

professional report templateprofessional report templateprofessional report template
Download this premium professional report template Word document on Envato Elements.

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

Looking for even more professional Microsoft Word templates? Check out these collections for even more inspiration, free downloads, and other resources to help you with your next project. 

Learn More About Making Great Word Documents in 2021

There's plenty to learn about Microsoft Word on Envato Tuts+. Check out these free tutorials today. Learn more about essential techniques you can use to make your own templates, reports, and more in Microsoft Word.

Which Microsoft Word Report Templates Work for Your Business?

So, what kind of professional report templates are perfect for your business and its needs? Remember, if you're looking for high quality downloads at a bargain price, check out Envato Elements. It's an awesome choice for Microsoft Word report templates, especially if you're not quite sure what you want.

Download several with unlimited downloads. Test them out, combine them, edit them. With unlimited downloads, you can download, experiment, and use all the content you need.

Prefer single file downloads? Remember to check out the impressive library of professional content over on GraphicRiver too. There are plenty of professional report templates to check out there too.

So, why not start your business report in Microsoft Word today? Good luck with your project, and happy designing!

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